31 May 2010

Sunny Murray - Live in Munchen '79

A short supplement to the previous post.

Rec. live at "Loft", Munchen, Germany, on September 28, 1979
(mics recording)

Sunny Murray,drums

1. Sunny Solo (17:44)

30 May 2010

Sunny Murray Trio - Live in Alassio '79

An extemporary trio, even if in those years, the collaboration between
the two Murray was rather frequent.
Maybe Wallofsound (the greatest living authority about D.Murray)
can give an help for naming the unknown tracks.

Rec. live in Alassio, Italy, on September 9, 1979
(mics recording)

David Murray,tenor sax
Wilbur Morris,bass
Sunny Murray,drums

1. German Dilemma (22:13)
2. Unknown (12:46)
3. Unknown (07:08)
4. Unknown (11:28)
5. Sweet Lovely (07:35)

Total Time 1:01:12

28 May 2010

ROVA Saxophone Quartet - Live in Novara '09

After thirty years "the most exciting of the saxophone quartet"
is still active and in excellent form.

Rec. live at "Conservatorio Cantelli", Novara, Italy, on May 28,
2009 (radio broadcast)

Larry Ochs,tenor sax
Steve Adams,alto sax
Jon Raskin,baritone sax
Bruce Ackley,soprano sax

(first set only) :

1. Flower Power [J.Raskin] (05:37)
2. The Blocks [S.Adams] (06:01)
3. Graphic nr.38 [S.Adams] (07:35)
4. Juke Box Mambo [J.Raskin] (05:20)
5. Radar [ROVA] (06:01)
6. Juke Box Afro-Balkan [J.Raskin] (05:35)

Total Time 36:11

ROVA Saxophone Quartet - Live in Verona '79

A recording i made when "the most exciting of the saxophone quartet"
was still at the beginning of its brilliant career.

Rec. live at "Auditorium S.Francesco al Corso", Verona, Italy,
on November 28, 1979 (mics recording)

Jon Raskin,alto,baritone & soprano sax,bass clarinet
Larry Ochs,tenor,alto,baritone & sopranino sax
Andrew Voight,alto & soprano sax,flute
Bruce Ackley,soprano & alto sax,clarinet

1. Flamingo Horizons (11:19)
2. Unknown (05:25)
3. Unknown (09:37)
4. Unknown (10:48)
5. Unknown (09:52)
6. Unknown (10:06)
7. Unknown (04:25)
8. Unknown (16:08)
9. Daredevils (05:41)

Total Time 1:23:26

For serviceton

27 May 2010

Butch Morris, Modena (It) 2009. Folding Space, Modette and other Songs

Fake album n. 6!

Lawrence "Butch" Morris - "Folding Space: Modette & other songs"
recorded at Angelica Festival, Teatro Comunale Modena (Italy)
sunday 31 May 2009

running time 52'43" with radio intro and outro

An unusual project, purposely composed for this festival, focused on mixing the "expressionism" of Kurt Weill and Hanns Eisler Hanns Eisler with written avantgarde and improvisation, adding moments of Morricone's musicality. Modette is actually a theatrical work started in 1981 based on lyrics by Allan Graubard, these are supposed to be "songs" interpolated with improvisations, but I really don't get any ideal tracksplit. Also included in the folder, marked as track 00, a short radio introduction in ITALIAN with bio notes and commentaries - this intro runs for 3'35", you can skip downloading it if you don't understand italian.

Lawrence D."Butch" Morris, conduction and compositions.
Shelley Hirsch, vocals.
Shelley Burgon, harp.
Eri Yamamoto, pianoforte.
Mary Halvorson, electric guitar.
Kenny Wollesen, vibraphone and percussion.
J.A. Deane, electronics and live samplings.

Orchestra Filarmonica Arturo Toscanini, conducted by Butch Morris

FM radio broadcast
"Il Cartellone - Radio 3 Suite Jazz",
Radio 3 RAI [third channel of Italian national radio],
on tuesday 27 April 2010, 20:40 hours.


NEW LINKS IN june 4th 2010 hope everything is ok now.

