2 December 2021

What a long, strange trip ...

Photo © Roberto Masotti / Lelli e Masotti Archivio.

This blog is now in its 15th year, started back in February 2007 by Sotise, our correspondent from down under. Bundles of people have contributed over the years, some gone, others holding on and yet others joining and putting their distinctive mark on the contents and direction of the blog. Currently we have about half a dozen active posters and some very generous followers, judging from inputs to our contributions section, but we're always willing to recruit more. Potential authors can get in touch with us c/o our Blogger email addresses. We've had contributors from three continents, with a preponderance of Europeans overall.

The emphasis has been on the free/improv/experimental side of jazz, but with excursions into contemporary and classical music, from Europe and beyond. There are no rules, however; the blog is whatever the posters make of it, and we'd like to keep it that way. We focus on posting out of print material with the objective of drawing attention to music which otherwise might have remained out of sight and out of mind. Due to spam and some past experiences of personal attacks, we 've had to institute a moderator system, so comments may not appear right away, but they will be published.

With these few words, heading on ...

Free form

Anything else goes here. Observations on the general state of the universe and its overall direction are particularly welcome, but also on more mundane matters as you may see fit.


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So here goes, I'll start with a few I have recently re uploaded

Update August 26, 2021 -
We've shortened the list (again) for users' convenience:

Toshi Tsuchitori with Fred Frith - The Euphio
Walt Dickerson - Solo Live - Dorchester, Mass., Dec 10, 1979
Masahiko Togashi - Guild For Human Music & Essence  
Evan Parker & Frank Perry - For The Love Of...
Evan Parker - Derek Bailey Quartet - Pisa 1980 
Quartet Moderne - St.Johann, 2009
Paul Lovens-Michael Moore-Phil Wachsmann-Sabina Meyer - Phonomanie IX 2009 
Globe Unity Orchestra - Bad Godesberg, 1979 
Pat Matshikiza - Sikiza Matshikiza - The Sun 1976
Charles K Noyes and David Tamura - Duets
Detail -  Way It Goes/Dance Of The Soul
Friedrich Gulda - Nachricht Vom Lande
Anthony Braxton & Roscoe Mitchell - Live in Pisa '78 
NDR JAZZ WORKSHOP NO.93 - Albert Mangelsdorff Quintet (Hannover 1973)
Bobby Few - More or Less Few
Tubby Hayes - 200% Proof 
Joe Rigby - Praise - Homeboy Music 2007
Masabumi Kikuchi - All About Dancing Mist 
Horace Tapscott - Moers 1992
Masahiko Togashi - Live at Dolphy
Cecil Taylor Unit - Live in Stuttgart 1966/1969 
Graham Sparks - Gurus are Fucked - Fringe Benefit
Roscoe Mitchell's Note Factory - Radio Broadcast 1997
Masayuki Takayanagi - Action Direct
Mal Waldron / Jackie McLean - Like Old Times
Trio Music - Live in Genoa '83
Cecil Taylor - Yoshi's, December 1998
Rotcod Zzaj - Sdrawkcab Zzaj (An Improvisational Oddesey.....)
Reichel - Knispel - Niebergall - Waisvisz - Köln, 1974 
Sophia Domancich Trio+ - Bath 1995 remaster
Milford Graves Trio - Festival Sons d'Hiver 2008
Alan Silva - Inner Song 
Composers Pool "The Big Reunion" - Ravenna 1985
Ornette Coleman - A Wealth of ROIOs
David Murray Octet - NYC 1984
Extremely Quartet - Brighton, 1996
Jimmy Lyons, Oliver Lake, Henry Threadgill - Live Nickelsdorf 1980
Atté - Sondela (feat. Dudu Pukwana) 
Even More Sam Rivers 
Bobby Few / Alan Silva / Frank Wright - Solos & Duets (1)
Bobby Few / Alan Silva / Frank Wright - Solos & Duets (2)
John Russell / Richard Coldman - Home Cooking / Guitar Solos (Incus)
Steve Lacy - Sideways
Butcher/Durrant/Russell - 30 July 1989
Yoriyuki Harada Unit - Harada Isu 
Kalaparusha - Kalaparusha
Kalaparush Maurice McIntyre - Ram's Run 
Tete Mbambisa - Tete's Big Sound
Tomasz Stańko ‎– Fish Face
Wadada Leo Smith Golden Quartet - Live in Paris 2015 
Giorgio Buratti - A Smooth Day
Harry Beckett - Warm Smiles & Themes For Fega
Cecil Taylor Ensemble - Nickelsdorf Konfrontationen 1993 
Ethic Heritage Ensemble - Impressions
Acting Seven - Clan Music Overdrive
Masters of Unorthodox Jazz & Reform Art Unit - Vienna Jazz Avantgarde 
Rutherford -:- Brötzmann -:- Parker - Three Recordings - Audience 1976/80/81
Derek Bailey & Sabu Toyozumi - Live at Taruho
Manfred Schulze Bläser Quintett - Choral-Konzert
Tim Berne's "Los Totopos" - Jazz Gallery N.Y.C. 2010
The Glass Orchestra - TGO and Human
Ray Warleigh Qt. - Birmingham 1996 
Paul Dunmall - ZAP II  
Paul Dunmall - ZAP III  
Harry Beckett/Paul Dunmall Qt. - 1989 
Peter Brötzmann, Dudu Pukwana, John Zorn - Grenzüberschreitungen, Wuppertal 1983
Saheb Sarbib Quartet - UFO! On Tour
Hamiet Bluiett - Endangered Species 
Jayne Cortez & The Firespitters - Taking The Blues Back Home
Raphé Malik Quartet - Unna Germany October 1979
Horace Tapscott's Arkestra - 15th Annual Chicago Jazz Festival
Junji Hirose - Yoshinori Motoki - Chi-Chi-Chi-Nhgacah
Junji Hirose - Solo Saxophone
Ornette Coleman - Paris Concert 1966-71
Okay Temiz & Hüseyin Ertunç, Etnik Orkestra – Live In Istanbul
Fred Frith - Ars Longa Dens Brevis 
Masahiko Togashi & Inter-Action – Inter-Action: Live At Hall Egg Farm 
Bengt Ernryd - Musik
Wolfgang Fortner - Triplum for 3 pianos and orchestra
Michael Mantler & hr Big Band - Jazz Composer's Orchestra Update
Frank Wright - Church Number Nine 
Charles Tyler - Voyage From Jericho
Armonicord - Esprit de Sel 
Swing Journal Jazz Workshop 4 - 2 to 10 / Saxophone Adventure  
Haruna Miyake - Yuji Takahashi - Ichimen Nanohana
Mal Waldron Trio - Set Me Free
Marion Brown Duos with  Wadada Leo Smith and Elliott Schwartz
Nobuyoshi Ino & Lester Bowie - Duet 
Dan Rose - Close Opposites 
Yoriyuki Harada - Kaibutsu 
Arthur Doyle Electro-Acoustic Ensemble - Patriotic Act
Michael Smith - The Dualities Of Man 
Raphé Malik Quartet - Live in Unna October 1979 
Toshinori Kondo / Henry Kaiser / John Oswald - Moose And Salmon
David Murray Trio - Live at the Peace Church 
Leroy Jenkins with The New Chamber Jazz Quintet
Saheb Sarbib, Jorge Lima Barreto - Encounters
Jean-François Jenny-Clark & Aldo Romano - Divieto Di Santificazione
Don Cherry Universal Silence - Berlin November 3, 1972
Heinz Sauer's Voices - Hamburg 1976 
François Tusques - Génération
Schiaffini - Iannaccone - Colombo - S.I.C. - Pezzo


