5 August 2021


Anything our readers and followers would like to contribute goes here. That may include recommendations, reviews, recordings, you name it.

The earlier contributions thread was unfortunately deleted, but we have managed to recover about three years of the last five years of posts. The recovered posts have now been moved to separate posts in the new thread. All links to files are working at the time of writing. If there is anybody out there who has found that their contributions are missing, feel free to repost them or if anybody has downloaded files when they were still available, the same thing applies.  Of course, we welcome any new contributions from our followers, anything that we and you should know about.


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Nod y said...

It has just been re-released on lp and cd:
Milton Marsh Monism originally published on Strata East in 1974, including one track with David S Ware. Not totally free, between free, orchestral and spiritual, a very good album in my opinion. You can order it directly from Milton Marsh through his web site there is a contact email:

Nod y said...

Some years ago several records from the Japo label have been posted in this section but all the links are gone. if some people still have some or all of those files it would be very interesting to re-up them, Japo was a great label and only few have been reissued in limited edition in japan ten years ago!
thank in advance.
a short note to let you know that it become more and more difficult to download via mega, this file provider don't accept now safari and sometimes internet explorer, it seems that you have to download adobe or googlechrome. So I suggest to prefer adrive or 1F

Andy said...

I'm sure you could probably set up to download from Mega ok. It works well for me and presumably others.

Ernst Grgo Nebhuth said...

I have uploaded already two JAPO releases from the Contact Trio. Shall post them this week-end or before.

Anonymous said...

hey! you fixed the feed link! awesome. thank you.


Nod Y said...

Hey Onxidlib
if you can read in my thoughts I start to worry, the Contact Trio is some of the japo that I'm very interested about so I wait for your re-up, also interesting is Magog and Bobby Naughton!!!

sotise said...

hi folks,& former blogging buddies, Onx,Kinabalu, Andy,Nick....a music buddy who was contributing here sent me a disappointed email recently...

"Hi Marc, Sorry to be the bearer of bad tidings but someone deleted all
the contributions. All the links I worked for hours sharing are gone.
This is absolutely INSANE. I feel very upset and angry about this. I
gave that stuff to the world from my heart"

i didnt know what to say.... i haven't been an Administrator here for 18 months, so theres nothing i can do about it.... can someone please look into what happened to what was obviously until recently a large thread....please... and thanks on behalf of my friend!

Ernst Grgo Nebhuth said...

Hi Sotise - it was my mistake...
But I've put all the Ornette Coleman links in the recent Coleman post...
Really sorry about it...

Andy said...

Hi Sotise. I'm sorry that your friend is so annoyed. I suggested to Onx that his amazing work should be moved to the main page as followers do not always keep up with the Contributions section. All the Ornette links are not gone, they have been moved to a place where more people will see them. I was concerned that your friends work was going unseen, as at one point it was only me saying thanks in Contributions and as Onx said 'We believe this more than generous contribution deserves a proper post.Our appreciation goes to our anonymous donor!'
This coincided with Onx trying to please someone else with an issue with how the Contributions section was feeding (I didn't really understand), which possibly added to the confusion.
Basically we've been trying to make things better. @Onx, sorry if my idea landed you in trouble

Ernst Grgo Nebhuth said...

No fail on your side, Andy!
I would like to add that I announced the transfer of the OC links to a proper post.
Obviously it wasn't seen by the generous donor.
Sorry again for causing such an annoyance.

kinabalu said...

I know the fellow, through correspondence and exhanging files in a fairly secluded spot on the internetz. So I suggested to him that if any of his other contributions have disppeared into the aether, I could always have them reinstated or he could repost them himself, if he should so wish. Twenty years experience with the netz has taught me that nothing is permanent.

Done is done, but if there's anything among those contributions that can be put on the front page, as it were, we are of course free to do so. All comments since time immemorial are still accessible to the admins at least. A thought to consider.

Ernst Grgo Nebhuth said...

Hi kinabalu,

so you mean it is possible to restore deleted links? I've looked into it but didn't find anything...

kinabalu said...

Hi onx, you have to go through the comments in the contributions thread. Many comments feature one or more links and these will have to be copied and reposted. Deleted comments cannot be retrieved, but all comments are accessible to admins, all 29258 of them. Here:


The downside is that it has to be done manually. But there could be some of them that we might want to put on the front page. The links would either have to be active or at least one of us has downloaded the files in case they have lapsed.

Anonymous said...

The guy who shared all that Ornette Coleman and 100 other things: All Mega links last forever and are still working fine. They should all be restored immediately. Getting rid of comments, contributions, discussions, etc is kinda like book burning. It should never have happened and it should never happen again. Building is slow but destroying is fast so we should always be on our guard to never destroy. I will not share one more item on Inc Sol until ALL my contribution posts are restored by the moderators. That's called taking responsibility for ones mistakes. Best Wishes, -Anon

Nick said...

In my opinion, you are welcome not to share on our blog. That's called taking personal responsibility for your anonymous decisions.

martin said...

Only three of my 'contributions' are still up.

Ornette's 'Body Meta' (CD version):

'The Berlin Jazz Workshop Orchestra (featuring Joh Tchicai) live in 1980' (re-upped from an earlier Inc Sol contribution):

'Distant Voices' by Steve Lacy, Yuji Takahashi and Takehisa Kosugi
I downloaded this from Nine Grey Chairs and then, thinking it was dead, re-upped it to Inc Sol contributions. In fact it was originally uploaded by Sotise and the original link is still working:

Best wishes.

Ernst Grgo Nebhuth said...

Thank you, martin!

Nod y said...

My english is not good enough to understand everything about the topic of the deleted links, the only thing I can say is that Onxidlib had a good idea to show the Ornette Coleman in the front page because perhaps some people doesn't comes here, and mistake is something that can happen to all of us also.
So I can show up again one of my contribution, it is the only one I remember recently, in case of some people have missed it:
John Taylor, Ray Warleigh, Ron Mathewson, Frank Gibson Reveries

Anonymous said...

Hello, I am a frequent visitor. Just to let you know you should check the wayback machine. Web archive.org (google it).I just found the page at https://web.archive.org/web/20160702152006/http://inconstantsol.blogspot.com/2011/01/contributions.html.
Hopefully you can recover most of your comments and links. Cheers

Ernst Grgo Nebhuth said...

Thank you!
I browsed the wayback-machine and was able to find a few links which were still working.
Unfortunately it seems there's no way to go beyond page one of the old contributions post.

At least that's what I found:

By anonoymous:

Tony Oxley - 1 more short unissued item from 1972 in Berlin featuring Evan Parker, Paul Rutherford, Kenny Wheeler and others in FLAC.


(The complete broadcast you'll find here http://inconstantsol.blogspot.de/2013/11/london-music-now-jazz-festival-berlin.html)

Tony Oxley - 3 short unissued sessions from 1974 and 1976 in FLAC. Fantastic lineups on all. Enjoy!


By Arcturus:

David S. Ware & Matthew Shipp - Laney College 1994-10-01

David S. Ware - tenor saxophone
Matthew Shipp - piano

Track01 19:56
Track02 27:44
Track03 3:20
Track04 5:22
Track05 4:26

October 1, 1994 / Koncepts Cultural Gallery presents... Laney College Theatre, Oakland, CA

audience recording

according to Rick Lopez' sessionography, there is a 90 minute recording, so this appears to be ~30 minutes short

part 1:

part 2:

By corvimax:

Byard Lancaster and Clint Jackson Mother Africa (LP Palm 1974)


Nod y said...

Jack Dejohnette, Ravi Coltrane, Matthew Garrison Live In Chiasso fall 2015, just around the recording of the studio album on ECM, but in my opinion the live is really better, in mp3 but perfect sound

Nod y said...

Some people can be interested by this news: the German label B.Free has just released a live album by Marion brown Quartet titled "five improvisations

In fact it has been recorded in Köln in 1976 and the tracks are not improvisations in the meaning of improv, very instead we have for exemple some very good versions of "Fortunato" and "Sweet Earth Flying". It is the more quiet period of Brown but his sound is totally beautiful and the band including Jack Gregg, Brandon Ross and Steve McCraven is great.

Nod y said...

