31 December 2012


 Here's one of my favourite Mangelsdorff ROIO's.

 ...extraodinary rhythm-section - Jenny Clark!! - great solo's...

...a Happy New Year to all....


Albert Mangelsdorff, trombone
Gerd Dudek, tenor & soprano saxophone
Jean-Francois Jenny-Clark, bass
Aldo Romano, drums

First set:
01. Introduction by AM                      00:35
02. Quirk (Mangelsdorff)                    11:19
03. Tit For Tat (Mangelsdorff/Jenny-Clark)  12:14
04. Mood Xantoo (Mangelsdorff)              09:20
05. Night Heron (Mangelsdorff)              11:32

Second set:
06. Introduction by AM                      00:34
07. Extemporary (Mangelsdorff)              14:10
08. Boston Highway (Mangelsdorff)           08:01
09. unknown title (duet for tb and ts)      05:04
10. Trois Quatre Bumbum (Mangelsdorff)      14:41

Recorded on June 23, 1979 at RIAS Funkhaus, Studio 10, Berlin, Germany.

30 December 2012


Send to me for you - thank you Nick!


Masahiko Sato, piano, electric piano, moog-synthesizer
Gary Peacock, bass
Motohiko Hino, drums

A.  Samadhi
B1. Fairy Rings
B2. Fall Out

Recorded at Toshiba Studio, Tokyo on March 3, 1972.



Attila Zoller-Masahiko Satoh, A Path through Haze 1971-MPS

In a completely different vein , heres a beautiful MPS session from 1971, featuring legendary post bop guitarist Atilla Zoller, Harmonically Challenging and at times tonally ambiguous ,though relatively straight ahead with lots of delightful free wheeling interplay,by Satoh and Zoller.

All in all rather reminiscent of  the material performed by a sensational mid sixties band led by pianist Don Friedman, that recorded a couple of albums for Prestige
the best of which ,"Metamorphoses" happens to be among my favorite records...(available on CD and well worth checking out)

To my knowledge this hasn't been issued on CD outside of Japan , unaccountably given its superb quality!... it has been around in mp3's which perhaps can still be found around the blogosphere.

this is ripped from a very clean copy , made by Teichiku in the early 70's

A Path Through Haze Mps (UL-X-38-P)1971
Attila Zoller-G
Masahiko Satoh-pno
Yasuo Arakawa-DB
Masahiko Ozu-dr
recorded at Teldec Studio Berlin, 7th Nov 1971

enjoy!! , and Explore Zoller's (and Satohs)available discography scant as it is, you wont be disappointed ... a great one of Zoller's on MPS that is available , is Zo Ko So,1965, with Martial Solal, and Hans Koller
Best S

PS, does anyone have the rarer MPS Zoller Satoh Duo... ???

28 December 2012

Masahiko Satoh-'Yun' Solo Piano Vol2-1976

Here's another, superb solo piano lp, I know absolutely nothing about the circumstances surrounding this recording ,what i do know is that ive always considered Masahiko Satoh to be one of the
most distinctive , authentic Japanese Jazz pianists , a superb improviser whatever the Context.

This was the second in an early series of solo recordings from the 70's...

its Dense , and certainly to these ears Satoh seems to submit to and absorb the influence of Cecil Taylor(something i havent heard before on albums under his name) .. that said there is also THAT distinctive spaciousness which seems inherent to most Japanese free jazz of its day.

Pretty Sure though not absolutely Certain that this is not currently available , i welcome correction on that score..
Masahiko Satoh- Solo Piano#2, Yun
A-Yun part 1
B-Yun part 2
recorded at Columbia studios Tokyo-
this issue ,Denon YX7502-ND

Note- this is my first Zippy- share upload ,on Paper their declarations of decent speeds and , no cost either to uploaders or Downloaders,suites me fine...
i would appreciate any feedback ,by those downloading this file
click on the Images forwhat scant information there is in english!!

Enjoy and Best wishes for the New year to all!!

Satoh's website
Satoh's Discography
Satoh CDs for Sale
(Btw, Cd's Japan is a ,Decent place to buy, lots of discounted stock , and a fair but not great selection of  Jazz)

27 December 2012

Paul Dunmall / Philip Gibbs / Keith Tippett / Pete Fairclough - Onosante (2000)

From Andy's Christmas gifts - out of stock title from Paul Dunmall's cd-r label extensive catalogue.

