29 August 2010

A Blindfold Test

The question is : who are the three musicians (alto sax-bass/cello-

Probably you don't have many chances of answering the question but,
certainly, will be able to give a more objective judgment about the music.

22 August 2010

Ornette Coleman Quartet - Live in Genoa '10

The best concert i've listened (till now) this summer.

Rec. live at "Arena del Mare", Genoa, Italy, on July 21, 2010
(mics recording)

Ornette Coleman,alto sax,trumpet,violin
Tony Falanga,double bass
Al MacDowell,electric bass
Denardo Coleman,drums

01. Tone Dialing (07:40)
02. Song World (08:19)
03. Jordan (07:24)
04. 9/11 (05:21)
05. Call To Duty (05:33)
06. Turnaround (06:22)
07. Blues Connotation (06:20)
08. Bach Prelude (05:31)
09. Peace (06:01)
10. Taking The Cure (04:22)
11. Sleep Talking (07:03)
12. The Sphinx (04:15)
13. Theme From A Symphony [Variation A] (05:45)
14. Song X (03:26)
15. Lonely Woman [encore] (04:36)

Total Time 1:28:04

20 August 2010

Abdullah Ibrahim Tentet - Live in Turin '74

For all South African Music lovers.

Rec. live at "Auditorium RAI", Turin, Italy, on May 4, 1974
(radio broadcast)

Abdullah Ibrahim,piano,flute
Carlos Ward,alto sax,flute
Roland Alexander/John Stubblefield,tenor sax
James Ware,baritone sax
Joe Gardner/Roy Burroughs,trumpet
Kiani Zawadi,trombone
Johnny "Mbizo" Dyani,bass
Roy Brooks,drums,musical saw

1. Air (04:20)
2. Bra Joe From Kilimajaro (23:24)
3. Jabulani-Easter Joy (17:15)
4. Tintiyana, First Part (03:55)

Total Time 48:55

19 August 2010

David Murray Big Band featuring James Newton plays 'The Obscure Works of Duke Ellington & Billy Strayhorn' [re-upload]

David Murray Big Band featuring James Newton plays 'The Obscure Works of Duke Ellington & Billy Strayhorn'
Jazzfest ñ Haus der Kulturen der Welt, November 7th 1998.

African Flower 19:03
Such Sweet Thunder 7:53
Chelsea Bridge 7:36
Love You Madly 7:51
Bloodcount 6:18
Wig Wise 11:11
Praise God 4:21
Warm Valley 12:10
Blue Pepper (Far East Of The Blues) 6:02

Carmen Bradford (vocals)
David Murray (tenor sax, bass clarinet, conductor)
Ricky Ford (tenor sax)
James Newton (flute, conductor)
James Spaulding (alto sax, flute)
John Purcell (saxello, clarinet)
Pablo Calogero (baritone sax)
Craig Harris (trombone)
Frank Lacy (trombone)
Gary Valente (trombone)
Ravi Best (trumpet)
Hugh Ragin (trumpet)
DD Jackson (piano)
Jeff Chambers (bass)
Andrew Cyrille (drums)
Klod Kiavue (percussion)

This is a re-upload of a post I originally made in January 2009. It was requested by oui. Very sorry it has taken so long, but I have only just looked through the requests section in quite some time. Better late than never, as we say in the UK.

I actually posted an MP3 version of this concert, but this is a flac copy provided by LYM. I hope he is happy for me to provide my own Rapidshare links of his original share.

17 August 2010

World Sax Quartet meets M'BOOM - Live in Serravalle Scrivia '10

"Nearly three decades have passed since that glorious 1981 evening,
when an audience of three thousand gathered in the cathedral of St.
John the Divine to hear what Max Roach called a “Grand Collaboration”:
a concert by M’Boom and the World Saxophone Quartet."

Two evening ago i've recorded this "new collaboration" : it's a pleasure
to see these two ensembles fuse together!

Rec. live in Serravalle Scrivia (AL), Italy, on August 15, 2010
(mics recording)

World Sax Quartet:
Hamiet Bluiett,bariton sax
David Murray,tenor sax,bass clarinet
Oliver Lake,alto sax
James Carter,alto & soprano sax

M'Boom Re Percussion:
Eli Fountain/Ray Mantilla/Steve Berrios/
Warren Smith,percussions

1. Hattie Wall [H.Bluiett] (22:47)
2. Yes, We Can! [D.Murray] (07:52)
3. Barbecue Sushi [H.Bluiett] (21:08)
4. Real [O.Lake] (12:24)
5. Couchette [W.Smith] (06:49)

Total Time 1:11:02

15 August 2010

Air - Live in Lovere '79

For all Air lovers.

Rec. live in Lovere, Italy, on June 17, 1979
(mix recording)

Henry Threadgill,reeds,flute
Fred Hopkins,bass
Steve McCall,drums

1. Through A Keyhole Darkly/Dance Of The Beast/G.v.E./
Keep Right On Playng Thru The Mirror Over The Water (47:23)
2. Midnight Sun [encore] (06:10)

Total Time 53:34

12 August 2010

Clusone Trio - Live in Clusone '05

A special reunion for the 25 edition of the Clusone Festival :
the final concert by this great Trio.

Rec. live at "Corte Sant'Anna", Clusone, Italy, on July 22,
2005 (radio broadcast)

Michael Moore,alto sax,clarinets,melodica
Ernst Reijseger,cello
Han Bennink,drums

1. Dewey's Tune [D.Redman] (16:03)
2. Love Henry [Traditional] (10:43)
3. O Pato [A.C.Jobim] (13:45)
4. I Never Had A Chance [I.Berlin] (05:59)
5. Le Cygne [C.Saint-Seans] (08:50)
6. The Song Is Ended [I.Berlin] (06:54)

Total Time 1:02:17

6 August 2010

Enrico Rava Quartet - Live in Rome '80

Dear old Rava...

Rec. live in Rome, Italy, on March 16, 1980
(mix recording)

Enrico Rava,trumpet
Franco D'Andrea,piano
Giovanni Tommaso,bass
Bruce Ditmas,drums

1. Lulu/At The Movies/Rose Selavy/Round About Midnight/
Small Talk (46:24)
2. The Fearless Five/Outsider/Ah/Lost And Found (54:10)

Total Time 1:40:34

2 August 2010

Jim Hall Quartet - Live in S.Margherita Ligure '05

Simply one of the greatest guitarist of all the jazz history.

Rec. live in S.Margherita Ligure (Ge), Italy, on July 13, 2005
(mix recording)

Jim Hall,guitar
Geoffrey Keezer,piano (-5,6)
Steve La Spina,bass (-4,5)
Terry Clarke,drums (-4,6)

1. Band Blues [J.Hall] (12:59)
2. All The Things You Are [J.Kern] (11:08)
3. Ouagadoudou [J.Hall] (12:34)
4. Pong Reader [G.Keezer] (06:54)
5. Why Not Dance? [J.Hall] (04:46)
6. Cold Spring [J.Hall] (07:35)
7. Hide And Seek [J.Hall] (10:59)

Total Time 1:06:58