28 January 2018

Henry Threadgill & Make A Move - Live In Warsaw -June 27, 1999

At the start of the century, Henry Threadgill’s compositions have reached a very high level. Two bands were the vehicles for those great compositions: Zooid who was exploring the acoustic and sometimes chamber side of jazz; Make a Move who was more in the electric and « rokish » mood.
This live show comes from the tour that Threadgill and crew did between the two albums the band made: « where’s your cup » and « everybodys mouth’s a book », the first one for columbia, the second for pi recordings. But the band on this set is the one who will record for pi recs except the drummer.

Brandon Roos: acoustic & electric guitar
Henry Threadgill: alto saxophone, flute & compositions
J T Lewis: drums
Stomu Takeishi: 5 strings fretless bass
Bryan Carrott: vibraphone

Live In Warsaw June 27, 1999

I have identified 2 of the 6 tracks of the program, so if some of you can add the others tracks… They may comes from the columbia album that I don’t own.

Records of Henry Threadgill available here:

DREAMTIME - Live at the Red Rose, 2001

GARY CURSON - alto saxophone
JIM DVORAK - trumpet and flutes
NICK EVANS - trombone

1. 7:54
2. 9:04
3. 6:37
4. 6:50
5. 6:25
6. 4:48
7. 16:40

Recorded at the Red Rose, London.  April 2001

BBC radio b'cast

Knock yourself out Milos!  Great gig.

25 January 2018


Michael Sell, trumpet, prepared trumpet
Sören Fischer, trombone
Theo Jörgensmann, clarinet, bassett horn
Bernd Konrad, clarinet, contrabass clarinet, alto & bass saxophone
Friedeman Graef, clarinet, soprano & bass saxophone
Wollie Kaiser, bass clarinet, soprano & tenor saxophone
Manfred Niehaus, viola
Mathhhias Frey, piano, prepared piano
Dieter Manderscheid, contrabass
Frank Köllges, percussion

A1. Der Heilig'n Landmusik     19:53
B1. Der Heilig'n Landmusik (Fortsetzung)     10:32
B2. Tentettvariations On     12:19

Soloists on A + B1: Jörgensmann (cl), Kaiser (ts) and Konrad (cbcl).

Recorded live February 11, 1984 at the Alte Oper Frankfurt / Main, Germany.

MISP 509 (vinyl rip)

24 January 2018


Some background on Abdelhaï Bennani you'll find here.

Abdelhaï Bennani, tenor saxophone
Alan Silva, orchestral synthesizer, piano
Makoto Sato, drums

1.  The Crawling Snake       50:54

Recorded live on March 16, 2001,
at American Center, Rennes, France.
Recorded by Catherine Silva. Mastered by Benjamin Duboc.
All music by Abdelhaï Bennani (SACEM) and Alan Silva (SACEM).
Cover Photo, “Snow Worm”, by Jan Ström.
Artist´s promotion demo 2015.

JaZt  TAPES CD - 053

21 January 2018


Michael Sell, trumpet, flugelhorn
Frederic Rabold, trumpet, flugelhorn
Theo Jörgensmann, clarinet
Bernd Konrad,  bass clarinet, soprano & tenor saxophone
Willem van Manen, trombone
Paul Rutherford, trombone
Thomas Wiedermann, trombone
Namek Aclan, tuba
Bernd Moschner, tuba
Reinhard Glöder, bass
Frank Köllges, drums

A1. Fußwork    07:03
A2. Beinwork   12:27
B1. Worüber Man Nicht Spricht Work   10:03
B2. Rumpfwork  02:59
B3. Kopfwork   09:30

Recorded live on April 24/25, 1979 in Wilhelmsbad / Hessen, Germany.

MISP 505 (vinyl rip)

flac rip by Owombat march 2011

19 January 2018

Kutteldaddeldu - Live In Lausanne - Plainisphare 1990

Since I discovered Swiss saxophonist Urs Blöchlinger I’ve been immediately interested by his music. His ability in improvisation and his knowledge and mastery of several styles of music including contemporary but also European tradition and his way to integrate those elements in his music is simply amazing. So no surprise that after this discovery of a true genius I wanted to get more of his discography as a leader but also as a side man. This album is one of those that I picked up during my trip in his too short career. On this record Blöchlinger share the stage with Jacques Demierre and Olivier Magnenat. Demierre have an important discography and have played with musicians like Barry Guy, Isabelle Duthoit, Urs Leimgruber to name a few. Swiss bassist Olivier Magnenat have unfortunately a smaller discography and mostly recorded with Swiss musicians like François Chevrolet or Peter Schärli.
This is a live recording based on elaborate compositions where ostinatos are mixed with introspectives and more fiery moments.

