29 September 2010

Anthony Braxton Quartet - Live in Milan '79

Maybe some Braxton's expert will be so patient to indicate the right
sequence of compositions in the two sets (making reference to series
40 and 69).

Rec. live at "Teatro Uomo", Milan, Italy, on April 22, 1979
(mics recording)

Anthony Braxton,reeds
Ray Anderson,trombone,trumpet
John Lindberg,bass
Thurman Barker,percussion

1. Set #1 (46:27)
2. Set #2 (49:50)
3. Encore (03:59)

Total Time 1:40:17

26 September 2010


Here are the complete (almost) recordings of FOURMENONLY .
After the bassist left the the MODERN JAZZ QUINTET KARLSRUHE they continued as a quartet. On ESFS they added the trombone player Wolfgang Czelusta but still under their chosen name.
The following words are from G.F. (thank you!) a fellow at Dime:"The last concert with Fourmenonly (with bass-player Johannes Schädlich with Wilfried Eichhorn, Helmut Zimmer and Rudi Theilmanm) happened in the early 80s in Karlsruhe - without Herbert Joos, who had left Karlsruhe and the others. Wilfried Eichhorn continued playing with the Frederic Rabold Crew in the late 70s (vocalist Lauren Newton started here!), and he played mostly in a Duo with pianist Uli Bühl in the 90s. Helmut Zimmer played mostly Bop Standards afterwards and occasionally still plays that kind of stuff. Rudi Theilmann is still active, playing mostly in Duo with violinist Helmut Bieler-Wendt. He participated since 1985 in another great free-improvising group, Dinkel-Frisch-Theilmann&Bieler-Wendt, they recorded two albums in the late 80s."

Herbert Joos himself worked in his own groups and ad hoc ensembles.
Participated at a Free Jazz Meeting Baden-Baden. 1973 he made his first solo recording "The Philosophy Of The Fluegelhorn" on JAPO(ECM). On this lp he also uses multitracking to astounding effects. The music there is maybe "more" beautiful in a conventional manner. But never "sweet" - instead he shows a strong developed sense for harmonics and "Klangfarbe".
Later he joined the Vienna Art Orchestra. Still active as a pro and going strong.
I only want to add that the last track on "Vol.1" is one of my favourite pieces from this four astounding lps.

Please! Please someone reissue them!


Herbert Joos,flh,perc
Wilfried Eichhorn,ts,ss,bcl
Helmuth Zimmer,p,perc
Rudi Theilmann,dr,perc

1. viridiana 09:44
2. ich und meine brüder 03:08
3. compulsion 04:38
4. count down 09:03
5. excess 07:48

Recorded at Tonstudio Bauer, Ludwigsburg, Germany, May 1972

Edition W.Wacker EWW 0250



Wilfried Eichhorn,bcl,fl,ob
Wolfgang Czelusta,tb
Herbert Joos,flh,tp,mel,perc
Helmuth Zimmer,p
Rudi Theilmann,perc

Side A: (18:21)
1. departures
2. plastic happines
3. beautiful darkness
4. space wall

Side B: (20:26)
5. dead season
6. the beauty without a face
7. lucifer is marching in
8. return ?

Recorded at Tonstudio Bauer, Ludwigsburg,Germany in December 1973

FMO 002


Links in comments.

25 September 2010


Before posting more from Herbert Joos I'd like to share two lps from and
with Dieter Scherf.
The Free Jazz Group Wiesbaden were
a collaborative combo from Michael Sell, Scherf, König and Schlick.
Sell studied politics and chemistry and
Scherf was an engineer.
Sell and Scherf provided the thematic
material for this group which lasted from 1969 to 1972.
But especially the guitarist König provides an original voice to the proceedings. Playing virtual multifunctional with a distinct
sensibility for sound and great imagination.
FJGW disbanded 1973. Scherf continued for a while mainly in a trio with Paul Lovens and Jacek Bednarek.

(The music from this trio was reissued on Atavistic : http://www.atavistic.com/catalog.php?cs=2&at=1 . Buy it! You won't be disappointed.)

Later Scherf devoted himself more and more to his profession as engineer.
Michael Sell should become one of the more distinguished composers of european Jazz Avantgarde. Although his affinity to Jazz was questioned not only by himself. Wether this is correct we can hear by ourselves during the next weeks. (I plan to share some recordings under Sell's name as well). Today he does not play trumpet anymore.

Dieter Scherf has, to my knowledge, forsaken music. (Update 2014 - he continued to play piano albeit in a more mainstream setting) What became of König and Schlick I do not know. About the lp "Interaction" I assume that it is one of his last projects. I got it as a gift without any information.

Literature about these musicians is sparse and mostly out of print. But I would like to mention at least one book. "Europas Jazz 1960 - 80" from Ekkehard Jost (a sax player alike) is the "bible" of european Free Jazz. Sadly it is only in German.

Through this book I became aware that there is a distinct european Jazz scene.