Found on the blogosphere:
Terje Rypdal, Barre Phillips, Jon Christensen live in Bremen 1973

Andy said...

@ Nod y. Thanks for the heads-up on Rypdal. Anyone who hasn't heard his amazing playing on John Surman's Morning Glory should check out the new cd reissue on Fledgling Records. Can anybody recommend any Rypdal recordings where he plays as good as he does on that album?

Andy said...

Cor blimey! This Bremen recording is FAN TAS TIC!!!

Reimer said...

"Nod y said...Jack Dejohnette, Ravi Coltrane, Matthew Garrison Live In Chiasso fall 2015"

I don't suppose any kind soul can upload this to a useable filesharer like Zippyshare or Mediafire, could they? Nitroflare is impossibly slow.

Thanks in advance.


Anonymous said...

"impossibly slow" is a very generous choice of words.
i spent 15 minutes or so attempting to download the file and found it simply impossible. why are people still using these horrible oldschool file hosts? it's baffling.


Nod y said...

I’m agree with you, Morning Glory is a really good album. My suggestions regarding Terje Rypdal:
Esoteric Circle « George Russell presents esoteric circle ».
Russell doesn’t play on it but he was the teacher of Garbarek and crew. The feeling is different than on Morning Glory, perhaps more « rockish » but a very good album. if you want the cd don’t buy the freedom European reissue, the sound might be not good, the bgp one is probably good.

Min Bull, even some fans of Rypdal doesn’t know it, a trio between free jazz and experimental rock

and my last suggestion is the album simply titled Terje Rypdal, an ECM release but very interesting in my opinion.

@Reimer @Erasmus
it took me one hour and a half to download it, unfortunately I haven’t any account on a cloud storage so I can’t help, but hey guys it is your computer who should complain, not you!. You just have to start the download and then you can do what you want while your computer is doing the job, I know it is boring but when I did it, we were laughing at the slow download with some friends and I was almost sure that it would stop at 80%, I promised them that if the download reach 100% I will open a bottle of wine.
So guys try again, take it easy and prepare a bottle of wine too!

Colin Green said...

By the way, the recent Air album links on the main page appear to be dead, which is a great pity.

Andy said...

@ Nod y. Thanks a lot for your Rypdal recommendations. I'm busy checking them out. Appreciated. A

Reimer said...

"hey guys it is your computer who should complain, not you!."

Thanks for that. See you at the Cannes Film Festival.

I second the eponymous Rypdal recommednation BTW. Time for Eicher to do a box of long-deleted early ECM dates by TR (and the same for the Barre Phillips dates).

Anonymous said...

This is one of the best sites on the web. Thank you all for your hard work.

If you know, please tell us what happened to the 4 AIR links that are now dead.

John said...

Hey guys, here's the Tony Oxley/Cecil Taylor Ailanthus Altissima double LP...found on slsk...mostly 320 mp3, first track is 256 for some reason...haven't had a chance to properly listen yet so I can't guarantee the quality but I remember seeing people looking for it here before so hopefully this will find its way to them https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/29782167/cecil%20taylor-tony%20oxley%20%20ailanthus-altissima%20%20triple%20point!!!!!!!!!!.rar

Tantris said...

John - thank you, I will be listening later - great to have some as yet unheard Taylor / Oxley to look forward to.

Andy - I didn't know that Morning Glory had been reissued on CD. I have the LP, but may well buy a copy of the CD - what is 'Westering Home' like (also on the Fledg'ling label)?

Anonymous said...


and yes the Air links are dead and need a reup

Nod y said...

Westering Home have also been reissued on c.d by the same label, both have been previously reissued some years ago by fmr, it was illegal but the reissues were good.

kinabalu said...

Re. Air: Links tend to lapse after a while unless you subscribe to a cloud service. So also with the Air postings. I might have some of them strewn about. So far I've found the the Pisa concert and I see if I can't locate the others, too. New links at the original post.

kinabalu said...

Re. Rypdal: Nice to see a mention of Min Bul which was a fairly short-lived affair with the rhythm section of the Svein Finnerud Trio joining Rypdal. I saw them in town in the beginning of the 70s and I have a copy of the only album they produced. They had a knack for mixing music with theatre which was also a hallmark of the Finnerud trio. I will get to that.

One of the tracks on that album was called "Ved Sørevatn" which also was also on the Gittin' to know y'all album from the Baden_Baden Free Jazz Meeting in 1969. We have posted that one before, I think, and one of the lasting memories from that recording is the opening with Rypdal and Lester Bowie soaring over the entire orchestra. He is also on the first Garbarek albums for ECM, Sart and Afric Pepperbird.

Btw, I have the Rypdal with Phillips and Christensen in lossless, so I will have that one up in a little while.

Anonymous said...

Here are 3/4 Air's recordings from the post above:

Air - Live Moers, Germany 5-29-1977

Air - Live Willisau, Switzerland 11-2-1978

Air - Live at University of Maryland Ballroom, USA 11-19-1978

the link for Live Bimhuis, Amsterdam 6-1-1977 was expired before i spotted it, alas!


Anonymous said...

@contributor of the "mega"-list, concerning La Monte Young & Henry Flynt Duo: I have all official recordings of La Monte Young and some bootlegs with mistakes or errors, but this one tops it all - it is a fake!
It´s not a Duo, it´s La Monte Young´s composition "42 for Henry Flynt" performed by Peter Winkler (gong)at the Third Annual Festival of the Avantgarde in San Francisco, 1965 - see and listen here https://archive.org/details/42forHenryFlynt
Someone had the "brilliant" idea to put this piece (16:06) three times together as a continuous performance. After 16:06 the same piece starts again, also after 32:12 -
what an incredible nonsense!
The other La Monte Young-upload "The Celebration of the Tortoise" is correct, it´s equal to my bootleg (from another source).

Anonymous said...

and here's Magog s/t (1976) previously posted by Calisan, so all thanks to him, in his Vinil Inflamable blog to fill a request:


Ernst Grgo Nebhuth said...

Thanks Bernhard for your information.
I am not the contributor - I tend to post my contributions as proper posts....
I've only resurrected the links by the original contributor from the old 'Contributions' post.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Igor for the 3 Air posts. You are most generous. Perhaps another kind soul will post the Bimhuis '77 recording, or the original poster might provide the files again. Hope springs eternal, or so it is said. If not, 3 are infinitely better than none.


And I say again, this is one of the best sites on the web. Thank you all!

Anonymous said...

igor, thanks for the rescued air links

Nick said...

Zooid - 2001 somewhere - Saalfelden - Barcelona - Middleton - London



Nod y said...

Hi Kinabalu.
if you have an upgrade about the Rypdal live in Bremen it will be appreciated even if the link that I provided show an mp3 of very good quality, in 320 probably.

mew23 said...

More re-ups of Air concerts

Air - Bimhuis Amsterdam, June 1, 1977

Air - Rome, June 25, 1979 (uploaded here in 2009 by riccardo)

Air - Detroit Institute of Art, Jan 21, 1983 [mp3]

And new links have been added for




Ernst Grgo Nebhuth said...

Hey mew23, thank you very much for your help!!

kinabalu said...

The main contributions post was getting awfully long, so I will start moving items into separate comments to make the main page a bit more navigable

Tony Oxley's 60th Birthday Celebration
Stadtgarten Cologne, Germany, September 10 & 11, 1998

In September 1998 Radio WDR organized a two-day concert on the occasion of Tony Oxley's 60th birthday. Bill Dixon, Derek Bailey, Gavin Bryars and Vinko Globokar were among the guests, performing were the Celebration Orchestra, the reunited Joseph Holbrooke Trio, a sextet formed around the Holbrooke Trio, and Globokar as a soloist.

Here are excerpts from the gigs as aired by WDR. Only the Joseph Holbrooke Trio concert is omitted - it was released on Incus CD 39 and is still in print.

