30 December 2017


Herbert Joos, fluegelhorn, euphonium, flute
Paul Schwarz, piano
Jürgen Wuchner, double bass
Thomas Cremer, drums

01. unknown title   12:31
02. Continued News   4:45
03. Symphonie In E  19:05
04. Melancholie  10:51
05. How Old May He Be ?  19:02

 (Compositions by H. Joos except tr.1 by P. Schwarz)

Tracks 1 + 2 recorded 1979 in Stuttgart, SWF Jazz Session
Tracks 3 to 5 recorded 1980 in Stuttgart.

28 December 2017


No Free Jazz but some improvised music. No Jazz but it's so Isso...?

Yukihiro Isso, nohkan (2,5,7) & shinobue (1,3,4,5,6)
Natsuki Kido, guitar (1,2,3,5,6,7)
Masahiro Uemura, percussion (1,2,3,5,6,7)
Kiyoshi Yoshitani, shimedaiko (japanese drum) (2,5,7)

guests :

Yosuke Yamashita, piano (2)
Akira Sakata, alto saxophone (7)
Kazumi Watanabe, guitar (1)
Kiyohiko Semba, percussion (1,2,5,7)

1. Toh Hyo Hyo     8:44
2. Bi-Byohnn     7:39
3. Scarecrow And The Red Dragonfly     9:44
4. The Fable Of The Elementary School For Minnows     5:26
5. Just For Fantasia     6:48
6. The Pastoral Village     4:15
7. Soku-Ryu-Teki-Ha (Life Is So Hard)     10:50

Recorded: December 6, 10, 15, 21, 1990 at King Records Studio.

Raijin - KICP 101  (1991)

24 December 2017


PAUL DUNMALL, tenor sax
SIMON PICARD, tenor sax (Track 2)

1. 17:38
2. 32:19

Duke of Wellington, North London.  29th July 1989.

Happy Christmas guys.

20 December 2017



01. Another Dawn    [03:06]
02. Barbarian (K)nights    [05:23]
03. Can Picker    [02:09]
04. Crazy Waltz    [03:38]
05. Delta Psycho    [03:21]
06. Lament    [01:45]
07. Petit Mal    [02:32]
08. Scary Moments    [01:44]
09. Autumn In Jazz Cafe    [03:11]
10. Neuro    [04:17]
11. Hypomnesia    [03:43]
12. Borderline Cases    [05:07]
13. November Song    [01:39]
14. Lovers' Talk    [00:49]
15. Quietly    [01:42]
16. Pop Tones    [04:44]

JARMO SERMiLÄ - trumpet
EMiL ViKLiCKÝ - piano
ALEX ŠVAMBERK - metals, editing

Recorded live at Viola Theatre, Prague, in April and December 1997, except track 5, recorded at Delta Club, Prague, December 1997.

(c) Gallup Music 1998 (CD)

Improvisational project of Finnish trumpeter Sermilä and Czech jazz pianist Viklický, with fellow Czech improvisers Švamberk and Posejpal and their sole release on now defunct Czech label. Reduced version without Viklický continued playing as Paraneuro and in 2014, collection of their studio recordings from 1998-2012 was released as Paraneurologic album on Polí5 label.

17 December 2017

Idris Ackamoor And Cultural Odyssey - The Beginning Of The Second Earth (Sagittarius A-Star 2012)

Idris Ackamoor - Alto and Tenor Saxophone, Mbira [Thumb Piano], Balafon, Percussion, Poetry
Rasul Siddik - Trumpet, Percussion, Bamboo Flutes
Joe McKinley - Bass
Abdul Waahid - Congas, Percussions
John Baker - Drums

The Beginning Of The Second Earth Suite    
A1- Part I The Beginning Of The Second Earth    
A2 - Part II Ascent Of The Nether Creatures    
B1 - Look Into Yourself    
B2 - The Temple Garden    
B3 - Another Carnival

Composed By Idris Ackamoor (tracks: A1 to B2)
B3 composed by Wallace Wilson

Live at SOMARTS Cultural Center, San Francisco, 1980

Sagittarius A-Star 25, LP
limited edition 200 copies


A. Solo Alto Sax

B. Lower-Case-Hyper-Space

Wally Shoup, alto saxophone, electronics, voice, home-made instruments

Recorded on 16 November 1984 (A) and 15 May 1984 (B).


Cassette Rip

13 December 2017

Roy Brooks & The Improvisational Sphere - Live At Lelli's (Sagittarius 2011)

Roy Brooks - drums, marimba, steel drums
Amina Claudine Meyers - Hammond B-3 organ
Rodney Rich - guitar
Jerry LeDuff - shaker, tablas, cuica, percussions
Ray Mantilla - conga, bells, percussions

A1 - Ha-Ya !        
A2 - Samba Del Sol        
B1 - Basketball        
B2 - Her Blues Is Mine Ra    

Recorded on September 3, 1999 in Detroit.

Sagittarius A-Star 12, LP
Limited to 200 copies with insert

12 December 2017

Doudou Gouirand - Mouvements Naturels - Disques Jam 1982

Doudou Gouirand is a french saxophonist who has started to record in the middle of the seventies. As side man he have worked with Pierre Dørge New Jungle Orchestra, Mal Waldron, Johnny Dyani, Okay Temiz’s Oriental Wind, Michel Marre to name a few. Some of those musicians are featured on his own albums. In 1985 he have recorded « Forgotten Tales » with Don Cherry on one track but this album is not so memorable in my opinion. Three years before he published « mouvements naturels » with some of the musicians previously mentionned + Chris McGregor on one track.

