30 November 2018

Bill Dixon Quintet - Live In Newport 1966

Suite Pomegranate in six movements
Bill Dixon: tp
Ken McIntyre: as,bcl
Louis Brown: ts
Bob Cunningham: b
Tom Price: dr

recorded in Newport, July 2, 1966

29 November 2018

KUÁRA with TRYGVE SEiM - Hamburg 2o13

Here is radio broadcast of Scandinavian trio, originated on Dime (I do not know original seeder). The band previously released album "Psalms and Folk Songs" on ECM label, with trumpeter Per Jørgensen instead of Trygve Seim.

KUÁRA with TRYGVE SEiM - Rolf Liebermann Studio, Hamburg, 21-22.03.2013

Trygve Seim - tenor & soprano sax
Samuli Mikkonen - piano
Markku Ounaskari - drums

01. Pablo's Song (Ounaskari) 07:46
02. Announcement by Samuli Mikkonen 00:47
03. Cella Silvestris (Mikkonen) 09:31
04. Haarautuvine Polkujen Puutarha (Mikkonen) 07:53
05. Aesniitty (Mikkonen) 12:03
06. Beginning An Ending (Seim) 06:57
07. Karelian Folk Song (trad.) [fade out] 05:16

source: dvb-s > techno trend tt-premium s2-6400 twin hd > hdd > nero wave editor > flac

26 November 2018

Soft Mountain - Soft Mountain - Hux Records 2003

After leaving Soft Machine, Elton Dean and Hugh Hopper tried to recreate groups in the same spirit like Soft Head or Soft Heap. All of these groups were interesting but none of them managed to reach the level of energy and creativity of Soft Machine Third. When I first listened to Soft Mountain I immediately felt that the energy of this band and its power was clearly close to the great era of Soft Machine even though the music is different. Tatsuya Yoshida and Hugh Hopper are particularly impressive during this powerful session.

-Part 1 : 30.40 mn
-Part 2 : 27.55 mn

-Hugh Hopper : bass
-Tatsuya Yoshida : drums
-Hoppy Kamiyama : keyboards 
-Elton Dean : alto saxophone, saxcello

Recorded in Tokyo august 10, 2003

Hux records hux084 cd rip

25 November 2018


A1. In A Sentimental Mood
A2. Lush Life
A3. Come Sunday
A4. Flower Is A Lovesome Thing

B1. Mexico City
B2. Tradewinds
B3. Crucificade
B4. Budapest Conclusion

Takashi Mizuhashi, bass
Dave Burrell, piano

Recorded at Nippon's Columbia 1st Studio, Tokyo, on April 2nd & 3rd, 1978

Denon ‎– YX-7533-ND

LP Rip

24 November 2018


Third LP of mvns's last batch of contributions. Again a quite unusual contribution.

Side A

Wes Monzaemon, alto & soprano saxophone, bells, bongos
Chien Kitahara, piano
Ikuko Sasahara, piano, synthesizer, strings
Masanori Kanda, electric bass, bells
Shinji Niiyama, drums, china gong

Side B

Shinichiro Yamazaki, tenor saxophone
Kaoru Kawasaki, piano, synthesizer
Hiroshi Handa, electric bass
Hideyuki Ishigaki, drums

A1. Dizzy 13:23
A2. I Remember Bird 8:23
B1. Empty Storm 4:15
B2. Halcion Drift 3:54
B3. Product Mix 5:43
B4. Praha Lady 5:35

Side A (Wes Side) recorded January 23, 1982 at Bea Pot Studio.

Side B (Kaleido Side) recorded December 25, 1981 at Bea Pot Studio

LLE Label - LLE-1002 (Japan, 1982)
(vinyl rip)

23 November 2018


A1. Straight, No Chaser
A2. ‘Round Midnight
A3. Blue Monk

B1. Black Robert
B2. No Games
B3. New York

Takashi Mizuhashi, bass
Dave Burrell, piano

Recorded on April 2nd and 3rd, 1978 at Nippon Columbia’s 1st Studio, Tokyo, Japan

Columbia ‎– YX-7541ND

LP Rip

21 November 2018

Muharram 1392 (Sagittarius A-Star 2011)

Sagittarius A-Star, SAS #17
Released 2011

A - Untitled    
B - Untitled    

Hartmut Geerken, Hubertus von Puttkamer, Michael Ranta, Omar el Hakim, Salah Ragab

Recorded February 17, 1972 in Heliopolis, Egypt.

this is all info on the lp, nothing else found online
cover is from discogs. I still dont know how to take a picture of a shiny black cover