- Tony Oxley Celebration Orchestra

Bill Dixon - trumpet
Phil Minton - voice
Johannes Bauer - trombone
Frank Gratkowski, Hayden Chisholm,
Ernst-Ludwig Petrowsky - saxophones, clarinets
Phil Wachsmann, Alex Kolkowsky - violin
Peter Koch, Alfred Zimmerlin - cello
Pat Thomas, Matt Wand - electronics
Sven-Ake Johansson - accordion
Fred van Hove - piano
Mark Nauseef, Jo Thönes, Jochen Büttner,
Tony Oxley - drums, percussion
rec. Sept. 11, 1998

1. Untitled (Bill Dixon) [47:42]
2. The Medicine Man, Manifestations 5-7 (Tony Oxley)[20:12]

- Sextet (Joseph Holbrooke Trio with guests)

Derek Bailey - guitar
Gavin Bryars - bass
Tony Oxley - drums, percussion
Bill Dixon - trumpet
Phil Wachsmann - violin
Matt Wand - electronics
rec. Sept. 10, 1998

3. Cadilla II (Tony Oxley) [38:13]

- Vinko Globokar - trombone
rec. Sept. 11, 1998

4. Res/AS/EX/Insp-Pirer [05:38]


kinabalu said...

Dewey Redman - Soundsigns (1981)

Dewey Redman - tenor saxophone, harp
Fred Simmons - piano
Mark Helias - bass
Charlie Haden - bass
Eddie Moore - drums, saw and cymbals

A1. Piece for Tenor and Two Basses [08:23]
A2. Half Nelson [10:07]
B1. Adesso Lo Sai [13:59]
B2. Come Earth [8:00]

Recorded October 18-19, 1978, at Fantasy Studios, Berkeley

(More from that session was released on "Musics", 1979)

Galaxy Records GXY-5130, rel. in 1981


Vinyl rip, flac


kinabalu said...

There were requests for concert recordings of Keith Jarrett's Quartet with Dewey Redman.

Keith Jarrett American Quartet - Live at Berlin Jazz Festival 1973 (w. Dewey Redman, Charlie Haden, Paul Motian, Guilherme Franco). Flac, 74 min, 431 MB. Not my rip.


Other bootleg recordings of this band are available at


kinabalu said...

Paul van Kemenade Quintet - Hot Koko

Paul van Kemenade - alto sax
Hans Sparla - trombone
Willem Kühne - piano
Niko Langenhuisen - bass
Joop van Erven - drums

A1. Hot Koko [06:05]
A2. Distance [10:45]
B1. Song for Ché [08:01]
B2. Hip [04:38]
B3. Suzie Jay [07:37]

Recorded between February 20 and May 9, 1985
Traction Avant 300 (Tilburg, NL), rel. 1985


Vinyl rip, flac


kinabalu said...

By the way, I will only move posts whose links are still working (at least at the time of writing this).

Paul van Kemenade Quintet - Hot Koko

Paul van Kemenade - alto sax
Hans Sparla - trombone
Willem Kühne - piano
Niko Langenhuisen - bass
Joop van Erven - drums

A1. Hot Koko [06:05]
A2. Distance [10:45]
B1. Song for Ché [08:01]
B2. Hip [04:38]
B3. Suzie Jay [07:37]

Recorded between February 20 and May 9, 1985

Traction Avant 300 (Tilburg, NL), rel. 1985


Vinyl rip, flac


kinabalu said...

And some rips (+) from mew23

The New Frank Wright Quartet -
Eddie's Back In Town (1982)

Reverend Frank Wright - tenor saxophone, vocals
Tony Smith - piano
Richard Williams - bass
Gregory Bufford - drums

A1. Eddie's Back In Town [8:39]
A2. Stoveman [5:07]
A3. 13th & 3rd [8:15]
B1. T & W [7:13]
B2. Rotterdam Blues [5:08]
B3. Two for John [5:57]

All compositions by Frank Wright

Recorded at High Rise Sound Studios, New York

Krona Records KR001 (1982)

"Eddie's Back In Town" is dedicated to the great late jazz vocalist Eddie Jefferson. "Two For John" is dedicated to John Coltrane ... still keeping my promise. The "Reverend" Frank Wright was fortunate to have performed with these two masters, and the music on this record remains in their memory forever. Peace, Rev. Frank Wright (from the liner notes)


kinabalu said...


Here's an interesting set from Mark Dresser's trio (electro-acoustic flutes : Matthias Ziegler, hyperpiano : Denman Maroney) I happened to be able to hear. It was in a "new music" context, played in a very unique room that may or may not have been optimal, but definitely played a role in the sound and performance.

Enjoy if you're inclined:


kinabalu said...

Hello all, here's an oddity for you.

The Blue Denim Deals Without The Arms – 'Armed Forces' Day
Say Day-Bew Records, 1978)

Carefully declicked flacs + scans.



kinabalu said...

By Arcturus

Hamiet Bluiett Quartet - NYC Feb 14 '76 [WkCR]

Hamiet Bluiett bs,fl
Don Pullen p
Fred Hopkins b
Ajaramu d

Dennis > EBU > Children > EBU

New York, NY

February 14, 1976
FM broadcast


kinabalu said...

Rashied Ali & David S. Ware Duo live at the Knitting Factory, NYC 5-24-2001. A great show, Enjoy!


kinabalu said...

Roscoe Mitchell Septet - Studio Rivbea, NYC 2-8-1976 with a fantastic lineup playing 3 long improvised pieces. Thanks to Orchiddoctor who may be the original uploader. Enjoy!

Roscoe Mitchell - Saxophone
Leroy Jenkins - Violin
George Lewis - Trombone
Lester Bowie - Trumpet
Julius Hemphill - Saxophone
Phillip Wilson - Drums
Charles "Bobo" Shaw - Drums


kinabalu said...

John Coltrane - Late Trane: Unreleased Recordings 1965-1967 an 8CD set in SHN. This is a large file 2.6GB. These are some of my favorite things!


kinabalu said...

ICP - 1967 and 1968.

A series of short sessions that feature Willem Breuker, Misha Mengelberg, Han Bennink, John Tchicai, Peter Brötzmann, Theo Loevendie, Evan Parker and others in various combinations. Enjoy!


kinabalu said...

Sun Ra & Walt Dickerson Duo - Live Haverford College, Haverford, PA 1-25-1980 in FLAC. An amazing show for all those who love Sun Ra & Walt Dickerson individually and collectively. Enjoy!


kinabalu said...

Miles Davis 1969 - Lost Quintet Tree 2003 Version 12CD.

This is a 12CD set of unissued live 1969 items in SHN. I split the folder in 2 but it is not a split archive so re combine after you un-compress the 2 parts separately. This is live and evil Miles at his best.



kinabalu said...

Tony Williams Lifetime - Live at Ungano's, NYC 7-28&29-1970, 3CD in FLAC. This is my favorite TWL ROIO. Enjoy!

Tony Williams - Drums
John McLaughlin - Guitar
Larry Young - Hammond Organ
Jack Bruce - Bass, Vocals


Tony Williams Lifetime - Live at The City Hall, Newcastle, UK 11-6-1970 in FLAC. Another great one!

Tony Williams - Drums
John McLaughlin - Guitar
Larry Young - Hammond Organ
Jack Bruce - Bass, Vocals


Tony Williams Lifetime - Live at Village Gate, NYC 12-19-1969 in FLAC. The original trio on this one. Enjoy!

Tony Williams - Drums
John McLaughlin - Guitar
Larry Young - Hammond Organ


kinabalu said...

Hugh Hopper Quartet Featuring Elton Dean - Live Theatre Campagne, Paris 4-22-1977 in FLAC. This is for Andy and all the other fans of Elton Dean. A great set!


Not exactly the Hugh Hopper quartet, but the shortlived Dean- Tippett-Hopper-Gallivan Band of 'Cruel but Fair' fame.

Track 2 : Seven Drones
Track 3 : Naima
Track 4 Footprints (Wayne Shorter) 11:01 5 Calyx

Tracks 1 and 6 are unknown to me.

kinabalu said...

Milford Graves Quartet - Live Antwerp, Belgium 8-xx-1973 in MP3 192KBPS.

No info on this rare Milford Graves ROIO and seemingly only available in MP3. Thought I would continue with another MP3 share. If anyone has a lossless upgrade on this or more info I would love to see it posted. Enjoy!


kinabalu said...

Henry Cow - 72or73a in FLAC.


Henry Cow - 72or73b in FLAC.


Henry Cow - 71to77 BBC in FLAC.


Henry Cow - 75-05-17 in FLAC.


