30 April 2019

Thomas Chapin - Spirits Rebellious (alacra 1989)

Alacra Records, AL 1017
released 1989

Thomas Chapin – flute, alto flute, bass flute, alto sax, pan flute, quena, keyboards, bass drum, triangle, hula sticks, whistles, voice, electronic drums (B1 and B2)
Saul Rubin – acoustic and electric guitars
Thad Wheeler – conga, snare drum, rocks, bells, voice
Francesca Vanasco – cello
Geoffrey Gordon – tablas

Side A
Spirits Rebellious             5:58
Rain                 3:02
Uroboros (The Snake with its Tail in its Mouth) 2.32
Circles                 9:05

Side B
Guarana                 6:16
Spinning                 5:19
Squid Fantasy             5:45
Alborada (The Opening of a Rose)        5:09

All compositions by Thomas Chapin  1998.
Recorded June, 1988

29 April 2019

GERA BAND :: Fata Morgana (Panton 1986)

This is bandleader debut by Czech trumpeter Michal Gera with his solid band in program of mostly straightforward original tunes. Sometimes they went adventurous.

GERA BAND :: Fata Morgana (Panton 1986)

1. Emerald  8.30
2. Interlude I  1.58
3. Owners of Umbrellas  9.11

4. Interlude II  1.56
5. Joys and Sorrows  9.35
6. Looking Back  7.54

MiCHAL GERA - trumpet, flugelhorn
VÍT ŠVEC - double bass

Recorded in Prague, December 1985
Produced by Vojtěch Hueber

Vinyl rip

25 April 2019


I have re-upped links for the complete Duns Limited Edition catalogue.  Paul Dunmall's project to create his own cdr label was most prolific - releasing 67 sessions between 1999 and 2009, greatly aided by Philip Gibbs. He usually produced batches of 50 per title. I posted these here five years ago but the links were mostly dead.  Scroll down the comments to find the new ADrive links. The first seven are out of chronological order as they were initially held back.

 Paul is very happy to share his music.


23 April 2019


This is a contribution by an anonymous donor - Many thanks!!!

Cecil Taylor Live at Music Inn, Rome, March 6, 1987

1 - 56:36
2 - 2:32
3 - 0:29
4 - 1:00

I would like to dedicate this post to Riccardo.

21 April 2019


1-5.   <Bears> Osaka Nov3. 1992
6-8.   <Gospel> Tokyo Feb13. 1993
9-10.  <Otherside> Kyoto Sep19. 1992
11.    <Gospel> Tokyo Sep20. 1992
12.    On The Street Of Shinjuku Tokyo Jul23. 1994
13-14. On The Street Of Shinjuku Tokyo Sep2. 1993

Shiraishi Tamio, alto saxophone, voice, drums, piano
Takahashi Ikorou, drums (1-5, 11)

Pataphysique Records ‎– DD-004

CD Rip

19 April 2019


1. Hot Junk
2. Spinach
3. No Jazz
4. Window Pane
5. Dora Chase
6. Radio India
7. Lunatic Talk
8. Garakutalien Mode
9. Fukia Futohara

Minoru Kawabata, sax, clarinet, voice
Kiichiro Hayashi, guitar, guitar synthesizer
Masumi Tanaka, piano, keyboards
Toshiniko Tanaka, drums, percussion
Kaoru Kanzaki, double bass (3)

Recorded 1994-5

Apple Core Studio - ACCD-9508-1

CD Rip

14 April 2019

Okay Temiz & Hüseyin Ertunç Ethnik Orchestra - Live In Istanbul - Sagittarius A-Star 2013

Barlas Tan Özemek & Selim Saraçoğlu: acoustic guitar
Berke Can Özcan: drums & percussions
Korhan Futacı: flute & alto saxophone
Okay Temiz: kalumba, flute, soprano saxophone, horn, percussions
Sarp Keskiner: percussions, hand drums, flute
Musa Dede: hand drum, whistle, percussions
Doğan Doğusel & Hüseyin Ertunç: Küstüfons, flutes
Daniel Spicer: saxophone, bamboo sax, trumpet, bendir
Özün Usta: Flutes, overtone flutes, cura, hand drum, percussions
Umut Çağlar: violin, flutes, bendir
Murat Taner: zurna

Recorded in Istanbul on May 6, 2013

Sagittarius A-Star SAS N° 42 Vinyl rip


In the contributions section I've "found" a great contribution from OSIRIS.
To further the appreciation I'll put his links up-front.


