28 April 2012

Licorice Factory - self-titled

Here we have a nice find from a second-hand shop. It was the presence of Mark Whitecage and Perry Robinson that caught my attention, both of whom we have posted in the past, the former with Jeanne Lee and the latter with the UNI Trio (and we'll have more Robinson coming up shortly). Here they are joined by Mike Morgenstern, who is also listed as the executive producer for this recording. This is very much a collaborative effort, though the scattered information available seems to indicate that Robinson was the instigator of this licorice stick project, a colloquial term for clarinets. Because that's what this is, a clarinet trio backed by piano, bass and drums.

The presence of Robinson and Whitecage might point this in the direction of the avant garde, but there is nothing here to scare away the cat. Mostly standards and covers, two originals by Robinson and one by Morgenstern (also known these days as Mo Morgen). This is in a part dixieland, part Goodman, part modern sensibility bag. They even do a late evening smooch take on Willie Nelson's "Always On My Mind". From what I have been able to find out, this Factory was a fairly short-lived affair, so I'm not sure if they left anything behind but this record, which came out on 1985. No cd rerelease as far as I know, so we have to stick with this platter, which is just fine with me. Vinyl rulez!

So settle back in the cozy chair, pour yourself a stiff one and enjoy (preferably in the company of your significant other). A good time is guaranteed for all!

Licorice Factory - st
Jazzmania 412064-1 (1985)

A1_Azure (Duke Ellington)
A2_A Goodman's Hard To Find (Mike Morgenstern)
A3_Bag-Dad (Perry Robinson)
A4_You Needed Me (R. Goodwin)
A5_Dandelion Wine (Perry Robinson)

B1_Laurel & Hardy Meet The 3 Stooges (Paul Clemens)
B2_Do You Know What It Means To mIss New Orleans (Alter-deLange)
B3_Always On mY mInd (Willie Nelson)
B4_Stolen Moments (Oliver Nelson)

Mark Whitecage - E, Alto Clarinet
Mike Morgenstern - B, Bass Clarinet
Perry Robionson - B, Soprano Clarinet
Micael Fleming - Bass
Dave LaLama - Piano, DX7 Synth
Walter Perkins - Drums

Produced by Peter Drake
Executive Producer - Mike Morgenstern
Recorded & arranged at Van Gelder Recording Studios
December3, 4 1984 & Jan. 10, 1985

27 April 2012

Charles Tolliver Trio - Live in Rome '78

Little line-up but great results.

Rec. live at "Centro Jazz St.Louis", Rome, Italy, on February 1978
(radio broadcast)

Charles Tolliver,trumpet
Peter Frei,bass
Alvin Queen,drums

1. Truth [C.Tolliver] 11:40
2. Repetition [N.Hefti] 07:17
3. Grand Max [C.Tolliver] 07:48
4. 'Round About Midnight [T.Monk] 10:38

Total Time 37:25

Grand Max (excerpt)

25 April 2012

Roswell Rudd - Maine

Roswell Rudd, Hans Dulfer, Arjen Gorter, Martin Van DuynHoven - Maine

 Here's a lively date from late 1976 at "de Krog" in Amsterdam featuring American trombonist Roswell Rudd with three Dutch players, Hans Dulfer on tenor sax, Arjen Gorter on double bass and Martin Van DuynHoven on drums. We have posted the three Dutch gentlemen before with Theo Loevendie, also in a quartet setting, most of it from about the same period as this date, mid- to late 70s.

 Only three pieces on this lp, first the title track which starts out with a simple repetitive bass motif, a joint chorus from the two main players and successive solos from all four, finishing with a drum solo with the bass motif underneath and a restatement of the main chorus at the end. This is a killer funky groove with all players riding on the main pulse of the piece with cracking  rimshots from Van DoynHousen (and even a cowbell in there?). If jazz should invade the dance floor, this is a track to fire up the engine. The Rollins piece has Dulfer roaring away at full speed and Rudd taking it down in his solo in the second half of the piece (after turning the record, so to speak) and Van Duynhousen piledriving it again before the repetition of the chorus right at the end. The final Rudd is in a bluesy mode with Dulfer and Rudd again in the driver's seat, delivering some expert hard bop to round out the proceedings, Dulfer hotting it and Rudd cooling it.