Henry Cow - 75-05-21 in FLAC.


kinabalu said...

Henry Cow - 75-06-22 in FLAC.


Henry Cow - 75-10-25 in FLAC.


Henry Cow - 76-11-18 in FLAC.


Henry Cow - 77-02-05 in FLAC.


Henry Cow - 77-03-13 in FLAC.


kinabalu said...

Henry Cow - 77-09-19 in FLAC.


Henry Cow - 77-11-19 in FLAC.


Henry Cow - 77-19-27 in FLAC.


Henry Cow - 77-12-16 in FLAC.


Henry Cow - 78-01-13 in FLAC.


kinabalu said...

La Monte Young Marian Zazeela Terry Riley Tony Conrad - The Celebration Of The Tortoise Live 7-29or30-1966 in MP3 320KBPS. A mysterious item that seems to have come out as an extremely limited edition CD bootleg. If anyone has a lossless upgrade on this or more info I would love to see it posted. Enjoy!


La Monte Young & Henry Flynt Duo - Live NY Avantgarde Festival, NY xx-xx-1965 in MP3 320KBPS. What can be said? Two of the greatest musical thinkers working together in an extraordinary performance. This is super rare stuff. If anyone has a lossless upgrade on this or more info I would love to see it posted. Enjoy!


kinabalu said...

As I said above, I have only reposted contributions whose links work at the moment. That does not mean that they will work tomorrow :-)

Ernst Grgo Nebhuth said...

Coming to the rescue....thank you kinabalu.

Anonymous said...


anti-virus software keeps saying the detroit one is malware and blocks it, anyone else getting this? not sure why that would be

Tantris said...

Thanks kinabulu - I have about 4 months of listening now stacked up on my hard drive - revisiting Miles Davis in 1969, and Coltrane's late years alone should get me through the winter.

Anonymous said...

air detroit blocked as malware for me too


kinabalu said...

@Onx: Just a bit of house-cleaning.

@Tantris: Those two should keep you busy for a while - not counting all the others.

Re. Air Detroit: Works fine on this computer - playing it as I write this. Running Firefox web browser with Norton anti-virus software.

Ernst Grgo Nebhuth said...

@ kinabalu :-)

.... AIr - Detroit works fine on my pc as well - Firefox with AVG Protection + Windows onboard-firewall...

Anonymous said...

Thanks, kinabalu, for so many great uploads and links!
Could you, please, split the folders of
Miles Davis 1969 - Lost Quintet Tree 2003 Version 12CD
John Coltrane - Late Trane: Unreleased Recordings 1965-1967
down to under 1 GB each, if possible? Some people can't
download files bigger than 1 GB by mega. Thanks in advance!

Anonymous said...

mew23, thanks much for Air's stuff revivification!


kinabalu said...

Anon, yes it can be done, by installing a Mega plug-in for the Firefox browser, but that's only the first part of the hurdle. All files are in the shn file format which was quite popular on torrent sites before, but now has come to be replaced by other losless file formats. There are shn players that can be downloaded off the net. Personally I use a shn-plugin for the Winamp player and it works fine.

In other words, it can be done, but it ain't easy. Probably the best thing is to put all that stuff on the front page, but it will take some time. You're talking 20 cds.

Anonymous said...

Ok, thanks a lot! So I'm gonna wait, even if it takes long...

Nod y said...

Maybe some of you will be interested; in relation with the two recent excellent posts by Onxidlib about the Contact Trio I discovered that some of the founding members have recreated the band under the name Contact 4tett, original members includes Evert Brettschneider, Kai Kanthak, Theo Jörgensmann. They have released one album in 2015 titled "Loud Enough To Rock The Kraut" published by Konnex, unfortunately this album is already difficult to find, some copies are still available through amazon. The music is difficult to describe, between free and strange kraut, interesting. Writing those lines brings a request: the first and second album of Contact Trio, if someone have them a share will be appreciated.

matt said...

i was hoping someone could reup this braxton show.

Anthony Braxton Quartet
Civic Theatre
Leeds, England
November 24, 1985

thanks for all the work and this great page

-Otto- said...

Thanks for all the new offers, kinabalu - especially the 1976 Bluiett.

guairao said...

Very appreciated. Many thanks!

Nod y said...

Rolf Kuhn Quartet + Joachim Kuhn Jazz Baltica 2011

inamorata said...

Found this for @matt:

Anthony Braxton Quartet
Civic Theatre
Leeds, England
November 24, 1985
Anthony Braxton (cl, fl, as, Cm-sx, sss)
Marilyn Crispell (p)
Mark Dresser (b)
Gerry Hemingway (d)


Thanks all for this great site!

- inamorata

Nod y said...

I don't know if it is the correct place to talk about it, but some years ago I have created a web radio that is still active, music 24h/24h and no advertise. For those who are interested you can check at


Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, I don't know who the original uploader is, but thanks to him here is a vinyl rip of David Murray's solo album "Conceptual Saxophone" (1978, Cadillac Records):

Thanks a lot to all the contributors for posting early DM rare albums here before, also in case I've dropped new links for Solomon's Sons (duo with James Newton), Sur-real Saxophone, Low Class Conspiracy 1&2, Last Of The Hipman and Let The Music Take You (in LOTH post both).

Tantris said...

From German radio's excellent coverage of the 2016 Berlin jazz festival, this extract from Wadada Leo Smith's Great Lakes Quartet's performance really stands out for me - it's exciting, declamatory, free and very tight, and invokes the spirit of Albert Ayler in the last few minutes. I hope that someone from SWR2, or WDR3, or BR-Klassik is able to broadcast the entire concert at some time - right now, this 23 minutes is all I have;

Wadada Leo Smith’s Great Lakes Quartet
JONATHON HAFFNER alto saxophone, clarinet
JOHN LINDBERG double bass

Haus der Berliner Festspiele, Main Stage; 3rd November 2016


erasmus said...

thanks to inamorata and tantris for braxton and smith.

Tantris said...

More from Jazzfest Berlin 2016 - this time, 18 minutes of the Globe Unity Orchestra on 4th November. This reminds me of one of Jean Tinguely's music machines at full tilt, with everything whirring and revolving and piping as hard as it can, but under complete control. Again, it would be great if the entire performance could be broadcast at some time;

Globe Unity Orchestra
HENRIK WALSDORFF alto saxophone
ERNST-LUDWIG PETROWSKY alto saxophone, clarinet, flute
DANIELE D’AGARO tenor saxophone, clarinet
GERD DUDEK soprano and tenor saxophones, clarinet, flute
EVAN PARKER tenor saxophone
RUDI MAHALL bass clarinet
MANFRED SCHOOF trumpet, flugelhorn

Haus der Berliner Festspiele, Main Stage; 4th November 2016


erasmus said...

i had no idea this group still existed. they've been around forever. looking forward to hearing this. thanks.

Nick said...

Wow - thanks

Tantris said...

More again from Jazzfest Berlin 2016. Two pieces from Matana Roberts, the first solo alto, and the second in ensemble, as variations of 'For Pina', a tribute to the late German choreographer Pina Bausch;

Matana Roberts “For Pina”
MATANA ROBERTS alto saxophone, clarinet, composition, video
DAN BODAN wordspeak, vocals

Martin-Gropius-Bau; 1st November 2016


On the strength of this, I'll be digging into this lady's discography more over the next few weeks (at least, after digesting the recent David S. Ware re-releases). Any recommendations?

Ernst Grgo Nebhuth said...

My favourite Matana Roberts release is probably the least 'jazzy'.
COIN COIN Chapter Three: River Run Thee
It is rather an evocative piece of Musique concrète with voices and solo saxophone playing by Matana Roberts. Not much Jazz to be heard in this episode. But the question is wether she perceives herself as (only) a Jazz musician.
However - this cycle is quite ambitious and all three releases are certainly worthwile an in-depth listening.

jaben said...

I gladly share with you my LP rip of Allyn Ferguson's Pictures At An Exhibition Framed In Jazz.

And also thank Nick for this great blog.


doghouse said...

Chris McGregor Quartet - Bracknell Jazz Festival 1986 - broadcast BBC Radio 3 February 1987
Chris McGregor : Bheki Mseleku : Ernest Mothle : Gilbert Matthews
My usual lousy quality recording (think "Bird at St.Nicks") with the inevitable tape flip - but hell, better than nothing
and I think, always interesting to hear Chris McGregor away from the B of B.

