31 October 2018


 Here we are again with a pointer to some unexpexted, long awaited or simply exciting releases.

First we have seven new CDs/LPs on the Lithuanian label 'No Business Records'.

Wadada Leo Smith with Sabu Toyozumi on 'Burning Meditation' (recorded in 1994) and Marion Brown together with Dave Burrell on 'Live at the Black Musicians' Conference, 1981'.
Both available on CD.

 Then this recording from 2015 with Simon Nabatov | Barry Guy | Gerry Hemingway - 'Luminous' (CD)

But that's not all on No Business for November.
- Howard Riley - Live in the USA (from 1976 on CD)
- Bobby Bradford | Hafez Modirzadeh | Vijay Anderson | Roberto Miguel Miranda - Live at the Blue Whale (recorded last year - LP)
- JONES JONES - Larry Ochs / Mark Dresser / Vladimir Tarasov - A Jones In Time Saves Nine (LP - captured in 2016)
- Martin Küchen | Rafal Mazur - Baza (rec.2017 - LP)

 Yesterday I was quite surprised when I discovered two reissues on vinyl from a seminal FMP compilation and an LP where the music and the accompanying text is a wonderful big lie.
Responsible for outings is the label Song Cycle Records.

For 'Snapshot' the line-up does not read mouth-watering only but the music is actually very good and occasionally spectacular.

In August 1979, East German musicians were invited to perform a three-day festival in West Berlin. Billed as “Jazz Now,” this landmark meeting was recorded and initially released by Free Music Production. From stunning duos to challenging small-group performances, from large rave-ups to Mingus nods, Snap- shot” provides much more than that name suggests. It’s as complete a portrait of jazz in the GDR as you’re ever likely to find, and a moment in time that continues to reverberate — via these sounds — today

2LP - Gatefold - FMP 1980 - but beware - the very informative booklet is unfortuantely not included for the reissue!

Berliner Improvisations Quartett
Sieben Viertel 9:11

Nachschlag – aufgewärmt 5:21
Jazz now – und später 5:48

Friedhelm Schönfeld Trio
Manchmal scheint’s als ob 9:31

Ulrich Gumpert Workshop Band
For C.M. 11:24
(Including: Oh Lord Please Don’t Let Drop that Atomic Bomb on Me/Mingus)

Studio IV
Wikope 10’42”

Gumpert-Sommer + Manfred Hering
Anophelismücke 10:23

Ernst-Ludwig Petrowsky Quartett
Talar 6:36
Enfant 3:50

Hans Rempel Orchester
Nummer 3 (Auschnitt/A part of the piece) 13:31

 And not at least we have Michael Snow's piece of vinyl from 1987 which contains an extraordinary collection of tracks “of rare music derived from threatened, obsolete, or now-extinct cultures from around the world” plus a text to put the recording into context.
But as mentioned above - all of this is made up of recordings (and 'anthropological insights') by Snow himself.  Great collection of aboriginal music from - well - Canada.

30 October 2018


Yosuke Yamashita Trio

1A1. Dore
1A2. Mokurin-Gugan

Yosuke Yamashita, piano
Takeo Moriyama, drums
Seichi Nakamura, soprano and tenor saxophone

Itaru Oki Trio

1B1. Flying Into The Space
1B2. Conversation With Water

Itaru Oki, trumpet
Keiki Midorikawa, bass
Hozumi Tanaka, drums

Yuji Ono Trio

2A1. Autumn Leaves
2A2. I Can't Give You Anything But Love
2A3. Get Out Of Town
2A4. Kenny's Moods

Yuji Ono, piano
Takashi Mizuhashi, bass
Kazuyoshi Okayama, drums
Kasai Kimiko, vocals (2A2-3)

Yuji Ono Trio, Itaru Oki Trio, Kimiko Kasai

2B1. Black Shadow Woman
2B2. Theme Of The Unknown People

Victor World Group - SMJX-10101~2

LP Rip

26 October 2018

Harry Beckett - Warm Smiles & Themes For Fega - Vocalion 2006

Here is the reissue of those two classics records by Harry Beckett, That have been published by the British label Vocalion in 2006 but for a reason unknown to me, it have been totally deleted by the label and seems no more available. The reference even doesn’t appears no more on the Vocalion website.

