31 December 2010

Sunny Murray Quartet - Live in Moers '79

The full version of a concert already published by Moers Music
and now OOP (i think). Two tracks and about 24 more minutes.

Rec. live at "The 8th Moers Festival", Moers, Germany,
on June 3, 1979 (mics recording)

David Murray,tenor sax,bass clarinet
Malachi Favors,bass,percussion
Sunny Murray,drums
Cheikh Tidiane Fall,congas

1. Unknown (10:06)
2. Tree Tops (08:00)
3. Happiness Tears (16:12)
4. Sweet Lovely (11:43)
5. German Dilemma (17:19)
6. Unknown Encore (07:22)

Total Time 1:10:45


I've hunted for this recording a long time.
It is virtually an japanese all-star group - different in approach than the known recordings by their respective members.

Toshinori Kondo, trumpet, percussion
Akira Sakata, alto saxophone, clarinet, vocals, percussion
Gerald Oshita, tenor & soprano saxophone, alto flute, piccolo, marimba, percussion
Yosuke Yamashita, piano, mar, marimba, percussion
Hideaki Mochizuki, bass, percussion
Shota Koyama, drums & percussion

1. Jam Rice Relaxin' (part 1) 19:57
2. Jam Rice Relaxin' (part 2) 23:06

Live at "Aketa no mise", Tokyo on April 5,6,7 & 13, 1976.



A last one for the old year.


Takashi Kako: p, celesta
Akira Sakata: as, bcl
Masahiko Togashi: dr, perc
New Herd:
Toshiuki Miyama: conductor
Koichi Ono, Natsuki Tamura, Masanobu Takei, Shigeru Kammori: tp
Tekuhiro Kataoka, Kenchi Tsunoda, Takeo Arai, Ryohu Imai: tb
Kazumi Oguro, Shinji Nakayama: as, cl, fl
Mamoru Mori, Norio Moriguchi: ts, cl, fl
Kenichi Tada: bs, bcl, fl
Kiyoshi Takano: p
Yasushi Fukushima: b
Yoshio Nakamura: ds

1. El Al I (Kako) 7:38
2. El Al II (Kako) 11:45
3. El Al III (Kako) 8:34
4. El Al IV (Kako) 10:40

Recorded August 28, 29 & September 4, 1978 at Media Studio Tokyo

Produced by Toshiaki Sugimoto

(Union Jazz TECP-18777, CD reissue 1991)


This the earliest known (to me) non AMM recording from Eddie Prévost.
Joined by Marcio Mattos on bass and two remarkable musicians - Geoff Hawkins and
Gerry Gold.
You can hear this group also on a cd which is still available on Matchless :

It's worth every penny and more!

Geoff Hawkins, tenor saxophone
Gerry Gold, trumpet & fluegelhorn
Marcio Mattos, bass
Eddie Prévost, drums

1. 'Now' 23:12
2. 'Here' 06:11
3. 'This' 05:04
4. 'Then' 08:31

Recorded at the ICA Theatre, London on September 5, 1976.


(vinyl rip)

29 December 2010


This is precious music although I got the LP at a very favourable price. It's a prize!
Sorry for the cheap joke but the titel will cast a smile on my face and the music even more...


Jiří Stivín, recorder, basque flute, alto sax, flute
Zbigniew Seifert, violin
Rudolf Dašek, guitar
Barre Phillips, bass
Josef Vejvoda, drums, percussion
Milan Vitoch, drums, percussion

1. Five Hits In A Row (Stivín) 14:58
2. Anten (Phillips) 06:01
3. Give More (Stivín) 07:43
4. Shadows Of Dogs And People (Stivín) 05:42
5. Phone On Monday And Reverse The Charge (Stivín) 07:30

Recorded at the Supraphon Studio, Prague.
From 25th to 27th February, 1972.

SUPRAPHON 1 15 1229

27 December 2010


A wonderful, very (to my ears ) AACM influenced , double LP by Swiss Composer multi instrumentalist Urs Blöchlinger ... i have to confess almost total ignorance regarding his work ,

the only other thing i have even heard him on ... (played to me by a friend years ago ) is a Hat -Hut double lp called Lunatico under Werner Ludi's name , Blöchlinger from memory only played on a few pieces.

This live performance is very fine ... Emphasising mostly Blöchlinger's own compositions, though there is a surprise by way of an exellent cover of the Art Ensemble of Chicago's Ancestral Meditations on which Blöchlinger plays some meaty Bass Sax.

The pieces alternate , angular post AACM free bop with ethno flavoured compositions, and free improvisation. Side 4 is a concrete like tape montage featuring Blöchlinger improvising through out.

The inventive bass and drums of Thomas Dürst and Thomas Hiestand, provide much more than mere rhythmic support, Thomas Dürst's 'Fifi and the heartbreakers' also featuring Blöchlingers masterful bass sax is one of the highlights ..