 This is a hyperkinetic date, top speed ahead from all four and to me, Dulfer is a revelation, even over-powering Rudd at times, particularly on the Rollins piece. Sometimes you need a bit of coolness to balance the hotness, and the soloists do compliment each other nicely.

Recommended, and to be played reasonably loud to appreciate the full dynamics of this wonderful date! And it's a topnotch recording to boot.

A1 Maine (Roswell Rudd)
A2 At Mc. Kie's (Part 1) (Sonny Rollins)
B1 At Mc. Kie's (Part 2) (Sonny Rollins)
B2 Big Thee (Roswell Rudd)

 Trombone – Roswell Rudd
Tenor Saxophone – Hans Dulfer
Bass – Arjen Gorter
Drums – Martin Van Duynhoven

 Recorded by Dick Swaneveld on November 26th at "de Krog", Amsterdam

24 April 2012


Here we have a companion (kind of) post to the previous LJCO & Globe Unity.
This time it's a collaboration between George Lewis and the LJCO.
My appreciation goes to Andy.


Henry Lowther, trumpet
Jon Corbett, trumpet
Marc Charig, trumpet
Alan Tomlinson, trombone
Conrad Bauer, trombone
Radu Malfatti, trombone
Steve Wick, tuba
Trevor Watts, reeds
Evan Parker, reeds
Pete McPhail, reeds
Simon Picard, reeds
Paul Dunmall, reeds
Phil Wachsmann, violin
Howard Riley, piano
Barre Phillips, bass
Barry Guy, bass
Paul Lytton, drums
George Lewis, trombone, conduction

1. unknown title  47:10
2. unknown title  17:10

Recorded March 22, 1991 at Shaw Theatre, London, UK.

Note: There's a tape flip between track one and two.


21 April 2012

Lee Konitz Quartet - Live in Rome '77

"Only" standards for this date as a freelance.

Rec. live at "Music Inn", Rome, Italy, on November 29, 1977
(mix recording)

Lee Konitz,alto sax
Antonello Vannucchi,piano
Alessio Urso,bass
Gegè Munari,drums

01. You Stepped Out Of A Dream [N.H.Brown] 12:09
02. Star Eyes [D.Raye & G.de Paul] 09:10
03. Straight, No Chaser [T.Monk] 10:53
04. Stella By Starlight [V.Young] 10:47
05. I'll Remember April [G.de Paul] 11:01
06. It's You Or No One [J.Styne] 14:52
07. Lover Man [J.Davis, R.Ramirez & J.Sherman] 07:09
08. Donna Lee [M.Davis] 10:40
09. Body & Soul [E.Heyman & others] 13:01
10. Cherokee (inc.) [R.Noble] 05:46

Total Time 1:45:33

Lover Man (excerpt)



Henry Lowther, John Corbett, Marc Charig, trumpet
Radu Malfatti, Paul Rutherford, Alan Tomlinson, trombone
Steve Wick, tuba
Peter McPhail, alto & tenor saxophone
Trevor Watts, soprano & alto saxophone
Evan Parker, soprano & tenor saxophone
Simon Picard, Paul Dunmall, tenor & baritone saxophone
Philip Wachsmann, violin
Howard Riley, piano
Barry Guy, Barre Phillips, bass
Paul Lytton, drums, percussion
Thomas Heberer, trumpet
Albert Mangelsdorff, Günter Christmann, George Lewis, trombone
Gerd Dudek, soprano & tenor saxophone, flute
Ernst-Ludwig Petrowsky, alto & baritone saxophone, clarinet
Alexander von Schlippenbach, piano
Paul Lovens, drums, percussion

1. Introduction (from stage)                     03:24
2. Wasserstoffmusik (A. von Schlippenbach)     32:04
3. Introduction (from stage)                     03:51
4. Double Trouble (B. Guy) (inc.)                19:51
5. Announcement (radio broadcast)             00:15

Recorded on April 1, 1989 at Aula der Staatlichen Musikhochschule, Köln, Germany.


19 April 2012


Thanks to Andy!  ;)


Keith Tippett, piano
Tony Orrell, drums

1. "unknown title" 36:23

Recorded at the Albert Inn, Bristol, UK on June 15, 1991.


18 April 2012

Albert Mangelsdorff - Live in Milan '79

Technique and creativity unreachable : Albert Mangelsdorff.