Paul Dunmall / Keith Tippett / Philip Gibbs / Pete Fairclough - Onosante (Duns 2000)

Paul Dunmall - tenor & soprano saxes, fife, bagpipes
Philip Gibbs - guitar
Keith Tippett - piano
Pete Fairclough - drums

1. Song And Dance And (07.11)
2. For Lost Souls (34.43)
3. Onosante (07.26)
4. Manosante (06.41)

Recorded on 15 November 2000 in the Victoria Rooms, Bristol.

Cover painting by Paul Dunmall.

DUNS Limited Edition 006

23 December 2012

JULiE TiPPETTS - Sunset Glow (1975)

Julie Tippetts - Sunset Glow (Utopia Records 1975)

01. Mind of A Child - 5.09
02 Ocean and Sky (and Questions Why?) - 5.15
03 Sunset Glow - 7.51
04 Now If You Remember - 1.55
05 Lilies - 5.43
06 Shifting Still (instrumental) - 4.21
07 What is Living - 2.28
08 Behind the Eyes (For a Friend, R.) - 5.12

Julie - voice, piano, acoustic guitar, clay drum, tambourine
Keith Tippett - piano, harmonium
Brian Godding - electric guitar
Mark Charig - cornet, tenor horn
Elton Dean - alto saxophone
Nick Evans - trombone
Louis Moholo - drums
Brian Belshaw - bass guitar
Harry Miller - double bass

Produced by George Chkiantz & Julie Tippetts with Giorgio Gomelsky

Recorded at Olympic Studios, London, 1975

CD Air Mail Archive AIRAC-1115 (Japan, 2005)

This gentle and delicate collection is one of a few Julie's works, incorporating both songcraft and jazz / free improvisation. For further exploration in this field, I would like to suggest her appearance on Carla Bley's Tropic Appetites (Watt 1974) and more recent Nostalgia 77 Sessions featuring Keith & Julie Tippett (Tru Thoughts 2oo9). Despite being reissued on cd by Blueprint (1999) and Disconforme (2ooo) labels, Sunset Glow remains unavailable for long years. I believe this album may be a good article for reissue specialists Esoteric Recordings, who is actually going to release first two Keith Tippett Group albums with their usual care about mastering and packaging.

Love, Peace & Joy



I wish all the blog members, the contributors and the commentators a Merry Christmas.
A tiny gift for you.

Karl Berger - before playing the vibraphone - his first recording - Enjoy!


Karlhanns Berger, piano
Bent Jaedig, flute
Joop Christoffer, bass
Bob Petrin, drums

A1. Blues Concept (Berger)       05:41          
B1. D'accord (Berger)            02:37
B2. Prof. Wotasnoozle (Berger)   03:39

Recorded in Bremen on July 3, 1963.


Note: Karl Berger's website says it was recorded in 1964.



A contribution by Nick.


Toshiyuki Miyama, leader
Kazumi Oguro, alto Saxophone, clarinet & alto clarinet, flute, tambourine
Shinji Nakayama, alto Saxophone, clarinet, flute, siren, clapper
Shoji Maeda, tenor Saxophone & soprano saxophone, clarinet, flute
Kiyoshi Saito, tenor Saxophone & soprano saxophone, clarinet, Flute, Kachi-Kachi
Miki Matsui, baritone saxophone, bass clarinet
Koji Hatori, trumpet, mellophone
Bunji Murata, trumpet, drum
Kenichi Sano, trumpet, siren
Kunio Fujisaki, trumpet
Teruhiko Kataoka, trombone, drum
Masamichi Uetaka, trombone, kachi-kachi
Seiichi Tokura, trombone, drum, bell
Takeshi Aoki, trombone, bass trombone, siren, guilo
Yoshinobu Imashiro, piano, gong, celesta, gara-gara
Masao Kunisada, bass
Masaru Hiromi, drums, percussion, clapper
Kozaburo Yamaki, guitar, maracas, bell, kachi-kachi, composer, arranger

A1. Hide And Seek                      04:14
A2. A Sun Shower Parade                05:11
A3. Grief For Enka                     03:17   
A4. Nio And Pigeon                     05:31
A5. When A Swan Goes To Sleep          03:34

B1. Streams Of The Sumida River        03:08
B2. Dedications To The Humble Prayer   02:35
B3. Adult's Day                        09:44

Recorded 9 & 16 May 1972 (probably in Tokyo).