Harry Beckett’s Warm Smiles
A1 Harambee
A2 Tender Is The Sky
A3 To Me, For Me
B1 Warm Smiles
B2 Tomorrow Morning Early

Harry Beckett: trumpet & flugelhorn
Chris Laurence: bass
Mike Osborne: alto saxophone
Frank Ricotti: vibraphone
John Taylor: piano
John Webb: drums

Recorded at Command Studios, London 1970

Thems For Fega

A1 Little One
A2 Spiral Feelings
A3 Chandeliers And Mirrors
A4 Cry Of Triumph
B1 I'm Easy
B2 Enchanted
B3 Everyone Is Me
B4 Farewell Fega

Harry Beckett: trumpet & flugelhorn
Chris Laurence: bass
Mike Osborne: alto saxophone
Frank Ricotti: vibraphone
ALAN SKIDMORE: tenor saxophone
John Taylor: piano
John Webb: drums

recorded at the ICA, London, Feb 4, 1972

Vocalion cd 2CDSML 8430

You can find a BBC session of Harry Beckett that have the same feeling, published some years ago by the label « My Only Desire Records »:

25 October 2018

DFTh + HB-W, Heinz-Erich Gödecke - Infrarot - Chef Records 1991

01 Der Schönste Platz
02 Freedom Principle A
03 B.I.P.
04 Des Roten Korsaren Letzte Fahrt
05 Bumble Beat
06 Schnarcherwalzer
07 O.T., Mischtechnik

Helmut Bieler-Wendt: violin, violekra, piano
Helmut Dinkel: soprano saxophone
Johannes Frisch: bass, sampler
Heinz-Erich Gödecke: trombone, didgeridoo
Rudolf Theilmann: drums

Recorded on 20.10.1990 at Jazzclub Karlsruhe
Chef records 9192 cd rip

Heinz-Erich Gödecke is also one of the founding members of Eisenrot, you can find the cd here:

24 October 2018


Helmut Dinkel, soprano & tenor saxophone
Helmut Bieler-Wendt, violin, piano
Johannes Frisch, double bass, electric bass
Rudi Theilmann, drums

A1. Old Mc. N° 4     18:20
A2. Silent Cat     8:35
B.  One Song Long (in mem. Suzi Wong)     20:45

Recorded live on Oct. 8, 1987 at the Jazzclub Karsruhe.

Musikverlag H. Burger & M. Müller KM 010
(vinyl rip)

23 October 2018


Peter Brötzmann, tenor & bass saxophone, clarinet
Alexander von Schlippenbach, piano
Peter Kowald, double bass
Paul Lovens, drums, percussion

1. Introduction (Achim Hebgen)     0:13
2. Butaki Sisters (P. Lovens)    
3. Wenn wir Kehlkopfspieler uns unterhalten (P. Kowald)    
4. Moonbeef (A. von Schlippenbach)    
5. Tribute to Ben (P. Brötzmann)     31:58
6. Announcement (Achim Hebgen)     0:16

Recorded November 1, 1973 at the Berliner Jazztage, Philharmonie, Berlin, Germany.

20 October 2018


A1. Colchique Dans Les Prés
A2. Joie
A3. Trombá - Part 1

B.  Trombá - Part 2

Christian Vander, drums
Jeff Seffer, tenor saxophone
Jef Catoire, bass
Jef Gilson, piano

Tracks A1-2 recorded in June 1969, in Paris

Tracks A3, B1 recorded in June 1973

Palm - PALM 6

LP Rip

18 October 2018


Another reissue by Be! Jazz - limited edition of 200 copies including the 140 pages book.
This reissue will be available in January 2019.
More info about line-up etc. you'll find here.

 Now available on vinyl:

Hugh Davies - Shozyg (Be! Jazz / FMP)
Pierre Favre / Irene Schweizer / Peter Kowald - Santana (Be! Jazz / FMP)
Chet Baker - Peace (Be! Jazz / ENJA)

Available at the following shops/mailorder:






17 October 2018


At least in Germany the October is called a golden one - provided the weather is sunny and dry. 

But even in case it should rain there's something which is able to rejoice us independently from any athmospheric athmosperics.

The end of this month will bring three LPs reissued through Be! Jazz from the vaults of FMP and ENJA.
More LPs from ENJA and FMP will follow - even an unreleased 1969 recording of Alexander von Schlippenbach's Nonet is in the making. More infos as soon as the release(s) are imminent.


Then we have five new CDs on Corbett vs Dempsey - available since yesterday.
Two of them I've added here.
Milford Graves 'Bäbi' does, apart from the reissued LP, include: "...the same trio at its inception, in home recordings made seven years earlier in 1969".