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7 November 2021



A1. Morning Colors
A2. The Dragon And The Rainbow: Forum With Modernmen

B1. The Rainbow
B2. Twilight Dance
B3. Meditation: The Sea, The Fire, The Earth

Cecil McBee, bass
Calo Scott, cello
Frank Clayton, drums
Marc Levin, flute, brass
Jonas Gwanga, trombone

Recorded at Stereo Sound Studios, NYC, 1967

Savoy Records – SMG-12190

LP Rip

5 November 2021



Juhani Aaltonen, tenor saxophone, flute
Reggie Workman, double bass
Edward Vesala, drums

A1. Saxax 4:47
A2. Moon Triangle 3:46
A3. Prana 2:36
A4. Journey Within 12:04
B1. Oasis 4:57
B2. Waves Through The Mind 3:55
B3. Conclusion 14:06

Composed by Aaltonen, Vesala (A4, B3) and Workman (A4, B3)

Recorded live at Groovy, Helsinki, August 2, 1981.

Leo Records - LEO 013
(vinyl rip)

4 November 2021



A. Song For Yoo-Ki Lee
B. If Ocean Is Broken
C. The Alilan Pass
D. Nostalgia For Che-ju Island

Sabu Toyozumi, drums, percussion
Mototeru Takagi, tenor and soprano saxophone, bass clarinet 

Recorded live in April 1971 at Yasuda Seimei Hall, Tokyo, Japan.

Qbico – Qbico 95

LP Rip

3 November 2021

The Misha Lobko Sextet - Rituals

 Leo Records ‎– LR 141

Misha Lobko - Bass Clarinet, Clarinet [Bb Cl], Clarinet [C Cl], Clarinet [Barocco Cl], Voice
Christine Janvier, Didier Petit - Cello
Rosine Feferman - Double Bass
Le Quan Ninh - Drums, Percussion
Ida Helene Heidel - Flute, Alto Flute
Anna Akhmatova - Lyrics

A - Ritual I - Tamanika Sonya
Music By Misha Lobko
Soloist Didier Petit
B1 - Ritual III - Sentence
    Music By Misha Lobko
B2 - Ritual Interludes
    Music By Didier Petit
B3 - Spontaneous Ritual
    Music By C. Janvier, D. Petit, I. Heidel, N. Le Quan, M. Lobko, R. Feferman

Recorded at LIT NATIONAL, PARIS 29th August, 1985

2 November 2021

John Fischer, Theo Jörgensmann - Deep Blue Lake

 ReEntry Records – RE 008

A1        Amsterdam Polka    4:20
A2        Blues For Poland    6:14
A3        P5 / M3    6:31
A4        Chorale Blues    8:55
B1        Deep Blue Lake    7:50
B2        Questions And Answers    8:30
B3        Lamento For Cordoba    6:59

Theo Jörgensmann - Clarinet
John Fischer - Concert Grand Piano

Recorded in W. Germany and Switzerland, 1983

1 November 2021

LOUiS MOHOLO OCTET :: BBC Jazz In Britain 1978


BBC Radio 3 Jazz in Britain, Broadcast 2nd October 1978, Introduced by Charles Fox

Dudu Pukwana - alto sax

Evan Parker - tenor sax

Marc Charig - trumpet

Nick Evans, Rudu Malfatti - trombones

Keith Tippett - piano

Harry Miller - bass

Louis Moholo - drums

1. Amaxesha Osizi (Majola) 6:52

2. Wedding Hymn (Machakusa) 10:19

3. Khanya Apho Ukona (Moholo):26

4. You Ain’t Gonna Know Me ‘Cos You Think You Know Me (Feza) 2:25 (fade out)

From the Philippe Renaud Collection, shared in fb group Who love Louis Tebugo Moholo & The Blue Notes by David Spiers

mp3@190 only, but sounds good.

