25 June 2019


Another film from the 1970s - with rare footage of Steve Potts and the 360º Music Experience.

Grachan Moncur, trombone
Roland Alexander, tenor saxophone
Dave Burrell, piano
Jymie Merritt, bass
Beaver Harris, drums

Recorded at Molde Jazz Festival 1970


Steve Potts, soprano & alto saxophone
Christian Escoudé, guitar
Boulou Ferré, guitar
Kent Carter, bass
Kenneth Tyler, drums

Recorded in France(?) in 1974

23 June 2019

Stomu Yamash'ta - Percussion Recital - Columbia 1971

1 Variations From 'Odoru Katachi’
2 I. Ikari
3 II. Nemuri
4 III. Kanashimi
5 Uzu - Improvisation

Roetsu Tousha: Drums (Tsuzumi)
Suihou Tousha: Flute (Nohkan)
Stomu Yamash’ta: Percussion

Recorded live at the small hall of the Tokyo Metropolitan Cultural Hall on January 11, 1971
Published in 1971 with two different titles: « Percussion Recital » and « The World Of Stomu Yamash’ta ». This rip comes from the on demand cdr version issued by Columbia in 2014 titled « Hito » Percussion Recital

20 June 2019


Virginia Genta, saxes, flute, voice
Chris Corsano, drums

A.  Some Birds Are Free People     18:02
B1. Lost Place At Sunset 9:42  
B2. Slate Explosion  6:34

On August 5th, 2008, Corsano and Genta gave a duo concert on the roof of Zé dos Bois in Bairro Alto, Lisbon, at sunset time.

8mm Records - 8mm 037 (Italy, 2009)

18 June 2019


> A floresta é jovem e cheja de vida <

 WDR, Cologne, Germany, 1966

Script and directed by Theo Gallehr


"... the forest is young and full of life"

Theo Gallehr (1929 - 2001) was a German innkeeper (in Munich),  film director and writer.
Famous for intiating socalled "Arbeiterfilme" (movies about workers) and in 1971 he made a documentary about the Gruppo Di Improvvisazione Nuova Consonanza (released by Die Schachtel).

16 June 2019


Virginia Genta, baritone & tenor saxophone
David Vanzan, drums

A1. Untitled 3:51   
A2. Untitled 4:07   
A3. Untitled 2:47   
A4. Untitled 3:37   
A5. Untitled 4:51   
B1. Untitled 3:03   
B2. Untitled 3:55   
B3. Untitled 6:08   
B4. Untitled 1:38   
B5. Untitled 2:56

Recorded on December 2, 2006.

Qbico 65 (Italy, 2007)

(vinyl rip)


Urs Blöchlinger, alto, bass & sopranino saxophone, flute, ch-phon, angklung, little instruments
Ruedi Häusermann,  flute, alto flute, alto & baritone saxophone, little instruments (A1, A3, B1 to B3, C1, D3)
Hans Koch, tenor & soprano saxophone, bass clarinet (B1 to B3, D1, D3)
Glen Ferris, trombone
Jürg Ammann, piano, melodica
Thomas Dürst, bass
Dieter Ulrich, drums, bugle

A1. King Arthur Meets Hans Eisler In Hollywood   13:05
A2. Peggy's Blue Skylight    5:43
A3. Quick Motion Picture With A Brake Shoe  5:38
B1. Oh, Soviel Vieh, Sophie   3:40
B2. Where Is My Funny Ballantines's    9:41
B3. Combinations    11:31
C1. Kungusisches Arbeiterlied: Niemand Weiss Hinten, Wie Er Vorn Dran Ist  14:31
C2. Die Psychology Of Steeple Chase  8:07
D1. Neurotica    12:29
D2. Adrenallini (Dedicated To Adrian Rollini)    4:47
D3. Baghwan Business    1:27

Recorded at Studio Sonographic, Schlieren, Switzerland on 4,5 & 6 June, 1984.

