30 May 2009

Anthony Davis & Douglas Ewart - Live in Verona '79

This set was the second part of an evening with
the George Lewis Ensemble "dismantled" : in the
first part the George Lewis/Richard Teitelbaum
duo. I think that both A.Davis and D.Ewart deserve
to be remembered here on IS.

Rec. live at Sala della Guardia, Verona, Italy, on April 28th, 1979 (mics recording)

Anthony Davis,piano
Douglas Ewart,reeds,flutes,percussions

1. Five Moods From An English Garden [Davis solo] (12:52)
2. Smoke Gets In Your Eyes [Davis solo] (05:06)
3. Improvisation #1 [Ewart solo] (20:35)
4. Improvisation #2 [Davis/Ewart duo] (36:06)

Total Time 1:14:40

25 May 2009

Jonathan Lomax / Nicholas Wrigley Land Of Ham

Jonathan Lomax / Nicholas Wrigley Land Of Ham [Oro Neese, 1998]

1. Great Golden
2. Panchanka Sleep
3. In Valley of Firefly
4. For Le Sony r Ra

Forgive the visual pun, but I don't have any art work for this one.

I thought you'd like to give this a try. I love it. Jonathan Lomax and Nicholas Wrigley are an improvising and enterprising duo from the UK. Lomax plays acoustic or electric piano, or harmonium depending upon the recording, and Wrigley percussion.

It's hard to find much on these interesting players, but they seem to have produced four self-released records.

Suns [Oro Neese, 1998]
Land Of Ham [Oro Neese, 1998]
Lord Of An Unerring Bow [Oro Neese, 2000]
Piiiiii Piiiiii [Oro Neese, 2000]

I've managed to track down the first three, but Piiiiii Piiiiii remains illusive. You can find shares of Suns and Lord Of An Unerring Bow at ile oxumare, where I first discovered them. Some kind soul shared this recording with me, and was happy that I shared it with you. Many thanks to this anonymous sharer.

I've been in a melancholic state for quite some time, and these record just fit with that. It's music that just lives in the moment, almost in suspension. The few online references suggest a likeness to Sun Ra, or Alice Coltrane. It's not a bad reference point, and the title of the forth track on this short LP suggests an influence at work, but Lomax and Wrigley have carved out something pretty unique here. There's no showing off, or technique for technique's sake, and I think the sound is far more European that African American in its texture and temperature. Highly recommended.

I'd welcome more details of the duo, and information on where their recordings can be found for sale.

24 May 2009

Oliver Lake Trio - Live in Alassio '79

i've taped this set a week after the Willisau concert
(September 1st, 1979) published by hatArt (Zaki).
The music is rather different, more varied, well
representing Lake's eclecticism.

Rec. live in Alassio, Italy, on September 8th, 1979
(mics recording)

Oliver Lake,alto saxophone,flute
Michael Gregory Jackson,electric guitar,vocals
Pheeroan ak Laff,percussions

1. Clicker (17:09)
2. Unknown (08:19)
3. Unknown (09:26)
4. Unknown (04:34)
5. Shine (13:04)
6. Unknown (10:47)
7. unknown (09:32)

Total Time 1:12:53

11 May 2009

Archie Shepp Quartet + Guests - Live in Antibes '77 (John Coltrane Memorial Jam Session)

During summer 1977, Shepp was on tour with his wonderful quartet (Waldron/Brown/Persip) when this jam (dedicated to John Coltrane) was organized at the Juan-les-Pins Jazz Festival : here are two pieces broadcasted at that time by Radio France.
A special mention for Charli Persip : great and underrated drummer.

Rec. live in Antibes, France, on July 21th, 1977
(radio broadcast)

Archie Shepp/George Adams/David Schnitter,tenor saxophones
Albert Mangelsdorff,trombone
Mal Waldron,piano
Cameron Brown,bass
Charlie Persip,drums

1. Straight No Chaser (26:09)
2. Mr. PC (23:50)

Total Time 49:59

3 May 2009

Derek Bailey & Evan Parker - Live in Pisa '77

Empathy, is the first word that comes to
the mind listening to these Masters of
the european creative music : the most
radical and rigorous duo of all Seventies.

Rec. live at "Giardini Scotto", Pisa, Italy, on
July 21th, 1977 (mics recording)

Derek Bailey,guitar
Evan Parker,tenor & soprano saxophones

1. Improvisation #1 (24:09)
2. Improvisation #2 (10:02)
3. Improvisation #3 (09:36)
4. Improvisation #4 (09:24)

Total Time 53:12

1 May 2009

Andrew Cyrille Trio - Live in Milan '78

When this concert was held, the Andrew Cyrille's
Quartet had just recorded the fine "Metamusicians'
Stomp" for Black Saint.
Here, unfortunately, David S.Ware (who completed
the quartet) isn't present, so you have "to be
pleased" with the simple trio.

Rec. live at "Il Capolinea", Milan, Italy,
on October 1st, 1978 (mics recording)

Andrew Cyrille,drums,african percussions
Ted Daniel,trumpet
Nick DiGeronimo,bass

1. African Percussions (15:28)
2. Gipsy Folk Tales (21:00)
3. Shell (20:35)
4. Prelude To A Kiss (12:29)
5. Unknown (27:04)

Total Time 1:36:39