26 October 2021

Mark Weaver'S UFO Ensemble - Phenomenology

 Plutonium CD

Bill Clark - trumpet, flugelhorn
Christian Pincock - valve trombone
Mark Weaver - tuba, compositions
Jason Aspeslet - drums
Carlin Venaglia - drums (track 7)

01 - Pheripheral vision
02 - Out of sight
03 - The conqueror worm
04 - The swallows
05 - A close shave
06 - Tapestry with arabesque figures
07 - The incomparable ferd
08 - Visions of ligea

1-5 recorded live at the Kosmos, Albuquerque, 13.02.2010
6-8 recorded live at the Outpost Performance Space, Albuquerque, 2.04.2010
7 recorded live at the Kosmos, Albuquerque, 6.04.2011

25 October 2021

Cosmic Rebop Society (Plutonium 2013, DVD)

 I found this in my collection and I don't remember where I got it, probably from Mark Weaver. My memory is not the same as it was.
The strange thing is that I cannot find any reference in the web, also plutonium records page has disappeared.
The other musicians looks as well unknown, but the music is really worth, the images also.
I added the audio extraction, directly from DVD, while the movie is a mp4.

Plutonium records 2013
plu 002, DVD

Jim Hamm - tenor sax, trumpet
Mark Weaver - tuba, trombone, dijeridu
Mike Balistreri - bass, percussion
Jake and Max - drums, percussion

live video painting by Bee at Blue Dragon Coffe House, Albuquerque, 3.1.2003

24 October 2021

RELAXACE :: Morning Prayer (2oo2)

Czech trio focused on music for relaxation. There is a lot of improvisation throughout.

RELAXACE :: Morning Prayer (Anne Records 2oo2)

1. Improvisation Part One
2. Connection
3. Om
4. Morning Prayer
5. Improvisation Part Two
6. Path Is Goal
7. Morning Prayer Long
8. Stillness

JiŘí MAZÁNEK - acoustic guitar, tanpura, vocal
KAREL BABULJAK - Indian harmonium, zither, vocal
VLASTiSLAV MATOUŠEK - tablas, Slovak bass whistle, bells, gong, vocal

Recorded April 1990 at Bubosound, Prague


14 August 2021

Mike Brown, Ryan Jewell, Seth Meicht, Aaron Meicht - I Have No Idea How Brilliant You Are

Teenage Whore Tapes.3
Cassette, Limited to 100 copies

Seth Meicht - tenor sax
Aaron Meicht - trumpet
Mike Brown - double bass
Ryan Jewell - percussion

A1            15.21
A2            10.35
B1    13.07
B2             11.35

recorded at Freddy's, Brooklin, NY on february 16, 2008

13 August 2021



"EUGENE CHADBOURNE presents HEAD OF BOOKS, an ongoing, daily program of access to newly recorded guitar solos. No objects. No titles.  Free if you want, although donations of any size are happily accepted.  Write eugene@eugenechadbourne.com and provide an active email address. If you are donating, you can paypal whatever amount you would like to enter into the HEAD OF BOOKS to the same email address, eugene@eugenechadbourne.com.   If you do that, there will be a record of your email available from that transaction. Paid or free, you will begin receiving guitar solos in email and download files, sometimes on a daily basis. Sometimes you will be the only person receiving the solo.  Please join in on my latest goal, to record a guitar solo every day from now until the beginning of 2025,  Write and/or donate eugene@eugenechadbourne.com  Mention HEAD OF BOOKS".

12 August 2021

Doug Yokoyama, Tatsu Aoki, Francis Wong, Jeff Chan - Identifiable

 Zoo Music 2002

Poston Sontata, Pt. 2 Internment 9:14
Albert Ayler Flying Thrrough the Sky 7:55
Tatsu's Fat Groove 5:30
The Halloween Song 9:06
Open 10:35
Glad You Didn't See This 5:58
Zoo's Blues 7:37
Told by Arizona 7:13
70 by 70 4:11

Doug Yokoyama - Composer, Sax Alto and Soprano
Francis Wong - Sax Soprano
Jeff Chan - Sax Tenor
Tatsu Aoki - Upright Bass

11 August 2021

Beaver Harris Quartet - Beaver is my name

 Timeless Records 1987

A1 - Ismay, My Brother     11:14     
A2 - African Drums Medley     7:15     
B1 - Necaumong-Us         12:20     
B2 - It´s Hard To, But We Do     5:10     
B3 - J.C.Moses         4:55     

Juney Booth - Bass
Beaver Harris - Drums
Francis Haynes - Steel Drums
Andrew White - Tenor Saxophone

Recorded November 24, 1983 Recording Studio 44, Monster, Holland
Composed by Beaver Harris

10 August 2021

Gijs Hendriks-Beaver Harris Quartet - Sound Compound


YVP Music 1986

Gijs Hendriks (sax alto, soprano, tenor)
Charles Loos (piano)
Bert Van Erk (contrabass)
Beaver Harris (drums)    