The only recommandation that I can give you is to search in this blog where you can find almost all of Blöchlinger’s discography recently updated by Mew23. All of his records available here are superbes. Beside his interest in jazz, contemporary music and European tradition, Blöchlinger was also interested in rock. He shared the stage and the studio with « No Secret In The Family » and few month before his death he was member of an incredible band called « Heilige Bimbam » that mixed, free, funk and rock in a complete unique style, others members of « heilige Bimbam » included musicians of « No Secret In The Family » but also Urs Voerkel, another musician who left us too fast.

1 Les Vieux Chapeaux
2 L’Amour – Die Mauer
3 Kännsch Höngg?
4 Who Is Afraid Of Alain Monnier?

Urs Blöchlinger: alto saxophone, composition
Jacques Demierre: piano
Olivier Magnenat: bass

Recorded live in Lausanne, Switzerland on January 1990

Plainisphare PL 1267-61 CD

18 January 2018

DREAMTiME - Bunny Up (Affinity 1984)

DREAMTiME - Bunny Up (Affinity 1984)

SiDE A - The Boys Did It / Careful Driver / Lend An Ear, Part 1
SiDE B - And So Tibet / Lend An Ear, Part 2 / Bunny Up

vinyl rip + scans

17 January 2018

Gato Barbieri & Dollar Brand - Confluence

This recording have been published under various names and various labels, Confluence seems to be the original title.

1The Aloe And The Wildrose
2 Hamba Khale!
3 To Elsa
4 Eighty First Street

Dollar Brand: Piano, Cello
Gato Barbieri: Tenor Saxophone

Recorded at Fonorama Studio, Milan, Italy, on March 16, 1968

Freedom tkcb 70338 serie freedom collection No 29 Japan Edition

16 January 2018


Theo Jörgensmann, clarinet
Bernd Konrad, baritone & soprano saxophone
Michael Sell, trumpet
Melvyn Poore, tuba
Paul Schwarz, piano (left channel)
John Fischer, piano (right channel)
Kai Kanthak, bass (left channel)
Buschi Niebergall, bass (right channel)
Diony Kube, drums (left channel)
Frank Köllges, drums (right channel)

A.  Emanationen I 14:34
B.  Emanationen I (Fortsetzung) 18:11
C1. Prolog Zu Emanationen II 5:13
C2. Emanationen II 9:51
D.  Emanationen II (Fortsetzung) 18:17

Recorded January 5 to 7, 1983 at Cornett-Studio, Cologne.

MISP 508 (vinyl rip)  (my rip)

14 January 2018


The leaders of this album were completely unknown to me before I discovered this LP.
Of course the musicians in the rhythm-section are not totally unknown...
Interesting to see the trombonist Bob Norden playing on this mid-sixties recording.
Norden also plays a.o. on Bobby Bradford's and John Stevens' collaboration which was released by Chuck Nessa in 1980.

Don Heckman, alto saxophone
Ed Summerlin, tenor saxophone
Lew Gluckin, trumpet
Bob Norden, trombone
Steve Kuhn, piano
Ron Carter, bass (A1 to B1)
Steve Swallow, bass (B2)
Joe Hunt, drums (A1 to B1)
Joe Cocuzzo, drums (B2)
Lisa Zanda, voice (B2)

A1. Jax or Bettor (Heckman) 10:03
A2. Leisure No. 5 (Summerlin) 6:43
B1. Dialogue (Summerlin) 9:35
B2. Five Haikus (Heckman) 6:36

Tracks A1 to B1: Recorded March, 31 1966 in New York City
Track B2: Recorded September 3, 1965 in New York City

Jazzworkshop JLP 7009 (UK, 1968 - mono)
Originally released in 1967 on Ictus Records (not Andrea Centazzo's label!) Ictus 101 (US - mono)

13 January 2018


Abdelhaï Bennani, tenor saxophone
Itaru Oki, trumpets, bugle, flutes
Alan Silva, double bass
Makoto Sato, drums

1. In Fanz                                19:38
2. The Spell                              11:52
3. Once Upon a Time (Please, Baby, Don't Cry)  08:18 
4. Hear my Trane Comin'        13:02
5. Trance                                  07:12
Recorded live on November 24, 1999, at "Les Instants  Chavirés", Montreuil, France.
Recorded by Bahaï. Mastered by Benjamin Duboc.
All Music by Abdelhaï Bennani (SACEM).
Cover Photo, “Mirrored Lady”, by Jan Ström.
Artist´s promotion demo 2015.



