31 January 2013

Mal Waldron Trio-Set me Free 1969

Here's Another Waldron Treat , a Lost BYG album that wasn't issued until the early 80's ... from his most outstandingly original creative period !!
Affording us the opportunity of hearing a different side of Barre Phillips , in jet propelled Wilbur Ware mode....
not exactly rare , but un reissued on CD except in Japan .... this rip is from the Uk Affinity Lp

Very Beautiful

Mal Waldron Trio – Set Me Free , 1969
Affinity ?– AFF 116

A1 Set Me Free ~ You Were Always There
A2 Yeah 9:03
B1 Jamaica Libre
B2 Desillusion
B3 Attila The Hun

'Philly'Joe Jones-dr

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A premature and sad loss.

I love his cornet playing with David Murray and Frank Lowe  (The Other Side), although he has worked in many settings, including theatre, dance, TV and visual arts, and will probably be best remembered for developing his conduction of improvised music.

Here are two early recordings on Jef Gilson's Palm label, together with a later double LP with AR Penck; both great supporters.  


A1.  Spanish Cake Walk
A2.  Blues For Guy
A3.  Orly - Ivato
B1.  Complainte
B2.  Mode De Fa - Salegy Drums Solo

Jean-Charles Capon, cello
Serge Rahoerson, drums
Philippe Maté, tenor saxophone
Butch Morris, trumpet

Recorded by Jef Gilson at Studio Palm, Paris, November 1976.
Palm Records – PALM 26, 1977
Vinyl Rip


A1. The Other Side
A2. Mode De Fa
A3. Chromobachism

B1. The Line
B2. Chromatisme
B3. Con Alma

Pierre-Yves Sorin, bass guitar
Jean-Charles Capon, cello
Lawrence "Butch" Morris, cornet
George Brown, drums
Jef Gilson, piano, conductor
François Jeanneau, soprano saxophone
Philippe Maté, tenor saxophone
Alain Hatot, tenor saxophone
Jean-Louis Chautemps, tenor saxophone
Marc Richard, tenor saxophone
André Jaume, tenor saxophone, bass clarinet

Recorded 23 December 1976 in concert for Radio France.
Released on Palm Records, PALM 28, 1977.
Re-issued on Disques Vendémiaire – VDE / PAL 080.
Vinyl Rip


A1.  Can I Ask You A Question?
A2.  Unknown Fractals
B1.  Spring Dog In Hackney
B2.  Subconscious Remembrance
C.   Together And Against Each Other
D1.  Cold Red
D2.  Old Party At Night

A.R. Penck, bass, drums, flute, vocals
Frank Wollny, bass, guitar, drums
Heinz Wollny, bass, guitar
Butch Morris, cornet, drums

Recorded live, unknown date.
Vinyl Rip

30 January 2013


Here is some more Mal Waldron from 1971. This time, recorded, as well as released in Japan. Two nights live in quartet, trio, duo and solo performances with Kohsuke Mine, Isao Suzuki, Yoshiyuki Nakamura and Masabumi Kikuchi.

A1.  Left Alone
A2.  Straight No Chaser

Mal Waldron Quartet
Kohsuke Mine, alto saxophone
Isao Suzuki, bass
Yoshiyuki Nakamura, drums

B1.  Right On
B2.  Thoughts

Mal Waldron Trio
Isao Suzuki, bass
Yoshiyuki Nakamura, drums

C1.  Little Abi
C2.  Blood And Guts

Mal Waldron - Masabumi Kikuchi Piano Duo

D1.  Willow Weep For Me
D2.  You Don't Know What Love Is
D3.  Don't Explain
D4.  Yesterdays
D5.  All Alone

Mal Waldron Solo

Recorded live at the Swing Journal Jazz Workshop – 13, at Yamaha Hall, Tokyo, on 2 and 3 March 1971.

Philips – FX 8513/4, 1971

Vinyl Rip

29 January 2013


Here is a request for FW.