Plus the first of a scheduled series of ICP releases beginning with 'Groupcomposing': "...Mengelberg and Bennink ... joined by Bennink's brother, Peter Bennink, on alto saxophone and bagpipes (!), with an incredible reed section of Evan Parker and Peter Brötzmann, Paul Rutherford on trombone, and Derek Bailey on guitar".
More info - also about three CDs by Joe McPhee, two new ones and a re-edition, you'll find here.

15 October 2018

The Ed Summerlin, Bob Norden Qt - Still Eat It - Ictus Records 1994

Some month ago Ernst posted this excellent lp here:
At first I thought I didn’t know the two leaders but the name of Ed Summerlin stayed in my mind without creating any connection with some records, until I rediscovered this summer a forgotten box of cd that contains several dozen of records including this one. I know now why the name of Ed Summerlin was floating around my memory.
You can also find Bob Norden on the superb double cd or double lp of Bobby Bradford with John Stevens & The S.M.E

01. Y.A.Title
02. Déjà Vu
03. Roadrunner
04. Second Hand
05. Sonic Dudes
06. Cire
07. Osky
08. Scoop It Up
09. Old Flowers

-Bob Norden: trombone
-Charlie Kniceley: bass
-Ed Summerlin: tenor sax
-Chris Starpoli: drums

Recorded on December 27 & 28, 1993

Ictus records Ictus cd 104

13 October 2018


A1. Fiesta In Drums
A2. Suite Exotique
B.  Suite Malgache

Christian Vander, drums
Frank Raholison, drums

Recorded in June 1973 at Studio Palm, Paris

Palm - PALM 3

LP Rip


With this post I've assembled some rarer compositions by mostly quite famous 20th century composers'.
With 'rare' I mean pieces not readily available and OOP - culled from CD compilations - in this case from two releases.

The title by Grisey is taken from a CD dedicated to the conductor Sylvain Campreling which I've bought only because of my excitement upon discovering this to me unknown (and recorded) piece by him.

All other music was previously released on a five CD box-set which celebrated the fiftieth anniversary of the 'Holland Festival'. At least two or three of these pieces were issued on vinyl before the box-set was available.

Vivier's composition "Glaubst du an die Unsterblichkeit der Seele" (Do you believe in the immortality of the soul?) was his last composition, though not completed as he was murdered before he could finish it.
His killer was a male prostitute Vivier had met in a bar earlier that evening. On the worktable was the manuscript of Vivier's final, uncompleted work, "Crois-tu en l‘immortalité de l‘âme?", a dramatised monologue in which Vivier describes a journey on the metro during which he becomes attracted to a young man. The music breaks off abruptly following the line: "Then he removed a dagger from his jacket and stabbed me through the heart." (On a personal note I would like to add that I didn't know this backgroud mentioned above upon first hearing. The impact of this composition wasn't diminished by my ignorance.)

"Sara Dolce Tacere" by Nono was - to my knowledge - released for the first time on a Wergo 7" sometime during the 1960s.

Xenakis' "Anemoessa" has been recorded and released - a.f.a.i.k. - only once on a commercial recording.

 At least "Calmo" and "Composition No.3" have been and still are available in various interpretations.

 1. Luigi Nono - Sara Dolce Tacere (1960) 7:20

John Alldis Choir conducted by John Alldis

2. Luciano Berio - Calmo ('A Bruno, In Memoriam') (1973) 4:14

Cathy Berberian, soprano
Luciano Berio, conductor
Members of The Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra

3. Galina Ustvolskaya - Composition No.3 "Benedictus Qui Venit" For Four Flutes, Four Bassons And Piano (1975) 6:50

Heinz Friesen, conductor
Amsterdam Wind Orchestra

4. Iannis Xenakis - Anemoessa (1979) 13:06

Ricardo Dufallo, conductor
Groot Omroepkoor (The Netherlands Radio Choir)
Radio Filharmonisch Orkest

5. Claude Vivier - Glaubst Du An Die Unsterblichkeit Der Seele (1983) 8:25

Irene Maessen, Susan Narucki, Tannie Willemstijn, soprano
Nine Van Strien, Yvonne Benschop, mezzo-soprano
Bruce Sellars, Marcel Beekman, Peter Hall, tenor
Helena Rasker, contra-alto
David Barick, James Ottaway, baritone
Harry Van Der Kamp, bass
Johan Leijsen, speaking voice
Reinbert De Leeuw, conductor
Asko Ensemble & Schönberg Ensemble