26 May 2010

Lee Konitz All Stars - Live in Genoa '81

A classic group for summer festivals (and we are on the eve
of the summer festivals!), but the interaction between Konitz
and Farmer is remarkable.

Rec. live at "Villa Imperiale ", Genoa, Italy, on July 8, 1981
(mix recording)

Lee Konitz,alto sax
Art Farmer,trumpet,flugelhorn
Ross Tompkins,piano
Milt Hinton,bass
Shelly Manne,drums

1. It’s You [L.Konitz] (09:21)
2. A Minor Blues [L.Konitz] (09:41)
3. In A Sentimental Mood [D.Ellington] (05:26)
4. Someday My Prince Will Come [F.Churchill/L.Morey] (05:29)
5. What’s New [J.Burke/B.Haggart] (05:29)
6. Joshua Fit The Battle Of Jericho [Traditional] (03:28)
7. Cherokee [R.Noble] (06:48)
8. Passport [C.Parker] (11:10)
9. Donna Lee [C.Parker] (07:31)

Total Time 1:04:26

25 May 2010

Interjazz 4 - Starý Dobrý Cirkus - Good old circus

I've been pondering over this record for a while. I thought it looked good on paper, so when the chance came to get a copy, I found to my delight that it sounded good in practice as well. This was, I believe, a one-off event, so I doubt whether they have met later, but if they have, I would be interested to know.

This is a fine addition to the catalogue of European free jazzy big bands, suffice it to mention Globe Unity Orchestra, Willem Breuker Kollektief, Instant Composers Pool and the venerable Brotherhood of Breath. Breuker is here and so is Louis Moholo, the drummer with the BoB and the later Dedication Orchestra. The original version of "Khanya" is the opening tune on Moholo's "Spirit Rejoice" release on Ogun in 1978, later rereleased on cd and which should be part of any serious jazz collection. Yep, that important.

The title hints at circus music, and the burlesque playfulness of the Kollektief and the Brotherhood are on display with merry themes and raucous collective improvisation with the expert team of Bednarek and Moholo keeping a rock-solid rhythmic backbone. Listen especially to Moholo's "Khanya", a ferocious workout over the majestic theme, but there's also Breuker's "Another flat jungle", a circus-like theme giving way to beautiful ensemble work and a Breuker solo firing up Bednarek and Moholo behind him.

All in all, an ultra-fine record and on a label which I have rather associated with Dvorak and Smetana! It was later rereleased on the FMP label, but this is taken from the original Czechoslovakian release. By the way, if there are any followers from the Czech Republic or Slovakia, it would be interesting to know what the sleeve notes say. They are attached to this post in the comments section.

Basic facts:

Interjazz IV

Jirí Stivín, flute, whistle, alto saxophone;
Trevor Watts, soprano and alto saxophones;
Rüdiger Carl, tenor saxophone;
Alan Skidmore, tenor saxphone;
Willem Breuker, alto and tenor saxophones, bass clarinet;
Jarmo Sermilä, trumpet, synthesizer;
Radu Malfatti, trombone;
Albert Mangelsdorff, trombone;
Tony Oxley, violin;
Antonín Matzner, synthesizer;
Rudolf Dasek, guitar;
Jacek Bednarek, bass;
Louis Moholo, drums;
Günter Sommer, percussion.

1.Stary Dobry Cirkus/Good old circus (Albert Mangelsdorff)(06.15)
2.Znameni dechu (Jirí Stivin)(09.10)
3.Dalsi Rovna Dzungle/Another flat jungle (Willem Breuker) (06.00)
4.Hudci (Rudolf Dasek)(08.55)
5.Prolinani (Antonin Matzner)(07.05)
6.Svetlo/Khanya (Louis T. Moholo)(05.00)

Recorded 13/15 March 1979 in Prague.