Hat Hut Records hat Art 2008  (1984)

13 June 2019

Pangea featuring Theo Jörgensmann, Federico Sanesi - Live At Music Academy

Binder Music Manufactory, BMM 9303

1 - Dino Song (Binder)        12:24
2 - Confrontation (Szőke)    15:24
3 - Hades (Szőke)          8:15
4 - Dor Columns (Szőke)      9:56

Gábor Juhász - Acoustic Guitar
Theo Jörgensmann - Clarinet
Szabolcs Szőke - Kalimba, Gadulka, Ektare, Angklung
Federico Sanesi - Percussion, Tabla
Károly Binder - Piano

Recorded live at Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music, September 27th, 1993

12 June 2019


Ernst kindly posted the second of this set and the links are still active. Here are all three in new rips.


A1. Fiat Sonus
A2. When A Lone Dolphin Cries Out

B1. Sea Rumblin'
B2. Children of Icarus

New Jazz Syndicate 1


A1. Winter Ballad
A2. Earth, Water, Fire, Wind and Air

B1. Forest and Moon
B2. Long Moment
B3. The "L" On IOUs

New Jazz Syndicate 2


A1a. If I Wasn't Hard
A1b. If I Couldn't Ever Be Gentle
A2. Tokyo '77

B1. Forward Suspense
B2. Valse for Valhalla

New Jazz Syndicate 3

Alto Saxophone – Kunio Kaneko, Keizo Inoue, Yasuo Ueda, Ryuichi Inaba 
Baritone Saxophone – Shoji Ukaji
Bass – Shin-Ichiro Iikima, Hiraoki Satoh
Bass Clarinet, Alto Saxophone – Yasuo Ueda
Clarinet, Alto Saxophone – Ryuichi Inaba
Drums, Percussion – Toshiro Miyauchi, Sabu Toyozumi, Mikiharu Takagi
Flugelhorn – Kouji Mikuriya
Flute – Clive Bell, Yasuo Yoda, Kunio Kaneko
Oboe, Alto Saxophone – Keizo Inoue
Piano – Ryo Hara, Hiraku Amemiya
Soprano Saxophone – Yuichi Kamata
Tenor Saxophone – Yasuhiko Morizone, Horishi Shimizu
Trumpet – Kazuo Komiya
Pocket Trumpet – Jiro Shoda 
Trombone – Jiro Shoda, Hiraku Amemiya
Vibraphone, Ryo Hara

Recorded at Hosei University Student Hall, Tokyo; November 29, December 10 and 13, 1977

LP Rip

10 June 2019

Walden Wimberley & His Musical Friends - What The Pyramid Told Me - self produced 2005

One can think that musicians who stay unknown belong to the sixties or the seventies but even from the recent times we can still discover some musicians that still play in the underground of the underground. It is the case for this talented pianist, if you check on the web you will find almost no informations about him directly. One of his first appearance seems to have been in a band created by Roy Campbell Jr and named « Shades And Colors Of Trane » with Hilliard Greene and Warren Smith. In 2004 and 2005 he made two cdr self produced and only available during his concerts, in 2006 he recorded with Ras Moshe for one of his « Live Spirits » volume, obviously… that’s all.
So if someone have more informations about him it will be appreciated.

Walden Wimberley: piano
Hilliard Greene: bass
Christopher Dean Sullivan: bass
Daniel Carter: saxophone
Ras Moshe: saxophone
Larry Boddie: percussion
Mike Thompson: drums
Recorded live at the Langston Hughes Public Library, Queens N.Y. 2005.
cdr self produced

5 June 2019


The Sratch Orchestra with a.o. Cornelius Cardew, Keith Rowe and John Tilbury

Script and directed by Hanne Boenisch

Produced by the Hochschule für Fernsehen und Film, München.

Germany (Munich, Bavaria) 1971 / 72


Got this documentary from John Tilbury on Wednesday, 29 April 2009 at the Gasteig in Munich, for the first time.
We had invited him for a concert / lecture. During his lecture excerpts of the film were shown.
Afterwards he gave us two or three copies of the DVDr. He added we should 'spread it'.*

Hanne Boenisch has died only some weeks before John Tilbury's concert in Munich.