01 - In A Friendly Way
02 - Brasilian Song
03 - Groovin'on
04 - Tribute To Michael
05 - Esbres
06 - Deeboojah

all compositions by Gijs Hendriks
Recorded at Studio 44, Monster, Holland, March 1986
YVP Music 1986

9 August 2021

Beaver Harris 360 Degree Music Experience - Live at Nyon

 Cadence Jazz 1981

Beaver Harris (drums)
Ken McIntyre (reeds)
Grachan Moncur III (trombone)
Ron Burton (piano)
Cameron Brown (bass)

01 - Don't I
02 - Charlette
03 - Ismay My Mother
04 - High Noon

Recorded June 14, 1979 at Nyon, Switzerland, Jazz Festival.
CJR 1002 

8 August 2021

Beaver Harris 360 Degree Music Experience - Negcaumongus

 Cadence Jazz  Record 1981

Beaver Harris (drums)
Don Pullen (piano)
Francis Haynes (steel drums)
Ken McIntyre (alto sax, oboe, flute)
Ricky Ford (tenor sax)
Hamiet Bluiett (baritone sax)
Cameron Brown (bass)

01 - Negcaumongus part 1
02 - Negcaumongus part 2. Well Kept Secret

Recorded Dec. 7, 1979
University of Massachusetts, Amherst, MA
CJR 1003, vinyl

:: facebook FORUM ::

Some time ago I created facebook group entitled

 + inconstant sol + 

I think it is time to let you know, dear inconstant soleros (if that is ok) that group is here to discuss and share Love of Music in digital age in general. All you are welcome to join, discuss and post there. Happy Daze ;)

7 August 2021




 "Il nudo" consists of four fragments. Alongside Liliana Poli, fragment one features piano and string quartet, two and three feature string quartet, and on four Poli is the sole performer. "Phrase à trois" is for string trio.


il nudo–4 frammenti da torso       
für sopran, klavier und streichquartett       
1. frammento 1    3.36           
2. frammento 2    5.17           
3. frammento 3    4.55           
4. frammento 4    9.41           
–liliana poli sopran (1,2,4)       
–società cameristica italiana         
  klavier (1)               
  streichquartett (1-3)             
5. phrase à trois        5.51
für streichtrio

6. ancora odono i colli    6.54
für gemischtes vokalsextett

7. rara (eco sierologico)    6.55
für cello solo

il nudo                    phrase à trois
–liliana poli sopran (1,2,4)        –società cameristica italiana
–società cameristica italiana        ancora odono i colli
  klavier (1)                –schola cantorum
  streichquartett (1-3)              clytus gottwald
                    rara (eco sierologico)
                    –horst hornung cello

il nudo & phrase à trois        september 1969
ancora odono i colli            oktober 1969
rara                    juli 1969

wergo                     wer 60048

5 August 2021



Repost of an old submission. Reverted it to draft some time ago and now I re-adding it - but - alas - all old comments have been discarded by the new blogger configurations....

Horace Tapscott, piano
Everett Brown jr., drums

A1. At The Crossroads     9:55
A2. Middle Age Madness     8:55
B1. Ballad For Window Lee Black 11:50
B2. Marcellus III 9:45

Written by H. Tapscott: A1 to B1
Written by E. Brown jr.: B2

Recorded at the Lobero Theatre in Santa Barbara, California, 1980.

Nimbus West Rcords NS 579 (vinyl rip)
Released 1980

12 July 2021



The promo LP from which I've ripped this rare composition by Wolfgang Dauner wasn't in the best condition. Removed several louder clicks 'n' pops manually. Then I've added a very mild filtering. You will still hear some crackling especially in the quieter parts of this work but I'm sure that the music deserves to be heard even with some extra noise.

Two years later in 1976 Dauner composed a jazz opera titled "Der Urschrei des Musikers" for the Berlin Jazz Days; during the performance Dauner had excerpts from contracts with musicians read aloud. The work dealt with the mechanisms in the record industry of that time.
And again in August 2010 in Stuttgart he came back to the topic (BTW: Urschrei means primal scream) with a composition / opera titled 'Second Prelude to the Primal Scream' (Zweiter Auftakt für den Urschrei) [conducted by Dennis Russell Davies] in memory of his Berlin opera.
How much the music offered here is the seed for the latter two compositions I don't know. But it seems rather likely that Dauner had an idea / theme which kept coming back through a good part of his life as musician and composer.

Wolfgang Dauner, piano, synthesizer, composition
Zbigniew Seifert, violin
Adelhard Roidinger, double bass
Ack van Rooyen, flugelhorn
Bronislav Kovacev, drums
Rundfunkorchester Hannover des NDR
Mladen Guteša, conductor

1. Der Urschrei  27:17

Recorded 27.-31.5.1974, Funkhaus Hannover, Germany.

Vinyl rip from the A side of a NDR promo LP "NDR Jazzworkshop '76" (666 796)

7 July 2021

Sonny Simmons - Ecstatic Nostalgia

 Hello World!  HW06
released 1 Apr 2007

1 - Introduction: Ode To Thelonious Monk     8:05
2 - My Favorite Things             1:56
3 - The Promise                 2:42
4 - Exotic Study                 16:58
5 - My Favorite Things             7:27
6 - Blues For Everyday Life             9:54
7 - Out Of Love                 13:46

Sonny Simmon - alto sax, english horn

"#1-3 Recorded August 4, 2006 at Bruno Grégoire's home, Romainville, France and #4-7 December 12, 2006 at Galerie Apnée, Paris, France."

