14 January 2013


I was preparing this post for a request from May 2012, when I found,sadly, that Jayne Cortez died on 28 December 2012. A powerful poet, both in writing and performance, and a civil rights activist, Jayne released numerous books and albums. Her first album as leader was with Richard Davis on bass (Celebrations and Solitudes, Strata-East). Many later albums were written with her band, The Firespitters, produced with her son, Denardo Coleman, and featured leading free jazz and African musicians.


Rest in peace

Jayne Cortez, poetry
Al MacDowell, bass
Bern Nix, guitar
Denardo Coleman, percussion
Charles Moffett Jr, tenor saxophone

Ornette Coleman, alto saxophone (A4)
Abdul Wadud, cello (B4)

A1. Maintain Control     3:40    
A2. Economic Love Song     2:03    
A3. Tell Me     5:13    
A4. No Simple Explanations     6:59    
A5. Briefing     5:21    

B1. Kai Kai (For The Poets)     4:42    
B2. Deadly Radiation Blues     4:30    
B3. Chocolate     4:50    
B4. Commitment     4:07    
B5. Everything Is Wonderful     1:48    

Bola Press – BP-8601

Vinyl Rip


Nick said...


Zippyshare A
Zippyshare B

trane said...

Thanks for sharing, RIP Jayne

Wallofsound said...

Sad to hear. Glad to listen.

Newk said...

Somebody who inspired me in so many ways. I was so happy when I got to see her & the Firespitters live. I already have this one, but thanks so much for marking her presence/departure.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this hard to find album. I found a copy myself a few months ago.

unitstructure said...

thanks,I had to pleasure of attending a poetry reading that she gave at syracuse university. Thank you Jayne.

Anonymous said...

Oh, please please please reup this album if you'd be so kind. Thank you and bless you for this beautiful collection.

-Otto- said...

Oh, how much I'd love to listen to this. Any chance for a re-up?

Peauline Karton said...

Hello!! A very difficult to find gem! Any Re-up soon? It would be great!!!! THX!