Rec. live at "Salone Pier Lombardo", Milan, Italy,
on May 16, 1979 (mics recording)

Albert Mangelsdorff,trombone

1. Lapwing (08:14)
2. Accidental Meeting (06:25)
3. Brief Impression Of Brighton (03:12)
4. Unknown (07:56)
5. A Jazz Tune I Hope (05:18)
6. Folk Mond (03:37)
7. Nexus (07:18)
8. Ant Steps On An Elephant's Toe (05:17)

Total Time 47:21

All compositions by A.Mangelsdorff.

Folk Mond

17 April 2012


....................................................(picture of Bill Dixon by Hans Kumpf)

The concert in the New England Repertory Theater comprised two sets separated by an intermission.

Dixon's trio with Pavone and Cook debuted at this engagement.
"I had to do this concert in Worcester for the radio station, and they wanted a trio. So on the spur of the moment, I called Laurence in Boston, asked him if he wanted to work in Worcester and if he could get Mario. It worked so well, that was it."
Dixon explains part of the high level of this music through Cook's and Pavone's attentiveness in this new situation. There was no rehearsal for the concert.

Dixon's minimal verbal instruction (as above), hand signals, figures implied in his playing, and eye contact often represented the only notation or instructions for pieces the group played. He occasionally wrote out parts for Pavone.

The trio concept stuck immediately and (in one form or another) became Dixon's the modus operandi for playing in and outside of Bennington for most of the next seven years.
"Every year during the existence of the Division, I would do 2 or 3 concerts. If I wanted to rehearse something, I would have Cook and Pavone come up on an honorarium. That kept the group together, and it let me work, but it wasn't just a selfish endeavor. I wanted students to see a working group. As an artist who happens to be a teacher, it was necessary for students to see me play 'seriously' (In fact, although they might not have thought of it that way, I was just as serious playing with them as I was with Mario and Laurence.) Sometimes I would have a workshop for students with the trio. Overall it worked very well."

Source: Dixonia: A Bio-Discography of Bill Dixon, compiled by Ben Young, Westport, Connecticut / London, 1998 (=Discographies, Number 77), p. 255.


Bill Dixon, trumpet
Mario Pavone, bass
Laurence Cook, drums

1. announcement by BD & (unknown titel) 16:36
2. (unknown titel) 19:20
3. (unknown titel) 11:26
4. (unknown titel) 06:50
5. (unknown titel) 08:58

Live at the New England Repertory Theater, Worcester, MA,  New England - June 15, 1981.

"Dixonia" by Ben Young says:

Unknown ["Play your open 'E'..."] 14:18
Unknown [starts with BD unacc] 18:18
Unknown [starts with BD unacc] 10:47
Unknown ["...Latin..."] 6:22
Unknown [starts with BD unacc] 8:26



15 April 2012



Pharoah Sanders, saxophones
Rob Mazurek, cornet
Chad Taylor, drums
Matt Lux, electric bass guitar
Guilherme Granado, keyboards, vibraphone, marimba
Maurício Takara, percussion, electronics, cavaquinho

01. intro/entrance (0:59)
02. (29:30)
03. (37:15)
04. band intro/encore break (2:59)
05. (6:48)

Recorded on 22nd August, 2010 at SESC Pinheiros, Sao Paulo, Brazil.

A show was performed on each night August 21 and 22, 2010.
A little promo spot from Brazilian TV with some footage from the shows:


14 April 2012

String Trio Of New York - Live in Lovere '79

Another performance by this wonderful avant-garde chamber jazz group here.

Rec. live in Lovere, Italy, on June 16, 1979
(mics recording)

Billy Bang,violin
James Emery,guitar
John Lindberg,bass

1. Space Walk [B.Bang]/Subway Ride With Giuseppi Logan [B.Bang] 18:18
2. T'wixt C And D [J.Lindberg]/Abjunctinuity [J.Emery] 14:51
3. Bang's Bounce [B.Bang] 05:35

Total Time 38:45

Bang's Bounce

12 April 2012

Arnold Dreyblatt Ensemble live at Borealis Festival, Bergen, 2011

Here's another video capture from last year's Borealis Festival in Bergen. This time it was the Arnold Dreyblatt Ensemble who performed late evening on the final day of the festival. Another recording by my son on the Nokia cell phone, capturing two sets in all. The first was a solo Dreyblatt performance on something that looked like a cross between a cello and a double bass, but didn't sound like either of those. The second set was a New York minimalist drone meets kraut rock, in which Dreyblatt is joined by Joachim Schultz on guitar and Jorg Hiller on drums. In addition, they handled various exotic devices which contributed to the overall hazy ambience.