Roger Turner, drums, percussion

John Russell, plectrum guitar

Toshinori Kondo, trumpet, alto horn, mutes

A1 Artless Sky

B1 Dear Listeners

B2 When Crime Becomes An Option

B3 Pies

B4 Mounting On The Wind

B5 Marcel Waves

Recorded live in Luton, 19 October 1979.

Caw Records - CAW 001.

Vinyl Rip

27 January 2013

Noah Howard Quartet live at Columbia University, NY, 1973

I noticed that our blogger chums at 9 Grey Chairs posted recently a recording of Noah Howard at the Village Vanguard in 1972, so I thought I should follow it up with this live recording from Columbia University the year after. I suppose this was taped off radio, most likely the student radio at Columbia, WKCR. I am also willing to wager that WKCR is pretty much unequaled when it comes to jazz broadcasting.

This is diiferent group from the one at Village Vanguard. Earl Freeman is on this one as well, but new to the quartet is the guitarist and drummer, about whom I know next to nothing. This is a bit of an oddity. It doesn't really sound much like what Howard did before and after. But it may be in some ways attuned to what was happening in NY at the time, what with the introduction here of guitars and liberal doses of fuzz pedals. Not too sure about how well that comes off, but perhaps it's indicative of certain musical developments at that moment in time. Think of Blood Ulmer, Ornette Coleman's Prime Time and what was to be known as harmolodics, even though that concept is somewhat hard to define. In any case, a curious addition to the Noah Howard discography, but an unreleased one.

Noah Howard Quartet 
Wollman Auditorium, Columbia University 

Source: Radio
Sound: A

Noah Howard- as, perc, v,
Earl Freeman- b,
Glenn Dong- g,
Jean-Louis Mechali- perc.

Time 48:16

01. Living Space 35:40
02. Duet for Alto & Bass 12:36


Here we have a contribution by Can. He already provided us with the 1999's No Music Festival Box - here.

The best place for finding informations about the musicians involved in this extraordinary music you'll find at Clifford Allen's blog Ni Kantu.

Please say thanks to Can -


Michael Cosmic, alto & sopranino saxophone, clarinet, bass clarinet, flute, piccolo, organ, percussion
Phil Musra, tenor & soprano saxophone, flute, zurna, clarinet, percussion
Hüseyin Ertunç, drums

1. Creator Spaces                             08:45    
2. More Beautiful Vibrations From The Creator     12:45    
3. Space On Space                             20:45

Recorded in Cambridge, Massachusetts in 1970.

INTEX Records (1974)



Masahiko Sato, piano, electric harpsichord, ring modulator

Wolfgang Dauner, piano, electric piano, ring modulator

A1.  Everything   8:01      

A2.  They Got Rhythm, Too       5:12      

A3.  For Chinatsu And Regina     7:12      

B1.  Thousand Summers  8:09      

B2.  Jin-Juppo-Kai        12:23    

Recorded March 1, 1971, Tokyo.

Express ‎– ETP-9030

Vinyl Rip

26 January 2013


A1.  Spanish Bitch                            
A2.  Eleanor Rigby                           
B1.  Black Chant                               
B2.  All That Funk                             

The album was produced by Manfred Eicher and originally destined for the ECM label, hence the artwork. However, it was picked up in Japan by Victor for their Globe sub-label and, in the end, was never released on ECM or on CD.

Mal Waldron, piano
Isla Eckinger, bass
Fred Braceful, drums

Recorded in Ludwigsburg, West Germany, September 18, 1970.
Released on Globe ‎– SMJX – 10113; distributed by Victor Musical Industries.

Vinyl Rip

23 January 2013


Here are a few morsels of Theo Loevendie from transcription recordings made for Radio Nederland. The 1969 recordings include his trio and consort and the 1977 recording is of the consort. I have not separated the latter line-ups, since the details are not clear. Let me know if you have better information!