23 May 2010

John Carter solo clarinet, Tubingen 1979 november 24

N. 5 is here

John Carter solo clarinet
Universitat Mensa - Tubingen, Germany
1979, November 24

John Carter - clarinet

01 - Ann. University / J.E. Behrendt - 01'14
02 - Ann. John Carter - 00'44
03 - Fast Fannies Cakewalk (J.Carter) - 11'33
04 - Ann. John Carter - 00'53
05 - Johnettas Night Song (J.Carter) - 05'25
06 - Ann. John Carter - 00'25
07 - Uptown Downtown (J.Carter) - 07'13
08 - Ann. John Carter - 00'32
09 - Buddy Red, Doing The Funky Butt (J.Carter) - 09'18
10 - Ann. John Carter - 00'16
11 - Echoes From Rudolph's (J.Carter) - 05'42

Total Time : 43'21

21 May 2010

Tim Berne's "Los Totopos", Jazz Gallery N.Y.C 2010 January 7

Tim Berne's "Los Totopos"
Jazz Gallery N.Y.C. U.S.A.
January 7 2010

Tim Berne Alto

Oscar Noriega Clarinets

Matt Mitchell Piano

Ches Smith Drums

Unluckily in these days I've got so little time to write something about my new posts.
I'd like to write about all those marvellous musicians and musical worlds, and even try a little search for the titles.
Today I've got only time to do my best searching
Just a brief annotation: all the future posts (some are ready) perhaps will be without annotations.
I'm sorry, but this is to me the only way to continue to give a little contribution to this astnishing fine place.

Thanks to "punkjazz" who first posted this amazing concert on Dime.



19 May 2010

The Trio - Live in Berlin 1969

Rounding off The Trio sessions here, this is another live recording, prior to the one in Altena we posted before. As with the other Trio recordings, tunes tend to run together, so I'm putting up the playlist as it was announced at the end. A commenter at the Dime torrent web site suggested an alternative set of tunes for the long medley. The only tune in common is "Silvercloud", from the first double album, which I can confirm as well. But I very much doubt whether "Oh Dear" was in that set.

At the time, it was the John Surman group, later changing name to The Trio, so for the sake of consistency, I think we'll settle for The Trio for the heading.

John Surman Group
Berliner Jazztage, Philharmonie, Berlin/Germany, 7th November 1969

John Surman, ss, barsax, bcl
Barre Phillips, b
Stu Martin, dr


01 intros by John O'Brien-Docker and John Surman
02 FF - Silver Cloud - Caractacus
03 Yugoslavian Dance


02 Unknown title 3:29
Porte des Lilas (Cooke) 5:22
Silvercloud (Phillips) 6:43
Oh Dear (Surman) 5:29
Unknown title 2:44

17 May 2010

Arthur Blythe Quartet - Live in Newport '80

The "in the tradition" Blythe's quartet taped live at the
Newport Festival.

Rec. live at the "Newport Jazz Festival", on July 1980
(radio broadcast)

Arthur Blythe,alto sax
John Hicks,piano
Fred Hopkins,bass
Steve McCall,drums

1. Miss Nancy (16:20)
2. Slidin' Through (14:23)
3. Misty (09:00)
4. Odessa (11:09)
5. Break Tune (06:51)

Total Time 57:45

All compositions by A.Blythe except 3 [E.Garner]

15 May 2010

Max Roach Quartet - Live in Milan '78

What can i add about Max ?

Rec. live at "Teatro Ciak", Milan, Italy, on May 4, 1978
(mics recording)

Billy Harper,tenor sax
Cecil Bridgewater,trumpet
Calvin Hill,bass
Max Roach,drums

01. It's Time [M.Roach] (11:28)
02. Call Of The Wild And Peaceful Heart [B.Harper] (10:53)
03. Mr. Hi Hat (Papa Jo) [M.Roach] (03:25)
04. Six Bits Blues [O.Cadena] (08:49)
05. Scott Free [C.Bridgewater] (14:06)
06. 'Round About Midnight [T.Monk] (05:26)
07. South Africa Goddam [M.Roach] (04:15)
08. Calvary [Traditional] (13:54)
09. Effi [S.Cowell] (12:04)
10. As Long As You're Living [M.Roach] (07:19)
11. Cherokee [R.Noble] (09:58)