20 November 2018


A1. Love Dance
A2. Cat Food Blues
A3. Teardrops For Jimmy

B1. Hypnosis
B2. Sophisticated Lady

Dave Burrell, piano

Recorded on 27 September 1977

Denon Jazz ‎– YX-7574-ND

LP Rip

19 November 2018

YOSHITO OSAWA "PIANO SOLO" (Private Press, 1975/80)

Yoshito Osawa, piano, toy piano
Masahiko Kono, trombone (B4)
Toshinori Kondo, trumpet (B4)
Shoji Hano, drums (B4)

A1. Tune OH-1 (1:15)   
A2. Tune SA-9 (5:18)    
A3. Tune WA-7 (5:54)   
A4. Tune YO-5 (5:06)   
A5. Tune SHI-10 (3:43)   
A6. Tune TO-1 (2:34)   
B1. Improvisation PI (11:54)   
B2. Tune A (7:00)   
B3. Tune NO (6:31)   
B4. Toy Piano (2:58)

All tracks from cassette recording: 1975, Oct. 1, at Kyoto "IMBA", except B4 recorded 1980, Jan. 14 at Kyoto University.
There are two loud thumps (sounds like someone bumped the microphone) on track B4 which was part of the recording.

Private press: YO - 8076
(vinyl rip)


A1. Black Robert
A2. Teardrops For Jimmy
A3. Lovedance

B1. Black Spring
B2. Willow Weep For Me
B3. Booking In My Dreams

Dave Burrell, piano
Hart Leroy Bibs, vocals (B1)

Recorded Studio SYSMO, Paris on 8 March 1977

Marge ‎– 06

LP Rip

18 November 2018


A1. Margy Pargy
A2. Lush Life

B.  8th Ave. Randez-Vouz Blues

Dave Burrell, piano

Recorded: October 12, 1973

Trio Records ‎– PAP-9025

LP Rip

17 November 2018


A1. Down Broadway
A2. Autumn In New York

B1. Teardrops For Jimmy
B2. Misty

Marion Brown, alto saxophone
Reggie Workman, bass
Joe Chambers, drums
Roland Prince, guitar
Dave Burrell, piano
Grachan Moncur III, trombone
Andy Bey, vocals

Recorded June 19 & 20, 1977, at Long View Farm Studio, Massachussets

Denon Jazz ‎– YX-7572-ND

LP Rip

14 November 2018


During the next few days I shall post three new high def rips by mvns. Got them yesterday and I shall waste no time.
The only musician a I recognize is Eldee Young of Ramsey Lewis Trio fame.  And Lewis name gives also the general direction the music is going on this platter with its heavy leanings into soul.

Billy Mahdi,  tenor & soprano saxophone, flute, bells, kalimba
Corky McClerkin,  piano
Eldee Young,  bass
Ruben De Andrea,  drums
Newson Otis,  trumpet
Dave Baldwin,  saxophone
Bruce Thompson,  synthesizer
Eve Garnett, Brenda Sims, Ozana Chavis,  vocals

A1. Tune Weaver 2:55
A2. You Got Dat Wright 3:08
A3. Excuse Me 4:31
B1. Summer Love (or Verano De Amor) 4:34
B2. 79th Street Blues (or Concert In Woo) 3:29
B3. Love Dream (Or Reve D'Amour) 5:53

Recorded at Omega Studio Ltd., 920 S. Michigan
Chicago, III.- August, 1980

Raenii RA 0037
(vinyl rip - 24/48)

13 November 2018

Michael Fischer, William Parker, Denis Charles - New York 3. Give (Extraplatte 1999)

Extraplatte ‎– EX 383-2
CD, 1999

01 - Exploration NY 302     6:52
02 - Untitled         3:26
03 - Untitled         5:17
04 - Untitled         8:06
05 - Untitled         10:24
06 - Exploration NY 303     6:29
07 - Untitled         8:39
08 - Untitled         5:53
09 - Untitled         4:56
10 - Untitled         10:16
11 - Exploration NY 304     5:59

William Parker - Acoustic Bass
Denis Charles - Drums
Michael Fischer -Tenor and Soprano Sax

Music by Charles, Fischer, Parker
Recorded at Context, NYC 10/97

11 November 2018

The Chitinous Ensemble - Chitinous - Deram 1971

01. Chitinous
- Mandible
- De Blonck
- Mushroom Dance
- Was-Eye?
02. Aldebaranian
03. Dance
04. Rønkproat’tn
- 8 Fish-Eyes
- Rockrott
- Loopild
- Stoned