The Loevendie Trio - 1969

Theo Loevendie, piano
Maarten van Regteren Altena, double bass
Martin Van Duinhoven, drums

The Theo Loevendie Consort - 1969 and 1977

Theo Loevendie, alto and soprano saxophone, piano
Arjen Gorter, double bass
Bernard Hunnekink, trombone
Bob Driessen, alto saxophone
Boy Raaymakers, trumpet
Han Bennink, drums, xylophone, steel drums
Hans Dulfer, tenor saxophone
Jim Van Der Valk-Bouman, trombone
Joop Mastenbroek , baritone saxophone
Leo van Oostrom, baritone saxophone
Maarten van Regteren Altena, double bass
Martin Van Duinhoven, drums
Nedley Elstak, trumpet
Willem Van Manen, trombone

1. Wet Feet - Trio
2. Mr Brook - 1969
3. Zero - 1969

4. Julian - 1977
5. Monday - 1977
6. The Library - 1977

The Dutch Jazz Scene - Radio Nederland – 109 917/923, 1969
The Dutch Jazz Scene Revisited - Radio Nederland – 6808.653/659, 1977

Vinyl Rip

22 January 2013

Appeal for Julian Priester, (who needs a kidney Transplant)

We here at IS , are not in the habit of soliciting donations , or asking for money for ourselves, (what we do ,we do for love of Music and the joy of sharing)....on rare, occasions we make an exception ... this is one of those.

Many among our readers i'm sure are familiar with the music of Trombonist,Composer, improviser Julian Priester , a  man who though he recorded infrequently under his own name , created some enduring treasured ,very much loved albums , and also played with Sun Ra, Sam Rivers ( hear,the Magnificent Summit Conference, by Reggie Workman, also Featuring Andrew Hill,& Pheeroan Aklaff ), Jimmy Heath ,Bobby Hutcherson,Herbie Hancock's great Mwandishi Band... and a host of others, known and less known.

Its been brought to our attention that Priester, has been beset with serious health problems,and that also given the Paucity of decent Health Care in the US , he and his family have racked up huge almost insurmountable debt , and are in danger of losing their home and hearth...

a Fundaising effort is well under way (with only ten days to go) anyone interested in helping out by making a donation , can read the facts here  

so far they have raised , 19,000 dollars , but according to American friends that is barely enough to cover a few weeks in Hospital!
thank you!! (for reading this)

20 January 2013


Although a good portion of the texts are in german it is an overhwelming listening experience (IMHO) also for non-german speakers. Sometimes the words are not clearly audible - wether german or in another language. But it doesn't diminish the impact of the score - au contraire
Since I discovered B.A. Zimmermann (about ten years ago) seriously, he has become one of my favourite composers. A friend of mine made me aware about the LP I post here - it was released not by a label but through the association of the german industries - or better its cultural society.

I was lucky enough to find it several days ago - and what a find...still the music is resonating.


BERND ALOIS ZIMMERMANN  (20 March 1918 - 10 August 1970)

Lingual für Sprecher, Sopran- und Baritonsolo, drei Chöre, Orchester, Jazz-Combo und elektronische Klänge nach Worten verschiedener Dichter, Berichte und Reportagen.
(Lingual for speaker, soprano- and baritone-solo, three choirs, orchestra, jazz-combo, organ and electronic sounds, with texts from various writers, narrations and reports.)
Ad Honorem St.Hermani-Josephi

Dorothy Dorow, soprano
Günther Reich, baritone
Theo Loevendie Quartet
Manfred Schoof, trumpet
Matthias Fuchs, speaker
Hans Franzen, speaker
RIAS Chamber Choir, Erich Brockhaus, leader
Austrian Broadcast Choir, Prof. Gottfried Preinfalk, leader
The Radio Philharmonic Orchestra and the Great Broadcast Choir of the N.O.S. Hilversum
Michaell Gielen, director

Side A: (29:10)

- Prolog
- Requiem I
- Requiem II

Side B: (35:02)

Requiem II (continued)
- Ricercar
- Rappresentazione
- Elegia
- Tratto
- Lamento
- Dona Nobis Pacem

Recorded by the Nederlandse Omroep Stichting Hilversum at the Holland-Festival in 1971.