Total Time 1:41:42

WHO Trio WIST Graz, Austria 2010.03.12 Open Music

Michel Wintsch - piano
Baenz Oester - bass
Gerry Hemingway - drums

The trio of Michel Wintsch (Geneva, Switzerland), Baenz Oester (Berne, Switzerland) and Gerry Hemingway (New Jersey, US) began touring and recording together in 1998. All three players are very physical with their instruments and although the recordings are a good indication of what to expect, there is much more to look foward to when experiencing this trio in concert. Words though belie the sheer enjoyment this trio have brought and continue to bring to audiences worldwide.

chris church cardoid mics - preamp stc-9000 - edirol R09 - audition - flac

set1    42:31
set2    41:40
encore1    6:07
encore2    7:23

Trio Salis-Angeli-Drake Teatro Ventaglio Smeraldo, Milano 20 September 2009

Antonello Salis, pianoforte, fisarmonica (accordion). 
Paolo Angeli, "chitarra sarda preparata" (sardinian prepared guitar). 
Hamid Drake, drums, percussion.

running time : 30'18" (without radio intro and outro)
WITH radio intro and outro, it would be 32'49"

FM radio broadcast by "Il Cartellone - Radio 3 Suite Jazz", Radio 3 RAI [third channel of Italian national radio], on wednesday 05 May 2010, 21:14 hours.

Lineage (FM > wav > web):
ITT HiFi4060 tuner > Sony PCM-D50 linear PCM recorder > 44.100khz/16bit wav > usb transfer > Audacity 1.3.5 Beta (editing, track splitting and conversion) > 16bit flac's (level 8) > dimeadozen.org

Paul Lovens Trio Klangbruecke, Aachen, Germany, 2009-05-07

• Paul Lovens, dr
• John Edwards b
• Paul Hubweber tb

01 – Papajo 1 (Lovens/Edwards/Hubweber) – 20:50
02 – Papajo 2 (Lovens/Edwards/Hubweber) – 11:46
03 – Papajo 4 (Lovens/Edwards/Hubweber) – 05:44
Total Time:  38:20

Broadcast: WDR3
Broadcast-Date: 2010-05-05

source: dvb-s > SkyStar USB 2 HD > mp2
MPEG 1.0 Layer-2; 48,000 Hz Stereo; 320 Kbps

Recorded and edited by Lewojazz

Carla Bley - the Lost Chords find Paolo Fresu MusikTriennale Köln 2010 Stadtgarten Köln, 2010-04-26

cover artwork inside

• Carla Bley,  p, org, arr, comp
• Paolo Fresu,  tp
• Andy Sheppard,  ts
• Steve Swallow,  b
• Billy Drummond,  dr

01  – Vashkar  (Carla Bley) – 10:02
02 – announcement - Michael Rüsenberg – 01:31
03  – Two Banana (Carla Bley) – 04:24
04  – Three Banana (Carla Bley) – 09:15
05  – Four (Carla Bley) – 09:49
06  – Five Banana/One Banana more (Carla Bley) – 13:24
Total Time:  48:25
TT: (without 02):  46:54

Website: MusikTriennale Köln

Website: Stadtgarten Köln

Broadcast: WDR3
Broadcast-Date: 2010-04-29

source: dvb-s > SkyStar USB 2 HD > mpg
MPEG 1.0 Layer-2; 48,000 Hz Stereo; 320 Kbps

Recorded and edited by Lewojazz

14 May 2010

New Jazz Meeting Baden Baden 1993 1993-November-00 Baden-Baden, Südwestfunk Studios, 1993

Eric Vloeimans,tp Arkadij Shilkloper,frh,fh Christof Lauer,ts,ss
Howard Levy,harm,p Marco Ambrosini,nickel-harp Rabih Abou-Khalil,oud,bass-oud
Jasper van't Hof,key Michael Bardo-Henning,p,acc
Vitold Rek,b Renaud Garica-Fons,b Michael Beard,dr
Nabil Khayat,frame-dr,tamborine,per