Michael Sell, trumpet
Bernd Konrad, bass clarinet & soprano saxophone
Buschi Niebergall, double bass
Frank Köllges, drums

A1. Heute, Gestern, Morgen     9:20
A2. Früher Oder Später     6:35
Drei Kleine Nachspiele Zu "Früher Oder Später"     3:50
A3a. Nr. 1     1:17
A3b. Nr. 2     1:19
A3c. Nr. 3     1:14
B1. Unterwegs     14:53
B2. Bestimmt Doch Unbestimmt     8:48

Track B1: Double Quartet

Recorded December 28/29, 1981 at Zuckerfabrik Stuttgart.

MISP 507 (vinyl rip)


Here is first recording published by Maestro David Torn. Unlike second Everyman Band album "Without Warning", it was never released as CD nor digitally yet for whatever reason. The debut of this American quartet is much wilder than second album, but Torn's atmospheric guitar explorations are already there. He went on to record further ECM albums under his own name, "Best Laid Plans" (1985, duo with percussionist Geoffrey Gordon) and crimsonish "Cloud About Mercury" (1987, with Mark Isham on trumpet, Tony Levin on bass and stick and Bill Bruford on drums), and as a member of Jan Garbarek Group (It's OK To Listen To The Gray Voice, 1985). Torn returned to ECM in 2oo7 with his fantastic band Prezens. All Fogel, Yaw and Suchorsky were members of Lou Reed band.
I am sharing this album as clean vinyl rip, each side of the LP is one track. Cover scans are included.



MARTiN FOGEL - saxophones
DAViD TORN - guitar
BRUCE YAW - bass

Recorded March 1982 at Talent Studio Oslo by Jan Erik, produced by Manfred.

SiDE I: Morals in the Mud / Japan Smiles / Lonely Streets / On the Spot
SiDE II: The Mummy Club / Nuclear Suite / Fatt Blatt


UPDATE :: New stereo rip was uploaded and mystery with audacity solved - at least for me. To get 1oo% stereo record, i have to start recording in stereo mode just for a while. Then stop and start again what I want to get recorded as a new stereo track of the same project.

& 2 be correct -- anybody want my ST 33 copy of this album? 350 CZK / 15 EUR including postage costs :)


All a musician can do is to get closer to the sources of nature, and so feel that he is in communion with the natural laws.

10 January 2018

Tete Mbambisa - Did You Tell Your Mother - 1979

Here is one record by one of the most unknown hero of the south African jazz. Tete Mbambisa has been considered as a major reference by musicians like Johnny Dyani or Dudu Pukwana. But Mbambisa have recorded only few records, less than ten for a man who is more than 80 years old. Here we have some very beautiful cape jazz, relaxed music with positive vibrations. Some of the musicians on this session can also be found on some records by Dollar Brand recorded and published by the same label like « Cape Town Fringe » or « Mannenberg Is Where It’s Happening ».

  • Trane Ride - Past Time - Winter time - Irene

Bass: Zulu Bidi
Drums: Monty Weber
Piano/composition: Tete Mbambisa
Tenor Sax/Flute: Basil Coetzee

The Sun ml4258 published in 1979

Recently the label Matsuli Music have reissued the first session by Mbambisa under the name « The Soul Jazzmen »

In 2012 independent producer Jonhattan Eato have recorded and published a superbe solo piano by Tete Mbambisa that can be found here

Last but not least: a recent recording by Tete with British musicians have been published in south Africa in the end of 2017 in a very limited quantity, it will probably be issued in the world very soon. In preparation is also the first time issue of an unreleased session from 1978.

8 January 2018

Juhani Aaltonen Quartet - Tampere Jazz Festival 2010

Juhani Aaltonen: ténor saxophone, flute - Ulf Krokfors: bass - Reino Laine: drums - Iro Haarla: piano, harp

-Good Old Times
-Shimmer Of Fallen Stars

Tampere jazz festival November 6, 2010

1 January 2018


TONY LEVIN - drums

PAUL DUNMALL - soprano saxophone

1. 16:13                                          Domancich/Rogers/Levin
2. Parrots  15:30                             Domancich/Rogers/Levin
3. Three for Louis (trio)*  9:14         Dunmall/Rogers/Domancich
4. Three for Louis (qt)  10:56          Domancich/Rogers/Levin/Dunmall

Bath International Music Festival.  Bath. 29 May 1995  *30 May 1995

BBC Radio 3 'Impressions' broadcast.

Especially for Mauro (and Milos too).  All the best guys.  Enjoy.

HOWARD RILEY - solo. Bath 1995

HOWARD RILEY - solo piano

1. 4:11
2. 11:54
3. 9:13

Bath International Music Festival. Bath. 30 May 1995

BBC Radio3. 'Impressions' broadcast