Brief Dreyblatt bio:

Arnold Dreyblatt, (b. New York, 1953) Media Artist, Composer, studied Composition und Ethnomusicology at Wesleyan University and Media Studies at the State University at Buffalo/USA, lives since 1984 in Berlin. He was voted to lifetime membership in the Akademie der Kunste (Academy of Art) Visual Arts Section, Berlin in 2007. In 2009 he became Professor for Media Art at the Muthesius Academy of Fine Arts in Kiel, Germany.

Info from the programme:

Arnold Dreyblatt Ensemble
Arnold Dreyblatt
Jörg Hiller
Joachim Schütz

“... there is a subtle magic to these compositions...”
Tom Roberts, Dusted Magazine

A very special event involving Arnold Dreyblatt’s ecstatic sonic excursions. Centering around a live performance at Landmark, sounds from the concert will be dispersed throughout Bergen: vehicles and individuals moving through the city will stream the performance in real-time, simultaneously videoing their trips for live projection back into the performance space itself. This transmission and procession of sound & video further emphasises the emersive (immersive?)experience of Dreyblatt’s music.

What you see is basically what is said above. The video and audio came off fairly well. There is a bluish/purplish hue to the visuals which fit the music quite nicely, lending a dreamy flavour to the audio. So, welcome to 50 minutes plus of dream time!


Peter Brotzmann Trio & Friends - Live in Hamburg 1972

Peter Brötzmann, tenor and baritone saxophone
Albert Mangelsdorff, trombone
Paul Rutherford, trombone
Steve Lacy, soprano saxophone
Misha Mengelberg, piano
Fred Van Hove, piano
Han Bennink, drums, percussion

01. Announcement 00:53
02. Nikkes at All (Brötzmann) 19:46
03. Freies Stuck (improvisation) 30:48
04. The End (Brötzmann) 10:54

Recorded live at Fabrik, Hamburg, Germany on February 28th, 1972.

Recorded for "NDR Jazzworkshop No.77", NDR (North German Broadcast).


8 April 2012

William Parker Orchestra feat. K.Jordan - Live in Milan '12

A dream Orchestra and another great project : The Essence Of Ellington.

Rec. live at "Teatro Manzoni", Milan, Italy, on February 5, 2012
(mics recording)

William Parker
Kidd Jordan,tenor sax
Ras Moshe,tenor & soprano saxes
Sabir Mateen,tenor sax & clarinet
Darius Jones/Rob Brown,alto saxes
Dave Sewelson,baritone sax
Roy Campbell,trumpet,flugelhorn & flute
Matt Lavelle,trumpet
Steve Swell/Willie Applewhite,trombones
Dave Burrell,piano
Hamid Drake,drums
Ernie Odoom,vocal

1. William intro (03:41)
2. Portrait Of Louisiana [W.Parker]/Sophisticated Lady
Part 1 & 2 [D.Ellington/W.Parker] (46:50)
3. Take The Coltrane [B.Strayhorn] (21:07)
4. In A Sentimental Mood [D.Ellington] (07:29)
5. Take The "A" Train [B.Strayhorn]/Heavenly Interlude
[W.Parker] (16:33)
6. Caravan [J.Tizol] (22:32)
7. The Essence Of Ellington (encore) [W.Parker] (14:08)

Total Time 2:12:22

excerpt from Take The Coltrane


Inamorata has provided us with another treasure - but let's 'hear' it in his own words:

James Newton & David Murray: Solomon's Sons (Circle Records, 1977)

Here we go with the second installment of The Complete James Newton on Circle Records. A discography of Newton's Circle recordings will follow in the last installment.