Face A:
  1. Amanda
  2. 2. jungle Dream
  3. 3. Song For J.M
Face B:
  1. Blues For B.B
  2. 2. Mélanésie Nuclear No 1
  3. 3. Mouvements Naturels

Doudou Gouirand: alto, soprano saxophone, flute, voice, piano
Michel Benita: bass on a. 1
Johnny Dyani: bass, voice
Jean Claude Montredon: drums, percussions on a1, a3, b1
Merzak Mouthana: drums, percussions on a2, b2, b3
Lelle Kullgren: guitar on b1
Pierre Dørge: guitar
Chris McGregor: piano on b1

Disques Jam 0482/DG 028 lp rip

11 December 2017



Sunny Murray, drums
Kenneth Terroade, saxophone
Paul Jeffrey, saxophone
Ronnie Beer, saxophone

Recorded live at the Paris Jazz Festival on November 6, 1968.

Jazz Collection - JCD-08

CD Rip

9 December 2017

The Phill Musra Group - The Creator Is So Far Out (Sagittarius 2010)

info are very few about Phil Musra, what I found is from cliffordallen blog

"...Philip Musra, a reedman and composer living in Los Angeles. He’s not a figure who’s well-known in the jazz (or even avant-garde) community, though his work in the 1970s with his brother, multi-instrumentalist Michael Cosmic, Turkish-born drummer Huseyin Ertunc, and bassist-composer John Jamyll Jones is the stuff of curiosity and possibly legend. Part of what has made their music - available on a small scattering of privately-pressed LPs - so interesting is that it does not sound like anything else. I recently characterized the trio music (without Jones) as something like a collision between the AACM and Alan Sondheim’s Ritual 770 or another, similar wild-and-woolly artists’ collective. The group was based in Boston at the time and also worked with pianist Gene Ashton (now known as Cooper-Moore) and poet-vocalist Ntozake Shange, among others. Apparently Musra and Cosmic also spent time in Chicago studying with AACM musicians. Until recently, not much was known about their concurrent and subsequent activities........Shimmering percussion dense but hanging in midair, maniacal insistence on mini-organ chords or frantic arpeggios on a glockenspiel, and intertwining flutes and saxophones are the linguistic building blocks, and the dialect is unlike anything I had previously experienced.

... Though Musra has assembled CD-Rs of archival material to almost no distribution over the past few years, his visible output has generally remained known only to connoisseurs of rare records from a bygone era. That is until now, as what is officially his second LP as a leader in over 35 years has been released in a limited edition via the Sagittarius A-Star label. The Creator is So Far Out takes its title from a composition that also appeared on his 1974 Creator Spaces LP (Intex) as well as on the present album. Here, he's joined by drummer Don Hooker, percussionist Steven McGill and pianist Walter Barrilleaux on two sidelong originals.
The core trio of Musra, Hooker and McGill has been together since last year, making live appearances on the West Coast (most often at the Heartbeat House in LA) and cutting some YouTube videos that have yet to go viral. As one would hope, there is a rather profound difference between this trio and what came before. Rather than the slightly-unhinged democracy of his 1970s free unit with Cosmic, Musra stretches out his husky and somewhat minimalist riff on Newk over dry, regular conga and trap set patterns on the lyrical, loving ode Yvonne, peppered with occasional throaty wails. The title track is taken in a bluesy direction, Barrilleaux laying down churchy chords around Hooker's loose lope and Musra's slightly wandering declarations. McGill's brief, glassy vibraphone is used as a marker between tenor and soprano solos, on which the leader's pinched tone contrasts curiously with the rhythm section's chunky groove. Boxy electric piano and flute shortly make a strange pair, as Musra runs through his arsenal. There's always been an outsider quality to Musra's music, and thirty-odd years ago that unbridled and sometimes unfocused energy probably contributed to his and his compatriots' unknown status. Now, of course, that naturalness is something many musicians work to achieve, and if Musra's music is a little more reigned in today, it's not without a folksy honesty that makes The Creator is So Far Out a charmingly humanist statement." 

A. Yvonne        
B. The Creator Is So Far Out        

Phil Musra - Reeds
Walter Barrilleaux - Piano
Don Hooker - Drums
Steven McGill - Percussion, Vibraphone

Recorded August 22, 2010 @ Mysterious Mammal Studio, Los Angeles.

8 December 2017

Roy Brooks Aboriginal Percussion Choir - Live at the Montreux-Detroit Jazz Festival 1986-1989 (Sagittarius A-Star 2013)

some already knows it, but after a request is here for all

side A
Aboriginal theme song, part I
side B
Aboriginal theme song, part II
Panoramic view points
side C
side D
Gloom and Doom

side E
Samba del Sol
side F
Five for Max


Brad Felt
Geri Allen
Jerry LeDuff
Ray Mantilla
Marion Hayden
Vincent Bowens
Marcus Belgrave
Sundiata Keita Sun Drummer Society
Teddy Harris New Breed BeBop Society

Sagittarius A-Star #36
3LP set in a triple folder cover;
two black vinyls ('86) + one transparent red ('89)
released 2013