26 November 2007

derek bailey and han bennink- icpoo4 1969, LAME 320

heres a christmas present from brent who says 'Ok Mr. Fancypants-high-bitrate, here is icp004 at 320: '
this is the very first of many collaborations between derek bailey and han bennink.
and its a true marvel.
unfortunately this will probably not ever be reissued because the tapes of early icp albums have regretably been lost, (i dont know the full story of how that tradgedy happened, but merely read a referance to the fact some 15 years ago).
many thanks to brent for this contribution.
han bennink at his advancing age is still making high energy music, and recording at an alarming rate... check it out... and his art(he designed the covers)
details of this session are
icp 4 1969han bennink –drDerek bailey- g

An old woman is shelling beans…..
Chonki chonki..
gachi= long thin African trumpet
Good morning, Derek
link in comments at 320

21 November 2007

The Leaders - Live Paris 2007

the leaders
jvc jazz festival
new morning paris, france18.10.2007


chico freeman – ts, ss
bobby watson – as
eddie henderson – tr, flh
fred harris – p
buster williams – b
michael baker – dr

01. unknown title 22:44
02. unknown title 32:29
03. intro chico freeman 04:46
04. the ascended one 16:25

The muti-instrumentalist reedsman, Chico Freeman formed the first version of the band he called The Leaders in the 1980s. The other horn players were Lester Bowie and Arthur Blythe. They made several recordings, one of which, "Slipping and Sliding" is still available for download on fredito's excellent blog site http://huppeshyalites.blogspot.com/ (you'll have to search for it).

The Leaders have recently been reformed with the lineup on this concert, recorded in Paris (one of a grand tour of Europe in October and November). I'm not familiar with Bobby Watson, I gather he started his career with Art Blakey and later formed a band called Horizon (which I know nothing about). Eddie Henderson played with Herbie Hancock's band for many years, and has since played with just about everybody around. Of the rhythm section, I guess the best known is Buster Williams, having played with Miles Davis, Chick Corea, Elvin Jones and a whole bunch of other greats, as well as leading his own bands.

The music on this recording is really red hot. Stylistically, I guess you'd call it hard bob (or post bebop). I don't really know what these labels mean.

The recording is taken from a satellite broadcast, courtesy of seeder "unclewolfi".
I have posted links for both flac and mp3 VBR 0. Links in comments.

17 November 2007

Elvin Jones/Jimmy Garrison Sextet - Illumination (1963)

If you'd bought this LP when it was released, you'd be a bit pissed-off when you got it home and found out that it contains only about 30 minutes music and that it didn't represent value for money. If you'd hung on to it though, your patience would have been rewarded, as good copies now go for about 150 USD.

Sadly this is not my vinyl rip. It came from "Orgy In Rhythm" blog I think quite a while ago (my thanks to them). Following the interest of my recent Jones post, "Live At The Lighthouse", I thought there may be interest in this, which I think may be Elvin's first recording as leader.

Though, perhaps lacking the exitement of his later recording, Elvin is pretty solid throughout, but the main reason why fans should download this is for the terrific line-up:-

Elvin Jones: drums
Jimmy Garrison: bass
McCoy Tyner: piano
Charles Davis: baritone saxophone
Prince Lasha: clarinet & flute
Sonny Simmons: horn & alto saxophone

As far as I know this was the only occasion on which Simmons and Lasha recorded with Elvin.
Links in comments (click post title).
The vinyl has been ripped at a modest 160 kbps. If anyone has a copy at higher bitrate thay would be prepared to post, then I for one would be very grateful.

14 November 2007

Burton Greene - Aquariana

Since there is a recent Burton Greene posting on this blog, I thought I'd recycle one of my old postings for the C#9 blog. This one did not make it to the front page, so it's quite possible it might have passed unnoticed by many.

Not one of the more significant releases in the Byg Actuel series in my view. I haven't quite made up my mind about this one. Very free-wheeling and blow-outish as was the style at the time. I believe I've read somewhere that Greene disowns his earliest recordings. Be that as it may, but here it is for others to have the opportunity to make up their minds about it.


1. Aquarius Suite
2. Out of Bartok
3. Two One-Two Vibrations

Full line-up for each track can be found in the attached scans of front, back and inner covers.

Recorded in June 1969 in the Saravah Studios, Paris.

Dudu Pukwana & Spear - Flute Music

Here's my first "official" contribution to the blog (and thanks to Sotise for inviting me).

I have a long-lasting fascination with the whole South-African expat scene that started back in the mid-60s when the members of the Blue Notes came to the realisation that it was no longer possible for a racially mixed band to play in South Africa. They came to Europe and with the sole exception of Louis Moholo-Moholo, none of them survived to see and experience liberation.

Spear was one of the many groups or combinations started by members of the Blue Notes, in this case Dudu Pukwana & Mongezi Feza. All in all, they released three albums, "In the Townships", "Diamond Express (reissued as "Ubagile") and this one, which has never been rereleased. Origninally out on the Caroline label in 1975, a subsidiary of Virgin (yep, that's right!) I dunno whether the first one is easily available anymore, but if there's an interest, I can always put it up here.