Sam Rivers RoIO's:

74-12-29 https://mega.nz/#!zYBBRSbJ!wP_KV6CdeRwPA94MXrPhYs9ol6T4JuMR4AAUqNlcZ04

75-09-26 https://mega.nz/#!eYA31QZY!p91BKvCa7C89bzsQo56HozRdViDWI21VCztI9HgO1pY

77-05-24 https://mega.nz/#!uRQRCQxL!L-av3txlbw85KEZhicfpo-tZsLhXRBj6EUZd5BsN8Nw

77-10-19 https://mega.nz/#!2BQxQCBI!Vw0bMV9uuSDBmYeHioq9l-_g-VGXrIhFVoKuK4Jp_m4

78-03-30 https://mega.nz/#!DZ5ixSKD!Iit4xKCJBMwI04fI9uLtDnIDPBtRi_8FaZfdGEQq0zE

78-06-24 https://mega.nz/#!GcgUlQjK!1Dev7T9aCbBYWvTuetEmzx5FYbenWOXjMu6MPY0EkDE

82-06-06 https://mega.nz/#!iUpUEY4J!ctPD2ate-aFinZ7Co57Mpri4cbrHyxzE2TYUhZEEXbY

84-07-28 https://mega.nz/#!2QgAmSJD!vRNi4Wo0c6WymRVgREdjr24owy3KhMQA1ntz677c85s

76-09-02 https://mega.nz/#!qJgDBK5T!S8yjfoqBIvMPu0J984EyFIbDzlqnsYc2ESw1gKCVnko

My upload. No mirrors please. Cheers! :)

13 April 2019

It Is Good To Take But It Is Also Good To Give

The music that we post here are downloaded several dozen times by many followers. So be kind to check sometimes the request section at 

and jump to « newest » to see the more recent request of re-post and provide the files requested when you have them. We have regular followers and Im’ sure that they have most of the music posted here during those recent years, so take your chance to give to someone else what you have taken here. The original poster have not always kept the file or sometimes have to rip it again, so help us when you can. Few followers have done an incredible job of re-post, but the adventure could be more collective in my opinion.

12 April 2019


1. Part 1
2. Part 2
3. Part 3
4. Part 4
5. Part 5
6. Part 6
7. Part 7
8. Part 8
9. Part 9

morishigeyasumune, cello
Noriyuki Imanishi, clarinet, bass clarinet

Recorded in Kamogawa, Chiba on 9 November 2001

Morishigeyasumune ‎– flas-1003

CDr Rip

10 April 2019


This is a rather unusual release for the German Democratic Republic.
Generally the label NOVA was for contemporary classic, entertainment and experimental releases.
But for some reason the music on this LP was not issued on the label AMIGA which had a series called AMIGA Jazz.
Further I would like to point out that the given bassist for track B2 is most likely not Blazeowsky but Christoph Niemann.
Niemann is credited for this role on all three editions of the LP which was solely reserved for FEZ (AMIGA 8 55 585, 1978).  And the title which is included on this LP is the same as on the FEZ LP/CD.

Not only was this a minor bummer but also the music played here by the Rundfunk-Tanzorchester Berlin. Nothing wrong with it for sure but as NOVA was a label reserved also for experimental music I expected something more at the margins. But expectations aren't necessarily the best guide for enjoyment. So have fun as I had after I've accepted what's on this disc ;-)

And finally here's a request. The only other recording by FEZ is on an LP released in 1979 by the
Czechoslovakian label OPUS. The festival sampler "Bratislavské Džezové Dni 1976" contains more than 15 minutes of an otherwise unavailable composition by this special group.

Gumpert's trio and the ensemble of Hubert Katzenbeier (here not on trombone!) are in fine form - as expected....