To my Knowledge this has never been reissued , and is not listed in Planisphare's recent Catalogue's .. a pity, indeed not much Blöchlinger seems readily available ..

PLANISPHARE LPS-1267-3/4 1982
Urs Blöchlinger - alto, bass & sopranino saxes, flute , angklung, ch-phon
Thomas Dürst- double bass
Thomas Hiestand - percussion

A1. An Other Thing And Other Things    
A2. Baghwan Business    
B1. Baghwan In Amerika    
B2. Ancestral Meditations   
C1. Fifi And The Heartbreakers   
C2. Mani    
D1. Altes Kungusisches Volkslied    
D2. Die Stimme Des Volkes    
D3. Ballade Ordinaire

Recorded in October 1982 at the Old Mill, Merenschwand, Switzerland.
Blochlingers myspace page


It seems that this three musicians had played already some time together before cutting these two sides. All in all a "typical" recording for the two dutch masters - including this wonderful quirky humor. And Keshavan Maslak is with ease on par cum Misha and Han.


Misha Mengelberg, p
Keshavan Maslak, ts,as,ss,picc,bcl,hum-ha horn
Han Bennink, dr,vla,cl,tb

1. Humanplexity 05:43
2. Overear Woman 08:12
3. Lick My Elbow, Lick My Elbow 09:11
4. Quick Majestic Death in Manhattan 08:28
5. Purple Window Wind 03:07
6. Serious Fun (at times) 05:32
7. Ha Ha Ha 09:10

Recorded November 4, 1979, Amsterdam.

LEO LR 101

26 December 2010

Michel Magne-L'interdit, Delectation suave pour une mor Heureuse-1977 ( l'expression, Strassbourg LP)

A lovely and rather rare lp by French Composer Michel Magne .... best known for his film scores ,including most infamously the soundtrack to "Barbarella"

picked up years ago in a junk shop , including a signed score printed on heavy cotton rag.
Magne was a friend and Collaborator of French Neo-Dadaist Yves Klein and also Collaborated with jazz musicians , did some arranging for pop bands , as well as composing purely electronic pieces.

From the 40's onwards he was evolving a concept of so called visual music, on paper quite similar in many respects to the bahaus visual-aural synthesis of a Klee or a Kandinsky except with sound as the prime element.

A cursory google search.. reweals that quite a bit of his film and pop orientated work is up on blogs ..
including a particularly engaging collaboration with jazz pianist Martial Solal, at OIR.

A dreamlike music which builds slowly from small cells that appear to float as if suspended in time , odd intervals , Microtones .. and Glissandi Galore ..
unusual instrumentation ...  Also..texturally reminiscent of Claude debussy's late chamber music,

Marie-Claude Vallin soprano
Janine Kieffer-violin
Detlef Kieffer-Cymbalom

A-L'interdit (the forbidden, my trans)
B-Delectation suave pour une mor Heureuse.. ( Suave anticipation of an early death-my trans)

AThe notes refer to these performers as having a record out of work by Haubenstock -ramati, as well as a recording of Schoenberg's pierrot lunaire.

Magne @ Myspace

Le Santur de O.M.Chourasiya-ESP,FR- 165-543 1981

Another esperance lp...

An understated, spare, numinous, magical performance by santoor master O.M.Prakash Chourasiya.. one of my very favourites.

This seems to have been the very first release by Chourasiya.

Le Santur de O.M.Chourasiya-ESP,FR- 165-543 1981
Side A- Raga Chandra Neel

Side B-Dhun

O.M-Prakash Chourasiya-Santur (Santoor)

Mukunda N Bhale-Tabla

Dileep Bhagwut- tanpura

Pt Chourasiya's website, and Discography

25 December 2010


More from Japan - this one is a donation by someone who shall remain incognito. Thank you!


Masahiko Satoh: p
Yasuo Arakawa: b
Masahiko Togashi: dr, perc

1. Tigris (Satoh) 7:11
2. On A Clear Day (You Can See For Ever) (Satoh) 7:48
3. Transformation part.1 (Satoh) 15:10
4. Transformation part.2 (Satoh) 3:39

Recorded March 17 & 20, 1969 (1-2) and March 2, 1971 (3-4)

(Express TOCT-9734, 1996 CD reissue of Express/Toshiba ETP-9041)

Sabir Mateen & Libera Duo + Stefano Ferrian - Live in Novara '10

Unfortunately only an excerpt from a concert that will be integrally
published the next year.
Remarkable the harmony between Mateen and the three Italian
musicians, at their first meeting.