Published by the Kulturkreis im Bundesverband der Deutschen Industrie - Stereo 2891 182 (LP)

Note: Words are by Wladimir Majakowski, Sergej Jessenin, Conrad Beyer, Ezra Pound, H.H.Jahnn, Mao, Dubcek, Goebbels, Joyce, Camus, Weöres, Augustine, Hitler, Imre Nagy, Papandreou, Chamberlain, Aeschylus, Wittgenstein, Beatles [Hey Jude] and others...(languages - greek, russian, english, french, hungarian, czech, latin, german...)

Hajo Weber & Ulrich Ingenbold - Winterreise (1982)

Hajo Weber & Ulrich Ingenbold - Winterreise (ECM 1982)

01. Der wundersame Weg    [0:04:52.46]
02. Karusell    [0:07:29.14]
03. Winterreise    [0:04:21.59]
04. Zweifel    [0:04:17.04]
05. Sommerregen    [0:05:52.34]
06. Drehung in der Luft    [0:06:01.68]
07. Filmmusik    [0:04:39.07]
08. Son's Song    [0:04:39.58]

HAJO WEBER - guitar
ULRICH INGENBOLD - guitars, flutes

Recorded March 1982 at Tonstudio Bauer, Ludwigsburg
Produced by Manfred Eicher

ECM 1235 (vinyl rip)

On winter theme. This is not much free or avant jazz, but gentle, soothing and relaxing music, performed mostly on two acoustic guitars. Following excerpts are from review, published about year ago at between sound and space website:

"I know nothing of Hajo Weber and Ulrich Ingenbold beyond the incandescent duets these two guitarists buried in the snowy recesses of Winterreise (Winter Journey), one of ECM’s greatest forgotten treasures. The title, of course, evokes Schubert, and the comparison may not be so arbitrary, for like the famous song cycle it speaks with hushed clairvoyance. Weber and Ingenbold bring distinct flavor to this session, dividing themselves at four compositions apiece.
Winterreise is a poetic diary that deserves only poetry in return, and ranks alongside Bill Connors’s Theme To The Guardian and Ralph Towner’s Solo Concert as one of ECM’s most evocative guitar dates. As long as a reissue seems unlikely, make this your first vinyl rediscovery."

19 January 2013


This tour with James Blood Ulmer is from a transitional period between the acoustic groups and the electrified bands of Tales Of Captain Black and Prime Time.

There are videos from the Rome concert on Youtube.

An LP release from the Padua concert on the tour suffered from the guitar being poorly audible.

A concert recording from Keystone Corner, San Francisco in September 1974, has also been circulating, with David Williams replacing Sirone and playing both acoustic and electric bass.

However, this is my favourite from the year. 

Ornette Coleman, alto saxophone, trumpet, violin

Sirone, double bass

Billy Higgins, drums

James Blood Ulmer, guitar

C1 Unknown Title     10:10    
C2 Tutti     14:05    
D Lonely Woman     17:40    
E1 Something To Listen To     8:40    
E2 Bells And Chimes     9:00    
F  Comme Il Faut     19:40    
G What Reason Could I Give?     15:00    
H  Love Call     10:40    

Recorded live in Valenza, Italy 1974. Compiled with a 1966 trio live recording as part of a 4LP release.

Label: BAT 2-4

Vinyl Rip

17 January 2013



John Surman, baritone & soprano saxophone, bass clarinet
Albert Mangelsdorff, trombone
Dave Holland, bass
Elvin Jones, drums

CD 1
01. Homecoming (Holland)     12:59
02. Hot Hut (Mangelsdorff)   17:33
03. Vedana (Holland)         06:46
04. Revised Edition (Surman) 09:57 [cut]
05. Revised Edition (Surman) 03:42 [continued?]