27 June 2021



Here's another contribution by inamorata. The picture above is from the www and was shot during the concert in Oissach (no name given for the photographer).

Weather Report
3. Internationales Musikforum, Stiftshof
June 27, 1971
Source: FM or SBD

The earliest known live recording of WR

01 Firefish  13:57 >
02 Unidentified 2:01 >
03 Early Minor 8:15
04 Morning Lake 4:37 >
05 Waterfall  6:38
06 Umbrellas  7:22
07 Piano intro (Orange Lady theme) > Eurydice 14:36
08 Seventh Arrow 5:35 >
09 Unidentified 2:34
10 Orange Lady 11:03

Joe Zawinul, piano & keyboards
Wayne Shorter, tenor & soprano sax
Miroslav Vitous, bass
Alphonse Mouzon, drums
Dom Um Romao, percussion & flute

This show is relatively well circulated, but in variable sound quality, often with the sequence of compositions mixed up and/or one track missing (Eurydice was officially released) or otherwise incomplete. The date given for most versions, July 27, is also incorrect.

This new and uncirculated version is remastered from the best of several versions I picked up over the years, a trade CD I received from an Austrian collector. It appears to be fairly close to the original source but has the usual issues coming with several generations of cassette copies (pitch slightly sharp, azimuth errors, clicks and other artifacts). I have corrected all of these and remastered the sound, and I doubt you will find a better version of this historic show.

Considered to be the earliest known live recording of Weather Report, this represents what might be called the 'consolidated' first line-up with Dom um Romao having replaced Airto Moreira (and the other percussionists, Don Alias and Barbara Burton, who also contributed to the eponymous first album but remained uncredited). Alphonse Mouzon was still on board.

The venue was the 'Third International Music Forum Ossiach' in Carinthia, initiated by Friedrich Gulda, which brought together such diverse acts as, among others, Paul and Limpe Fuchs, Tangerine Dream, Arvind Parikh, Le groupe liturgique de Tunis, Pink Floyd, The Trio, and Gulda himself playing Mozart. While the audience sounds rather polite and restrained during the Weather Report show, Ossiach was flooded by enthusiastic hippies when Pink Floyd played on July 1st. The natives were shocked and as a consequence Gulda's festival had to move to Viktring, also in Carinthia, for the next editions. Selected recordings from the festival, made by the Austrian radio and TV network, ORF, were released on a three-LP sampler by BASF under the title Ossiach Live. This includes, as mentioned, Eurydice from the Weather Report set, in a very different mix from what we have here. The 2 CD edition from 2008 appears to be unofficial.


9 June 2021

Reform Art Orchestra - Pannonian Suite

 2 CDr in LP jacket
Released 2014

1-1     –reformARTunit     Untitled     
1-2     –reformARTunit     Untitled     
1-3     –reformARTunit     Untitled     
2-1     –The MASTERs of unorthodox music     Untitled     
2-2     –The MASTERs of unorthodox music     Untitled     
2-3     –The MASTERs of unorthodox music     Untitled     
2-4     –The MASTERs of unorthodox music     Untitled     

Alaeddin Adlernest - bassoon (tracks: 2)
Paul Fields - electric violin (tracks: 1)
Johannes Groysbeck - bass guitar  (tracks: 1)
Inge Katharina Pechoc - piano (tracks: 2)
Monika Stadler - Harp (tracks: 2)
Shamal Amin - voice
Nikolaus Dolp - drums
Nigar Hasib - voice
Raoul Herget - tuba
Karl Wilhelm Krbavac - viola da gamba
Yedda Chunyu Lin - piano
Sepp Mitterbauer - trumpet   
Fritz Novotny - soprano saxophone, flute
Rudolf Ruschel - trombone
Hans Echnaton Schano - voice
Karl Vossner - english horn
Improcomposed on 10 September 2014
at Porgy and Bess jazz music club
produced by the reformARTorchestra

20 May 2021



Markus Geiger, soprano & tenor saxophone, bass clarinet, flute
Urs Voerkel, piano
Peter K. Frey, double bass
Herbert Hartmann, drums

1. 45 (7:52)
2. Verusse (10:34)
3. Fryli, Fryli (16:49)
4. Heissi Ohre (3:24)

Recorded 22nd April 1973, Dübendorf / Zürich

Self-released FORM 001 (Switzerland)

(vinyl rip)

16 April 2021

Walter Malli, Werner Dafeldecker - Vrhunec - 1991

 Extraplatte, EX 128 CD

1 - Wounded Heart (Malli)        2:27
2 - Amal Geht's No (Ferry Andrée)            1:11
3 - 245 (Eric Dolphy)            4:12
4 - Vrhunec (Malli)             0:19
5 - Wünschelrute (Malli)        4:13
6 - Depp (Malli)            2:21
7 - Glatzig(Malli, Dafeldecker)            2:13
8 - Almost Meticulous (Malli)        1:34
9 - Pease (Ornette Coleman)                1:28
10 - All Den Tauben (Malli, Dafeldecker)            6:24
11 - Oh Du Oida Huizuam (Malli)    1:40
12 - Tango Karfiol (Malli)        3:39
13 - I Häng An Meiner Weanastadt (Fritz Wolferl)  0:58
14 - The Face Of The Bass (Ornette Coleman)    3:40
15 - 3 Schwämme (Malli)        3:56
16 - Krötschilder I (Malli, Dafeldecker)    1:35
17 - Krötschilder II (Malli, Dafeldecker)    2:14
18 - Indian Klingl (Malli)        0:47
19 - Königslied (Malli)        4:23
20 - Wossara Seif (Malli)        2:57
21 - Amal Geht's No (Ferry Andrée)    1:32
Werner Dafeldecker - bass
Walter Malli - soprano saxophone

Digital Two-track recording on October 13 & 14, 1990 at Schloßtheater Schönbrunn, Vienna/Austria

10 April 2021



 Here's a reup of Paul's post - below we have the original text which is still current.