James Newton & David Murray: Solomon's Sons
Circle Records RK 16177/5

Dedicated to Martin Luther King

James Newton, flute
David Murray, alto & tenor sax

A1. Monk's Notice (James Newton)
A2. The Dean (James Newton) DM out
B1. Theme for the Kidd (David Murray)
B2. 3D Family (David Murray) JN out
B3. Solomon's Sons (James Newton)

Recorded live January 16, 1977 at the Smudge Pot, Claremont, CA by Bruce Bidlack.
Produced by Rudolf Kreis

Circle Records RK 16177/5

One further flute solo track from the same concert, Bobby Bradford's "Woman", is included on "Flutes!" (Circle Records RK 7677/7). This show is remarkable as one of the rare (if not the only) officially documented occasions of David Murray playing the alto sax.
This LP was posted before by Wallofsound on Inconstant Sol (http://inconstantsol.blogspot.com/2007/12/james-newton-and-david-murray-solomons.html), with a very interesting description (also see his remarkable posts on DM at http://wallofsound.wordpress.com/category/david-murray/). The flac links are dead; the mp3 links are still active but the files suffer from considerable digital clipping so this is clearly an upgrade.
As with the Flutes! LP, the transfer was de-rumbled and de-clicked but otherwise unchanged. For audio restoration I use the software written by Brian Davies at www.clickrepair.net which I cannot praise highly enough. However, just as any sharp tool, this has to be used with great care in order to avoid damage.


7 April 2012

Vanilla Riot live at the Borealis Festival, Bergen, 2011

Here's one for Marc. I did promise him some skronk a while back and as a quid pro quo for sending me the FUK disc, here's a live recording of Vanilla Riot from the Borealis festival in Bergen last year. This 25 March gig was in a garage in the student village just out of town. Dreadfully cold as I recall and kudos to my son for recording the gig on my Nokia cell phone. Here's about half an hour, the second of two jams they did that evening. Quality is low-vi and low-fi, but perfect sound doesn't sit well with skronk. It's gotta be slightly murky, lot of distortion in the lower frequencies, otherwise the vibe isn't quite right.

Self-description from their web site:

Vanilla Riot move from particle improvisation to electronic eruptions, from softly flickering patterned samples to high intensity shockwaves of improvised noise. Simultaneously, and in interaction with their sound output, they project prepared and live video material onto walls, curtains and improvisers, creating numerous situations of synaesthetic experience.

The web site has a one-minute excerpt. We'll up it to half an hour.

Bostjan Simon (SL)
Clarinet, Synth, Live Electronics

Onno Govaert (NL)
Drums, Casio

Stephan Meidell (NO)
Guitar, Bass, Electronics

Roel Van Doorn (NL)
Live visuals

Live visuals certainly follow and reflect the sound material closely. There is a dynamic at work here from eerie passages to wall-to-wall noise, though the overall impression is that it is not exactly easy listening. A bewildered Indian couple who found their way into the garage asked me whether this is music. I retorted that it depends on your definition of what is music. Couldn't think of anything better to say.

Stephan Meidell is one of a younger generation of guitarists that take off from where Terje Rypdal landed. With people like Stian Westerhus, Anders Hana and John Hegre, Meidell takes the guitar into the realm of electronics and pure sound. And all four share one thing in common. They're fearsomely loud! I was watching one of these guys in the company of Frode Gjerstad and Han Bennink, who did their own gig that evening, and they were clasping their ears or inserting ear plugs. Sensible chaps. We did some recording from this year's festival, too, but this band was even louder, so the video may turn out to be unlistenable. We'll see.

4 April 2012

Jimmy Giuffre, Paul Bley, Steve Swallow - Emphasis, Flight, 1961

There was a request for this one which is reportedly gettng harder to come by. This copy was located on Usenet, so thanks to the original poster. These recordings were only out in the 90s as two single cds and then reissued as a double cd on the Hatology label, but in a limited edition. There is another double cd, reissued by ECM, containing studio recordings in New York from earlier in the same year and still generally available. We posted back in 2008 another concert, in Austria, from the same European tour here, but the links to that one may have to be updated, which I'll see to.

This is chamber jazz, somewhere at the intersection of contemporary music and jazz, on entirely new terrain and an experiment not well understood at the time, as this trio were to prove short-lived. However, they regrouped in the 90s and have belatedly received the recognition that should have been forthcoming thirty years earlier. Today a spin-off group of sorts has adopted the name of Free Fall, the final album from the trio, and the instrumentation as well. We have also posted the Free Fall trio in the past.