CD 2
06. Prelude To A Kiss (Ellington)   09:25
07. Raving Raven (Mangelsdorff)     18:38
08. Going For A Burton (Surman)     16:01
09. E. J. Blues (Jones)             13:19
10. Radio Speaker                   00:32

Recorded March 21 (or 18) 1986, Shaw Theatre, London;
originally broadcast on BBC Radio London series
"All That Jazz", 16th  December 1986


16 January 2013

MALACHi FAVORS MAGHOSTUT - Natural & The Spiritual (1978)

A requested one - great late Art Ensemble Of Chicago bassist and his only solo effort.

Malachi Favors Maghoustut - Natural And The Spiritual (AECO Records 1978)

1. The Procession 3:29
2. Natural And The Spiritual (Working On The Buildings) 8:35
3. Peace Be Unto You 10:33
4. Natural And The Spiritual 7:08
5. Black Man Tripover / Womens Takeover 4:00
6. If' Fin You No's De Way-Sho Us 10:53
7. Keep on keepin on 5:18
8. Gone 0:28

solo bass and assorted little instruments

Recorded on April 23, 1977, live at The University of Chicago.
Bass is unamplified.

(cd version 1992 – NECO-003-CD)

15 January 2013


My appreciation for Kang Tae Hwan should be clear to all who followed my posts since I was invited in September 2010.
Kazuhisha Uchihashi has played with a lot of musicians from Europe (Bailey, Brötzmann, Roger Turner) but also with Leo Smith, Barre Phillips, Otomo Yoshihide and Elliott Sharp.
You'll find a good profile here.
Ichiraku Yoshimitsu isn't as popular as Uchihashi (in the western hemisphere) - but his CV is as impressive as Uchihashi's > George Lewis,  Otomo Yoshihide, Sachiko M and Korean trumpet-player Choi Sun Bae a.o.
Take a look for his profile there.

This post is a request by Nick which I happily oblige!

IMPORTANT _ Please give me some feedback wether the links are available again! (16.01.2013)


Kang Tae Hwan, alto saxophone
Ichiraku Yoshimitsu, Drums, percussion, electronics (CD 1)
Kazuhisa Uchihashi, guitar, effects (CD 2)

CD 1
1-1         Untitled     16:23    
1-2         Untitled     19:32    
1-3         Untitled     09:34    
1-4         Untitled     09:06

CD 2   
2-1         Untitled     04:15    
2-2         Untitled     06:11    
2-3         Untitled     05:57    
2-4         Untitled     05:37    
2-5         Untitled     03:38    
2-6         Untitled     03:57    
2-7         Untitled     04:43    
2-8         Untitled     06:42    
2-9         Untitled     05:35    
2-10         Untitled     06:55

Disk 1 recorded live at Indoyo, Hofu on November 23, 1999.
Disk 2 recorded live at Big Apple, Kobe on November 25, 1999 and at Otis, Hiroshima on November 24, 1999.

PSYCHO DISC psycho-0103-4 (cd-r)

Limited, numbered edition of 300. Packaged in a DVD box.


14 January 2013


I was preparing this post for a request from May 2012, when I found,sadly, that Jayne Cortez died on 28 December 2012. A powerful poet, both in writing and performance, and a civil rights activist, Jayne released numerous books and albums. Her first album as leader was with Richard Davis on bass (Celebrations and Solitudes, Strata-East). Many later albums were written with her band, The Firespitters, produced with her son, Denardo Coleman, and featured leading free jazz and African musicians.