Tantris said...

Some more bonbons for the contributions section - this time a selection of performances from 1996 - 1976 - 1986 - 1996 - 2006 at the SWR New Jazz festival;

Don Cherry
D. T. (Don's tune)

New Jazz Meeting Ensemble 1966
Manfred Schoof, Trompete
Karlhanns Berger, Vibrafon
Alexander von Schlippenbach, Piano
Jaki Liebezeit, Schlagzeug
Buschi Niebergall, Bass

Manfred Schoof

New Jazz Meeting Ensemble 1966
Manfred Schoof, Trompete
Karlhanns Berger, Vibrafon
Alexander von Schlippenbach, Piano
Jaki Liebezeit, Schlagzeug
Buschi Niebergall , Bass

Albert Mangelsdorff
New old circus

New Jazz Meeting Ensemble 1976
Christy Doran, Gitarre
Urs Leimgruber, Sopransaxofon
Gary Windo, Tenorsaxofon
Mike Mantler, Trompete
Albert Mangelsdorff, Posaune
Roswell Rudd, Posaune
Carla Bley, Orgel
Wolfgang Dauner, E-Piano
Hugh Hopper, E-Bass
Bo Stief, E-Bass
Edward Vesala, Schlagzeug
Aldo Romano, Schlagzeug

Christy Doran

Christy Doran Quartet 1976
Christy Doran, Gitarre
Urs Leimgruber, Tenorsaxofon
Bo Stief, E-Bass
Aldo Romano, Schlagzeug

Kenny Wheeler
Gentle piece

New Jazz Meeting Ensemble 1986
Herbert Joos, Trompete
Manfred Schoof, Trompete
Kenny Wheeler, Trompete
Albert Mangelsdorff, Posaune
Gerd Dudek , Saxofon
Heinz Sauer, Saxofon
Charlie Mariano, Saxofon
Michel Pilz, Bassklarinette
Toto Blanke, Gitarre
Joachim Kühn, Piano
J.-F. Jenny-Clark, Bass
Okay Temiz, Schlagzeug
Karl Berger, Vibrafon

Sylvie Courvoisier

Sylvie Courvoisier Orchestra 1996
Sylvie Courvoisier (p)
Tomasz Stańko (tp)
Julien Lourau (sax)
Dominique Pifarély (vln)
Vincent Courtois (clo)
Joachim Kühn (p)
Conny Bauer (tb)
Marcus Rojas (tu)
Jim Black (dr)

Franz Hautzinger
Rain day

Franz Hautzinger's Regenorchester XII 2006
Franz Hautzinger, Trompete
Christian Fennesz, Gitarre, Electronics
Otomo Yoshihide, Gitarre, turntables
Luc Ex, E-Bass
Tony Buck, Schlagzeug


Ernst Grgo Nebhuth said...

Hi Tantris,

thanks for your links.

Yet - some of these tunes were already posted here at Inconstant Sol.

F.e. Kenny Wheeler's "Gentle Piece" > http://inconstantsol.blogspot.de/2014/06/baden-baden-new-jazz-meeting-1986.html

And the piece from Albert Mangelsdorff "New Old Circus" but also Doran's "Paddy" > http://inconstantsol.blogspot.de/2014/04/baden-baden-new-jazz-meeting-1976.html

But the 1966, 1996 and 2006 recordings I shall gladly receive.

Thank you!

erasmus said...

some fantastic stuff there, tantris, and the recording quality is remarkable. what does "swr" stand for? thanks.

Tantris said...

Thanks for making the connection to your earlier posts, Ernst - it is important to keep connecting the dots.

Hi Erasmus - SWR stands for Südwestrundfunk, or 'south-western broadcaster', and is a regional German TV & radio station; SWR2 is one of their channels, and they play a significant role in contemporary music, through the Donaueschingen festival, their New Jazz festival, and so on. Several of their programmes on culture, faith, ethics and philosophy are consistently thought-provoking and profound.

Asger said...

Hi Inconstantsol, thanks for the great blog: music, ideas, recs...

I am seeking a few things:

H. Hopper - Caveman Hughscore (Tim Kerr records, 1995)
Zeena Park1ns - Nightmare Alley (TOE, 1993/2007)
Raymond Scott's Soothing Sounds for Baby albums
Any recs on music about or in favor of sleeping and dreaming.

Here's a Hopper and a couple dream project links.
THE_DUDE_SleepTapes (2016)

More at my reference library: Another Way of Dreaming

doghouse said...

Harry Beckett Quintet - Broadcast BBC Radio 3 "Jazz in Britain" 28th October 1981
Harry Beckett : Elton Dean : Michael Garrick : Paul Rogers : Tony Marsh

erasmus said...

soothing sounds for baby

LabLo said...

Thank you, Erasmus!

doghouse said...

Chris McGregor's Brotherhood of Breath
Broadcast BBC Radio 2 "Sounds of Jazz" 8th November 1987
Similar line up to the Middelheim Jazz Festival 1987 posted on the main page back in March 2013
Seasons Greetings to all at IS - all the best for 2017 - cheers Fred

Nick said...

Thanks, Fred

Tantris said...

After a concert of classical piano music in Copenhagen in June this year, Egberto Gismonti played this encore - I've found myself returning to listen to it several times subsequently - perhaps you will too;


correct silence said...

Hello everybody

1fichier have definitely decided to create problems to the free users. The speed of download is now incredibly slow, around one hour for 100 mo and most of the time the process of download is interrupted before the end of course! Why should we pay for a service when media fire or adrive or zippy are still free?
So for all the people who kindly share some files here, it is perhaps time to consider to forget 1fichier isn't it?

Ernst Grgo Nebhuth said...

At least for a start I won't change my main filehoster i.e. 1fichier.
I have several hundreds of recordings on their server's.
If I should change now I would have to re-up at least 550 files/recordings.
I do not have as much time to spare as I had when I've started to share music six (or more) years ago.

But my main point is: A paied account at 1fichier does not cost more than 5,- to 10,- euros - for one year!!
So maybe for all free users it is time to consider to buy an account for one year for some bucks.
And what's more - Mediafire, Zippyshare or Adrive is not free for me. At least if I do want the files longer than 60 days (or similar) in the cloud.
Otherwise I would have to re-up....the last two times when I was forced by the demise of Rapidshare and than a bit later of Multiupload I had to re-up hundreds of files. Quite annoying somehow...

correct silence said...

For those who haven't already found it here is a recent live by the Reform Art Unit that you can download for free

correct silence said...

...but in my opinion the adding of electronic by one person who is not regular member of the R.A.U is totally boring. Without those stupid and useless noises the music of the R.A.U is still fantastic, deep and creative.

doghouse said...

Steve Lacy Roswell Rudd Quartet
Recorded Empty Bottle Chicago
Broadcast BBC Radio 3
"Jazz on 3" 17th March 2001
Steve Lacy : Roswell Rudd : Jean-Jacques Avenel : John Betsch

-Otto- said...

BBC broadcast from Chicago. Who would have thought. Thanks, doghouse!

jeff said...

Wow doghouse!!!!!! Thank you. I was at this show. It was the last of many times I saw Lacy. Am positive the year in your date is wrong. This show was in March of 2000. They were on tour supporting the Monk's Dream album which was released in late 1999. Cheers can't wait to hear this again almost 17 years later. Thanks again.

doghouse said...

Jeff you may well be right about the date - the date I quoted was the date of the BBC broadcast I have no way of knowing when the show was recorded - anyway I hope you enjoyed the show and that my lousy cassette recording was listenable - all the best - Fred

doghouse said...

Paul Rutherford Solo & Octet
Broadcast BBC Radio 3 "Jazz in Britain" 13th August 1979
Paul Rutherford : Toy Coe : Marc Charig : Dave Holdsworth : Melvyn Poore
Howard Riley : Philip Wachsmann : Barry Guy

mew23 said...

RIP Michael Naura
re-upload from the old contributions section

Michael Naura Quintett - St. Louis Blues (1976)

-Otto- said...

Schade um den alten Nörgler. Nichtsdestotrotz war Naura der beste Jazz Programmgestalter des NDR.

