30 October 2007

Rashied Ali Quartet - New Directions In Modern Music 1971

Ali, who replaced Elvin Jones in John Coltrane's band, formed this quartet after Coltrane's death. On this session Fred Simmons was standing in for the regular pianist, Don Pullen. The style of musically carried on from where Coltrane left off - high energy stuff, with lots of drumming and long solos.

Fred Simmons - piano
Stafford L James - bass violin
Carlos Ward - alto saxophone and flute
Rashied Ali - percussion

As-Salaam-Alikum 22:26
Akela 21:10

Ripped at VBR quality 0. Links in comments.

27 October 2007


HERES A CONTINUATION of posts of OOP early david murray, this is a great one murray is phenomenal on this considering he was barely out of his teens.
and fred hopkins and phillip wilson, are simply unique one of the best rythm sections around at the time in this very free setting.
this features the definative version of deweys circle,a tune murray apparently still occasionally plays.
i disagree strongly that the tunes are unmemorable.
ripped to FLAC and VBR MP3
heres a review by scott yanow
This LP contains tenor saxophonist David Murray's first full-length album as a leader. At 21, Murray already had remarkable technique and these explorations with bassist Fred Hopkins and drumer Phillip Wilson are quite adventurous. The opening "Extremininity" is an intense unaccompanied tenor feature, Hopkins takes "Dedication to Jimmy Garrison" as his showcase and the other three pieces are full of interplay by the full trio. None of the compositions themselves are that memorable and some listeners may find Murray's screams and screeches (which he would modify a bit in later years) to be a bit too emotional, but this was a strong first effort.


HERE'S, a stunning live album by one of the all time
great free jazz groups, this the first album of theirs i ever bought, and Ive loved the collective sound of this group ever since.

threadgill has now like anthony braxton transcended the idiom, and there are plenty of pointers to this (rampantly eclectic )future direction throughout this GLORIOUS slab .

this bands palette was as broad as it was subtle, almost everything can happen,a truly rich and rewarding listening experience.

i never tire of listening to this, one could spend a lifetime and find continual renewal.

who knows why the aeco became more acclaimed than AIR or the Revolutionary ensemble for me along with Leo smith and anthony braxton's mammoth oeuvre.
the most joyous and satisfying listening experiences Ive ever had, contemporary free jazz is hugely mannered by comparison.

fred hopkins and steve mccall -are sadly no longer with us.

this is a very clean vinyl rip, and shame on bmg or whomever owns novus for not deeming air's albums worthy of full hansomely packaged reissue.

its almost criminal.
many people are starving for this, and if they dont step in and fill the gap, we will continue to share it in the form of crackly vinyl rips!!

a pox on their stingy bottom line mentality, and bottomless profit mongering.
as well as there ephemeral taste shaping on a mass toxic scale.


VISIT HENRY THREADGILLS PAGE (the only one i can find)

album info
air suisse , recorded live at montreux jazz fest july 22, 1978, released by novus( now bmg)

side 1
lets all go down to the footwash

side 2
suisse air

henry threadgill- saxes, fl
fred hopkins -db
steve mccall- dr

many thnks to yann ,for his help with this current batch of rips!

23 October 2007

Max Roach Quartet - Live Berlin 1990

This is one of two concerts seeded by "joerg" - many thanks to him. It is a satellite broadcast, performed by Roach's long-standing quartet.


Max Roach, dr, voc
Cecil Bridgewater, tp
Odeon Pope, ts
Tyron Brown, b

Philharmonie, JazzFest Berlin/Germany, 3rd November 1990

The Smoke That Thunders 03:45
Elixir Suite 05:36
Tricotism 03:37
Cherokee 06:45
In A Sentimental Mood 08:40
I Want To Talk About You 05:33
South Africa Goddamm - Blues March 08:24
It's Time - Mr.Hihat 07:29

Max (and all performers) is in fine form, though for me, the highlight of the concert is the rendition of "In a Sentimental Mood", which has some great horn-playing and a superb solo bass section, with Roach playing in a very sensitive and controlled manner.

Concert is recorded at VBR quality 0. Links in comments.