This is off a cdr version acquired in NY last year (which conveniently saves me the time and effort of ripping my own slightly worn vinyl copy). This is Dudu and Mongesi in an afro-funk-jazz mode, music as appealing to the heart and feet as to the head. And this particular release has the added interest of featuring John Stevens on the drums, in a very different style from what he's normally associated with (the SME etc.) Funk 'em, John!


1. Flute Music (Mongezi Feza)
2. Shekele (Dudu Pukwana)
3. Ko-didi (Victor Williams)
4. Sondela (Mongezi Feza)
5. Freeze (Dudu Pukwana)
6. You Cheated Me (Mongezi Feza)
7. Flute Music (Mongezi Feza)


Dudu Pukwana - alto, piano, percussion, voice
Mongezi Feza - trumpet, flute, congas, percussion, voice
Victor Williams - piano, electric piano, voice
Pete Cowling - bass guitar
John Stevens - drums
"Bob" - congas
"The Princess" - vocals

If this one catches on, I can promise more Dudu afro-funk-jazz kindathing from the 80s (when he had his Zila band and his own label, too). And of course. much more Blue Notes and BN-derived items, too!

Enjoy - heads and feet!

11 November 2007

the dead C- language recordings volumes 1 and 2 (2000) ogg

Away from jazz based modes of improvisation for just an instant..

Heres an epic slab of prime narco fueled free post industrial improvised nowave neo psych madness.
This ones been out of circulation for a while ,and those familiar with dead c’s post siltbreeze releases on the bada bing, and starlight furniture labels

may need some priming in preparation for the unpleasant frisson generated by a post apocalyptic headfuck,.
Dead c developed in bored reaction to the morbund state of flying nun style orthodox new Zealand style guitar jangle pop.
Take the best improvised bits out of early sonic youth, remove the mostly boring lyrics, the pop hooks too then cross that with xenakis pieces kraanerg and persepolis, and you get an idea of the density of the sonic territory.
That doesn’t quite prepare you for the primal rhythmic, grunt punctuated by shimmer cymbal
Accents worthy of…
Its ironic that one of their best releases should be so inaccessible, 2nd hand copies of this are fetching quite some bucks on ebay.

Dead C- language recordings vols 1 and 2
Dec, pussyfooting
Speederbat, all channels open

One night
Realisation con slider
Fake electronics, tuba is funny (slight return)
Drill bit, high original, tidewater

Recorded between the 12th dec 1995 and the 22nd of august 1999


the post has dissapeared
blogger is screwing up.
fucked if im going to write out the info again
heres the basic info on this session

Greene Burton / Silva Alan - "The Ongoing Strings"
Rec. live at the Bim Huis in Amsterdam 14 February 1980
Hat Hut Fifteen 2R15 - 2LP

Greene Burton, piano, prepared piano, percussion, voice on first setSilva Alan, bass, cello, percussion, voice on second set.

CD1 = LP1
1. Side A first set2. Side B first setCD2 = LP21. Side A second set2. Side B second set

No track titles given.

raphe malik quartet- live in unna germany october 1979

the great Raphe malik
trumpet player first heard in cecil taylors stunning combo’s of the mid 70’s- early eighties, died last year leaving a gaping hole in the hearts of many admirers.
Read about malik’s life and the circumstances surrounding his death here.

here is a great concert from 1979, featuring 2 of malik’s most simpatico musical collaborators masters in their own right glenn spearman and jay oliver both also now sadly departed and very much missed.
The drummer on this date is steve mcraven .
This concert was originally on dime ,and may perhaps still be there in flac format.
This is a 256 rip , which I got in a trade with a friend.

Many thanks to the original trader/taper ,seeder


raphe Malik Quartet
Unna ,germany

Raphe Malik tp
Glenn Spearman ts
Jay Oliver b
Steve McCraven dr

1) 52:05 SUITE: Life Without Lloyd

total time 52:21
buy raphe malik discs
check out his many great releases on ermite, fmp etc

9 November 2007

david murray solo saxophone VOL'S 1and2, FLAC AND LAME

Continuing on with the series of early david murray recordings.
Here is murrays biggest challenge up to that point, 2 lps of solo saxophone made for cecma(another great Italian label).
For me this is the crest of a peak which includes sweet and lovely and interboogieology, and culminates with the great early octet recordings ming and home.

These 2 solo lp’s have been out of circulation since being released together on a now out of print cd in 1990.

I had only ever heard(through a friend) vol -2 which includes a great version of body and soul.
Vol 1 features 2 of murrays best early compositions in intense and very vivid versions ‘sweet and lovely’ and ‘flowers for albert’.

Murray David - "Solo - Live - Volume 1"
Cecma 1001 LP

Rec. 30 May 1980 - live in Nyon, Switzerland

Murray David, tenor, bass-clarinet.