Rest in peace

Jayne Cortez, poetry
Al MacDowell, bass
Bern Nix, guitar
Denardo Coleman, percussion
Charles Moffett Jr, tenor saxophone

Ornette Coleman, alto saxophone (A4)
Abdul Wadud, cello (B4)

A1. Maintain Control     3:40    
A2. Economic Love Song     2:03    
A3. Tell Me     5:13    
A4. No Simple Explanations     6:59    
A5. Briefing     5:21    

B1. Kai Kai (For The Poets)     4:42    
B2. Deadly Radiation Blues     4:30    
B3. Chocolate     4:50    
B4. Commitment     4:07    
B5. Everything Is Wonderful     1:48    

Bola Press – BP-8601

Vinyl Rip

12 January 2013


-23 °C + wind chill for the walk to work today.

This time of year, I wish I was in Madagascar

Alain Rahoerson, drums
Alain Razafinohatra, alto saxophone
Arnaud Razafy, bass clarinet, guitar
Georges Rahoerson, tenor saxophone
Jean-Charles Capon, bass
Jean-Claude Pourtier, drums, percussion, organ
Jef Gilson, piano, electric piano, xylophone, percussion
Joel Rakotomamonjy, tenor saxophone
Jojo, percussion
Pierre Moret, percussion
Roland De Comarmond, flute, baritone saxophone
Sam, bass
Serge Rahoerson, drums, tenor saxophone

A1. A Tana    5:20

A2. Avaradoha     6:25

A3. Available on The Best Of Jef Gilson Jazzman compilation

A4. Sodina    6:35

B1. Available on The Best Of Jef Gilson Jazzman compilation

B2. Malagasy     7:10

Lumen - LD 33 908, Palm Records - PALM 1

Recorded 1969-71

Vinyl Rip

Jef Gilson, Fender-Rhodes piano, ondioline
Frank Raholison, drums
Del Rabenja, tenor saxophone, valiha (http://dutchinmadagascar.blogspot.ca/2012/04/ha-jazz.html)
Sylvain Marc, percussion, guitar, Fender bass
Gerard Rakotoarivony, Fender bass
Ange "Zizi" Japhet, percussion, Fender bass

A1. Newport Bounce  5:46

A2. Salegy Jef     6:11

A3. Solo Frank     6:03

A4. Buddah's Vision  6:00

B1. Veloma Lava 5:42

B2. Valiha Del  3:50

B3. Requiem Pour Django  7:28

B4. Dizzy 48  5:20

B5. "1973"  1:58

Palm Records - PALM 5

Recorded 14 March 1973

Vinyl Rip

11 January 2013

Rex Stewart and his Dixielanders-(Live in Boston 1953)Featuring Herbie Nichols !!!

Now for Some serious Fun!!!....
heres a nicely recorded document of some stomping Dixieland revival, those who like Aki Takase's Wonderful Enja discs of pre war Jazz ,will love this....I certainly do!

the real Surprise is Herbie Nichols , who despite various stories about how depressed he was at having to make his Living playing in Dixieland revival groups (where incidentally he made the acquaintance of both Steve Lacy and Roswell Rudd)
his playing here is fresh, and he sounds, (as does the entire band)like he's having a wail of a time!!

The great trumpeter Rex Stewart is best known for his stint of a decade or so with Duke Ellington's Orchestra , (1934-45), later in life he toured and recorded with Norman Granz's JATP, and there after recorded prolifically under his own name ,with the Ellingtonians
and a great many dixieland revival outfits such as this, under the names..the feet warmers, the Dixielanders. etc..also becoming a Jazz historian,critic and Lecturer.

Clarinetist Albert Nicholas of Creole descent was a veritable New Orleans legend having started his career in 1910,with King Oliver ,Buddy Petit,and Manuel Perez.

Perhaps its some form of retroactive wishful thinking/Selective Memory ,but i have vague recollections of reading an anecdotal report years ago in some book or other, about A.Nicholas and Don Byas ,at the club Montmartre Copenhagen night after night in the early sixties admiringly watching Albert Ayler
not only Recognizing his mastery, but saying they had always wanted to play as freely as that!