NIPPON COLUMBIA NCB-7018. Adventure In Sounds series.


17 December 2012


This LP was already posted by Flux'us in 2007 - see here - here's an upgrade courtesy Nick.


Masahiko Sato, piano
Keiki Midorikawa, bass, cello
Masahiko Togashi, drums, percussion

A.  Seki-Ran  20:57
B.  A-Un      19:11

Recorded at Nippon Columbia’s 1st studio in Tokyo, Japan on December 10, 1975.


Note: The labels refer to "Cosmic Pulsation Unit", rather than "Unity".

7 December 2012


Very distinct early work of Louis Sclavis and his compatriotes. Bolcato, Merle and Rollet aren't well known outside France but listen to their music and you will wish a proper re-issue.
See also here.


Maurice Merle, alto & soprano saxophone
Louis Sclavis, soprano saxophone, bass clarinet
Jean Bolcato, bass
Christian Rollet, drums

A1. Bujumbura Lyon (Bolcato)  6:03
A2. Contre-Ordre  (Sclavis)   2:39
A3. Milieu Du Monde (Merle)   4:26
A4. Au Fil Du Temps (Rollet)  5:47
B1. Marche Noire (Merle)      3:37
B2. Moulin Noir (Merle)       2:43
B3. Trois Pour Deux (Merle)   4:28
B4. Chant Bien Fatal (Merle)  6:27
B5. Manig Danse (Merle)       1:25

Recorded at Studio Sybernis, Lyon, France, October 16 & 17, 1981.



4 December 2012

Soko Steidle live at Natt Jazz, Bergen 2012

While we're doing jazz in Bergen, this is a collection of three videos recorded in late May this year during the Nattjazz festival in Bergen. Soko Steidle is a Berlin-based combo given to free improvisation and housing ultra-fine front line jazzers in Rudi Mahall (again) and Henrik Walsdorff with Jan Roder and Oliver Steidle, the leader.

These chaps have three cds out so far, the two most recent ones on Jazz Werkstatt, which you are hereby advised to run out and get. This was uploaded by Steidle, but obviously not recorded by him as he was playing, except for the first sequence which has them heading down Vetrlidsalmenningen and along Vågsbunnen with Walsdorff in a wheelchair(!). Practical jokers, eh? I always make a point of catching them whenever they are in town and so also on this occasion., being seated a little bit to the right of the stage. Keep an eye out for some superb Mahall leg twitching and Walsdorffian bohemian chic. A sure sense of sartorial elegance all around.

Henrik Walsdorff - as
Rudi Mahall - bcl
Jan Roder - ba
Oliver Steidle - dr

3 December 2012

The Deciders live in Bergen November 2012

DecidersII from kinabalu on Vimeo.

A little more home-made video from yours truly. This combo played at the USF in Bergen as part of the autumn programme of the Bergen Jazz Forum. Put together by the bassist Ole Morten Vågan, it has a fine sampling of some of Europe's finest, Rudi Mahall and Axel Dörner from Germany (Globe Unity Orchestra, Monk's Casino and Die Entäuschung), Fredrik Ljungkvist from Sweden (Atomic), Jon Fält from Sweden (Bobo Stensson) and the leader, Ole Morten Vågan from Norway.

They did their first recording in chronological order, just as the tunes appear on the cd, which by the way is just out on Jazzland. This video jumps in at the extra number, composed by Vågan and hence called Extravaganza. Geddit? Thought so. Lots of humour in this music, lots of quirky changes and lotsa fun for those who were there.

The Deciders live at USF, Bergen, Norway, 9 November 2011

Rudi Mahall - bass clarinet
Axel Dörner - trumpet
Fredrik Ljungkvist - tenor sax, clarinet
Ole Morten Vågan - bass
Jon Fält - drums

The file containing Numbers 6 to 8 was too large to upload to Vimeo so it can downloaded from here.