(1) (A1) Both feet on the ground(2) (A2) B. C. (3) (B1) Rag Tag(4) (B2) Sweet Lovely(5) (B3) Flowers For Albert

Murray David - "Solo - Volume 2"
Cecma 1002 LP
CD Tracks 6,7,8 or Side A of this LP, recorded NYC August 1980.
CD tracks 9, 10 or Side B of this LP recorded 30.5.1980
live in Nyon, Switzerland, as per LP vol. one above.

Murray David, tenor.

(6) (A1) Body and soul(7) (A2) We see(8) (A3) untitled(9) (B1) Solo # 1(10) (B2) Solo # 2

both of the albums are included in one split archive (though in separate folders)
in both vbr and flac

many thanks to glmlr – for the original rip from clean vinyl, and for the opportunity to finally hear vol 1 , and have a hard copy of both these marvelous records!


heres a great and now sadly rare and unreissued LEE KONITZ/ MATIAL SOLAL album , which was recorded in italy for the shortlived, now famed horo label.

The horo label ,is probably most remembered these days for a couple of legendary sun ra small group albums, and documents of sam rivers tuba band.
They also recorded many supposedly “mainstream ‘ gems.
I d have to disagree with anyone who thinks of konitz, as a mainstream player.

John tchicai reffered to konitz as the most avantguard sax player of the sixties after Coltrane!!!

This album contains what must be among the most radical deconstructions of standard jazz tunes ever
With konitz and solal pushing into a chromaticism so extreme on some tracks that tonal centers of tunes disappear entirely.
Often the melody is not even stated in its original form at all, and either fractured beyond the point of recognition.
Or completely pulverized after a brief passing statement.

Its easy to characterize this as cool, dry, whatever.
That there are freedoms here is an understatement, the pervasive level of thematic abstraction has its own freefloating momentum.

Check it out and understand what tchicai,( and Braxton ,for that matter) was on about.

Konitz- alto and tenor sax
Martial solal- piano

(double lp)
info and some partial scans included.

8 November 2007


Here's a wonderful concert by the great Arthur Blythe in his prime.

One of my favourite concert albums of all time has always been the Grip/Metamorphosis set on India Navigation from a few years before this concert.

Arthur has been around forever, and has recently (last 10 years) made a spate of great records for diverse labels.

For a time it looked like he was floundering after being picked up by cbs, for whom he made a couple of great records which didn’t sell, and are only now being rediscovered for the gems they are.
Label executives have never been terribly tolerant of artists intentions, unless they can make money.
So it seemed to a lot of Arthurs fans for a time that he was being manicured , and given a commercial makeover that didn’t suit him at which a lot of his virtues and integrity were sacrificed, to recoup the big advances and initial cost of that manicure.

But Arthur's back in full force,
And heres a potent souvenir from the glory days of that great period from the mid seventies to the early eighties.

Thanks to the original seeder/trader
[I'm sorry I don’t have the flacs for this one! > now available in Flac]

Arthur Blythe Quintet
Jazz festival –Montreal Quebec
July 1981

Track list
1)intro, announcement
4)hip tripper
6)faceless woman
7) short solo- by Arthur
(see comments for an improved track list)

Arthur Blythe - alto sax
Bob Stewart - tuba
Abdul Wadud - cello
Kelvyn Bell - guitar
Bobby Battle - drums
check out arthur's recent recordings!!

6 November 2007

Elvin Jones - Live at The Lighthouse 1972

Elvin Jones is not often posted on blogs. He may not have had the artistry of Sunny Murray or Max Roach, but he was one of the greatest rhythmic drummers of all time. Famous of course for his 6 year stint with Coltrane, after which he was replaced by Rashied Ali, Elvin embarked on a career as leader of his own bands. I had the good fortune to catch a live concert in London, slightly earlier than this recording, and with Joe Farrell instead of Liebman.

This recording was released as a double LP by Blue Note. For some unexplained reason they never re-released it on CD. I have seen reference to a Japanese import, but I've never seen it. The highlight of the set, for me, is the opening tune "Fancy Free" which has some fantastic soloing from Liebman on soprano and Grossman on tenor.


Elvin Jones - drums
Steve Grossman - tenor sax
Dave Liebman - tenor and soprano sax
Gene Perla - bass

01 Announcement
02 Fancy Free (Donald Byrd)
03 Sambra (G Perla)
04 The Children, Save The Children (D Garcia)
05 Happy Birthday
06 Sweet Mama (G Perla)
07 New Breed (D Liebman)
08 My Ship (I Gershwin)

Vinyl ripped at VBR quality 0. Links in comments.

NOTE. On average, the posts on this blog are downloaded about 100 times. About 4 or 5 comments are left by you. That means an awful lot of people are just taking. If you don't like the music, please say so. If you do, please let us know. I've seen a lot of blogs disppear because the bloggers become dispirited. Thank you.