Rec. live at "Trattoria San Marco", Novara, Italy, on May 27, 2010
(radio broadcast)

Sabir Mateen,clarinet & tenor sax
Libera Duo :
Andrea Quattrini,drums
Luca Pissavini,bass
Stefano Ferrian,tenor sax

1. Extract (36:22)

22 December 2010

Alan Silva Bells Of Sant'Anna - Live in Sant'Anna Arresi '10

An original project for the 25th
edition of the Sardinian festival,
well worth listening...

Rec. live at "Piazza del Nuraghe", Sant’Anna Arresi, Italy,
on August 24, 2010 (radio broadcast)

Alan Silva,bass,synth,conductor
Evan Parker/Ernest Dawkins/Greg Ward,reeds
Shaun Johnson,trumpet
Joseph Bowie,trombone
Bobby Few,piano
On Ka'a Davis,guitar
Juini Booth,bass
Warren Smith,drums

1. Bells Of Sant'Anna [A.Silva] (1.03:39)


Here's more from Masahiko Togashi's delicate art of percussion.


Masami Nakagawa,as,fl,perc
Takashi Kako,p,perc
Keiki Midorikawa,vc,b,perc
Masahiko Togashi,dr,perc

1. Sketch 3 (09:57)
2. Sketch 4 (06:50)
3. Sketch 2 (06:58)
4. Sketch 1 (10:49)

Nippon Columbia Studio 1, Tokyo between June 7-9, 1977


21 December 2010


Here is my first X-mas present for you.

This is probably the most adventurous and for me one of the best recordings from Joachim Kühn.


Eje Thelin,tb
Joachim Kühn,as,p
Adelhard Roidinger,b
Jacques Thollot,dr

1. Arrondissment 02:24
2. Arrondissment 13:22
3. Arrondissment 10:14
4. Arrondissment 05:34
5. Arrondissment 06:08
6. Arrondissment 03:00
7. Arrondissment 06:20
8. Arrondissment 14:52

Paris, September 23 & 24, 1970


Marion Brown - Solo Saxophone

Marion Brown - as

I have posted this before as mp3, but it is reposted as .wav mixed through Blue Circle tube gear and click removal with Adobe Audition.

Sweet Earth - vinyl rip, wav files, click removal
Sweet Earth Records SER 1001
July 2, 1977
The Environ, New York City (live)

Hurry Sundown [6:38] (Richard Huey, Clarence Williams)
Angel Eyes [7:35] (Matt Dennis)
El Bochinchero [10:35] (Marion Brown)
And Then They Danced [10:45] (Marion Brown)
La Placita [8:41] (Marion Brown)
Encore [4:56] (Marion Brown)

New scans of front and back courtesy of Serviceton!

20 December 2010

Ran Blake & Guests - Live in Rome '10

The fourth of five concerts from the short European tour the great
Ran Blake has closed yesterday (Dec. 19 - Trem Azul Jazz Store,
Lisbon, Portugal).
Being in Rome in those days, I have obviously recorded the concert,
but the same will be probably issued on CD on the Tompkins Square
label the next year.

Rec. live at "Casa del Jazz", Rome, Italy, on December 16, 2010
(mics recording)

Ran Blake,piano
Jacopo Jacopetti,tenor sax (2/3/6)
David "Knife" Fabris,electric guitar (3)

1. Dream Worlds : Cry Wolf [R.Blake]/Magic Row [G.Schuller]/You Stepped Out Of A Dream [N.H.Brown] (09:05)

2. Guest Spot I : The Short Life Of Barbara Monk [R.Blake] (05:05)

3. Guest Spot II : Spiral Staircase [R.Webb]/Memphis [R.Blake] (06:49)

4. The Luciano Set : Field Cry [W.L.James]/Nature Boy [E.Ahbez]/ Luciano [R.Blake]/Mingus [C.Mingus/R.Blake] (07:57)

5. Inspirations [R.Blake] : Chabrol In Brazil/Abbey Lincoln/Stevie Wonder (27:24)

6. Encore : The Short Life Of Barbara Monk [R.Blake] (04:54)

Total Time 1:01:16

19 December 2010

Steve Grossman - Live at the Someday

cd rip, flac files

Mr. Sandman
Out of Nowhere
New York Bossa

Steve Grossman on saxophone

Makoto Terashita on piano

Yoshio Suzuki on bass

Masahiro Yoshida on drums



May 1987

Manfred Schoof - Distant Thunder

More from the Yamashita Trio

Manfred Schoof - tp
Yosuke Yamashita - piano
Akira Sakata - as, cl
Takeo Moriyama - dr

Enja, 1975 vinyl rip , wav files



Round Midnight
Distant Thunder

18 December 2010


Raw and powerful. A master drummer. Frenetic reeds.

What kind of "bäbi" is this...


Arthur Doyle,reeds
Hugh Glover,reeds
Milford Graves,percussion

1. Bä 11:48
2. bi 04:01
3. Bäbi 15:25

Recorded: 3-20-1976 at WBAI-FM/Free Music Store, New York.