< Max Roach Quartet in Amsterdam 1977 If you ever saw this band, it was a knockout, muscular sax, polyrhythms, always ancient to the future... Baystate LP, vinyl Rip, wav files >


Billy Harper, tenor saxophone
Cecil Bridgewater, trumpet
Reggie Workman, double bass
Max Roach, drums

1. It's Time (Roach) 22:49
2. Call of the Wild & Peacful Heart (Harper) 26:12

Recorded live August 17, 1977 at the "Jazzhaus", Amsterdam, Holland.

Baystate ‎– RVJ-6029
(vinyl rip - 96 khz)



1. Prologo E Introito - Allegro, Dolce E Solenne
2. Pezzo Giocoso - Vivacemente Ma Senza Fretta
3. Pezzo Serioso - Andante Sostenuto, Pensoso
4. Alla Napoletana - Vivace
5. Cantico - Largamente, Più Moderato

Mario Schiano, alto and soprano saxophone
Elio Martusciello, guitar, CDs, electronic devices
Maurizio Martusciello, percussion, electro-acoustic objects

Recorded in Rome at Discoteca di Stato on March 14 1998

Discoteca Di Stato ‎– DDS 99-2

CD Rip

26 March 2021

The Reform Art Unit featuring Sunny Murray - Subway Performance

Granit Records, GR 93003
RAU 1021

1  - Inside Work. Seven Movements Dedicated To Sunny Murray     20:00

Paul Fields - violin, piano
Sepp Mitterbauer - trumpet
Fritz Novotny - clarinet, soprano sax, flutes, small percussion
Mario Rechtern - alto, baritone and sopranino sax

Recorded live October 5, 1993 at Soundfield Studio, Lower Austria
Composed by Reform Art Unit

2 - The Subway Performance. Eleven Movements Dedicated To Adolf Frohner     45:00

Leena Conquest, Sainkho Namtchylak - vocals
Sepp Mitterbauer - trumpet
Fritz Novotny, Georg Graf, Mario Rechtern - reeds
Paul Fields - violin
Karl Wilhelm Krbavac - Viola
Mia Zabelka - violin
Reinhard Ziegerhofer - bass
Sunny Murray - drums
Walter Schiefer - percussion
Stefan Bochdansky, Susanna Wilhelmina - voices
Dieter Haspel - director

Recorded live on September 2, 1993 at the Subway Station U3 Westbahnhof in Vienna
Composed by Reform Art Unit


19 March 2021



A contribution by Pablo - by request 

Billy Harper, tenor saxophone
Cecil Bridgwater, trumpet
Calvin Hill, double bass
Max Roach, drums

1. Confirmation 12:18       
2. Giant Steps     8:05   
3. The Profit 7:49       
4. Sunday Afternoon 7:01       
5. Soliloquy 6:17

Recorded 10.6.1978 at the studio Sysmo Records Paris, France.

Fluid Records FLUID 103
(vinyl rip - 96 khz)

18 March 2021


Sound taken from video at https://vimeo.com/81384676. Slightly remastered. Thanks to Aymeric Leroy for setlist. One 62 minute file. I am posting it
in flac and mp3, although original file from vimeo was mp3

Echoes / Footprints (W. Shorter) / Calyx / untitled improv 

HUGH HOPPER - bass guitar
ELTON DEAN - alto sax, saxello
KEiTH TiPPETT - piano, elctric piano
JOE GALLiVAN - drums, synthesizer

28 February 2021

Alex Coke - New Visions

 no much known, he has many collaborations with Willem Breuker Kollektief, Tina Marsh Opportunity Orchestra, and some albums as a leader; also some wonderful, to me, albums with Steven Feld and the Ghana connection on voxlox label.

Cola Rodriguez - Bass
Rock Savage - Drums
Alex Coke - Flute, Saxophone
Booka Michel - Percussion
James Wagner Rich Harney - Piano
Randy Zimmerman - Trombone
Tina Marsh - Vocals

A1 - By The River (Thinking of 0) 4:34
composed by Tina Marsh
A2 - Flexible Sunset           4:50
composed by Alex Coke
A3 - REM - 136           2:56
composed by Alex Coke
A4 - Djinn (improvisation)     5:18
A5 - Lenny          3:25
composed by Alex Coke
B1 - The Prank          5:22
composed by Rock Savage
B2 - Radio Eyes (e.d.)      8:10        
composed by Alex Coke
B3 - Casey Jones           5:26
composed by Edward Newton
B4 - Sayonara (improvisation)     2:12

Recorded November 1981 at Lone Star Studio

re records ‎– RE001

14 February 2021


Resurrected post with a high defintion vinyl rip.
Here's the original write up:
Horo Number 3 from I Forgot Clifford. I had 5 Max Roach discs on Clifford, and 2 of them were in the top ten (this one and Confirmation). This may be a bit surprising since much of the blog had free jazz. Max transcended generations having bopped with Bird and later played with Braxton, Cecil Taylor, Shepp, hip hoppers, MBoom, etc. I have posted this one because it is very rare and contains a lot of music. As noted previously, Billy Harper is great on this disc. If you are new to Max's drums, listen to the dialogue he sets up between snare and bass drum. The last of this breed may be Roy Haynes. 

