2 April 2019


A1. Chanson De La Route Du Nord
A2. Me Uno Me Douno
A3. Zone
A4. En Attendant

B1. Souvenir Imaginaire De L'Afrique Mythique
B2. Petipao En Bosnie Herzegovine
B3. Chant Libre N°2
B4. Dansons Le Ploukepingre

Louis Sclavis, bass clarinet, soprano saxophone
Gérard Vidal, double bass
Christian Ville, drums, percussion, balafon
Maurice Merle, soprano saxophone
Alain Gibert, voice, balafon, vibraphone, gong, alto saxophone

Un-Deux-Trois ‎– N° 7

LP Rip


mike said...

I've been looking for this for ages! Thank you!

Ernst Grgo Nebhuth said...

Last part of the early Workshop de Lyon / La Marmite Infernale / / ARFI story.
Thank you Nick for this. Most appreciated!

correct silence said...

all the Marvelous Band will be reissued soon on lp by Souffle Continu Records, so I wonder if it is good to keep the link alive?

rebf942 said...

Interesting to hear some early Sclavis - many thanks.

correct silence said...

after taking some informations from the source, souffle continu have confirmed that they will reissue the two first lp of the Marvelous Band, including this one, in the fall of 2019.
I also have the news that for the record store day they will publish a reissue single of "Je suis un sauvage" by Alfred Panou and the Art Ensemble Of Chicago. This news is interesting because before there was only a dirty mp3 reissue or just the side a on an old compilation.
In May Souffle Continu will also publish a reissue of "Quand le son devient aigu, jetez la girafe à la mer" by Jacques Thollot. The reissue is newly remastered from the original masters, the lp will also contain a small book with new pictures and new liners notes.

Ernst Grgo Nebhuth said...

Thanks for the heads up - especially concerning the two Marvelous Band reissues. Already on my buying list.

pani said...

link please

Ernst Grgo Nebhuth said...

Hi Pani, I've deleted the links 'cause it will be reissued this fall.
See comments above by Correct Silence.

Nick said...

Thanks. Are they planning to do Thollot's Resurgence?

correct silence said...

They would like to do it but nothing is planned for the moment. Asking them about your question I learned a very good news, obviously Souffle Continu got in touch with the Family of Jef Gilson and they will reissue some titles of the Palm Catalogue, "Watch Devil Go" by Jacques Thollot will be included in the program of reissue, they are working on reissuing around 10 references for a first program of reissue, the choice of the references is not definitely done yet. I don't think that the first reissues will come this year, I will let you know when I will have more news.

Calisan said...

@correct silence
Hi Any chance just for the artwork?