(flac & cover > comments)

17 December 2010

Bali- divertissment Musicaux et danses de transe-Ocora 72, lp 1971

Here's an LP of grainy field recordings from Bali ,
made by French radio in 1971...on the magnificent Ocora label

These recordings remain, as yet unissued on CD

from the liners
"Balinese daily life would be as unthinkable without music as it would without incense flowers and offerings.

Music and its body of Dances and entertainments, is the agent which most obviously welds the different aspects of social activity (both profane and sacred) into a single tradition.

This record presents the extreme poles of the Magico-ludic axis about which musical activity resolves ,by bringing together entertainment music (side -A) and the songs whicxh accompany trance danses (side-B)

the recordings were made in august 1971 in and around Denpasar, notably in Pliatan"

Side A- Divertissement Musicaux
1-Geng gong- kupuarum
2-Geng Gong -pendet
4-Flute Solo
5-Gamelan Semar Peguligan-Sekar Gadung
6- Gamelan Semar Peguligan- Pengawak lasem.

Side-B- Danses de transes
1- Transes Sanghyang Dedari ,et Sangyang Djaran.

 covers included in the files
Flac -44hz -16 bit downsampled from 48 hz-24 bit.


16 December 2010

BOMBAY SISTERS "OOTHUKADU - Venkata Subbier's Songs on Lord Krishna"

This cassette is the only souvenir which I have from my trip to Singapur. I bought it while visiting a tiny music shop in the indian quarter.
I stepped into the shop and immediately heard this music from a pair of somewhat beaten-up speakers.
It was a small epiphany - two indian ladies in saris were in the shop together with the owner and the music struck me like a thunderbolt...
I bought the tape and have heard it the following years at least 250 times. Nowadays I return occasionally to it.

The tape is a rip from an older lp - made from the shop-owner himself.
There is a drop-out for the second half of track 6. And the recording level is a bit overdriven but for me it fits - heavy grooving percussion, strings and these two enchanting voices in unison.
This is a kind of devotion I can approve.

The Bombay Sisters are part of the trend of duo singing in Carnatic music, which started in the 1950s, with performers like Radha Jayalakshmi, and Soolamangalam Sisters, they have been singing since 1963 when they started with light classical music, subsequently progressing to classical music; they sing in multiple languages including Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada, Sanskrit, Hindi and Marathi. They are also known for promoting young musicians through endowments and scholarships.
More information > http://bombaysisters.com/

BOMBAY SISTERS "OOTHUKADU - Venkata Subbier's Songs on Lord Krishna"

C. Saroja and C. Lalitha, vocals

(other musicians not named on the tape's cover)

01. Thaye yasode 07:07
02. Asainthadum Mayil 05:21
03. Aad aadhu Asangathu 04:09
04. Vanthathuvum Ponathuvum 03:25
05. Paal Vadiyium Mugham 04:35
06. Maninoopura Dhari 06:17
07. Kuzhaloothi manamellam 05:12
08. Enna Punniyam 05:44
09. Parvai Onru Podume 03:44
10. Pullai Piravi 05:11
11. Madhananga Mohana 03:25
12. Alaipayuthe 07:54

(no recording location or date on the cover - I purchased the tape in May 1993)

For Sotise


...and another one from Germany.


Ekkehard Jost,bs,sops,bcl,cbcl
Dieter Manderscheid,b
Günter Sommer,dr,perc

01. Das Grosse Rad (S/J/M) 04:18
02. Murphy (J) 06:50
03. Tris (M) 05:37
04. Oh Hangelstein (J) 03:50
05. Die Reise Zu Georg-Philipp Gaga (J/M/S) 02:52
06. Die Ungelösten Fragen Der Sippe Valdez (J) 04:30
07. Deep Steezle Kick (J/S/M) 04:13
08. Nymphaea Alba (Kuchenbuch) 03:45
09. French Tour (M) 04:04
10. Camino Fatal (M/S/J) 05:38

Recorded in Giessen, Germany on August 16./17., 1990



Here is a trio from Japan...

Akira Sakata, alto clarinet, alto saxophone, vocals
Hiroshi Yoshino, bass
Nobuo Fujii, drums

1. Right Frankenstein in Saigne-Legier 13:45
2. Strange Island 07:49
3. Comme A La Radio 11:02
4. Inanaki,2nd 09:48

Recorded: "Live" at the Vielharmonie, Munich on 11th June, 1981.

ENJA 4002 (vinyl rip)

15 December 2010

Shibusashirazu Orchestra live on NHK, Japan, 2006

With the blog on a Japanese roll lately, I can't help but add to it with the mighty, wild and wacky Shibusashirazu. I had the opportunity and good luck to see them back in 2K, and as anyone who has seen them can confirm, hearing them is only half the sensory experience. No, make that less than half the sensory experience.

