24 November 2017

Okay Temiz Trio - Turkish Folk Jazz - Sonet 1975

In my opinion it is the best record of Okay Temiz due to the fact that the music doesn’t fall too much in some kind of « world cliché ». The reason of this successful cross-cultural meeting is perhaps because it have been recorded live.

Side a:
-Introduction, Batum, Ulah- Balkan.
Side b:
-Döktür, Kürt Havasi, Madimak, Üsküdar, Anadol Havasi, Trabzon Karsilamasi, Laz Havasi.

-bass: Björn Alke
-Clarinet: Saffet Gündeger
-Drums, percussions: Okay Temiz

All tracks except A1 & A2 are traditional Turkish folk music.
All tracks recorded March 25, 1974 in Stockholm except A1 recorded March 6, 1974 in Stockholm.

Lp Sonet SNTF 668 serie universal folk sounds Vol 5 published in 1975

21 November 2017

Reform Art Music - Es Steht Geschrieben

Reform Art Music - Es Steht Geschrieben, Drago PRELOG
homage for Walter Malli

CD AR 20105

Linda Sharrock - vocal
Sepp Mitterbauer - trumpet
Fritz Novotny - arghool, bombarde, clarinet, flute, soprano sax, percussion
Alaeddin Adlernest - basson
Yedda Chunyu Lin - piano, voice
David AyankokoVilayleck - laptop
Ram Chandra Mistry - sitar
Paul Fields - violin, synth, alto sax
Johannes Groysbeck - el. bass guitar, groysophon
Walter Malli - drums, soprano sax

homage 1 - live at the Amman Studios, april 2012
homage 2 - live at the Museum des XX.JAHRHUNDERTS, june 1981
homage 3 - live at the Sophiensale, march 1981

HOWARD RiLEY & ELTON DEAN - Pendley Manor Jazz Festival 1985

Earliest known to me recorded duet of Riley and Dean. From the same event, as R&B by Howard Riley and Jaki Byard, released as Slam CD (with cover designed by Andy Isham).

HOWARD RiLEY & ELTON DEAN - Pendley Manor Jazz Festival 1985

01. Tring Thing (improvisation) [27:35]

Howard Riley - piano
Elton Dean - saxello

Live at The First Pendley Manor Jazz Festival, Tring, UK, 5th July 1985

BBC Radio 3 broadcast, recorded off air, transfered (VHS SP > VHS LP > flac) and shared on Dime by PsyKies in 2010. Additional repairs and slight noise reduction by miloo2.

16 November 2017


András Vigh,  hurdy-gurdy
Ákos Szelevényi,  saxophone, bass clarinet
Albert Márkos,  cello
Szilárd Mezei,  piano, prepared piano

01. Take 1 - untitled 21:39
02. Take 2 - untitled 33:52
03. Take 3 - untitled 23:07

Recorded September 4, 2007 at Rómer House, Györ, Hungary.

Harmonia Produkcio 2007 GyörFree Muhely 2004

11 November 2017


Charles Lloyd Quartet

1. Prayer (Charles Lloyd)  6.42
2. Zoltan (Charles Lloyd)  5.00
3. When Miss Jessye Sings (Charles Lloyd)  20.18
4. God Give Me Strength (Burt Bacharach / Elvis Costello)  16.11
5. Voice In The Night (Charles Lloyd)  10.26
6. Sombrero Sam (Charles Lloyd)  12.53
7. Nachiketa's Lament / Hymn To Her Mother (Charles Lloyd)  6.33

Charles Lloyd - tenor sax, flute, tibetan oboe, percussion
John Abercrombie - guitar
Marc Johnson - bass, cello
Billy Hart - drums

Live at Konzertscheune Salzau, Germany, June 6, 2000

Pre-broadcast DAT copy


1.  Zürich 17.10.93
2.  Basel 12.11.93
3.  Landshut 2.11.93
4.  Luzern 4.3.94
5.  Ravensburg 25.4.94
6.  Dortmund 16.11.93
7.  Dortmund 16.11.93
8.  Dortmund 16.11.93
9.  Dortmund 16.11.93
10. Dortmund 16.11.93
11. Dortmund 16.11.93

Christoph Winckel, bass
A.R. Penck, drums, vocals
Lothar Fiedler, electric guitar
Helge Leiberg, trumpet

CD Rip

8 November 2017

Don Cherry Trio + 1 - Live In Copenhagen October 3, 1970 - Remastered Version

Here is a remastered version of this concert previously posted in the early days of « IS » and updated by Kinabalu in March 2016. Sound is so important for me that when I downloaded the original file I was so disappointed by the sound quality that I deleted it immediately. Some years after my interest in the music of Don Cherry and particularly in this period of his music became stronger than my reluctance about poor sound quality and I downloaded it again but the sound haven’t changed… So I thought that the best way was trying to remaster it and it is this result that I present today. The original source is probably an audience recording and in many moments the sound of each players is not clear, particularly when the level of the percussions is high. Johny Dyani is playing with a level of intensity that is totally incredible and one of my purpose was to make is sound more clear. But you can’t recreate what is not in the source and the remastering of a poor source is always a question of point of view. Someone else could choose a different way of sound engineering. If you want you can compare with the original file, still available and if someone else want to try another remastering… why not?

Last but not least Makaya Ntchoko is credited as the drummer of the band but I’m almost sure that it is not him who is playing but Okay Temiz. Two reasons makes me think this way, first when you listen carefully the use of percussions is totally similar to Temiz’s style and this concert comes from the famous and under recorded period when Cherry had his trio with Dyani and Temiz.

Don Cherry :cnt, fl, Ram's Horn, zurna, double fl, Gourd
Dan Nedergaard : tpt
Johnny Dyani : bass, perc
Okay Temiz (?) drums, perc

Recorded October 3, 1970 Bristol Music Center Copenhagen

5 November 2017


Thanks to the original taper and poster.....

Michel Portal,  saxophones, clarinets, bandoneon
Bernard Lubat,  piano, drums
Jean-François Jenny-Clark,  bass
Jean-Pierre Drouet,  percussion

1. Splendid Yzlment (MP) [20:55]
2. Voyage (MP) [20:47]
3. Valse Mauve (BL) [16:16]
4. Ball (JPD) [09:52]

Recorded on October 11, 1981 during the 6th New Jazz Festival at the Fabrik, Hamburg, Germany.
FM radio broadcast NDR Hamburg
Tracks 2 (faded out) and 3 were probably a single continous performance.

1 November 2017

MUHAL RICHARD ABRAMS - September 19, 1930, in Chicago, Illinois - October 29, 2017, New York, NY

Just got the sad news that Muhal Richard Abrams has died already three days ago.