-Dave Richmon, Don Honeywell:  baritone saxophone
-Brian Odgers: bass guitar
-Ray Premru: bass trombone
-Bob Efford: bassoon, bass clarinet
-Alan Dalziel, Ben Kennard, Claire Deniz, Clive Anstee, Francis Gabarra, Freddy Alexander, Paul Buckmaster, Vivian Joseph: cello
-Chris Laurence, Denis Bowden, Ron Mathewson, Tim Bell: double bass
-Barry Morgan, John Marshall: drums
-Paul Buckmaster, Peter Robinson: electric piano
-Louis Stuart: guitar
-Barry Morgan, Chris Karan, Denis Lopez, Raoul Mayora: percussions
-Diana Lewis: piano
-Brian Smith: soprano saxophone
-Bobby Lamb: trombone
-Cliff Haines, John Donerly: trumpet
-Ian Carr: trumpet flugelhorn
-Martin Fry: tuba
-Alex Taylor, Chris Wellington, John Graham, Ken Essex, Steve Shingles: viola
-Billy Miller, David Katz, George French, Harold Parfitt, Henry Datner, Jack Rothstein, Geoff Wakefield, Laurie Clay, Laurie Rossi, Les Maddox, Morris Taylor, Neil Watson, Nick Mernick, Perri McConnel, Peter Oxer, Ron Thomas, Ted Bryett, Trevor Connah: violin

Recorded on March and April 1970

ripped from the cd reissue by Vocalion CDSML 8405

9 November 2018


A rather short one....

Radio Jazz Group Stuttgart:
Ack van Rooyen, trumpet,flugelhorn
Joki Freund, tenor saxophone
Wolfgang Dauner, piano
Fred Braceful, drums

Peter Brötzmann - Alexander von Schlippenbach - Quartet:
Peter Brötzmann, tenor saxophone
Alexander von Schlippenbach, piano
Peter Kowald, bass
Paul Lovens, drums

1. Announcement (Dieter Zimmerle) 0:41
2. Bollocks (AvS) 10:31
3. Announcement (Dieter Zimmerle)  0:24

Recorded at SDR-Studio, Villa Berg, Stuttgart, Germany on March 8, 1973.

6 November 2018

GUUS JANSSEN SEPTET ‎– 85 .... 86 (CLAXON, 1987)

A1. Duw
A2. Sbrodj
A3. Taag
A4. Indiaan 2

B1. Indiaan 1
B2. PF
B3. Moos
B4. Plint

Michael Moore, alto saxophone, bass clarinet
Raoul van der Weide, bass
Wim Janssen, drums
Maud Sauer, oboe, shanai
Guus Janssen, piano
Ab Baars, soprano, tenor saxophone, clarinet
Paul Termos, alto saxophone
Annemarie Roelofs, trombone
Maurice Horsthuis, viola
Ernst Reyseger, violincello

Recorded at Amsterdam Bimhuis, August 3, 1986 (Duw, Sbrodj, Moos, Plint), Amsterdam Stedelijk Museum, August 9, 1986 (Taag) and August 10, 1986 (Indiaan 2) and Utrecht Vredenburg, December 9, 1986 (Indiaan 2, PF)

Claxon ‎– 87.18

LP Rip

5 November 2018


Ned Rothenberg, alto saxophone, bass clarinet, ocarina
Paul Lovens, drums (right)
Peter Hollinger, drums (left)

1. unknown title 26:01
2. unknown title 07:21
3. unknown title 05:03
4. unknown title 05:04

Recorded at Nickelsdorf Konfrontationen, Jazzgalerie on July 21, 1991.

4 November 2018


Marzette Watts, tenor saxophone
Georg Turner, cornet
Marty Cook, trombone
Frank Kipers, violin
Bobby Few, piano
Cevera Jeffries Jr., bass
Juini Booth, bass
Steve Tintweiss, bass
J.C. Moses, drums
Tom Berge, drums
Amy Sheffer, voice
Patty Waters, voice
Bill Dixon, producer, piano on A2

A1. octobersong (Dixon) 6:58
A2. Play It Straight (Coleman) 3:46
A3. F.L.O.A.R.S.S. ((Watts) 4:57
B1. Medley (Watts) 9:02
B2. Lonely Woman (Coleman) 5:49
B3. Joudpoo (Watts) 4:04

Recorded 1968 in New York. A1, B1, B2: Recorded by Stereo Sound Studios, N. Y. C.

Savoy Records MG-12193 (1969)
(vinyl rip)