Its not hard to see why ,indeed listening to Ayler's recordings of Spirituals and all the stunning Hallucinatory marching band hybrid tunes , one imagines he would have fit right in...

Many of the tunes on this document are taken at an exhilarating break neck tempo, at times threatening to fall apart as they lope over some imaginary precipice, Herbie Nichols is extraordinary playing Ragtime style syncopated Melodies with the right hand and walking bass lines with the left,
occasionally spicing it up by accenting with odd mildly dissonant stabs.. though of course not to the extent one finds on his own blue note sessions 2 years later.

this is obviously originally an edited radio broadcast , probably unauthorized as many live sessions of this vintage, released on Musidisc seem to have been, America records which put out so many great free jazz lp's was itself a subsidiary of Musidisc.

at a cursory glance (a few pages of google) there doesn't appear to be much by way of a mention let alone detailed info regarding this record...

Although i now see t(having checked the booklet to the H.Nichols Mosaic lp box) that this was actually released on the Jazztone label, probably as a series of  10 inch singles.

Rex Stewart and his Dixielanders, live in Boston(June, according to the H.Nichols Mosaic boxset) 1953, venue unknown
Rex Stewart-Tpt
Albert Nicholas-Cl
Fernando Arbello-trb
Herbie Nichols-piano
John Dengler-Bari Sax
John Feild-db
Tommy Benford-Dr

thats a plenty
Basin Street Blues
High Society
Tin Roof Blues
Dixie land One Step

South Rampart street Parade
Weary Blues
Apex Blues
Wolverine Blues
When the saints go marchin' in

PPS, cant find any evidence that this has been reissued , i could well be wrong!


After I heard Nick's LP of  Didier Levallet he has shared in March 2012 with us I was looking for another recording from him.
Some weeks ago I found it and two days ago I gave it a proper listen.

At least the first track (theme) has impressions from Anthony Braxton's groups ca. 1975 - but the recording is all its own. Tony Oxley is sadly too low in the mix mostly when the whole group is playing. One can hear him f.e. much better in a duo part with Malfatti. Especially the solos spots from Steve Lacy and Tony Coe have touched me upon the the first time listening.
But it is a very enjoyable album in its entirety.


Steve Lacy, soprano saxophone
Tony Coe, tenor saxophone, clarinet
Marc Charig, cornet, alto horn
Radu Malfatti, trombone
Gérard Buquet, tuba, contrabass trombone
Gérard Marais, guitar
Didier Levallet, contra bass
Tony Oxley, drums

A1. Steppenwolf              (09:21)
A2. Sweet Lacy               (05:13)
A3. Mémoires                 (09:14)
B1. Azimuts - Parties 1-2-3  (23:48)

All compositions and arrangements by Didier Levallet.

Recorded on May 11th 1983 at l'École Nationale de Musique d'Angoulême except A1 recorded in concert at the Théâtre, May 12th 1983.

IN & OUT IAO 1006


8 January 2013

Jon Jang - Jang

Following our earlier postings of United Front and George Sams, here is another musician who was to become an important part of the Asian Improv scene, Jon Jang. Of Chinese extraction, his contribution has been one of Americanizing Chinese folk melodies and to make visible the experience of being an immigrant with attachments to two different communities on opposite sides of the Pacific. As such, his work is part of a distinct West Coast scene where the links to the Asian continent are stronger than elsewhere than in the US, with the possible exception of other major towns on the American continent. The Asian Improv scene and record label is a concrete manifestation of a story that deserves wider recognition. The handcuffs on the front cover are symbolic of restrictions on Chinese immigration, in particular the adoption of the Chinese Exclusion Act in 1882 which was in force until 1943 and only completely repealed in 1965 with the Immigration and Naturalization Act which abolished the old system of national quotas.

