21 December 2010

Marion Brown - Solo Saxophone

Marion Brown - as

I have posted this before as mp3, but it is reposted as .wav mixed through Blue Circle tube gear and click removal with Adobe Audition.

Sweet Earth - vinyl rip, wav files, click removal
Sweet Earth Records SER 1001
July 2, 1977
The Environ, New York City (live)

Hurry Sundown [6:38] (Richard Huey, Clarence Williams)
Angel Eyes [7:35] (Matt Dennis)
El Bochinchero [10:35] (Marion Brown)
And Then They Danced [10:45] (Marion Brown)
La Placita [8:41] (Marion Brown)
Encore [4:56] (Marion Brown)

New scans of front and back courtesy of Serviceton!


onxidlib said...

Thank you!
I didn't know about this - Marion Brown solo - interesting.

IB said...

On his own Sweet Earth records. 2nd album is Amina Claudine Myers playing Marion Brown's music on solo piano. 3rd is Marion Playing Jean Bosco's music on... guitar and was never released. The man deserved better than this scanty discography...

serviceton said...

thanks pablo. I have this record, but have never digitised it - your 'Blue Circle tube' version is a surety for listening on the train tomorrow morning.
Great record.

IB, I've never heard the Amina Claudine Myers playing Marion Brown LP - you don't have a copy do you?

kinabalu said...

Good to see you back posting, pablo.

wightdj said...

Thanks for the fixes.

IB said...

@Serviceton: I have a copy, I do. It's waaaaaaayyyyyy impossible to find. I am currently learning how to plug a turntable to a computer, so I guess I will give it a try!... the results might even be listenable...

drhotte said...

Here is a better cover and also the back side



longbranch said...

Looks great, can't wait, thanks!

jbull49 said...

Lovely chance to hear him in a more intimate, gentle setting. I'm obliged!

1009 said...

Thanks -- great rip!

kinabalu said...

New links:



I've split the side-long files into separate tracks and had them converted to flac to reduce download time.

kinabalu said...

New scans of front and back added, courtesy of Serviceton!

Anonymous said...

wow had no idea about this record or that it was here - can any kind soul re-up this gem ?