What's here are two one-hour programmes off NHK, Japanese public radio, broadcast 1 and 8 March 2006. Taken from the same concert, but split into two separate broadcasts for radio convenience sake.

A little background:

Kinetic, theatrical and spectacular - Shibusa Shirazu's electrifying shows are an experience like no other. The large-scale Japanese jazz act comprises 20-30 musicians, singers, female dancers, butoh dancers, artists and actors, all perform together to bring genre-defying shows propelled by powerful dance beats.

Audience at Glastonbury Festival 2002, Moers New Jazz Festival and many other venues during their four European tours were wowed at the exciting spectacle of music, dance, live painting, anime screening and stunning stage props, which include a huge flying balloon dragon and even fireworks. Their flexible line-up is capable of bringing the same degree of excitement to venues of any size, from concert halls to clubs.

Dazzling line-up of top-rated performers Shibusa Shirazu was started in 1988 by bassist Daisuke Fuwa with Japan's top-rated musicians. It is now a flexible outfit of 20 to 30 musicians, including wind and brass instruments such as saxes, trumpets and a flute; string instruments such as violin, guitar, bass and biwa (a traditional Japanese instrument); drummers and percussionists; keyboards and more. Singers, white-body-painted, half-naked butoh dancers, female dancers in flashy costumes and stage prop artists augment the musicians.

Spectacular performance, flexible formation Shibusa Shirazu's large-scale production has proven apt for major music festivals, as attested by enthusiastic audiences, many of whom caught off guard, at Glastonbury Festival 2002 and Moers New Jazz Festival. A lesser known fact is that it is a flexible outfit that doesn't discriminate venues, from out-door events, concert halls, clubs to even streets.

Shibusa Shirazu (SHEE-BOO-SAH SHEE-RAH-ZOO) is a Japanese phrase meaning "Never be cool". As the name says, the band doesn't stay within the "cool" frame of jazz big bands. Although based on jazz featuring improvisation, its music reaches over into romantic Japanese "kayo" songs, rock, funk, ska, Latin, trance and Balkan beats.

"It's always a pleasure for us to visit new places and meet people. Come and see us next time we are in your country. We are in tip-top shape and are itching to strut our stuff." Daisuke Fuwa (band leader)"

The basic data:

Shibusashirazu Orchestra
NHK 505 Studio, Shibuya, Tokyo
Feb 9th, 2006

Daisuke Fuwa (dandorist, vo)
Han Sato (ts)
Keiko Komori (as, ss)
Yoshiyuki Kawaguchi (as, hca)
Akira Kitou (bs)
Yoichiro Kita (tp)
Mitsuhide Tatsumi (tp)
Daisuke Takaoka (tuba)
Aya Murodate (fl, vo)
Alata Suzuki (EWI)
Kazuhisa Uchihashi (g)[right]
Ryoichi "Shacho" Saito (g)[left]
Atsushi Tanaka (g)
Yuji Katsui (el-vln)
Dairo Suga (p)
Sachiko Nakajima (key)
Hiroshi Higo (el-b)
Futoshi Okamura (dr)
Hitoshi Kuramochi (dr)
Jun Isobe (dr)
Takayuki Matsumura (perc)
Mari Sekine (perc, vo)
Shin'ichi Watanabe (MC, vo)
Sayaka & Pero (dance)
To-yo, Shimo, Chie (butoh)
Kohtaro Yokozawa, Ken'ichi Aoyama (VJ)

1. station ID (0:17)
2. DJ intro (1:30)
3. Theme of Inuhime (22:12)
4. Hikouki (11:57)
5. Matatabi (A. Sasaki)(19:34)
6. Lion [fade out, DJ voiceover](4:29)

1. station ID (0:15)
2. DJ intro (0:46)
3. Lion [fade in] / Fishermen's Band / Lion (20:48)
4. Dorokazoku no Uta (4:34)
5. Naadam (E. Hayashi)(21:25)
5. Theme of Honda Komuten (8:14)
6. Senzu (1:05)
7. Sutekichi (0:25)
8. DJ outro (2:25)

All songs by Fuwa except indicated otherwise

Thanks to the taper/uploader. Much appreciated. I do have a little more, including a triple cd I got at the 2K concert here in town. So, if this catches on, there's more ...

Meanwhile, never be cool ...

3 Vilayat Khan LP's,from the late 60's

Here are a few favourites( all out of print as far as i can tell ) by the great Bengali Sitar master Vilayat khan-(1928-2004), someone perhaps unjustly overshadowed in the west by better known more sophisticated peers such as Ravi Shankar , and Nikil Banjeree.
theres a real rawness , and risk taking edge to the playing that i find most congenial . trance and ecstatic euphoria , enjoyably punctuated by moments of ..chaos... which are rare in this music.
the playing goes a long way beyond mere melodic embroidery...