All Announcements in German by Achim Hegben

CD 1:
1 Announcement 1:21
2 Sunrise Montreal (RAK,comp,Soli:RGF,b,HL,harm,RAK,oud) 8:40
3 Announcement 0:30
4 Announcement 0:43
5 Longing (RAK,comp,bass-oud,NK,frame-dr,MA,nickel-harp) 5:50
6 Announcement 0:41   
7 Windstille und Wüstensand
(MBH,comp,Soli:MHB,prepared-p,RAK,oud,CL,ts,EV,tp,HL,harm) 13:15
8 Announcement 0:50
9 Dost (MBH,comp) 8:41
10 Announcement 0:09
11 Por Boulegrias (MA,nickel-harp-RGF,b-duo) 6:11
12 Announcement 0:13   
13 Traum (MA,comp,Line-up:MA,nickel-harp,RAK,oud,AS,fh,RGF,b,NK,frame-dr) 6:11
14 Announcement 0:15
15 Announcement 0:17
16 Lembrega (HL,comp,Line-up:HL,harm,AS,frh,NK,frame-dr,RGV,b,MBH,p) 4:47
17 Announcement 0:12   
18 Brazilian Doran Dream (ManfredoFest,comp,HL,arr,HL,p-RGF,b-duo) 6:52
19 No Realistics (EV,comp,Quintet:EV,tp,CL,ss,JvH,p,RGF,b,MB,dr) 11:09
20 Announcement 0:12

Total Time: 75:15

CD 2:
21 Announcement 0:07
22 Zaire (JvH,comp) 12:50
23 Announcement 0:27
24 Announcement 0:16
25 On Top Of It (Trio:EV,tp,MB,dr,JvH,key) (fade-out) 6:31
26 Announcement 0:32
27 People Don't Worry (VR,comp,Quartet:HL,harm,JvH,p,VR,b,MB,dr) 5:59
28 Announcement 0:32   
29 Hollow (VR,comp,Quartet:AS,frh,MBH,p,VR,b,MB,dr) 5:11
30 Announcement 0:12
31 Wave Of Sorrow (AS,comp,frh-solo) 5:45
32 Announcement 0:08
33 Announcement 0:21
34 Sweet And Sentimental (CL,comp,Quartet:CL,ts,MBH,acc,VR,b,NK,tamburine) 5:56   
35 Announcement 0:26
36 Legends Of Sleep (MB,comp) 7:07

Total Time: 52:58   

lineage: fm > cdr by trade > flac > dime

Sound Rating: A-

The Trio - 'By Contact'

As announced in the previous post, here is the final entry in the Trio discography. Nominally the third, if one discounts "Conflagration" which was not strictly speaking a Trio record, though with the Trio at its core. We have posted the first double album which has been reissued on cd and the "Live in Altena" which had a limited circulation back then and has not been officially rereleased.

This one was out on the Ogun label in 1987, 16 years after its being recorded in the Tangerine Studios in London. There's a misprint on the back sleeve saying it was recorded in 1979, but by then the Trio had long disbanded. It was remastered at the Rainbow Studios in Olso in 1986. This studio was reguarly used for ECM recordings and by then John Surman had pretty much shifted to ECM as his main outlet. So it is more than likely that Surman had kept the master tapes and asked the studio to do a remastering job on them. But ECM didn't release them.

Six pieces on this record:

Side 1
Flyover (John Surman)
Open Brown (Barre Phillips)

Utah, Oregon (Stu Martin)
Noninka (Stu Martin)
Cant (Barre Phillips)
In The Round (Martin, Phillips, Surman)

Stu Martin - drums
Barre Phillips - double bass
John Surman - baritone and soprano saxes, bass clarinet, cornet

As the other Trio records, this is very much a collabarative effort with composition credits liberally divided among the three. This one has the novelty of hearing Surman on the cornet. I'm not sure if this was a one-off thing, because I can't recall Surman playing cornet regularly later. On other tracks, he switches to bass clarinet and soprano sax, though it's the baritone that is his main instrument throughout. Moodwise, it shifts from ferocity to placidity, with Stu Martin supplying the former and Barre Phillips the latter, at least to these ears.