24 September 2010

Modern Jazz Quintet Karlsruhe - Position 2000 (FLAC)

Here is the second MJQK'HE.
The cover is from Herbert Joos (also the picture from "Trees").
He has studied graphic arts and from 1958 onwards also acoustic bass.
On brass he is self-educated, although later he took private lessons.
The MJQK started mid-sixties as a bop orientated group. Mainly through Joos they began to add freer and more personal concepts into the groups music.
All members were amateurs (not in the sense of being unable but simply they had "daily" professions). For example Helmuth Zimmer was an architect and Rudi Theilmann is a art historian.
They made two lps as MJQK. After Claus Bühler the bassist left the group during a concert two more were recorded as "Fourmenonly" (Vol.1 & Eight Science Fiction Stories). Arguments about loudness and the general direction the music went induced the split.
The compilation "Born Free" from the 12th German Jazzfestival
(these Lps were in fact a bootleg - none from the musicians were asked for permission or received any royalties) and a sampler from the NDR broadcast station (NDR Jazzworkshop '73) included each one piece by MJQK (abridged) & Fourmenonly. Apart from this I know only one bootleg with about 20 minutes music.

In contrast to some FMP artists their music was more thematic orientated and powerplay was used only sparingly to highlight formal contrasts. Their use of multitracking was unsual and led to negativ critic from musicians,journalists and listeners alike. But for achiveving more complex textures and/or backgrounds they used this method spontaneously from "Position 2000" onward. Basically Herbert Joos said that they would use such procedures to create the music they wanted without a greater assemblage of musicians which were not available or compliant.

The whereabouts of the other musicians and why Joos has left the group will be described within the next post.

If you have more or specific questions I am happy to oblige.
Hopefully my english isn't too strange or whatever.
The link is found in the comments.

Here is a link to H.Joos' website where you can see his graphics.


Herbert Joos,flh,mel,indian fl,perc
Wilfried Eichhorn,ts,ss,bcl,fl
Helmuth Zimmer,p,perc
Claus Bühler,b,perc
Rudi Theilmann,dr,perc

1. Position 2000 12:22
2. Where Love Forever Shines 04:59
3. The Sun Is Coming Over 18:45

Tonstudio Bauer, Ludwigsburg, Germany, May 1970

MJQK 002

22 September 2010


Here is my first contribution to my favourite blog.
Thank you kinabalu and sotise for the invitation.

I wanted to share this LP from the MJQK'HE already for a long time. For me this recording exemplifies the "lost" or better the almost forgotten part of the Free Jazz continuum.

Sadly no reissue is due - at least to my knowledge.
Only one track from "Trees" was reissued on a compilation about german Free Jazz last year.But it is
deleted as well.

I don't want to make more words for the moment. (I post this with 38° celsius fever)
Download and listen. If there is interest I will share more from this group.
If someone wants more information about this group - I will provide you with what I know about this group/musicians.
Sorry for the small picture - it is scanned from a selfmade CD booklet. Also I'm really not an expert in Photoshop et.al.
Please remember it's my "first" - I hope everything will work!

Helmuth Zimmer, piano
Herbert Joos, fluegelhorn, mellophone, piston, percussion
Wilfried Eichhorn, tenor & soprano saxophone, flute
Claus Bühler, bass
Rudi Theilmann, drums

1. Trees (Joos) 08:40
2. Schnee verbrennt (Eichhorn) 03:05
3. Lonely Time (Joos) 12:39
4. The Devil is green, blue, yellow (Joos) 09:28
5. Change of Beauty (Joos) 11:14

Recorded at Tonstudio Bauer, Ludwigsburg, Germany, 1968.

excenter SM 21003

Severino Gazzelloni-Bruno Canino-Il Flauto Contemporaneo 1977

He'res a recently Rediscovered re-xplored record, that although not Jazz related may be of interest.
That the greatest 20th Century Flautists name is so little known among jazz fans other than for the reference on Eric Dolphy's Out to Lunch, is a pity .
this is a Luminously,stunningly Beautiful record.

complex textures, Extended techniques, vocalised instrumental tones, and free improvisation, everything we love about the best Free jazz is present here too!
Lovers of soi-Disant Spectralism, and the Great late, 20th C italian Triumvirate ,Nono ,Berio , and Maderna (featured)owe to themselves to hear this!

Kazuo Fukushima B-1930 , who's composition is featured on Side 2, has also written for and played in Jazz ensembles.

