19 June 2018


A1. Caught In An Octagon Of Unaccustomed Light
A2. The Melting Voices Through Mazes Running

B1. Measured Opalescence
B2. Veils: Studies In Textural Transformations

A1. 1987-88
A2. 1983-84

B1. 1987-88
B2. 1984-85

Underwhich Audiographic Series ‎– No. 36

Cassette Rip

15 June 2018

Don Cherry Universal Silence - Berlin November 3, 1972

This has been requested by Ernst few days ago, this is for him and also for Mew23 who regularly bring back some treasures from the basement. 
Obviously this fabulous band lasted one month only and plays not more than 4 to 6 concerts. One have been officially released:
Two others bootleg seems to exist, one from the 3rd of November that is presented here, the second from the following day.
-Don Cherry : Trumpet, Percussions, Flute, Vocals
-Dollar Brand : Piano and Vocals
-Carlos Ward Alto Sax and Vocals
The Universal Silence Suite in six parts.

Recorded live at the Philharmonie Berlin on November 3, 1972

10 June 2018

Marco Käppeli Connection - Lava-Bowle - Plainisphare 1990

1 Tough Enough To Overstuff / 2 Ballade Mêlée / 3 Albsegen / 4 Take 21 / 5 Ede Lässt Grüssen / 6 Koan Eggschen / 7 1-2-3-2 / 8 Schrottrock / 9 Take Dirty Seven / 10 Kingfisher / 11 Schweizer Brodel
-Dieter Ammann : Trumpet
-Thomas Dürst : Bass
-Wädi Gysi : Guitar
-Ruedi Häusermann : Alto, Baritone Sax, Strings, Flute
-Ben Jeger : Piano, Accordion
-Marco Käppeli : Drums, Percussions, Sounds
-Hans Koch : Bass Clarinet, Tenor Sax
-Jiancarlo Nicolai : Guitar
-Peter Schärli : Flugelhorn
-Martin Schutz : Cello

Plainisphare pl 1267-53 cd rip

7 June 2018


This is a recording made of two guys playing sanzas (thumb pianos) in the evening outside the place they are serving as security guards for. There are no professional musicians in Gbáyá society. All Gbáyá people participate in communal singing and dancing and play various instruments from when a young age. (Yale Evelev)

Simply great music IMHO.....

Musique D'Ensemble / Ensemble Music

A1. Piéré  6:36

Joseph Samba, small mbira
Étienne Ngbozo, large mbira, voice
Unknown Artist, rattle, sticks
Daniel Ngadike, Raymond Doko, Robert Tarapai, voice

A2. Naa-Koré     6:51
A3. Naa-Bua    11:14

David, sanza
Étienne Doko, sanza
Unknown Artist, rattle, sticks
Martine Senouane, Pascal Minang, Raymond Doko, Étienne Doko, voice

Musique De Solistes / Music By Soloists

B1. Daïte 4:07
B2. Naa-Yanga 4:01

Martin Kayo, vocals

B3. Fara Ko Kumanda  14:12

Étienne Doko, sanzas, voice
Unknown Artist, rattles, sticks
Pascal Minang, voice

B4. Naa Ndongoé 5:07

Étienne Doko, small sanzas, voice
Étienne Ngbozo, small sanzas, voice
Unknown Artist, rattle, sticks

Track A1 recorded in Ndongué, March 9, 1977
track A2 recorded in Ndongué, March 31, 1977
track A3 recorded in Galo, Feb. 19, 1977
track B1 recorded in Kpokorta, March 11, 1977
track B3 recorded in Galo, Feb. 20, 1977
track B4 recorded in Ndongué, Feb. 17, 1977

The Gbaya are one of the largest ethnic groups in the Central African empire and occupy a vast area on both sides of the Cameroun border. Here we present the music of a Gbaya Bodoé village, Ndongué, 45 miles southwest of Bouar.

OCORA 558 524  (vinyl rip)

4 June 2018

Kalaparusha Maurice McIntyre, Jeffrey Hayden Shurdut - Heaven And Earth

a short one and sound quality not the best
titles are from discogs, on my copy there are no titles

Label: Nolabel
Format: CDr
Country: US
Released: 2003

1 - Consolation For Things That Pass     24:01
2 - Process             14:41

Guitar – Jeffrey Hayden Shurdut
Tenor Saxophone – Kalaparusha Maurice McIntyre

3 June 2018


Derek Bailey, guitar
Sabu Toyozumi, drums

1. Duo Improvisation
2. Solo Improvisation

Recorded live at Taruho, Yamato, Kanagawa on 19 November 1987