6. Gérard Grisey - L'icône paradoxale (Hommage à Piero della Francesca), for 2 female voices and 2 orchestral groups (1992–94)  24:41

Catherine Dubosc, soprano
Lani Poulson, mezzo-soprano
Sylvain Cambreling, conductor
SWR Sinfonieorchester Baden-Baden Und Freiburg

Track 1: Waalse Kerk Amsterdam, 06/06/1979
Track 2: De Doelen Rotterdam, 28/06/1974
Track 3: Paradiso Amsterdam, 17/06/1989
Track 4: Concertgebouw Amsterdam, 16/06/1979
Track 5: Beurs van Berlage, 03/06/1995
Track 6: 30.11.-2.12.1999 Konzerthaus Freiburg, SWR

11 October 2018


Dewey Redman, tenor saxophone
Jym Young, piano
Donal Garrett, bass, clarinet(only tr.4)
Eddie Moore, drums

1. Look For The Black Star     15:41
2. For Eldon     6:29
3. Spur Of The Moment     1:54
4. Seven And One  13:22
5. Of Love     7:58

Recorded in San Francisco on January 4, 1966.

FONTANA 888 311 ZY (Netherlands, 1966)
This rip from Freedom TKCB-70321 (CD - Japan, 1994)

9 October 2018

Wide Fields - To Federico Fellini. Music for popular thinkers (Granit 1994)

the usuals suspects with a different name, the band just a little enlarged
much "lighter" than others RAU  albums, even some funky moments
much enjoyable to me
somebody can explain the cover?

Granit 94004 A CD
released 1994

Paul Fields - keyboard, violin
Hannes Groysbeck - el. bass, groysophon
Sepp Mitterbauer - trumpet
Fritz Novotny-clarinet, flute, handbells, soprano sax
Franz Scharf - el. guitar
Linda Sharrock - voice
Stefan Slupetzky - tenor sax
Robert Steiner - drums

1 - Pannonian Impressions 1+2    .   
2 - Rock In   
3 - The Woodpecker And The Goose
4 - To Federico Fellini   
5 - Wide Fields   
6 - Energy 1+2

recorded between april 1984 andjuly 1985 in Vienna, University - HTU; Harmannsdorf, Soundfield Studio; Jazz Summit Hollabrunn
composed by Fritz Novotny and Paul Fields

8 October 2018


A1. Pannonica + Humph
A2. Misterioso
A3. Little Rootie-Tootie
A4. Who Knows?

B1. The Mantle
B2. Wickets
B3. Hallmar

Steve Lacy, soprano saxophone

Recorded live at Space Who, Saitama, Japan, on 22 May 1986

Limited edition release of 99 copies

Egg Farm - EF-001

LP Rip

7 October 2018


A1. Triton I
A2. Kaïna
A3. Theme For An Unknown Island
A4. Febrile Et Solitaire
A5. Une Bien Curieuse Planète

B1. Mr. J.C. For Ever
B2. Nostalgique Futur
B3. Droit D'Asile
B4. A L'Ombre Des Forces Obscures - Triton II

François Jeanneau, soprano and tenor saxophone, C-flute, grounded-billed flute, synthesizers, electric & acoustic pianos, percussion
Michel Grailler, electric & acoustic piano, synthesizers, percussion
J.F Jenny-Clarke, bass, percussion
Bernard Lubat, drums, percussion
Denis Duhaze, narrator (A4)

Recorded 16th & 17th September, 1975 at Studio PALM, Paris

Palm - PALM 22

LP Rip

6 October 2018


A1. Kanephoros
A2. Up-Down
A3. Watch Devil Go
A4. In Extenso
A5. Go Mind
A6. Trypyique Pour La Foire Des Ténèbres de Ray Bradbury
(a) Et Les Années De Ta Vie Seront Multipliées
(b) Comme Un Fou Lié Pour Le Chatiment Jusqu'A Ce Qu'Une Flêche Lui Perce Le Foie
(c) Comme Un Oiseau Se Précipite Vers La Mer Sans Se Douter Qu'Il Y A Pour Lui De Sa Vie

B1. Le Ciel Manque De Généalogie
B2. Kamikaze's Nightmare
B3. Entre Java Et Lombok
B4. Eddy G. Always Present
B5. Before In
B6. Eleven
B7. La Dynastie Des Wittelsbach
B8. 1883-1945, Heavens
B9. Au Stylo Feutre, Un Paysage
B10. Canéphore