What a pity, despite him being a permanently cranky guy. Naura was, after all, the best person who had been in charge of the NDR Jazz department.

Ernst Grgo Nebhuth said...

I ungrudgingly agree with -Otto-.
R.I.P Michael Naura

Anonymous said...

Hello all. Found a copy of Linda Sharrock's 'Like A River' if anyone's keen


-Otto- said...

Very arcane recording this Linda Sharrock release, with hardly any information available on discogs and other sites. Eventually I did manage to cobble together some info:

Recorded & mixed December 1993 & January 1994 at Front Row Studio, London.
Released in 1994 on Amadeo ‎– 523 015-2


1 Like A River 5:06
2 Curious 4:42
3 Sorry 4:30
4 The Lady Of The Tiger 5:58
5 Until U Come Back To Me 3:51
6 Dearly Beloved 4:21
7 Slim - The Traveller 6:14
8 Red Dog 4:08
9 Alter Ego 4:31


Linda Sharrock (vocals), Iain Ballamy (saxophone), Wayne Batchelor (bass), Django Bates (piano), Ted Emmet (trumpet), Rick Fenn (guitar), Stuart Hall (violin), Jakob Magnusson (hammond organ), Cyril McCammon (keybords), Wolfgang Puschnig (saxophone), Tony Remy, Ashley Slater (vocals)

-Otto- said...

In the end, nothing I'd want to listen to again after one "spin." This feels like some stream-of-consciousness post new-age attempt. Maybe just the title of one song, "The Lady or the Tiger", should have raised a flag. Neither Nick Fenn nor Herr Puschnig were able to salvage this project.

correct silence said...

Oh my god, this record is a disaster, listen to Linda Sharrock in a better company and in a better mood by checking the recent post jazz for thinkers

Quintet Moderne - Live at Club W71 said...

rec. February 26, 2017
broadcasted by SWR2 on March 10, 2017

Harri Sjöström: soprano + sopranino saxophone
Sebi Tramontana: trombone
Phil Wachsmann: violin, electronics
Teppo Hauta-aho: double bass
Paul Lovens: drums


rob 60 said...

please re-post massimo urbani... thanks

correct silence said...

Rip Gérard Terronès. Founder of french label Futura and Marge passed away this night. he produced many important records from traditional jazz to free and alternative rock. he was interested by all kind of music that could carry a free spirit. So long Gérard we will miss you

zuiop said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
zuiop said...

Manfred Schoof Quintett - Die Befristeten Ode an Eleutheria in Form eines Totentanzes
für Jazz-Quintett (Bernd Alois Zimmermann) live 1987.
Perfect sound.

-Otto- said...

Thanks, zuiop! What a fitting companion to the post of Bernd Alois Zimmermann's LP with Schoof and Co. (originally Wergo 60031) -- which was posted here a while ago
and is, in a somewhat better rip, available (again) at the resurrected wolffifth

BTW, do you have more details about the recording, except the fact that there were five musicians in this quintet? And, can I assume it was recorded for the SWF since it was recorded in Stuttgart?

-Otto- said...

SDR for Stuttgart I meant; not SWF - although both were the precursors of the current SWR.

zuiop said...

Hi Otto, here are all the facts I have:

Recorded by SDR in Stuttgart, Alte Reithalle, Nov. 15th 1987.
Manfred Schoof - trumpet
Gerd Dudek - saxophone, clarinet
Jochen Schmidt - contrabass
Paul Lovens - drums
Alexander von Schlippenbach - piano

correct silence said...

Found on the web, not my transfer: the second album of "Part Of Art" "Sons Sauvages"
This band was the band of Herbert Joos, Jürgen Wuchner, Wolfgang Puschnig. A compilation of the two records they made is available on cd but this compilation doesn't contains both lp but only some selection, ridiculous in my opinion. Jazz is not pop and don't need some kind of "best of". If someone have their first lp and want share...

Ernst Grgo Nebhuth said...

Thank you correct silence for this find. Appreciated!!

propylaen2001 said...

As requested by Alex in Solex,
Rolf & Joachim Kühn - Kühn Brothers & The Mad Rockers:


-Otto- said...

This is very nice, propylaen2001. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

@ propylaen2001 ,thank you very much for Rolf & Joachim Kühn - Kühn Brothers & The Mad Rockers

any chance for a lossless reupload of Rolf & Joachim Kühn - bloody rockers would make me very happy - from other contributor for sure- thanks in advance

thanks again propylaen2001

best regards
Alex in Solex

miloo2 said...

Rolf & Joachim Kühn-Bloody Rockers https://ulozto.net/!zuDDc8sCBCE7/rolf-joachim-kuhn-bloody-rockers-7z

Anonymous said...

Thank you propylean2001 for posting the Kuhn brothers' album "Mad Rockers," which I got years ago on vinyl. In my opinion, this is a very underrated album and rather unknown, being most significant as very early jazz-rock fusion. I am still looking for a FLAC (lossless) version of Joachim Kuhn's album called "Spring Fever" on Atlantic label. It has appearances by the late great violinist Zbigniew Seifert (uncredited on some tracks, credited on others) and the greatest solos ever taken by Philip Catherine. Every US copy of the vinyl record I have ever tried (at least a dozen) were somewhat defective because the record is so dynamic. I have never seen a european or japanese pressing or CD reissue. While some here may not like the fact that it is electrified, it is absolutely the best playing ever by Joachim Kuhn, who hit his technical peak with that band, which included a superb rhythm section (John Lee and Gerry Brown, if I recall correctly).

correct silence said...

Hello Anonymous.
Very surprised of your request because spring fever is probably the most popular album of Joachim Kühn's jazz rock period. Many pressing have been done on lp, German, French, British and more. It have also been reissued on cd many times and even in a Japanese reissue cd remastered. I don't know if this one is still easy to find but many cd reissues or second hands lp are absolutely easy to find everywhere. Take a look at discogs to see all the versions available

correct silence said...

It’s been around two years that I have discovered Inconstant sol and listened to hours and hours of good music. To thank the contributors for their fabulous share I wanted to give them my first share.
This is for Andy, Kinabalu, Nick, Milos, Ernst and all of the past contributors. Files are available only until April 16.

I have thought of asking you to welcome me as a contributor but I think I don’t want because I’m often disappointed about the comments regarding some posts. I remember that I read some angry thoughts of Boromir because downloads were importants and thanks were small. But it is not only a source of disappointment for me, very few people say « thank you » but almost nobody share their thoughts about what they have taken. Considering that I see some people here and also in others blogs, I really wonder if they have time and take time to listen to the music they download. Im’ sure that the contributors here listen to the music they share so it is for them.

Nick said...

Thanks CS

Nick said...

I enjoy your taking the time to comment and show your appreciation

correct silence said...

Sorry I forgot Corvimax, hope he won't be angry.

Andy said...

Hi correct. Thanks for this Marilyn Crispell, Harrison Smith, Eddie Prevost recording. I too find it dispiriting that there is often very little response from downloaders. Of course you are right, I think, that there cannot be enough time to appreciate the music properly if one is constantly moving on to the next download. I too have been guilty of this embarrassment of riches. Recently I have been trying to listen to one recording repeatedly, and, especially with improvised music, I hear it differently and with more little details, every time. Yes, thank you for taking time to comment, it really makes the blog more interesting. I wish you would come on board; you would be a real benefit

correct silence said...

thank you Andy. Sharing our feeling about music is very important for me and it is a pleasure when I do it with some friends. Here many people are incredibly generous with very good taste so I think all of this is not made for only being stored in a computer.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Miloš Latislav for sharing the Kuhn brothers album 'Bloody Rockers.' I had never seen it before. Although it is rather dated and a few tunes are bland, and a couple songs are the same as on their 'Mad Rockers' album but with different song titles, yet I still really enjoy listening to music from the beginnings of jazz-rock. Hearing Volker Kriegel is always a treat On the other hand, hearing Rolf play an electified and wah-wah pedaled clarinet is, well let's just say that's not my favorite instrumentation.

Anonymous said...