Around 2015/6 I talked with a friend about this film. He asked wether he could watch and maybe even use it for his lectures at a Munich high school.
I readily agreed and promised him a copy of my copy. But - alas - I did not find the DVDr. After several attempts to locate it I gave up.
It seems I had lost the film during a relocation some months before.
Later that year my friend made some inquires at the BR (Bavarian broadcast) as to wether they would loan him the documentary.
But it was revelead to him that they discarded or destroyed the film!

To my delight I got it again some days ago.

And following Tilbury's idea about spreading this rare documentary I'll offer it here.

Additionally I would like to give the interested reader a link to an interview with John Tilbury.  This conversation was conducted after his book "Cornelius Cardew - a life unfinished" was published.
It is a fitting companion to the documentary - of course to read the book would be even better.

(Beware ;-) this film is only for bi-lingual viewers.
Cardew is heard for the most part talking in German, which he does quite fluently.
But there's a good portion of English to be heard during the 45 minutes .

* it should be clear that it is my responsibility to post the film here - Mr. Tilbury never asked or even encouraged me to do so.

3 June 2019


This is not music or more exactly it is music but with footage from the respective concerts.
Culled from the French TV.

Among others we have the first concert of the Blue Notes in Europe, just arriving from South-Africa. After the concert and some weeks playing in Antibes at the beach (and elsewhere) they embarked to Zürich were they got offered Dollar Brand's place at the Cafe Africana.

The movie (~ 1:40) is not in high definition but the quality is easily good enough to enjoy these concerts and in case of Taylor's Unit something rather special.

- Lìnvité du dimanche 1969 -Fondation Maeght  (Cecil Taylor Unit)
with Jimmy Lyons, Sam Rivers, Andrew Cyrille

- Blue Notes - Antibes 1964
with Nikele Mokaye, Louis Moholo, Mongezi Feza, Chris McGregor, Johnny Mbizo Dyani and Dudu Pukwana

- Manfred Schoof - Antibes 1967
with Mani Neumeier, Jaki Liebezeit, Gerd Dudek, Buschi Niebergall and Alexander von Schlippenbach

Misha Mengelberg - Antibes 1967
with Han Bennink, Willem Breuker, Maarten Altena

- Theo Loevendie - Antibes 1969
with Willem van Manen, Nedley Elstak, John Engels, Martin Van Duynhoven, Joop Mastenbroek, Hans Dulfer, Maarten Altena

1 June 2019

Art Ensemble of Chicago live in Immanuelskirche, Wuppertal, Germany 1995

Following up my former post of the AEC in Charlottesville in 1983, here is another recording from 1995. By this time, Joseph Jarman had left the Ensemble, so they are down to a quartet. As I mentioned in my last post, the acoustics add another dimension to the music, at the Cabell Hall as well as here, and even more so here, almost prompting the venue itself to be the fifth player, although a passive one. The venue was the Immanuelskirche in Wuppertal, Germany, and from what I can see online, it is designated as a cultural centre with regular musical performances of all kinds. One could add it lends a further spiritual dimension to the music, adding to the spiritual quality that's already there.

The former posting had a version of "Prayer for Jimbo Kwesi" and this one has "Song for Atala", another one of my fave AEC tunes. In the second part, you also get a portion of Roscoe Mitchell's circular breathing for your amazement.

CD 1
01. Unknown - 35:12
02. Song For Atala - 07:48

CD 2
01. Unknown - ß3:47
02. Unknown - 14:37
03. Unknown - 17:18
04. New York Is Full Of Lonely People / Carefree - 09:24
05. Odwalla - 04:35
06. Walking In The Moonlight - 04:36

In all: 97:26.

The tracks are split in such a way so they can be easily fitted onto two cds if one so wishes.

In sum, beautiful music in beatiful surroundings. By the way, I have another recording of the AEC in the Immanuelskirche in 1990, this time with the full quintet, that I could post here if there's an interest.