The final three pieces pieces on the second side pretty much run together, so I haven't put in track markers. It's fairly easy to hear the transition points as Surman picks up another instrument to head into the next tune. For more details, please consult the extensive liner notes by Charles Fox on the back of the sleeve, attached to this post.

Up next: The Berlin Jazztage 1969 concert

13 May 2010

New Jazz Meeting Baden Baden 1976 (MAINZ LIVE VERSION) 1976-November-00 Mainz, Kurfürstliches Schloss, 1976

I realized I have been here a long time and never posted anything. Here's something really good. All thanks and praise to the original seeder waaay back on DIME.
Enjoy! Bill

Mike Mantler,tp Albert Mangelsdorff,tb Roswell Rudd,tb Bob Stewart,tu
Gary Windo,ts Urs Leimgruber,ts,ss
Carla Bley,p Wolfgang Dauner,p,key,synthy Christy Doran,g
Hugh Hopper,b Bo Stief,b,e-b Aldo Romano,dr Edward Vesala dr,conga   

Announcements by Joachim Ernst Behrendt


1 Announcement 0:51
2 Stand Fast (GW,comp) 7:00
3 Announcement 0:32 4 Paddy (CD,comp,g,UL,ts,ss,BS,e-b,AR,dr) 10:36
5 Announcement 0:44
6 Movie (MM,comp,tp,CB,p,GW,ts,CD,g,HH,e-b,EV,dr) 11:38
7 Announcement 0:33   
8 Wrong Key, Donkey
(CB,comp,MM,tp,GW,ts,UL,ss,BT,tu,WD,p,CD,e-g,HH,b,AR,dr,EV,conga) 12:49
9 Song Sung Long
(CB,comp,AB,tb,MM,tp,GW;ts,UL,ss,CD,g,BS,e-b,AR,dr,BS,tu,RR,tb) /
Announcement 14:26

Total Time: 59:09   


10 Announcement 0:12
11 You Think You Know Me, But You Don’t Know Me (dedicated to MongeziFeza)
(MF,comp,GW,con) 7:59
12 Announcement 1:51   
13 Sometimes I Fell Like A Motherless Child (BS,tu,RR,tb,WD,p,BS,b,AR,dr) 14:34
14 Announcement 0:59
15 Toto (AB,tb,EV,dr) 7:46
15 0:36
16 I Love That Cannot Speak Its Name (WD,comp,p,synthy,BS,e-b,EV,dr) /
Applause / Announcement 9:58
17 Andiri (UL,comp) 12:24   
18 Announcement 1:08 19 Maine, Light In Power
(RR,comp,tb,AM,tb,BT,tu,WD,p,synthy,EV,dr) 8:33   

Total Time: 66:00

linage: fm > tape > cdr in trade > flac > dime

Sound Rating: A-

Mal Waldron & Geri Allen - Live in Vicenza '02

Other two incomparable pianists finding a point of contact in Monk's music.

Rec. live at "Teatro Olimpico", Vicenza, Italy, on May 25, 2002
(radio broadcast)

Mal Waldron,piano (left ch.)
Geri Allen,piano (right ch.)

1. Let's Call This (13:22)
2. 'Round Midnight (07:40)
3. Geri Solo (05:11)
4. Mal Solo (06:59)
5. Epistrophy (10:28)
6. Misterioso (09:41)

Total Time 53:23

12 May 2010

Matthew Shipp Trio - Live in S.Anna Arresi '09

Probably more known for his job in the David S.Ware Quartet, Shipp
confirms, with his new trio, of being among the more interesting
contemporary pianists.

Rec. live in S.Anna Arresi, Italy, on September 2, 2009
(radio broadcast)

Matthew Shipp,piano
Michael Bisio,bass
Whit Dickey,drums

1. Track #1 (54:49)

8 May 2010

Evan Parker Trio - Live in Milan '79

A wonderful Trio that didn't left (at my knowledge) any official
recording and, most of all, the pleasure of listening, one more time,
to the Great Peter Kowald.