The Genius of Vilayat Khan- Ealp -1266-(1966)

A-1-Raga Ahir Bhairav

Vilayat Khan-Sitar
Mohammad Ahmad-Tabla

Music from India series- Vilayat Khan-EMI India lp,ASD 2460-(1969)

A- Raga Jaijaiwanti
B- Raga Rageshree

Vilayat Khan-Sitar
Shanta Prasad-Tabla

.....And best of all!

Vilayat Khan- Music of India HMV /world record Club/lp S/CE 3068

Vilayat Khan-Sitar
Imrat Khan-Surbahar, Sitar
Shanta Prasad-tabla

A-1- Raga Suha Surai
B-1- Raga Thumree Piloo

These were all originally posted (by me) , at SFRP's Classical Indian thread... Not too long ago...

Down sampled from 48 hz-24 BIT , to normal 16 bit Flacs ...
minimal processing used...


more info about V.Khan

A Wonderful , rare Jgalbandi lp with Bismillah Khan , can be found here

12 December 2010


A meeting between traditional and modern musicians.
Hozan Yamamoto became famous in the world of Jazz through his collaboration with Tony Scott.
Together they recorded "Music for Zen Meditation". He has worked among others with Ravi Shankar, Gary Peacock and Karl Berger.


Hozan Yamamoto, shakuhachi
Masahiko Togashi, percussion
Yosuke Yamashita, piano

1. Breath Prologue (Togashi) 05:12
2. Joy (Yamamoto) 09:31
3. Bamboo Holyday (Yamamoto) 04:51
4. Eastern Ceremony (Togashi) 07:53
5. Encounter (Togashi - Yamashita) 09:24
6. Basic Flight (Yamashita) 05:32
7. Rainbow (Yamamoto) 08:17
8. Breath Epilogue (Togashi) 02:32

Recorded at Nippon Columbia Studios No.1, Tokyo on 13th April, 1984.

DENON PCM 38C38-7281

11 December 2010


This is the earliest recording with Sten Sandell.
At least the first side sounds more like "Industrial" than Free Jazz/Improvisation.
Dror Feiler - the "leader" of this group is also a well known contemporary composer.
His compositions are mostly harsh and noisy and beautiful.
At least once a group of contemporary musicians refused to play a composition - which was announced only very shortly before the concert. They said that his music were too loud, although the same musicians rehearsed the piece before...
Does nowadays scandals come rather from the musicians than from the public?

Hear for yourself.


Tommy Björk,dr
Dror Feiler,sops,as,cl,bassett-horn,cbcl,synth
Sören Runolf,vc
Sten Sandell,p

1. Ovation 06:17
2. Fragment 01:10
3. Vakuum 04:36
4. Bön 07:05
5. Siciliansk öppning 03:26
6. Konstruktion 08:01
7. Axiom 03:51
8. Homage 05:05

Recorded at Fasching and Modern Museum,Stockholm, August 1979.


(Flac and cover - link in comment)

9 December 2010


In the year 2002 I heard for the first time Kang Tae Hwan. Some months later I read about the group "Ton Klami". But it lasted until winter 2009 that a japanese acquaintance brought me this deleted CD from Japan.
Share the joy about hearing it for the first time with me...


Masahiko Satoh,p (except 4)
Midori Takada,perc (except 4)
Kang Tae Hwan,as (except 3)

Special Guest:
Ned Rothenberg,as,bcl (except 2,6,7)

1. Bamboo Shoots (Satoh) 04:32
2. Narai (Takada) 12:16
3. Yaagaad (Satoh-Takada-Rothenberg) 08:18
4. Fu-Hak (Kang-Rothenberg) 07:15
5. Paramggod (Satoh-Takada-Kang-Rothenberg) 06:44
6. Element (Satoh) 04:58
7. Zuun Salkhi (Satoh-Takada-Kang) 09:41

Recorded at CRS Studio No.1 on 8th September, 1994


8 December 2010


More Masahiko Togashi - here with a Big Band plus Masahiko Satoh and Sabu Toyozumi.
No Swing - off course? - instead spacious and sinewy soundscapes...


Masahiko Sato,p
Masahiko Togashi,dr,perc

Toshiyuki Miyama,conductor & NEW HERD ORCHESTRA

Koji Hatori, Bunji Murata, Kenichi Sano, Kunio Fujisaki,tp
Teruhiko Kataoka, Masamichi Uetaka, Seiichi Tokura,tb
Takeshi Aoki,btb
Hiroshi Takami, Shinji Nakayama,as,fl
Kosuke Ichihara, Shoji Maeda,ts,fl
Shunzo Sunahara,bs,bcl
Yoshinobu Imashiro,p
Kozaburo Yamaki,g
Goro Yamamoto,b
Yoshisaburo Toyozumi,dr

1. Canto I (TOGASHI) 02:01
2. Canto II (TOGASHI) 04:03
3. Canto III (TOGASHI) 09:08
4. Canto IV (TOGASHI) 03:16
5. Canto V (TOGASHI) 13:40

Recorded on January 22, 27, 1971 in Tokyo

Columbia NCB-7012 (LP first edition)

Max Roach & Archie Shepp - Live in Milan '78 [New Links]

Another sax/drums duo...

