12 July 2021



The promo LP from which I've ripped this rare composition by Wolfgang Dauner wasn't in the best condition. Removed several louder clicks 'n' pops manually. Then I've added a very mild filtering. You will still hear some crackling especially in the quieter parts of this work but I'm sure that the music deserves to be heard even with some extra noise.

Two years later in 1976 Dauner composed a jazz opera titled "Der Urschrei des Musikers" for the Berlin Jazz Days; during the performance Dauner had excerpts from contracts with musicians read aloud. The work dealt with the mechanisms in the record industry of that time.
And again in August 2010 in Stuttgart he came back to the topic (BTW: Urschrei means primal scream) with a composition / opera titled 'Second Prelude to the Primal Scream' (Zweiter Auftakt für den Urschrei) [conducted by Dennis Russell Davies] in memory of his Berlin opera.
How much the music offered here is the seed for the latter two compositions I don't know. But it seems rather likely that Dauner had an idea / theme which kept coming back through a good part of his life as musician and composer.

Wolfgang Dauner, piano, synthesizer, composition
Zbigniew Seifert, violin
Adelhard Roidinger, double bass
Ack van Rooyen, flugelhorn
Bronislav Kovacev, drums
Rundfunkorchester Hannover des NDR
Mladen Guteša, conductor

1. Der Urschrei  27:17

Recorded 27.-31.5.1974, Funkhaus Hannover, Germany.

Vinyl rip from the A side of a NDR promo LP "NDR Jazzworkshop '76" (666 796)

7 July 2021

Sonny Simmons - Ecstatic Nostalgia

 Hello World!  HW06
released 1 Apr 2007

1 - Introduction: Ode To Thelonious Monk     8:05
2 - My Favorite Things             1:56
3 - The Promise                 2:42
4 - Exotic Study                 16:58
5 - My Favorite Things             7:27
6 - Blues For Everyday Life             9:54
7 - Out Of Love                 13:46

Sonny Simmon - alto sax, english horn

"#1-3 Recorded August 4, 2006 at Bruno Grégoire's home, Romainville, France and #4-7 December 12, 2006 at Galerie Apnée, Paris, France."