This was his debut release on the RPM label which also released both of the United Front records we have posted earlier. The Asian influence may not be as strong as on later releases. What's here is a quite diverse selection of tunes, some live piano solo performances ranging from contemporary classical to standards to spirituals, one is a straight-laced jazz guitar - piano duet and two are really United Front tunes with piano and guitar augmentation. I'm not sure if Jang is even on the opening piece. All in all, a debut release that is very promising, if somewhat lacking in artistic direction.

Jon Jang
RPM Records RPM-3
recorded live, Santa Cruz, CA November 1979*
and studio, San Francisco,  February 1982

Jon Jang, piano
Baird Miller, guitar
Lewis Jordan, alto sax
George Sams, trumpet
Mark Izu, bass
Anthony Brown, percussion

Side A
For sister Deeana  8:10
Two selections from Five Pieces for Piano 5:21*
Lester Leaps Out (Dolphinology) 3:45
Sweet, Sweet Spirit 2:06

Side B
Le Chocard des Alpes from Catalogue d'Oiseaux (Messiaen) 9:29
The Ballad of the Bluebird Boogie  4:09
Goodbye Porkpie Hat/Giant Steps (Mingus/Coltrane)  6:17*

Jon Jang
RPM Records RPM-3
recorded live, Santa Cruz, CA November 1979*
and studio, San Francisco,  February 1982

Thanks to Arcturus for supplying the digital files. I've put in an order for the second release by Jang on RPM, "Are you Chinese or Charlie Chan".  It'll be interesting to see how it compares with this one. As of writing, I've no idea. As far as I know, these records are long out of print and only obtainable on the second hand market.

7 January 2013


Here is a different aspect of Masahiko Sato to the recent posts. He contributed to a phenomenal number of albums in the early 1970s, as a musical director and playing acoustic or electric keyboards.

1. Prologue     1:19    

2. Information1 - Information21     16:46    

3. Information22 - Information49     15:10    

4. Epilogue     2:36    

Group 1

Akira Ishikawa, drums
Hideo Ichikawa, electric piano
Kimio Mizutani,  electric guitar
Kohsuke Ichihara, flutes, soprano, alto, tenor and baritone saxophone
Masaoki Terakawa, electric bass
Takao Naoi, electric guitar

Group 2

Hozumi Tanaka, drums, percussion
Keiki Midorikawa, double bass
Masahiko Sato, piano, synthesizer

First release: CBS Sony – SOLL-28, 1973

Re-released: Super Fuji Discs – FJSP-02, 2007

4 January 2013


Here's another outing with Jay Oliver on bass, this time in a quartet with Steve Lacy.

Jay Oliver, double bass
Oliver Johnson, drums
Steve Lacy, soprano saxophone
Glenn Ferris, trombone

A1 Michele's Shower                 8:25    
A2 Goodbye Charles                 0:45    
A3 Dance Of The Robot People             6:55    
A4 Dust On The Keys                 6:30    
B1 Feather Lite                 6:35    
B2 In The Dishroom (A Sad State Of Affairs)     11:00    
B3 Winter Day, Spring Night             8:00    

Recorded at IRCAM Paris, Dec. 9 and 10, 1981

Akono Productions 30-7-170, Switzerland, 1982.
Re-released LP on Konnex Records ST-5003, Germany, 1984.

Vinyl rip

1 January 2013

Night And Day - Plays Them All - Set 1

Twelve sets played over three successive nights on 27-29 May 1992 at the Badenscher Hof, Berlin.

Rüdiger Carl, tenor saxophone, clarinet
Alexander von Schlippenbach, piano
Jay Oliver, bass
Sven-Åke Johansson, drums

1-1          It Don't Mean A Thing    4:01       
1-2          A Foggy Day       3:41       
1-3          Loverman            4:54       
1-4          There Will Never Be Another You             2:54       
1-5          In A Mellow Tone            4:05       
1-6          What Is This Thing Called Love    3:28       
1-7          Autumn Leaves                4:36       
1-8          Just Friends        3:45  

Edition Atelier Graz 2003

Put on your dancing shoes.