Rec. live at "Castello Sforzesco", Milan, italy, on July 22,
1978 (mics recording)

Max Roach,drums (-4)
Archie Shepp,tenor sax (-3)

1. Sweet Mao : Le Marche (23:22)
2. Suid Afrika '76 (22:58)
3. J.C.Moses/For Big Sid/Drums Unlimited/Papa Joe (11:58)
4. Lush Life/Steam (15:12)
5. Sweet Mao : Le Commencement (20:22)
6. Moose The Mooche [encore] (08:15)

Total Time 1:42:08

6 December 2010


As my reservoir on Masahiko Togashi (deleted ones) comes almost to an end, I'll continue the japanese series with another great master.
As far as I know most recordings of Masayuki Takayanagi are available. I got this CD from a Company in Hamburg which sells tea. Let's have a mouthful.
"Free Form Suite" is a mixed bag insofar as there is a more "traditional" part - the first three tracks - and than a more powerful part called "Free Form Suite".
Not his most ferocious music - but listen for yourself.


Masayuki Takayanagi,acoustic, electric & gut guitar
Kenji Mori,cl,fl,ss,as,picc,recorder
Hiroshi Yamazaki,dr,perc
Joe Mizuki,dr,perc
Toshio Saito,time conductor (4,5,6)

1. The Blues 06:07
2. You Don't Know What Love Is 09:47
3. Sun In The East 09:58
4. Free Form Suite
1st Movement 06:46
2nd Movement 06:35
3rd Movement 09:47

Recorded "Live" at Aoi Studio, Tokyo on 19th May, 1972

In Germany there is an idiomatic expression which goes roughly ... "on one foot there is no good standing".

I found the second foot some days ago.



New Acoustic Swing Duo - live in Essen 1968

Due to requests, here is a live date by the duo of Willem Breuker and Han Bennink, known as the New Acoustic Swing Duo. This date was shortly after the release of their album, the first on the new ICP label, pictured above.

1968-06.00 / BREUKER
NEW ACOUSTIC SWING DUO (Willem Breuker & Han Bennink)
Early June 1968 – Essen (Germany), Jazzclub Podium
Willem Breuker ts/as/bcl/cl/ss; Han Bennink d/kalimba.

First Set
1. TENOR & DRUMS (Breuker/Bennink) – 14:54
2. ALTO & DRUMS (Breuker/Bennink) – 9:31
3. BASSCLARINET & DRUMS (Breuker/Bennink) – 17:57

Second Set
4. CLARINET & DRUMS (Breuker/Bennink) – 10:39
5. SOPRANO & DRUMS (Breuker/Bennink) – 10:48 into
6. BASSCLARINET/TENOR & KALIMBA/DRUMS (Breuker/Bennink) – 14:56

Length: 3t/42'42" + 3t/37'35" = 6t/81'
Source: AUD

Breuker switched instruments between each piece. Two sets in all, just a little over 80 minutes. Hard to say what I prefer, but I've always enjoyed Breuker on the bass clarinet and some may recall the duet with John Surman on the "Gittin' to know y'all" album from the Baden Baden Free Jazz Meeting in 1969.

Here's a little description of the setting:

This is an audience recording I've done together with a friend of mine at a small jazz club called "Podium" in Essen (Germany). I've lost the notice with the exact date, but I'm remembering, that the concert took place on the first or second weekend in June 1968. It was a short time after the first LP of this "NEW ACOUSTIC SWING DUO", the first one of the new ICP Label, was issued.

We asked the two young musicians from Amsterdam and were allowed to record the concert. We did it in stereo, with two stage micros and a Revox tape recorder. Just after this concert I did a mono-copy on my own Grundig tape recorder. The flacs are directly from this reel tape.

I lost my friend from view in 1969 and still I was not able to rediscover him to ask for the master tapes. So at the moment it seems, that my copy is the only known master tape of this fantastic concert.

The model for this new group format of a reeds & drums duo probably were the John Coltrane / Rashied Ali Duos recorded in 1967. But the music of the Breuker/Bennink Duo was quiet different and unique.


This was uploaded to the Dime site about three years ago by "sammler kk" who supplied more goodies from the late 60s from Dutch and German sources. We may get to them later on. So settle into the cozy chair, put up your feet, pour yourself a Scotch (or other drink of your choice) and get prepared for a little swing time. Yes sirree!