A1. Grüsse Von Buddy (Nicht Kaputt - Speziell An Achim - An Alle)  13:26

Rundfunk-Tanzorchester Berlin:
Joachim Graswurm, flugelhorn
Friedrich Schlegel, Gerhard Pabst, Heinz Becker, trumpet
Freddy Lehmann, Götz Geitner, Horst Schmidt, Hubert Katzenbeier, trombone
Helmut Wenzel, bass clarinet, baritone saxophone
Ernst-Ludwig Petrowsky, Gerhard Miehatsch, clarinet, alto saxophone
Werner Schmidt, clarinet, tenor saxophone
Fritz Heimbach, flute, tenor saxophone
Klaus Hille, guitar
Horst Pawliczak, piano
Klaus Koch, bass
Wolfgang Winkler, drums
Siegfried Möhle, percussion
Günter Gollasch, leader
Friedhelm Schönfeld, composed, arranged

Recorded on 20.2.1975 Berliner Rundfunk, GDR.

A2. Wiesenlied  5:39

Ulrich Gumpert Trio:
Manfred Hering, alto saxophone
Ulrich Gumpert, piano
Günter Sommer, drums
(composed & arranged by the group)

Recorded 17.7.1973 Jazzwerkstatt des Berliner Rundfunks, GDR.

B1. Blues Hier Und Jetzt  10:28

Hubert Katzenbeier Quintett:
Hubert Katzenbeier, electric violin, composed, arranged
Konrad Körner, tenor saxophone
Ulrich Swillms, electric piano
Henning Protzmann, bass
Wolfgang Schneider, drums

Recorded 29.8.1974, public Studio-Jazzkonzert by "Stimme der DDR" at the Mensa of the Universität Rostock, DGR.

B2. Sonntag Im Altweibersommer 8:14

Conrad Bauer, trombone, composed, arranged
Hannes Zerbe, piano
Peter Blazeowsky, bass
Peter Gröning, drums

Recorded 13.1.1975 AMIGA-Studio, Berlin, GDR.

NOVA 885083 (GDR, 1975)
(vinyl rip)

Bassist for track B2 is possibly Christoph Niemann

9 April 2019


1. Improvisation I
2. Improvisation II
3. Improvisation III
4. Improvisation IV
5. Improvisation V
6. Improvisation VI

Yoshinori Yanagawa, alto saxophone

Wataru Hayakawa, calligraphy

Recorded Aug 1996 - Mar 1997 at Studio Ongakukan, Tokyo

Gokuonsya ‎– GO-5

CD Rip

7 April 2019


Snapshots 1-53

1. Announcement
2. Section A (1-11)
3. Section B (12-22)
4. Section C (23-33)
5. Section D (34-43)
6. Section E (44-53)

Marcio Mattos, cello
Mark Sanders, drums
Georg Gräwe, piano
Mats Gustafsson, tenor saxophone, flutophone
Sebi Tramontana, trombone

Recorded on 7 December 1996 live in concert at DeutschlandRadio Berlin

Wobbly Rail ‎– WOB007

CD Rip


The above picture belongs to a proposed vinyl edition of this 1966/67 recording.
The line-up is Hugh Steinmetz on trumpet, Franz Beckerlee on altosax, Bo Thrige Andersen, Steffen Andersen on drums and bass and not at least Niels Harrit on singing saw.
Maybe not so famous as they deserve. But no other than Sunny Murray did a recording with this guys in 1965.

First release of this great music was in 2005 on Atavistic.
But this time it would be reissued on vinyl.
This depends on how many music lovers would express their serious interest in helping to fund it.

So anyone who's willing to bet on it is invited to help the fundraising.


