30 July 2010

Mike Westbrook Brass Band - Live in Willisau '77

"Whether he is writing for a trio or a 20 piece orchestra, Westbrook's
style is unmistakable. He combines instruments in unique ways,
twists conventional jazz forms into surprising new shapes and seasons
it all with delicate touches of humour and irony."

Rec. live in Willisau, Switzerland, on August 28, 1977
(mics recording)

Mike Westbrook,piano,euphonioum,conductor
Phil Minton,trumpet,vocals
Paul Rutherford,trombone,euphonioum,vocals
Dave Chambers,tenor & soprano sax,vocals
Kate Barnard,tenor horn,piccolo,vocals
Trevor Tomkins,percussions

01. Band Intro (00:43)
02. Unknown (01:34)
03. Unknown (02:20)
04. Wheel Of Fortune (12:54)
05. Kanonen Song (04:47)
06. Unknown (05:37)
07. God Bless The Child (03:15)
08. Mood Indigo (07:52)
09. Unknown (03:23)
10. Naima (06:18)
11. Unknown (09:49)
12. Let The Slave (09:47)
13. Unknown (05:08)
14. Sunrise (07:21)
15. Unknown (10:15)
16. Lady Howerd (07:40)
17. Alabama Song (12:30)
18. Unknown (05:11)
19. Band Exit (01:08)

Total Time 1:57:44

27 July 2010

The Swallow Quartet - Live in Milan '09

Only an excerpt but, better than nothing...

Rec. live at"Teatro Ventaglio Smeraldo", Milan, Italy,
on September 20, 2009 (radio broadcast)

Steve Swallow,electric bass
Carla Bley,Hammond B3
Chris Cheek,tenor sax
Steve Cardenas,guitar

1. Track #1 (18:54)
2. Track #2 (05:11)
3. Track #3 (07:02)

Total Time 31:08

26 July 2010

Karin Krog - Break of Day in Molde

Following Riccardo's veeery looong post, I thought it was time for a short one. The Molde international jazz festival just completed its 50th festival yesterday. Started in 1961, it was been running every year since then and despite the 50th anniversary strictly speaking being next year, this year's festival marked the actual anniversary. Early yesterday, a Break of Day in Molde concert at 7 in the morning had Artist in Residence Nils Petter Molvær waking up the crowd with electronic composer Geir Jenssen, also known as Biosphere, joining him on stage.

A fixture over the year has been Karin Krog. She appeared at the very first one back in 1961 and was of course back at this year's festival to perform the above song among many others. The inspiration for the tune was the very early morning mood after a long after hours jam session in a mountain cabin above town. The tune, Carla Bley's "Ida Lupino", has words added by Karin Krog to describe the fresh early morning vibe. The B-side is a straight blues, "Blues Eyes", with the presence of Ted Curson on trumpet in the near-all Scandinavian crew.

Above is the front and back of the single out on the Sonet label back in 1969. For many years it was only available in this format, though the recent re-release of "Joy" has these two tracks added to the original set. As a little bonus, I've added the Paul Bley version of "Ida Lupino" off his "Closer" album which has Steve Swallow and Barry Altschul on bass and drums, respectively.


Karin Krog, vocals
Ted Curson, trumpet
Elisabeth Sønstevold, harp
Bernt Egerbladh, organ
Arild Andersen, bass
Jon Christensen, drums

21 July 2010

The Cooler Sessions - Live in NYC '97

This will be a very long post : more than five hours of music!
Taped by a dear friend of mine this is the complete recording of
two nights at "The Cooler" club in NYC with Cecil Taylor and
Thurston Moore.
Seen the dimensions, the post will be divided in four parts.

Rec. live at "The Cooler", NYC, on October 3 & 4, 1997
(mics recording)

October 3 :

1. First Set (32:10)
Thurston Moore,electric guitar
Tom Surgal,drums,percussion

2. Second Set (1:02:26)
Cecil Taylor,piano,vocal
Dominic Duval,bass
Jackson Krall,drums

3. Third Set (43:14)
Thurston Moore,electric guitar
Dominic Duval,bass
Jackson Krall/Tom Surgal,drums
+ unknown tenor saxophonist

4. Fourth Set (32:41)
Cecil Taylor,piano,vocal
Dominic Duval,bass
Jackson Krall,drums

October 4 :

5. First Set (1:00:56)
Thurston Moore,electric guitar
Dominic Duval,bass
Jackson Krall/Tom Surgal,drums
Cecil Taylor,piano

6. Second Set (1:11:43)
Cecil Taylor,piano,vocal
Dominic Duval,bass
Jackson Krall,drums

Total Time 5:03:10

New Link for.
set 1-Thurston Moore-Tom Surgal
both in one file
sorry, but its all i have!