A couple of quotes to give an indication of what this trio was about:

It would be wrong to say that this trio was ahead of its time, though their methods have proven invaluable to the musicians who followed, since they were so much of their time, a time when a breath of fresh air blew through the arts and created an enthusiaswm of energy, an acceptance of new modes of expression. Swallow, Bley and Giuffre's remarkable musicianship, intellect, invention, and empathy created timeless music of significance and deep feeling.

Art Lange

Just as (Ornette) Coleman's music challenged the validity of the pianist as accompanist, Giuffre's music challenged the necessity of the drum/bass format as a rhythm machine. Now each instrument became their own rhythm machine, and since you were playing music with or without tempo, the group could consist of a cello and flute and oboe and that would be a jazz trio. We found that one of the ways to break out of successful molds - to get out of a particular era in music that had locked us in - was to change the instrumentation.

Paul Bley

Basic facts:

Jimmy Giuffre, Paul Bley, Steve Swallow - Emphasis & Flight, 1961
Hatology CD 595 - 1/2

Jimmy Giuffre clarinet
Paul Bley piano
Steve Swallow double bass

Emphasis, Stuttgart 1961

1. Whirrrr
2. Emphasis
3. Sonic
4. Venture
5. Jesus Maria (Carla Bley)
6. Stretching Out (Suite for Germany)
7. Carla (Paul Bley)
8. Cry, Want

Recorded November 2, 1961 at Mozartsaal, Liederhalle, Stuttgart, Germany

Flight, Bremen 1961

1. Call of the Centaur
2. Postures
3. Sonic
4. Goodbye
5. Stretching Out (Suite for Germany)
6. Cry, Want
7. Flight
8. That's True, That's True
9. Trance

Recorded November 23, 1961, at Sendesaal Radio Bremen, Germany

All compositions (except otherwise noted) by Jimmy Giuffre

2 April 2012


I post this on behalf of inamorata.

In his own words:

Sam Rivers Tuba Trio/James Newton - Flutes!(Circle Records, 1976/1977)

This serves both as an alternative transfer of the final section of the Sam Rivers Tuba Trio at the Bimhuis in 1976 and as the first installment of The Complete James Newton on Circle Records.

Sam Rivers Tuba Trio/James Newton: Flutes!
Circle Records RK 7677/7

Sam Rivers, flute
Joe Daley, tuba & French horn
Warren Smith, drums & percussion

A1 Essence - Part XI (Rivers/Daley/Smith)

Recorded live September 2, 1976 at Bimhuis, Amsterdam by Rudolf Kreis

James Newton, flute

B1 Woman (Bobby Bradford)
B2 The Dean (James Newton)
B3 Choir (James Newton)

B1 recorded live January 16, 1977 at the Smudge Pot, Claremont, CA by Bruce Bidlack
B2, B3 recorded live May 21, 1977 at Studio A, KPFK Pacifica Radio Los Angeles, Cahuenga Blvd., N. Hollywood, CA
Produced by Rudolf Kreis

A link for Sam Rivers' Essence Pt. XI (courtesy of Nick) was posted by onxidlib in the comments to http://inconstantsol.blogspot.com/2012/02/sam-rivers-tuba-trio-essence-heat-and.html. However, that transfer appears to have gone though radical noise reduction, resulting in some loss of high frequency detail. This is my own transfer, carefully de-rumbled and de-clicked but otherwise unchanged except for the manual removal of some defects (mostly in the James Newton tracks).
For a Circle Records discography, see http://jazzlabels.klacto.net/circle.html
An interesting essay by Mark Weber on the wider historical background of the early James Newton recordings and the Los Angeles scene: http://metropolis.free-jazz.net/mark-weber-the-early-lps-of-the-los-angeles-free-jazz-scene/reviews/7875/


1 April 2012


Due to request - Enjoy!

This sensual and "tender" music was played and recorded the same day as the Buschi Niebergall Trio > http://inconstantsol.blogspot.de/2008/07/buschi-niebergall-trio-at-moers-1978.html


Leo Smith, trumpet, fluegelhorn, flute, percussion
Dwight Andrews, reeds
Bobby Naughton, vibraphon, percussion

1. The Offering 07:31
2. Fire Over The Earth 07:38
3. Fire In The Earth 05:52
4. Communion 02:38
5. Prayer 07:25
6. Kweli (Truth) 07:41

Recorded at the "7th International New Jazz Festival Moers", Freizeitpark, Moers, Germany, May 15, 1978.


(lp rip)