François Jeanneau, tenor saxophone, flute, synthesizer
Jean-Francis Jenny-Clark, bass, voice
Jacques Thollot, drums, piano, synthesizer

Charline Scott, vocal (A3)
String Quartet (B3)

Recorded between December 1974 and January 1975

Palm - PALM 17

LP Rip

5 October 2018


A1. Orange Fish Tears
A2. Forest Scorpion

B1. Rue Roger
B2. Porte D'Orléans

Nana Vasconcelos, cuica, tabla, timbales, bells, percussion
Manuel Villaroel, piano, electric piano, percussion
Oliver Lake, alto, soprano and tenor saxophone, flute, bamboo flute, tumbali, gong, percussion
Baikida Carroll, trumpet, flugelhorn, cowbell, seal horn, log drum, small percussions

Recorded at Studio Palm, Paris, 3-5 June 1974

Palm ‎– PALM 13

LP Rip


Gunter Hampel, vibraphone
Manfred Schoof, cornet, flugelhorn
Alexander von Schlippenbach, piano
Buschi Niebergall, double bass
Pierre Courbois, drums

1. Doxy (Schlipenbach) 6:28
2. Without Me (Hampel) 7:21
3. The Thief (also titled as "The Sea")(Bela Bartok) 5:56
4. Topi 10:43  (incomplete)

Recorded at Parc Biron in Comblain-La-Tour, Belgium on August 7, 1966.

3 October 2018


Tony Oxley, percussion, amplified percussion
Paul Rutherford, trombone (A1, B1 to B3)
Evan Parker, tenor saxophone (A1, B1, B2), soprano saxophone (B1 to B3)
Kenny Wheeler, trumpet, flugelhorn (A1, B3)
Derek Bailey, guitar (A1, B1 to B3)
Barry Guy, bass (A1, B3)

A1. Crossing (Sextet) 8:45   
A2. Oryane (Percussion Solo) 10:48   
B1. Eiroc (Quartet) 2:25   
B2. Santrel (Quartet) 4:53   
B3. Cadilla (Sextet) 11:59

RCA Victor SF8215 (1971)


Hi for Bhowani's request

Mix of two albums + extra track + Radio Nedeerland tracks

All LP Rips

2 October 2018


Pierre Favre, drums
Evan Parker, tenor saxophone
Irène Schweizer, piano
Peter Kowald, double bass

1. Pori Jazz Festival - Improvisation  31:46

Recorded at the Pori Jazz Festival in Pori, Yhteislyseo, Finnland, on 18.07.1969.

1 October 2018

JASON MORAN OCTET - In My Mind: Monk at Town Hall 1959 - Paris 2012

Here is festival recording of American pianist with nice cast of British-based wind players in full Thelonious Monk programme. During the broadcast, radio jingle is inserted in the beginning of few compositions, but due to gentle way it is done I do not find it disturbing. FM recording originates from DIME, I do not know original seeder.

JASON MORAN OCTET - Cité de la Musique, Paris 2012-03-02 FM

Remembering Thelonious Monk Orchestra in Town Hall, 1959.

Jason Moran - piano
Tarus Mateen - bass
Nasheet Waits - drums
Byron Wallen - trumpet
Jason Yarde - alto saxophone
Denys Baptiste - tenor saxophone
Fayez Virjii - trombone
Andy Grappy - tuba

01- Thelonious (part I)  3:02
02- Thelonious (part II)  4:01
03- Friday the 13th  15:05
04- Monk's Mood  10:48
05- UT  10:09
06- Thelonious Monk interview  0:53
07- Little Rootie Tootie  11:06
08- UT - Impro on Thelonious  5:38
09- Crepuscule with Nellie  7:46
10- Outro  1:53

TT 70:26

Source : TSF Jazzlive / Marantz MF Tuner / RH-09R / Audacity / Xact


Jim Dvorak, trumpet, pocket trumpet, whistles, voice, percussion
Marcio Mattos, bass, cello
Ken Hyder, drums, percussion, khoomei & kargirah vocals

1. No Harm Done     12:07
2. Big Heart     4:30
3. The Ultimate Gift     5:02
4. On The Mend     12:48
5. Inside Out     9:15
6. The Gathering     7:29
7. Practice Makes Perfect     2:03

Recorded at The Premises, October 27th & November 3rd 1994.

Impetus IMP CD 19425 (1995)