11 July 2010

Johnny Griffin Quartet - Live in Milan '80

In this recording i made some time ago, "The Little Giant" is just
in fine form and wonderfully supported by the rhythmic section.

Rec. live at "Capolinea", Milan, Italy, on February 24, 1980
(mics recording)

Johnny Griffin,tenor sax
Ronnie Mathews,piano
Ray Drummond,bass
Kenny Washington,drums

1. Yours Is My Heart Alone [L.Herzer/F.Lehàr/B.F.Lohener] (15:51)
2. Fifty-Six [J.Griffin] (13:55)
3. Soft And Furry [J.Griffin] (24:00)
4. Unknown (18:33)
5. Susanita [R.Drummond] (15:41)

Total Time 1:28:02

Chris McGregor's Brotherhood of Breath with Archie Shepp en concert a Banlieues Bleues

What with the World Cup in football finale a day away, I thought it was about time to sneak in some South African music here. Another good reason is that this one was requested on a jazz-related mailing list. So therefore ...

This was the final installment of the Brotherhood of Breath, recorded at the Banlieues Bleues festival in France in 1989. The previous year had seen the release of "Country Cooking", a studio recording with many of the players on this live concert. By the late 80s, the only remaining from the original BoB was Harry Beckett, apart from McGregor, of course. A couple of tunes from that record was carried over to this cd, the title track the most obvious one.

An added delight was the appearance of Archie Shepp who contributed a couple of his own tunes and can be heard on tenor throughout the whole concert. A worthy replacement for Dudu Pukwana, one might say, though BoB without Dudu was not quite the same. The South African influence is quite strong on the first four tracks, while the latter three veers into more standard jazz territory and the penultimate one with the added treat of some Sheppian vocals culminating in a jouyous and swinging concert through and through. The first and fourth tracks features the vocals of Sonti Mndebélé, a fresh member adding a touch of sisterhood. Finally, the album features a piano very much out of tune. A pianist's curse, I suppose.

1. Sangena (Chris McGregor/Sonti Mndebélé)
2. Mayebuye (Chris McGregor)
3. Country Cooking (Chris McGregor)
4. Jikele (Traditional)
5. Presentation
6. Steam (Archie Shepp)
7. Sweet as Honey (Chris McGregor)
8. Bessie Smith's Blues (Archie Shepp)

The full line-up can be found in the scans with the attached files.

Here are a couple of photos from Maxine McGregor's book:

9 July 2010

Bill Evans Trio feat. Lee Konitz - Live in Terni '78

A concert that circulates between traders and partially (5 tracks)
in a DVD recently placed in commerce : this is the recording i made
from the Italian radio.

Rec. live in Terni (Umbria Jazz '78), Italy, on July 19, 1978
(radio broadcast)

Bill Evans,piano
Marc Johnson,bass
Philly Joe Jones,drums
Lee Konitz,alto saxophone (7,8,9)

1. Re: Person I Knew [B.Evans] (04:24)
2. The Peacocks [J.Rowles] (06:10)
3. Theme From M.A.S.H. [J.Mandel] (04:13)
4. Midnight Mood [B.Raleigh/J.Zawinul] (05:12)
5. But Beautiful [J.Burke/J.Van Heusen] (04:00)
6. Nardis (inc.) [M.Davis] (07:16)
7. Solar [M.Davis] (08:36)
8. You Don't Know What Love Is [G.DePaul/D.Raye] (04:04)
9. All The Things You Are (inc.) [O.Hammerstein/J.Kern] (04:05)

Total Time 48:04

7 July 2010

Paul Bley - Live in Nervi '96

For all the enthusiasts of Paul Bley.

Rec. live at "Teatro ai Parchi di Nervi", Genoa, Italy,
on July 31, 1996 (mix recording)

Paul Bley,piano

1. Track #1 (16:31)
2. Confirmation (05:26)
3. Track #3 (07:57)
4. Turnaround (09:36)
5. Track #5 (06:44)
6. Latin Genetics (06:08)

Total Time 52:24

5 July 2010

Paul Bley Trio - Live in Genoa '87

A classic P.Bley Trio recorded just 23 years ago.

Rec. live at "Villa Imperiale", Genoa, Italy, on July 5,
1987 (mix recording)

Paul Bley,piano
Furio Di Castri,bass
Paul Motian,drums

1. Track #1 (13:45)
2. Track #2 (10:33)
3. Track #3 (08:46)
4. Ida Lupino (05:47)
5. Track #5 (16:07)
6. Track #6 (03:55)
7. When Will The Blues Leave? (03:52)

Total Time 1:02:49