Rec. live at "Teatro Cristallo", Milan, Italy, on March 23, 1979
(mix recording)

Evan Parker,tenor & soprano sax
Peter Kowald,bass
Paul Lytton,percussion

1. Improvisation (55:30)
2. Encore [inc.] (07:27)

Total Time 1:02:58

7 May 2010

Carla Bley Big Band "Escalator Over The Hill" - Live in Perugia '98

In 1997, a live version of "Escalator Over The Hill", re-orchestrated
by Jeff Friedman, was performed for the first time in Cologne,
Germany, then, in July 1998, "the Escalator" toured Europe :
this recording was made at the "Umbria Jazz Festival".
In comparison with the original recording, here are missing track 1
"Hotel Overture" and track 19 "Little Pony Soldier".

Rec. live at "Teatro Turreno", Perugia, Italy, on July 13, 1998
(radio broadcast)

Carla Bley,conductor
Paul Haines,narrator
Phil Minton/Lindsey Richardson/Syd Straw/David Moss/Linda Sharrock, vocals
Baikida Carroll/Guy Barker,trumpets
Gary Valente/Richard Edwards/Adrian Lane/Roger Williams,trombones
Wolfang Pusching,alto sax,flute,vocal
Andy Sheppard,tenor sax,vocal
Julian Arguelles,baritone sax,bass clarinet,vocal
Pamela Attariwala,violin
Karen Mantler,keyboards,vocal
Steve Lowther,keyboards
Brad Shepik,guitar
Steve Swallow,electric bass
Dennis Mackrel,drums
Ramesh Shotham,percussion

01. This Is Here... (04:25)
02. Like Animals (01:29)
03. Escalator Over The Hill (05:01)
04. Stay Awake (01:34)
05. Ginger And David/Song To Anything That Moves (04:33)
06. EOTH Theme/Businessmen (04:22)
07. Ginger And David Theme (0:47)
08. Why (02:30)
09. It's Not What You Do (0:21)
10. Detective Writer Daughter (03:35)
11. Doctor Why (01:22)
12. Slow Dance/Smalltown Agonist (06:54)
13. End Of Head (0:57)
14. Over Her Head (02:48)
15. Oh Say Can You Do ? (01:04)
16. Holiday In Risk (03:18)
17. Holiday In Risk Theme (0:52)
18. A.I.R. (All India Radio) (07:08)
19. Rawalpindi Blues (15:59)
20. End Of Rawalpindi (06:53)
21. End Of Animals/...And It's Again (12:00)

Total Time 1:28:01

5 May 2010

Two Foot Yard - Lugano 2009.03.16

Someone would someday ask me: where is the "lym002" recording?

Here is the answer:

One of my favourite band around in the last years. Keep it loud.


Michel Portal & Bojan Zulfikarpasic - Live in Genoa '99

This is for kinabalu and his collection of Portal's recordings.

Rec. live at "Teatro Piscina", Genoa, Italy, on July 20, 1999
(mix recording)

Michel Portal,soprano sax,bass clarinet,bandoneon
Bojan Zulfikarpasic,piano

1. The Joker (Sacem) (16:25)
2. Voyage (06:38)
3. James (06:09)
4. Mozambique (07:37)
5. De Petiot (08:03)
6. Intranquiero (14:13)
7. Barouf (05:36)
8. Solitudes (02:44)
9. Mutinerie (03:03)

Total Time 1:10:31

3 May 2010

Steve Lacy - (1992) New York 1992.04.01 (Trio) - [FLAC]

Another imaginary cover from an imaginary label.

Hi to everyone here!
for their generosity and invaluable work!

Day by day I've been sure that places like this one really contribute to the knowledge of this terrific music, and to the growth of the musical culture in general.
I've been (I'am) proud of having little contribute to this blog.
As a gift to everyone here and in particular to those who couldn't rightly download this recording.

I'll re-up here that astoshing fine concert with new links.

Steve Lacy - (1992) New York 1992.04.01 (Trio) - [FLAC].rar
Parts 1, 2 and 3


Here the link to the others infos:

Listen loud to the music