On 8 days are remaining - so hurry ;-)

Link to the label's websites

6 April 2019

Jim Pugh, Dave Taylor - The Pugh-Taylor Project

DMP, CD, 448

Jim Pugh - Tenor Trombone
Dave Taylor - Bass Trombone
George Young - Soprano Sax, Flute, Slide Whistle, Kazoo (tracks 3,5)
Gerry Niewood - Tenor Sax, Flute, Piccolo Flute, Soprano Sax (tracks 1, 6)
Lew Del Gatto - Baritone Sax, Bass Clarinet, Clarinet, Flute Piccolo (tracks 1, 3, 5, 6)
Jesse Levine, Olivia Kopell - Viola (tracks 1, 3, 5, 6)
Jesse Levy, Nathan Stutch - Cello (tracks 1, 3, 5, 6)
Bill Dobbins (tracks 3, 5), Ethyl Will (track 7), Kirk Nurock (tracks 1, 6) - Piano
Keith Foley, Synthesizer (track 7)
Shelly Woodworth - Oboe (track 6), Synthesizer (track 7)
John Beal (tracks 1, 6), Mark Johnson (tracks 3, 5) - Bass
David Friedman (track 3), Gordon Gottlieb (track 6) - Percussion
David Ratajczak - Drums (tracks 1, 5), Drum Machine (track 2)

1 - Goats In My Pocket   6:05  (Ed Palermo)
2 - 747   3:07  (John Clark)
3 - Red Balloons  15:32  (Bob Brookmeyer)
4 - Passion Flower / Petals Of A Rose  6:24  (Ellington, Strayhorn)
5 - Still The Blues (After All These Years)  9:38  (Bill Dobbins)
6 - Creature Memory  11:17  (Kirk Nurock)
7 - Futures  6:07  (Keith Foley)

Recorded August 9 and November 12, 1984 At Clinton Recording Studios, and November 20, 1984 at RCA Studios.


This post or rather reup is due to Jeff (again my thanks go to him!).
The original rips were by Sotise.

This is volume 1 of three solo LPs Satoh has recorded in 1976.
All three albums never got a reissue in any format.

Masahiko Satoh, piano
A1. Hajime = 一     4:04
A2. Michi = 道     6:17
A3. Kwan-Ji-Zai = 観自在     11:47
B1. Jizoh-Bosatsu = 地蔵菩薩     4:05
B2. Zanmai = 三昧     10:17
B3. Mujin = 無人     2:45

 Recorded at Tohoh Seimei Hall on 13, 14 April 1976.

(vinyl rip)


5 April 2019


A1. Costa Bruciata
A2. Neptune's Child

B1. City Of Dreams
B2. I Ain't Named It Yet

Stafford James, bass
Beaver Harris, drums
Dave Burrell, piano
Enrico Rava, trumpet

Recorded July 31, 1975, Roma

Horo Records ‎– RVJ-6073 (originally Horo Records, Italy, 1976)

LP Rip

2 April 2019


This unreleased studio recording is flowing at the internet since years.
Mostly announced as an unissued Blue Note date. But this claim most likely isn't correct.
However - great music from one of the masters.

Dewey Redman, alto saxophone, musette
Chris Capers, trumpet
Bob Cunningham, bass
Ed Blackwell, drums
Rashied Ali, drums
Eddie Moore, drums

1. Apple-itis 12:51
2. Interconnection (take 2) 10:22
3. P.S. (take 1) 8:05
4. Look for the Black Star 13:37
5. Look for the Black Star (take 2) 15:17

'Record Plant', New York, NY on December 19, 1969


A1. Chanson De La Route Du Nord
A2. Me Uno Me Douno
A3. Zone
A4. En Attendant

B1. Souvenir Imaginaire De L'Afrique Mythique
B2. Petipao En Bosnie Herzegovine
B3. Chant Libre N°2
B4. Dansons Le Ploukepingre

Louis Sclavis, bass clarinet, soprano saxophone
Gérard Vidal, double bass
Christian Ville, drums, percussion, balafon
Maurice Merle, soprano saxophone
Alain Gibert, voice, balafon, vibraphone, gong, alto saxophone

Un-Deux-Trois ‎– N° 7

LP Rip

1 April 2019


Paul Dunmall - tenor and soprano saxophone, fife, bagpipes
Pete Fairclough - drums
Philip Gibbs - guitar
Keith Tippett - piano

1. Song and Dance and  7:13
2. For Lost Souls  34:43
3. Onosante  7:26
4. Manosante  6:42

Recorded by Jonathan Scott. 
15 November 2000, Victoria Rooms, Bristol

I'm thinking this one may have been missed in the mega-up of 2014.
I'm in the process of re-upping all 68 Duns Limited Edition cdrs (chronologically).