Il Flauto Contemporaneo- Fonit cetera Itl-70007, lp

1- Niccolo Castigliano-Gymel 1960
2- Bruno Maderna- HoneyReves-1963
3-Goffredo Petrassi-Dialogo Angelico-1948
4-Roman Vlad-il magico flauto di Severino- 1971

Side B-
1-Kazuo Fukushima-kadha karuna-1964
2-Hidenao Ito- Apocalypse-1965
3- Yori-Aki Matsudaira- Rymes for Gazzelloni-1967
4-Yoritsune Matsudaira-Somaksah-1962

Severino Gazzelloni-Flute voice
Bruno Canino-piano

Unknown Uncredited , jazz rythmn section on part of B-3, bass drums and vibes

this lp has never to my Knowledge been reissued

Ripped to 48khz-wav then Down sampled to burnable 16 bit 44kz-Then Flac
if anyone wants to post other mirrors , post mp3 links ect .. feel free

20 September 2010

Harry Beckett Trio live in Cottbus, DDR, 1982

More Harry Beckett and there will be even more in the time to come. This is a killer set from the old German Democratic Republic, showing that they weren't entirely cloth-eared as far as jazz was concerned on the eastern side of the wall.

This is Beckett in a 70s Miles mode, but not in the funky fusion mode which is what you might have expected. Short, clipped bursts of trumpet, sparse, nothing ostentatious. Behind is the juggernaut of Harry Miller and Louis Moholo which guarantees that it's gotta be good. Of course, we've heard of the Osborne and Brötzmann trios with these two super-heros so I'm extremely happy to have found this set and to be able to share it with all of you. This is off the Dime network, but these jazzy golden nuggests tend to disappear all too soon, so I'm determined to keep it available here on this blog.

Basic facts:

Harry Beckett Trio
Cottbus (Germany)
45. Jazzwerkstatt
1982-04-24 - April 24, 1982

Harry Beckett tp, flh
Harry Miller b
Louis Moholo dr

1) 38:10

Reportedly taped off radio, so the sound quality is impeccable.

What's left to say but enjoy!

13 September 2010

Dewey Redman Quartet - Live in Milan '78

Redman is, probably, remembered more for his partnership with
Coleman,Jarrett,Haden,etc than for the groups he led at his name,
nonetheless the level of his live performace and records was always
very high.
For the lenght of the concert, i'll post the two sets separately.

Rec. live at "Capolinea", Milan, Italy, on May 22, 1978
(mics recording)

Dewey Redman,tenor sax,musette,zither
Fred Simmons,piano,percussion
Mark Helias,bass
Eddie Moore,drums,percussion

1st set (1:20:04) :
1. Dewey Square [C.Parker] (28:59)
2. Unknown (24:12)
3. Unknown Tongue [D.Redman] (10:46)
4. One Beautiful Day [D.Redman] (16:06)

2nd set (1:03:12) :
5. Half Nelson [M.Davis] (30:39)
6. Unknown Tongue [D.Redman] (10:15)
7. Walls Bridge [D.Redman] (22:18)

Total Time 2:23:17

10 September 2010

Gerry Mulligan Orchestra - Live in Milan '80

Nearly twenty years after the famous Concert Jazz Band,
Mulligan had the opportunity of refounding a new Big Band
made up of young musicians more few veterans (J.Coles,B.Johnson).
In my opinion one of the greatest Big Band of that period.

Rec. live at "Teatro Orfeo", Milan, Italy, on October 26, 1980
(mics recording)

Gerry Mulligan,baritone & soprano sax,piano(12),conductor
Laurie Frink/Glenn Drewes/Johnny Coles/Gregory Ruwulo,trumpets
Jim Daniels/Birch Johnson/Larry Farrell,trombones
Andy Fusco/Chuck Wilson/Gary Keller/Tom Boras,reeds
Harold Danko,piano
Frank Luther,bass
Richard de Rosa,drums

01. K-4 Pacific [G.Mulligan] (10:48)
02. I'm Getting Sentimental Over You [G.Bassman] (06:05)
03. 'Round Sundown [G. Mulligan] (05:15)
04. Walk On The Water [G. Mulligan] (06:31)
05. Across The Track Blues [D.Ellington] (04:03)
06. Taurus Moon [G.Mulligan] (09:39)
07. For An Unfinished Woman [G.Mulligan] (09:09)
08. Out Back Of The Barn [G.Mulligan] (05:20)
09. Song For Strayhorn [G.Mulligan] (06:38)
10. Maytag [G.Mulligan] (09:45)
11. Walkin' Shoes [G.Mulligan] (03:47)
12. Darn That Dream [E.DeLange] (06:!2)
13. Line For Lyons [G.Mulligan] (04:17)
14. Satin Doll [D.Ellington] (02:50)
15. 42nd And Broadway [G.Mulligan] (05:13)

Total Time 1:35:39

3 September 2010

Anthony Braxton & Roscoe Mitchell - Live in Pisa '78

In the comments at the previous post (the blindfold test) the names
of A.Braxton and R.Mitchell are often recurred, so here is one of their
rare live duo performance.
You can find the "Duets Album" here.
The picture above is, obviously, from a more recent concert (Rome 2006).

Rec. live at "Giardini Scotto", Pisa, Italy, on July 12,
1978 (mics recording)

Anthony Braxton,reeds
Roscoe Mitchell,reeds,piccolo

1. Comp 40Q (10:10)
2. Unknown (20:26)
3. Unknown (09:35)
4. Unknown (07:09)
5. Unknown (05:58)

Total Time 53:19