I have a small note about the appreciation thing of uploads, here and in the blogosphere. When I started getting amazing music from blogs I was very outspoken, wrote lengthy replies and how the music affects me etc. Seldom there developed a discussion betweens uploaders and downloaders, and when I went into the uploading business I felt even more so, often was frustrated by the lack of feedback... despite of the obvious interest, I could see in the statistics of the filehosters how many have downloaded and how little shared some thoughts. I stopped looking at the statistics at the end, trying to do it for myself... but then - why bother in giving others what they are not willing to appreciate openly? Why me hanging out of the window, possibly even harrassed by record companies etc. of my "illegal" doing, even though I mainly focused on out of print music (like you guys do here) - but the copyright is not only for in print music, as we all know, and lawyers don't give a shit if the music is available of or not, they think only in terms of money and profit.

Lucky said...

Karl Lippegaus made a radio program (in German) about "New Jazz im Sauerland", music from the festivals of Altena and Balve. Listen to the program here:


Ernst Grgo Nebhuth said...

Thank you Lucky for the hint.
The music for the broadcast is take from two CD-boxes released last year in May respectively in October.
More info (in German) about the Festivals in Altena and at the Balver Höhle > http://www.myfavouritejazz.proxudo.de/html/jg-records.html

Ernst Grgo Nebhuth said...

And here's the playlist

doghouse said...

Spirits Rejoice - Broadcast BBC Radio 3 "Jazz 0n 3" 27th November 1999
Evan Parker : Jason Yarde : Kenny Wheeler : Paul Rutherford
Keith Tippett : Paul Rogers : Louis Moholo-Moholo

miloo2 said...

Doghouse, thank you for Spirits Rejoice broadcast, pity that sound quality is really poor. There is a much better version of first part on You Tube (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4bOi6RlsIPQ&t=8s). I contacted uploader about the rest, but without reply.

Solomon said...

Here is the link for The Nedley Elstak Trio - Conglomeration:


I did a fresh vinyl rip, in FLAC. I tried my best to get rid of pops. Some noise at the start of both sides (Tracks 1 & 5) but it clears up. The tape warble on the start of the last track seems to be the actual recording. I tried to get some photos of the front and back covers, along with the labels. Not perfect but hopefully it's good enough.

If it's up to your standards, please share it.

Thank you again!

Ernst Grgo Nebhuth said...

Thank you, Solomon. I'll try to post it soon - probably I try to remove the noise at the start of both sides before posting.

correct silence said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
dunny said...

Milwaukee/Chicago trio Evacuate the Earth has released their self-titled sophomore album, which incorporates elements of post rock, punk, free jazz, doom metal and psych.

The album streams at https://evacuatetheearthmusic.bandcamp.com/album/evacuate-the-earth and https://soundcloud.com/evacuatetheearth (see first eight tracks).


correct silence said...

@Solomon The Nedley Elstak Trio is a really good album, not pretentious but with some nice compositions, the noise on the start of each side is not so strong so your version is really enjoyable.

doghouse said...

Thomas Chapin Trio - Glasgow Jazz Festival July 1994
Broadcast BBC Radio 3 29th October 1994
Thomas Chapin : Mario Pavone : Michael Sarin

mew23 said...

Eje Thelin Group - Hypothesis (1979)

Eje Thelin (trombone)
Arne Löthman (guitar)
Harald Svensson (keyboards)
Henrik Wartel (drums)

Recorded February 1978.
Musicians Record Company, Hamburg, Germany
MRC 1C 066-45 421 (1979)
LP Rip (flac)

Ernst Grgo Nebhuth said...

Thank you, mew23. Saw this LP on discogs and was wondering about the music - i.e. keyboards for background...
Enjoy the opportunity to hear it finally.
If you don't mind I would put it up front.

Tantris said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Tantris said...

Anyone tried any of these, and would like to comment? The Murray / Drake duo is really of a different order, imho.

Carlito said...

For Michel Portal fans, I'd like to recommand the french INA web site:


You may, for exemple, find a 1974 concert with Daniel Humair.

Also, two interesting documentaries (in french, of course), one from 1973 :

http://www.ina.fr/video/CPF86612581/musique-vivante-cinq-jours-au-palace-video.html ; including live performance of the New Phonic Art, Michel Portal Unit ..

it costs 1,99€ to download it.

Another one from 1978, including experts from a concert with Lubat/Francioli/Guerin band .. this one is free.



mew23 said...

For correct silence:
OM - In A Silent Mood
Urs Leimgruber (s), Christy Doran (g), Bobby Burri (b),
Fredy Studer (dr) - Live at Festival Alpentoene 2013
Radio broadcast [mp2]

correct silence said...

many many thanks Mew23.

Unknown said...

Hello all, just a note to say that Emanem have just reissued Spontaneous Music Ensemble's Karyobin:


Is this why I can no longer find it on Inc Sol?

Ernst Grgo Nebhuth said...

Yep - that's why!
Emanem's reissue sounds quite excellent.

correct silence said...

Emanem has also released a double cd about the music of George Khan, all unpublished tracks of this great saxophonist who have never recorded under his name.

jim said...

@ correct silence, if your still looking for the first Part of Art lp, can find here:


and another one you may want:


correct silence said...

Thank you for the info, but those files are in mp3 and I try as possible to have only lossless versions. But I can give those mp3 to the magician of "different perspectives in my room" and "hocus pocus" he will transform them in lossless.

mike said...

I found this:




Just d/l each song (they're at 320kb)


miloo2 said...

I was just preparing post of first Jiří Stivín album (Stivín & Co. Jazz System) from particulary scratchy newly bought vinyl, but recently I discovered Supraphon (original label) just released majority of Stivín's albums (including Zodiac / Zvěrokruh, Reflections, System Tandem or Five Hits In A Row / 5 ran do čepice) via their digital outlet Supraphonline as flac + mp3 - see https://www.supraphonline.cz/umelec/652-jiri-stivin. Sadly the shop is still in Czech language version only and Good Old Circus / Starý dobrý cirkus (Interjazz IV) is not yet out...

correct silence said...

I got in touch with supraphon because I was interested by the flac version of "five hits in a row" due to the fact that the one who is available here is in mono, let-'s wait for the answer.

miloo2 said...

@ correct silence - let me know then. I already asked for Good Old Circus possible availability.

correct silence said...

I just received an answer from supraphon but it is disappointing. They send me a link that was obviously the front page of their site, translated in english by google but when you click on some links the followings pages are in Czech, so I give up. If they are not interested with foreign customers it is not my problem. Sooner or later I will get five hits in a row in stereo.

correct silence said...

Thank to Clifford Allen who have participated in this beautiful reissue that is more than welcome:
Also available as a double lp.

pierre d'alai said...

Was there ever a re-up done for this one:
Thanks in advance, and apologies in advance for any duplication. I can't find a working link on that page.

carlo243 said...

Could You Please Re Up the Licht Collage by Stockhausen?

correct silence said...

Please post your request in the request section, this place is for the contributions.

correct silence said...

Matchi Oul, Cohelmec Ensemble and Dharma were some great french jazz group of the seventies. During one evening on October 19, 2017 they were reunited for one evening concert. Also the Workshop de Lyon who was celebrating his 50 years anniversary was on stage. The concert has been recorded by the show "Jazz And Co" on radio campus Paris, you can listen to it here:

Andy said...

Cecil Taylor Big Band. Vol 1. 3rd July 1995 NYC (cassette rip)
No pers info.

Cecil Taylor Big Band. Vol 2. 3rd July 1995 NYC (cassette rip)

miloo2 said...

Thank you Andy! Zippyshare is completely ok compared to 1fichier.

miloo2 said...

Yeah, I am voting for Licht Collage too! Anyway, I decided to share 5 Hits in a Row temporarily, until it will be officially released by Polish label mentioned somewhere here earlier. I understand Supraphon release is illegal and erratic in fact. Thus here you have their digital download (clean master transfer) with additional coverage added https://www.uloz.to/!VxjZxMiME9Eb/js-co-5-ran-2o17-reissue-7z

correct silence said...

In my opinion you shouldn't share this Miloo. Cd sales are more and more difficult and particularly for an artist who is not so famous in many parts of the world. GAD will reissue it with some bonus tracks and everybody know that many people will take your file and won't buy the reissue even with some more material. I'm sure that you have some music in your collection that is not reissued and won't be, so share this.

miloo2 said...