Billy Harper, tenor saxophone
Cecil Bridgewater, trumpet
Reggie Workman, double bass
Max Roach, drums

1. The Matyr  32:41
2. Six Bits Blues 34:23

Recorded at Mama Dog Studio July 27, 1977 in Rome.

Horo Records HDP 9-10

(high definition vinyl rip)

  in flac with pictures from the web


Thanks to Pablo for the rip and the idea of reposting it in the first place.

12 February 2021

Reform Art Unit - Open Window Suite, 1986-1989

 granit record 2018

Part 1: 16 may 1986, Wien
Sepp Mitterbauer - percussion, trumpet
Fritz Novotny - percussion
Nikolaos Polimenakos - piano
Walter Schiefer - percussion

Part 2: 29 june 1986, Aigen/Enns
Gerhard Fritsch - tenor sax
Richard Isaiah - trombone
Siegi Lemmerer - hackbrett
Sandro Miori - tenor sax
Fritz Novotny - clarinet, soprano sax
Christian Salfellner - drums
Reinhard Ziegerhofer - double bass

Part 3: 6 march 1987, Linz
Paul Fields - keyboard, violin
Gerhard Fritsch - tenor sax
Fritz Novotny - khene, flute, soprano sax
Christian Salfellner - drums
Reinhard Ziegerhofer - double bass

Part 4:18 january 1989, Wien
Paul Fields - violin
Fritz Novotny - clarinet, soprano sax
Walter Schiefer - drums
Reinhard Ziegerhofer - double bass

Part 5: 17 september 1989, Wien
Paul Fields - violin
Fritz Novotny - glockenspiel, flute, clarinet
Sebastian Piekarek - flute
Walter Schiefer - drums
Reinhard Ziegerhofer - double bass
Rolf Schwendter - poetry

Part 6: 28 december 1989, Wien
Leena Conquest - vocal
Bleda Elibal - double bass
Paul Fields - violin
Fritz Novotny - flute, khene
Sebastian Piekarek - flute
Christian Salfellner - drums
Levent Tarhan - santur
Reinhard Ziegerhofer - double bass

7 February 2021

Reform Art Unit with Milo Fine

 not my rip, is a mp3 from a musician

Fritz Novotny: reeds, percussion
Sepp Mitterbauer: trumpet
Paul Fields: piano, violin
Milo Fine: drums, clarinet, piano

Suite Milo       59:35

Recorded at Soundfields Studio, Vienna, Austria; November 29, 1996

1999, Granit (Austria) gr.96002/rau 1025

5 February 2021



Here we have a contribution by inamorata (another one will follow)

Jormin - Gustafsson - Jormin
December 11, 1997
Umea, Sweden

Anders Jormin, bass
Mats Gustafsson, saxes and clarinet (?) [fluteophone??]
Christian Jormin, drums

01 Broadcast intro  0:53
02 What reason could I give? (Ornette Coleman)  7:42
03 Korpo II (Gustafsson)  11:30
04 Apus Apus (Jormin/Gustafsson/Jormin)  11:47
05 Unidentified  18:19
06 Unidentified  8:24
07 Broadcast outro  0:19

TT 58:54

inamorata second remaster version

This comes from a Swedish radio broadcast of a great live performance of music from the “Opus Apus” CD (LJ Records LJCD 5212, 1996). I picked it up on dimeadozen.org in 2012 and posted a remastered version there in 2016. In December 2020 I made a new version which, I think, sounds quite nice given the difficult source material. For information on the editing and remastering see the info file.

This is improvised music and I find it difficult to identify compositions. Except for trach 02, I’m not sure if I got it right (and if my guess concerning the Swedish outro is right the announcer disagrees with my identification of track 03).

The Opus Apus CD may still be available at the JL Records website (http://www.lj-records.se/). At any rate, a digital download can be purchased at Gustafsson’s Bandcamp site (https://matsgustafsson.bandcamp.com/album/opus-apus). Highly recommended!


2 February 2021

Upcoming Release XXI

 Here are two incredible releases from the label Blank Forms Editions scheduled in mid June, both appears to be some essential records for fans of Don Cherry.

First is one of the earliest incarnation of the organic music theatre, a live recorded in France in 1972, with Nana, Moki, Christer Bothèn and french saxophonist Doudou Gouirand, the sound seems perfect.

The second double cd is titled « Summer House Session » and it is one of the many jam sessions that Don Cherry organised when he was in Sweden. Here also the sound is incredible and the sound samples reveals a fantastic music. Those two releases foreshadows a very cool summer :)


30 January 2021

Reform ART unit Featuring The Americans - West East Suite

 RAU - 121610
Vinyl, Limited Edition of 95 copies
Released 21 Sep 2017

A1 - Songs Of July (Including <Witchi Tai To>)      
Bass Guitar – Dill Katz
Double Bass – Bleda Elibal
Drums – Brian Abrahams
Oud – Rabih Abou Khalil
Percussion [Tomback] – Mohammed Thamassebi
Piano – Paul Fields
Santoor – Levent Tarhan
Saxophone, Voice – Fritz Novotny, Jim Pepper
Vocals – Leena Conquest
Composed By Novotny, Pepper, Fields

A2 - East        
Clarinet – Fritz Novotny
Drums – Andrew Cyrille
Composed By Cyrille, Novotny

