30 August 2017


A1-4. Night 1

B1-5. Night 2

Rafael Bareto-Rivera, voice
Paul Dutton, voice
Steve McCaffery, voice, contrabass clarinet
bpNichol, voice

Recorded at The Music Gallery, Toronto, in the "Within Limits" jazz program on 9-10 October 1987.

Underwhich Audiographic Series - No. 37

Cassette Rip

26 August 2017

Musica Elettronica Viva - Ferrara, 2002

Here is a recent find from dime - a superb concert from Musica Elettronica Viva in 2002. Many thanks to tricko, durian1 and Owombat for making this available, and also to htakat for the great artwork. 

This music has made a strong impression on me - it unfolds in a series of tableaux, which are quite different in style, with references to several of the group's known themes, and more - at times, it could almost sound like a remix of Luigi Nono. The whole thing is held together through a strong programmatic propulsiveness - the effect is not dissimilar to reading Joyce's Ulysses.

The break about halfway through is to allow the whole piece to fit onto two CDs - if, like me, most of your music is stored on a hard drive and CDs have become more or less redundant, the two pieces can just be joined together.

Musica Elettronica Viva
Ferrara, Italy - 9th June, 2002

Alvin Curran - piano, keyboards, shofar, live electronics
Frederic Rzewski - piano
Richard Teitelbaum - keyboards, live electronics
Garrett List - trombone
Steve Lacy - soprano saxophone
George Lewis - trombone, live electronics

25 August 2017


Phil Minton, trumpet, voice
Lars-Göran Ulander, alto saxophone
Lars Gunnar Gunnarson, bass
Sten Öberg, drums

1. Day     8:31
2. Blue Reading I     10:06
3. Wood Song Five     5:00
4. Up Umeå     7:40
5. Blue Reading II     6:41

Recorded in Umeå, January 1969, at the Swedish national TV studios.

Blue Tower Records BTCD 07 (1999)

22 August 2017

Exiles - The Only Cure ( 1984)

Zelenka and Mills began their collaboration as part of the Human Art Ensemble.
Since 1979 they have been working as Exiles.
They seems to keep a low profile on the net, I found no many personal info , but they have -or partecipate to- a label :

Greg Mills - piano, melodica, prcussions, drums
Jay Zelenka - flute, alto sax, vibes, percussions, drums

A-1 Perihelion    
A-2 The Only Cure    
A-3 Burning Bridges Variations I And II    
A-4 Contours    
A-5 Cosmophaney    
A-6 Invocation    
A-7 Invitation    
B-1 Sanctuary    
B-2 Sonaire For The Dawn Of Time    
B-3 Jugalbandi

Esfoma Recordings - ER52
Cassette, 1984

20 August 2017

COMPANY. 1991 Broadcast.

JOHN BUTCHER - saxophones
THEBE LIPERE - percussion, didgeridoo

1. LM.TL   6:19
2. DB.PW   4:31
3. VM.JB   7:21
4. DB.LM.TL   11:21
5. VM.JB.PW   11:03
6. DB.VM.JB.PW.LM.TL   10:41

BBC Radio 3.  Music in Our Time. March 1991  

19 August 2017


1. Brecht Die Macht Der Tyrannei - Karstatt - World War 2 - Lale, Lale

A.R. Penck, piano
Helge Leiberg, trumpet
Annette Jahns, vocals

Mara Records ‎– 15

CR Rip

13 August 2017

MiLAN SVOBODA & PRAGUE BiG BAND - Reminiscences (Supraphon 1980)

Similarly to Karel Krautgarter a decade earlier (unfortunately not very well documented on records), Milan Svoboda was relatively interesting presence in a field of big band jazz in former Czechoslovakia during late 70's and early 80's. Born 1951, composer, pianist and graduatee of the Organ class at Prague Conservatory (and a cousin of saxophonist Jiří Stivín), he started first big band in 1974 with his colleagues from jazz rock area on purely enthusiast base. During the next few years, Prague Big Band established itself as main attraction on Czech big band scene, aside of long-standing names as Czechoslovak Radio Jazz Orchestra and Gustav Brom Big Band.
First PBB album "Portarit" was released in 1978, followed by "Reminiscences" in 1980, with leader's compositions exclusively. Last album of original PBB is "Poste Restante" from 1982, reissued on CD by German label Aurophon in 1994. CD of "Reminiscences" was issued by former label Supraphon in 1995, but is OOP for long time now. This rip comes from CD release, while I was trying to enhance the sound slightly and to repair huge bug in the beginning of first track. In the group line-up, Svoboda is credited as leader only, but he plays also piano on track 3 at least. Overall sound is a bit fusion tinged, with occasional use of electric keyboards and bass guitar.

