26 February 2007

posting comments here is easy

its been brought to my attention that, some people have been wanting to leave comments but either couldnt figure out how or felt that i had disabled this function.
to leave comments. just click on to a particular posts title ,each post has a 'backlink'which opens up and reveals a comments box.
clicking on to the posts title will take you there.
my account with the file host has revealed that the sunny murray and marion brown have both already been down loaded many times.
thanks to mr lucky for initially bringing this to my attention.(mr lucky posts at both cineville and border music,as well as here hopefully,if you leave him a comment.

25 February 2007

untitled digtal image by dipshitkingmongoloid

sunny murray/ khan jamal-change of the century 1987 re up

here at last
re up of master modern percussionist sunny murray.
ive always suspected this cd was unauthorized to begin with. its co credited to khan jamal and 'romulus' who is listed as conductor.anyone have any info on romulus? perhaps its butch morris who seemed to be ubiquitous ,at that stage in his career.
besides which theres no free medical treatment in the US so if youre on welfare,(foodstamps,rental assistance) and you fall seriously ill unless others can offer assistance, basically youre well and truly S.C.R.E.W.E.D.

james over at nothing is, has posted other great sunny murray albums including unit cores, and the essential 'big chief' for the details scroll down to the scan of the full image which includes the back cover.
please once youve clicked on dont use the PTP option it has been disabled!!


marion brown,a unique and true original.

hi all

the great marion brown has always been one of my very favourite jazz musicians.

a true original with a unique tone, please BUY AS MANY MARION BROWN CDS AS YOU CAN FIND!!! jubalee is one of my personal favourites it follows on from his first esp session which is also very highly recommended,and shares with that release a lot of the personnel and many structural affinities.one thing that distinguishes brown from the run of the mill esp crowd,for me is the notable structural integrity of his compositions ,

they are always interesting and run a huge gamut from modal and completely free , as well as complex highly chromatic bebop /hardbop extensions. JUBALEE' has been criminally unavailable for many many years.i could not even find a decent review.

the personnel is as follows.marion brown, grachan moncur-trb,reggie maupin-tenor,bscl, alan shorter-flug h,trpt dave burrell-pno,reggie johnson-db,beaver harris-dr

please note i will be posting more marion brown that is unavailable soon.

i also have a few requests

live in esslingen germany,1969

geechee recollections impulse 1973?

vista-1975 if any one hs any of these contct me through comments leaving an e mail adress(preferably not your home adress)and ill invite you to post them on this blog,or we will make some other arrangement. OTHER MARION BROWNcds CAN BE FOUND AT THE NOTHING IS BLOG(THEY TOO HAVE NOT BEEN REISSUED)check the links section , go there download
those and ask JAMES to come back from his vacation.
track listing is 1)512e12 ,2)the visitor 3)jubalee 4)idutus all by m.brown save for idutus by a shorter(i think)
thanks all comments would be appreciated,your thoughts on mb the album whatever

23 February 2007

google sensors itself for profits in china

Google censors itself for China

Leading internet company Google has said it will censor its search services in China in order to gain greater access to China's fast-growing market.
Google has offered a Chinese-language version of its search engine for years but users have been frustrated by government blocks on the site.
The company is setting up a new site - Google.cn - which it will censor itself to satisfy the authorities in Beijing.
Google argued it would be more damaging to pull out of China altogether.
While removing search results is inconsistent with Google's mission, providing no information... is more inconsistent with our mission
Google statement
Critics warn the new version could restrict access to thousands of sensitive terms and web sites. Such topics are likely to include independence for Taiwan and the 1989 Tiananmen Square massacre.
The Chinese government keeps a tight rein on the internet and what users can access. The BBC news site is inaccessible, while a search on Google.cn for the banned Falun Gong spiritual movement directs users to a string of condemnatory articles.
Google's move in China comes less than a week after it resisted efforts by the US Department of Justice to make it disclose data on what people were searching for.
this originaly appeared january last year.
on the bbc online news site

yet here we all are as appraised as we can be of the facts in western so called democracies where media blackouts are an everyday occurance,willingly signing up to jump through the hoops when it requires us to do so.
are we complicit in censorship.
when will google censor us?