A3 - Pannonica. Pannonia
Percussion – Glen Hahn
Piano – Burton Greene
Soprano Saxophone – Fritz Novotny
Composed By Greene, Novotny, Monk

B1 - Ghana
Reeds, Percussion – Fritz Novotny, Walter Malli
Brass – Clifford Thornton, Franz Koglmann, Joseph Traindl, Sepp Mitterbauer
Keyboards – Giselher Smekal, Paul Fields
Bass – Heinz Jäger
Drums – Walter Schiefer
Composed By Thornton, Novotny

B2 - Double Three
Alto Saxophone – Anthony Braxton
Tenor Saxophone – Paul Fields
Soprano Saxophone – Walter Malli
Clarinet – Fritz Novotny
Double Bass – Heinz Jäger
Drums – Walter Schiefer
Composed By Braxton, Novotny

A1 — recorded 1990, July 6 at Vienna Town Hall (Rathaus, Wien)
A2 — recorded 1984, April 15 at Jazzforum Mödling
A3 — recorded 1982, November 27 at Podium Thürnthal
B1 — recorded 1978, October 1 at Krems Town Hall
B2 — recorded 1978, September 30 at Krems Town Hall

All titles released 1978 and 1999 on the millenium CD recorded by Granit Records

27 January 2021



1.  カボーゾ・ワルツ = Capoozo Waltz
2.  ロバの貴重な涙より = From The Precious Tears Of The Donkey
3.  今晩は荒模様 = Tonight Is Nasty
4.  鯨たちに捧げる = Dedicated To The Whales
5.  わたしとわたし = I And I
6.  モナリザ = Monalisa
7.  卵のふる街 = Falling Egg City
8.  サックスに入って出てこないアル = AL In The Saxophone
9.  月のセンチメンタル・ジャーニー = October Sentimental Journey
10. 鳥 = Bird
11. ハドソン川のそば = Hudson River Side
12. ヒト科の熊 = A Bear Of The Human Family
13. スミコのサマータイム = Sumiko's Summer Time
14. 今日のユリシーズ = Today's Ulysses
15. ノンストップ = Non Stop
16. ヒップが飛ぶ = Hips Fly To The Moon
17. テネシー・ワルツ = Tennessee Waltz

Keiki Midorikawa, cello
Hiroshi Funato, double bass
Kazuko Shiraishi, poetry reading
Hutch Hamamoto, trumpet
Itaru Oki, trumpet

Recorded between May 2002 and February 2003

Ohrai Records ‎– JMCK1015

CD Rip 

26 January 2021



A treasure box of unreleased recordings with/by Julius Hemphill will be issued through New World Records these days.

Julius Hemphill with
Malinké Elliott, K. Curtis Lyle, Abdul Wadud
Baikida Carroll, John Carter, Olu Dara
Nels Cline, Allan Jaffe, Jehri Riley, Jack Wilkins
Jerome Harris, Dave Holland, Steuart Liebig, Roberto Miranda
Michael Carvin, Alex Cline, Jack DeJohnette, Philip Wilson
Ursula Oppens, Daedalus String Quartet
Ray Anderson, Marty Ehrlich, Janet Grice, John Purcell, Bruce Purse

7 CDs with music from 1977 to 1986. More informations you'll find at the label's website.

And finally a CD of this fantastic CT quintet has been given to the friendly listener by Fundacja Sluchaj.

CT with Tristan Honsinger, Teppo Hauta-aho, Harri Sjöström and Paul Lovens recorded in 1998 at Tampere Jazz Happening, Finland.

Then we have a collaboration of Roscoe Mitchell with three Polish musicians which is available since November 2020 from Bocian Records.

The only musician I knew before was - apart from RM - the reed player Jerzy Mazzoll whom I remember from some concerts with Peter Brötzmann. 


Two more RM are due for release or already available (not listened yet nor did I found a source for obtaining.

Roscoe Mitchell / Gerald Oshita / Thomas Buckner - Soundscape 1979 / Unreleased Historical Recordings (ScienSonic)
Marshall Allen / Roscoe Mitchell / Scott Robinson / Milford Graves - Flow States (ScienSonic)

And some other recent CDs/DL/LPs I would like to recommend.

 Borah Bergman, Perry Robinson, Steve Swell and Ray Sage ‎– Quartets​Trios​Duos (Mahakala Music)
Agustí Fernández - Selfie (Sirulita)
Georg Gräwe & Sonic Fiction Orchestra ‎– Fortschritt Und Vergnügen  (Random Acoustics). This CD is distributed by Trost Records in Austria.

....a personal favourite of 2020

Ikue Mori, Satoko Fuji + Natsuki Tamura* ‎– Prickly Pear Cactus (Libra Records) the CD you can get from the label or f.e. at the Downtown Music Gallery

Of course there are some other mailorders/shops in the US, Canada, Japan or Europe which will fulfill your requests.

And at last but definitely not least I would like to point to the recent batch of No Business Records CDs and LPs (and mostly also as download). New and old music by a.o. RED Trios's Celebration Band (!!!), Sam Rivers w/ Holland, Daley and Barker (!!!); Derek Bailey + Mototeru Takagi; Masayuki Takayanagi with Nobuyoshi Ino and Masabumi Kikuchi (!!!); Mats Gustafsson + Sabu Toyozumi; Nate Wooley with Gotesmana, Mockunas and Barry Guy. Mr. Guy has also a recent solo recording on the label.