19 October 2007

Charles Lloyd Quartet - Live Karlsruhe, Germany 1994 (FM recording)

I've heard it said that Charles Lloyd's later recordings on ECM lack the excitement and creativity of his earlier work. This certainly can't be said of this recording, a live concert in Germany 1994. This is an FM recording, so sound quality is excellent. Many thanks to "billjen" for seeding.


Charles Lloyd
6/14/94Karlsruhe, Germany

Charles Lloyd - Tenor Saxophone, Flute, Chinese Oboe
Bobo Stenson - Piano
Anders Jormin - Double-Bass
Jon Christensen - Drums

1. Milarepa (Lloyd)/Improvisation (Group) 15:26
2. Piercing the Veil (Lloyd) 9:01
3. Evanstide, Where Lotus Bloom (Lloyd) 13:45#4. Thelonious Theonlyus (Lloyd) 13:23 * 5. All My Relations (Lloyd) 11:49
6. Fish Out of Water (Lloyd) 16:23

Recording at mp3 quality 0. Link in coments

14 October 2007

Chris McGregor's Brotherhood of Breath - Live Berlin 1971

This recording has done the rounds several times on the net, so some of you will have it. For those who haven't I recommend you grab it - it's a gem.


Harry Beckett - trumpet
Marc Charig - trumpet, cornet
Malcolm Griffiths - trombone
Nick Evans - trombone
Dudu Pukwana - alto sax
Mike Osborne - alto sax, clarinet
Alan Skidmore - baritone, tenor and soprano sax
Gary Windo - tenor sax
Chris McGregor - piano, keyboards
Harry Miller - bass
Louis Moholo - drums

I guess you all know the origin of B of B, so I'll spare you the story. I don't know the origin of the recording, the sound's far too good for a 70s audience bootleg, so I guess that it's a radio broadcast. Oddly enough, though it's supposed to have been recorded in Berlin, the announcer of the concert is (or sounds) English, and the band seem to be appearing between other acts.

The recording is ripped at 192 kbps (very good quality), with 2 single tracks of about 30 mins each.

Link in comments (click post title).

9 October 2007

Joe McPhee's Survival Unit III - Live NYC Vision Festival 2007 ,FLAC and LAME

This recording comes by way of a torrent (thanks to "jazzrita" for seeding). It is an audience recording. The sound quality is reasonable, I'd say typical of a modern audience boot. I've enclosed a small 1 min mp3 sample (see Links) so you can judge for yourself.

Concert details:

Joe McPhee - Survival Unit III
2007-June-20 NYC, USA,Angel Orensanz Center, 12. Vision Festival 2007

Joe McPhee,fh,as
Fred Lonberg-Holm,cello
Michael Zerang,dr

1 Title (JMcP,as) 8:34
2 Title (JMcP,as) 7:52
3 Title (JMcP,as) 14:53
4 Title (JMcP,fh) / Announcement JMcPh 14:38
Total Time: 45:58

I'd be interested to know where McPhee got the name "Survival Unit" (was it a personal statement about his life?), why there wasn't a SU I, but III came 30 years or so after II.

Sample, flac and mp3 links in comments.

8 October 2007


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3 October 2007

Lester Bowie Quartet- Bern, Switzerland November 17th 1977

hi all
many thanks to boromir for keeping this blog active in the last month with some great concerts and vinyl rips.
heres another great one , the sound is far from perfect, and unfortunately i dont have this in lossless worth hearing none the less .
the music is inventive and has an energy that studio recordings in lesters case seldom captured.
massimo urbani is a real revelation here, i have heard him on perhaps one or two things before, but this is somethin' ese.
unfortunately after uploading this, whilst burning a disc my disc drive collapsed, so i wont be able to upload for a few weeks.
many thanks to the original seeder on dime, and boromir for this.
heres the info:
Lester Bowie QuartetBern, Switzerland
November 17th 1977
Lester Bowie tp,
Masimo Urbani as
,Peter Frei b
Martin Silverberg dr
1) 20:242) 42:33 3) 01:11 4) 02:10total time 67:46
the rythym sections nothing special , though they are more than merely meritricious.
and they more or less keep out of the way.