5 December 2010


I have heard this double LP for the first time while making the rip.
The LP was still sealed when I got it some weeks before. The pressing is mediocre as mostly with Horo LPs. Still - the music is idiosyncratic and I enjoy it a lot.

Thanks to Sotise who made me aware about M.J.Smith's music through his previous posts on IS.

On this recording you can hear on the first side of LP 1 a solo from M.J.Smith. A solo for piano and computer generated sounds on side b of the second LP and two sides in a duo setting.


Michael J. Smith,p
Knut Riisnaes,ss,ts (LP 1 Side B & LP 2 Side A)

LP 1
Side A
1. Ballad Of Elvira Madigan 21:07

Side B
2. Thoughts On A New Found Friend 22:26
a. Forethought
b. Forethought
c. Afterthought

LP 2
Side C
1. Geomusic 3715 11:21
2. A Face In A Mirror (vers.1) 05:38
3. A Face In A Mirror (vers.2) 05:28

Side D
4. Interaction 24:43
(for piano and computer generated sound)

Arne Bendiksen Studio, Oslo on September 9, 1977.

HORO HDP 11-12

4 December 2010

Gunter Hampel & Jeanne Lee - Live in Florence and Pisa '78

All that i recorded of the Hampel/Lee Duo that far summer :
probably not the complete concerts.

Rec. live at "Teatro Tenda", Florence, on July 6 and at "Piazza
dei Cavalieri", Pisa, on July 10, 1978 (mics recording)

Gunter Hampel,vibraphone,bass clarinet,flute
Jeanne Lee,vocal

1. Florence #1 (12:24)
2. Florence #2 (09:34)
3. Florence #3 (11:42)
4. Florence #4 (11:05)
5. Pisa #1 (13:25)
6. Pisa #2 (11:24)
7. Pisa #3 (08:46)

Total Time 1:19:23

2 December 2010

Nicra-Listen, Hear Ogun lp OG 010-1975

Here's an old favourite ,one of the as yet unreissued gems, from the wonderful OGUN catalog , of which really almost everything is worth having.

Most people have probably heard this via mp3's that have circulated around these parts.. and that was initially the reason i hadn't posted it here ..
Having recently ripped this for my self and given it a few spins i thought id share it anyway .. what a marvelous session it is ... two vintage Freebones firing on all cylinders ,stoked by the unique & refined engine room of Tippett, Niebergall and Ntshoko!!
What a pleasure it would be to see this reissued and restored to full sonic glory in remastered CD form!
I Love this record.. but some of the finer textural detail does tend to get a bit lost in a few slightly muddier denser sections where there is a lot happening .. something digital technology is actually good at remedying.

-Listen/Hear- : Nick Evans, Radu Malfatti (tb) Keith Tippett (p) Buschi Niebergall (b) Makaya Ntshoko (d)
Innsbruck, October 22, 1975
1-Listen Ogun (E)OG010
2-Listen continued -

downsampled from 48HZ 24 BIT to 44-16 Flac .. As is no decrackle , compression , nothing!


1 December 2010

ESP-155538-Le Sarangi de Ram Narayan lp 1976

Another Masterpiece on the Esperance label By the much venerated Legendary Rajasthani musician Ram Narayan ,a master improviser and the man who single handily rescued the Sarangi from the obscurity of mere vocal accompaniment. Originally released on the Swedish Amigo label in 1974 (also briefly on CD) ESP-155538-Le Sarangi de Ram Narayan lp 1976 Raga Puria Kalyan A-Alap B-Gap Ram Narayan-Sarangi Suresh Talwalkar-Tabla Hans Isgren- Tampura ENJOY!!

Here is a short clip from You tube , which has a few great Narayan clips , and much more in the Genre(S).

Giorgio Gaslini Quintet + RAI Orchestra - Live in Milan '80

One of the best line-up ever led by Giorgio Gaslini, officially
documented in the OOP Live at the Public Theater in New York
(Dischi della Quercia - 2Q 28009).

Rec. live at "Conservatorio G.Verdi", Milan, Italy, on February 13,
1980 (radio broadcast)

Giorgio Gaslini,piano,composer,conductor
Gianluigi Trovesi,alto & soprano sax,bass clarinet
Gianni Bedori,tenor & soprano sax
Marco Vaggi,bass
Gianni Cazzola,drums
(1-5) RAI Orchestra

1. Afro (06:10)
2. Ellingtoniana [Day Dream/Don't Get Around Much Anymore] (12:54)
3. Parkeriana [Lover Man] (07:13)
4. Jopliniana [Stoptime Rag] (02:22)
5. Monkiana [Ruby, My Dear/'Round Midnight/Let's Call This/
Straight No Chaser] (08:45)
6. Assalto Al Castello (19:55)
7. Swing Low, Sweet Charlie (07:35)
8. Mexico City Free (08:06)

Total Time 1:13:04