14 October 2007

Chris McGregor's Brotherhood of Breath - Live Berlin 1971

This recording has done the rounds several times on the net, so some of you will have it. For those who haven't I recommend you grab it - it's a gem.


Harry Beckett - trumpet
Marc Charig - trumpet, cornet
Malcolm Griffiths - trombone
Nick Evans - trombone
Dudu Pukwana - alto sax
Mike Osborne - alto sax, clarinet
Alan Skidmore - baritone, tenor and soprano sax
Gary Windo - tenor sax
Chris McGregor - piano, keyboards
Harry Miller - bass
Louis Moholo - drums

I guess you all know the origin of B of B, so I'll spare you the story. I don't know the origin of the recording, the sound's far too good for a 70s audience bootleg, so I guess that it's a radio broadcast. Oddly enough, though it's supposed to have been recorded in Berlin, the announcer of the concert is (or sounds) English, and the band seem to be appearing between other acts.

The recording is ripped at 192 kbps (very good quality), with 2 single tracks of about 30 mins each.

Link in comments (click post title).


Boromir said...



gilhodges said...

I believe that Cuneiform Records is scheduled to be releasing this music commercially in 2008.

romy said...

thanks Boromir,

very good sound quality, as you said.

thumbs up!

glmlr said...

Thanks gentlemen! Great concert! I believe the announcer is Ronnie Scott.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Boromir for this one! This was a hell of a group with a very unique sound - even when it might showed up at several other places, it's great to see it here, too.

Good info about the Cuneiform re!! :)


Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot, Sir! I am an italian old fan of the Chris McGregor's "Band of Brothers". I tried to download the John Surman Trio (one of the first records I've ever heard in the early seventies), but RAPIDSHARE (for part 1) doesn't work. So please, can you repost it? Many thanks again.

daniel said...

nobody asking for re-up all this years? really?
ok, here we go..
guys, whoever have this archives please share with us..

thanks in advance!!

onxidlib said...

It's still available at the source (and elswhere) - so we won't post it.