And what you will do, correct silence? I know what I am doing and why I am doing it. You can compare this Supraphon digital release (which is theft in fact) I shared with future GAD reissue. I am looking forward to properly mastered album with bonus tracks, artwork and aditional info. I hope GAD went in contact with Zbigniew Seifert family and maybe with Jiří Stivín too. Possibly also with Barre Phillips. Antonín Matzner (producer) and Rudolf Dašek are gone, both drummers have different occupations, but I think I can contact Milan Vitoch personally. Anyway, what about Sophia Domancich first solo on Gimini I was asking for?

correct silence said...

I'm not the administrator of this blog so I can only be in total disagree with this contribution. If Gad will reissue this music with bonus material we can suppose that it is a legal reissue, how can you add some music of the same session without being in touch with the ones who have the masters and the copyrights of the masters. For your information it is not always necessary to get in touch with all the musicians when you want to do a reissue. it depends on the terms of the contract. For exemple, in the case of some records of the catalog Futura/marge, the producer had the rights for the reissues, so when the label "Souffle Continu" have decided to reissue some "Futura/Marge" on lp recently, he only had to deal with the producer. This situation is not rare.
Once again there are so many music that is out of print that should be shared here, and it is the basic spirit of this blog.
As for "rêve familier" she haven't found some copies.

propylaen2001 said...

For those who have not picked this up on Dime I thought I'd share this upload of mine that has recently fallen off the tracker:

The Wreckers
Gürzenich, Cologne, Germany
6 November 1962

Broadcast: WDR 3 Jazz & World 2016-11-15

1. Introduction by Dietrich Schulz-Köhn
2. St. Vitus Dance (Horace Silver)
3. Sack O ‘Woe (Cannonball Adderley)
4. Ill Wind (Harold Arlen)
5. Doodlin’ (Horace Silver) 3:14

Zbigniew Namyslowski – as
Michal Urbaniak – ts
Andrzej Trzaskowski – p
Julius Sandecki – b
Adam Jedrzejowski – dr
Wanda Warska - voc

Bonus - from the same concert:
Orchester Kurt Edelhagen
6. I Remember Clifford (Benny Golson)
Soloist: Idrees Sulieman - tp, other musicians unknown

Total time 27:53


Ernst Grgo Nebhuth said...

Yes - that's very nice. Thank you for the Wreckers!!

miloo2 said...

Me too!

jeff said...

Here is something posted originally by anonymous in the former comments section. See posts at beginning of this forum. Sotise's "trading buddy" ( I believe an Aussie or Kiwi possibly?).

First of all thanks goes to him for uploading so many delicious shows from his collection and Dime!!!!!!!

This is a very excellent(INHO) audience recording (sourced from foobar2000 from the notes also attached)

A very interesting version of CT's Unit featuring:
Cecil Taylor (piano)
Earl McIntyre (bass trombone)
Frank Wright (tenor sax)
Thurman Barker (marimba, percussion)
William Parker (bass)
Steve McCall (drums)

Date: April 10, 1986
Occasion: Workshop Freie Musik
Place: (West-)Berlin
Venue: Akademie der Künste

This post is exactly how I got it from the original uploader on the original post here in contributions.
No edits or tweaks. Or as one of my favorite bloggers would say. NO DIGITAL SYRUP!!!!


A unique lineup that I have only seen on this recording. (So Far......)
2 50 minute pieces.

I have a few more of his Cecil Taylor posts. If admins are interested??

Cecil Taylor Core Ensemble
Carnegie Hall, New York, NY
March 12, 1974

Cecil Taylor, Bill Dixon
Date: July 1, 1992
Place: Vienne (France)
Venue: Théâtre Antique (Festival Jazz à Vienne)

P.S. Someone should fix the the link to this post from sotise via glmlr.
This has to be one of the most amazing roio's I've ever heard.
A true Fire Trio. One of the most amazing formations of The Unit ever!!!!!!!!
Anyone who hasn't heard this should not hesitate for as second!!!
For some reason 1fichier doesn't give you the button to take you to the new download link format(from mew23's last link) on this one.
This should be preserved for posterity for sure!
I have a few downloads of it. But would have to sort out the FLAC's due to some glitches and reposts.

There should also be a rejuvination of as many of riccardo's recordings as humanly possible as well as the orchiddoctor recordings/carville collaborations. These glimpses back in time are truly priceless labors of love. In my humble opinion.

Peace to all my brothers and sisters (Past and Present) at the Inconstant Sol Archives!!!!!

Ernst Grgo Nebhuth said...

HI Jeff, I've fixed the Taylor recording from Berlin 1975. It's still mew's link but in an edited form.
You're mentioning Cecil Taylor Core Ensemble, Carnegie Hall, New York, NY, March 12, 1974. This would be very welcome. The duo with Dixon I've heard - a new link would be appreciated as well.
To resurrect Ricardo's posts it would need a concentrated action of all IS member's plus - most probably - some help from our reader's.

jeff said...

Here's another of anon's contributions.
All in all, for the hall and the amount of players, this is a very good, clean audience tape. What a document!!!! By far, the largest CT ensemble that I have a recording of. Some 30 odd musicians!! I Have never seen anything else quite like it out there and have greatly enjoyed revisiting it today.
Zankel's comment in the notes are interesting. Wish the link to the article at the end of them was still good.

Cecil Taylor Core Ensemble
Carnegie Hall, New York, NY
March 12, 1974

Thanks to all tapers, uploaders, seeders who were associated with this recording!!
...wish I'd had a seat at Carnegie Hall,(or any other Hall, Tavern, Theatre, or home that held any incarnation of this band.), in the Spring of'74.


jeff said...

Some of his and I believe Ilario's recordings are beautiful intimate shows. Interesting Instrumentaions. Amazing recordings.
Mew23's link was still good, fichier just didn't provide the -> to the new formatted link. Maybe they stopped supporting that older codec. Hope not.
Sweet,good to hear,that Berlin show is a fucking barn burner!

jeff said...

Lastly, a great duet recording.

Cecil Taylor (piano)
Bill Dixon (trumpet, flugelhorn)

Date: July 1, 1992
Place: Vienne (France)
Venue: Théâtre Antique (Festival Jazz à Vienne)

Both heavily inspired by the visual arts and dance.


Thanks IS :)>

Ernst Grgo Nebhuth said...

Thanks Jeff for your contributions and comments.
Especially the Carnegie Hall concert from 1974 is welcome on my side.
The duo with Bill Dixpn I have. I remember dimly that I've heard about plans to release a duo CD with Taylor and Dixon. But it didn't surface...

jeff said...

Happy to be able to contribute a little here, Ernst. IS has opened my eyes to so many great recordings over the years. Anything I can do... really... I am very Grateful for the many treasures I found in these pages!!!
I have a handful more recording from the same source(anon) from the old contributions section. I will shoot you an email maybe. I don't see most any of them on the front page. Let me know. I can still up some of these if interested..... even with my slow rural internetttttttt connection.
And alsoo... No shit brother!!! That Carnegie Hall band is killer!!! Very thankful that these documents exist. That lineup is just ridiculous. Soooo many musicians that I love. Lyons, Borca, Ware, Tyler, Malik, Hannibal, J Bowie, Sirone, Parker, Bakr, Murray, Edwards and Cyrille (and many others). CT was a true force of nature.
How this ensemble never had a real recording session or professionally mic'd gig is beyond me....!? Fucking major record companies. To scared to spend money on such a large expensive and not so lucrative but highly artistic project. No balls (so to say). Thankfully there were the faithful with reel to reels out there!!! and later tapes, DAT's etc.
Peace Onx and all

jeff said...

CT and Dixon have a long history stretching way back in New York. Quite an interesting and sorted history in regards to the Jazz Composer's Orchestra and the incarnations leading up to it, and where the state/government funding ended up going to.
But the '92 duet has some very interesting interactions for sure.

jeff said...

To end this page I'll post one more from the contributions that now not here.
A great audience recording. The notes talk about 3 sets but I believe it is 2 sets and an encore probably. Many thanks to the taper and original posters.

Peter Brötzmann, Alexander Von Schlippenbach, Sven-Ake Johannson
Unterfahrt Muenchen, 1980-08-14


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