Live footage of Prague Big Band from 1980

Since early 80's, Svoboda leads also his own small groups, mainly quartet sized. During 1984 he studied at Berklee College of Music, where he recorded live album with international big band, consisted of his College schoolmates. Back at home, he did one album of Czech-Polish Big Band, released as Nr.5 in "Interjazz" Supraphon series, and in 1990 he started other big band named Kontraband, with mainly younger jazz players. Aside of his other musical activities, Svoboda leads new version of Prague Big Band (sometimes presented as Milan Svoboda Big Band) since 1995 until now. 

12 August 2017


David UU & The Avalettes

A1.   Mountain Air
A2.   Bing's Cherry -- Take 1
A3.   The Celestial Summer Of Doctor Dog -- Resurrected
A4.   Dog Byte
A5.   Whale, In Memoriam John Coltrane
A6.   Stompin' At The Dada Ball
A7.   Bing's Cherry -- Take 2
A8.   Solar Mass
A9.   How I Wrote Certain Of My Books

The Avalettes

Phil Morgan, bass
Gregg Simpson, piano, percussion
Bob Coleman, vocals
Ingrid Harris, vocals
Patricia Garrett, vocals

David UU And Gregg Simpson

A10.  Zen Haul/Western Skies

David UU

B1.1. Variations On Themes 1
B1.2. Variations On Themes 2
B2.   Toronto
B3.   Song For A Beggar
B4.   Auditory Liturgy
B5.   How Can I Touch You Now …
B6.   Try A Little Tenderness
B7.   Songs For A City: 1
B8.1. Vercussion 1
B8.2. Vercussion 2
B9.    Auditory Two
B10.  Red Rose Red Rose …
B11.  Don't Give Up The Ship Ive Got The Oar …
B12.  For D.A. Levy
B13.  Corn Plasters & My Heart
B14.  Breaking Open …
B15.  Salmon River Soliloquy
B16.  Salmon River Soliloquy II
B17.  Portrait
B18.  Is There Blood On Your Finger Yes There Is …
B19.  Cloud Shit Hung Down Fold Over …
B20.  The Glory In The Heavens …
B21.  Rhyme
B22.  Chants From Tas:mania
B23.  Chant From Embalmination
B24.  Song Of Childhood (Memories Of The Baptist Church)

David UU, voice, vocals

Ed Varney, Ingrid Harris, vocals (B23)

Recorded at The Studio, North Vancouver, BC, 1972 (A1-7).
Tape compositions with 'live' content performed & composed at 136 West 1st Street, North Vancouver, BC, 1972 (A8-9).
Live at the Art Gallery of Ontario, 1973 (A10).
Recorded at 141 East 27 Street, North Vancouver, BC, 1983 (B1-24).
Except recorded at Mahon Street, North Vancouver, 1970 (B22).

Underwhich Audiographic Series – No. 18

Cassette Rip

6 August 2017


A1. Bombastica
A2. Dancing In A Country Summer House
A3. Living Up To Life
A4. Latin Beat
A5. Sergel

B1. Bombastica (Up-Tempo Version)
B2. Drottningholm Ballad
B3. Too Late
B4. Happiness Beans
B5. Sweet Summer

Torbjörn Hultcrantz, bass
Sune Spångberg, drums
Lars Werner, piano
Bernt Rosengren, tenor saxophone

Recorded in Stockholm, Sweden; June 30, 1960

Jazzland ‎– JLP 926 - this is the mono pressing

LP Rip

3 August 2017


Howard Riley, piano, electronics
Barry Guy, double bass, electronics
Tony Oxley, drums, percussion, electronics

1.    Gambit (H. Riley)     15:04
2.    Introduction (Riley)   00:45
3.    Splinter (H. Riley)     10:30

Recorded at the BBC Studios, London, December 1975.