28 April 2020


A1. Musique À L'Insu
A2. Impromptu
A3. Toespraak

B1. En Garde
B2. On S'Entend... C'est Curieux
B3. Kwak / Couac

Christian Leroy, piano (A1-2, B1-3)
Fred Van Hove, piano (A3-B3)

Recorded in Frameries, Belgium, on March 20, 1981.

Igloo ‎– IGL 010

LP Rip

Scanner out of action while working from home, sorry

23 April 2020


A1.  Another Slippery Morris
A2.  He's No Wombat
A3.  Goals Of Desire
A4.  Ballroom Behaviour
A5a. Authentic Korean Folk Song
A5b. Traditional Irish Melody

B1. Kookabura - Fair Dinkum
B2. Lullaby In Birdland
B3. Cold Toast And Vegemite
B4. Distinguishing Marks
B5. Gumly Gumly
B6. Balmain Tigers V The Rest

Jon Rose, 19 string cello, 5 string violin, 16 string violin, wheeling violin, revolving speaker, double piston
Simone De Haan, tenor trombone / sax mouthpiece / bassoon reed

Recorded at Llewellyn Hall, Canberra School of Music on 6 & 9 August 1984

Fringe Benefit Records ‎– FBR 49

LP Rip

21 April 2020


I was going to save this for 25th December, as you might see.

Now, it's not exactly Christmas, but the title fits.

Sometimes, I have needed the other room for quiet space for a while.

Many artists are letting us into their own other rooms to share their music from home.

I've been following the Quarantine Concerts on the Experimental Sound Studio website, which supports musicians and has many amazing performances. Feel welcome to post any similar streaming links below.

I hope you stay well and love to you all.


1. 24-11-80

2. 21-12-80

John Russell, guitar
Jon Rose, violin, 19 string violin
Maggie Nicols, voice (2)

Fringe Benefit Records - FBR 29

Cassette Rip

19 April 2020

The Lee Konitz - Warne Marsh Quintet live in Whitley Bay, UK, 1975

Perusing Thursday's Guardian online, I could not help noticing an obituary for Lee Konitz who passed away in New York on Wednesday, reportedly due to respiratory complications after having contracted the coronavirus. The obit was weitten by the jazz critic at the Guardian, John Fordham. An obit was also published in the New York Times by Peter Keepnews (whose surname certainly rings a bell), a jazz writer at the NYT. These obits document in great detail his considerable accomplishments over the years, going all the way back to the late 40s.

New York Times

So, to commemorate this sad event, the only thing we can do on this blog is to dip into the past to see if we can find some musical specimens to remember him by. He had a long-running collaboration with Warne Marsh, who passed away in 1987. Both came to represent the cool jazz style typical of the West Coast at the time and both were strongly inspired by the pianist Lennie Tristano. What better then to select an unreleased audience recording with both of them, here from the UK in the mid-70s and from what we know, never officially released. There is an album called London Concert with approximately the same line-up, released on the Wave label, run by Peter Ind, who can be heard here on double bass. This session adds Dave Cliff on guitar.

The facts:

'The Corner House', Whitley Bay, England, December 22, 1975.

Lee Konitz, as; Warne Marsh, ts; Dave Cliff, g; Peter Ind, b; Al Levitt, d.

1 WOW! 11:17
4 LOVER MAN Marsh out 4:10
6 SOUND-LEE 10:15
7 APRIL 10:10
8 STAR EYES 9:05
9 GOD BLESS THE CHILD Konitz out 6:40
10 CHI CHI 9:50
11 TWO NOT ONE 9:00
12 BACK HOME (Donna Lee) start omitted, inc. 7:00

all PR recorded by Jack Goodwin.

Kudos to Goodwin for an excellent recording and to whoever posted this on the Dime site back in 2008, I believe. And of course, the music is ultra-fine, too. Enjoy!

17 April 2020


A. Untitled

B. Untitled

Masahiko Togashi, drums, percussion

Recorded live at Space Who, Saitama, Japan, on 26 October 1987.

Egg Farm ‎– EF-002

LP Rip

14 April 2020

DEWEY REDMAN QUARTET :: Willisau 1977-03-26

These two live tracks, shared by mew23 in Contributions section, are killers! I did equalisation as usually. Enjoy.

Dewey Redman Quartet - Willisau, Switzerland, March 26, 1977

Dewey Redman - ts, musette
Ted Daniel - tp
Fred Hopkins - b
Edward Moore - dr

1) 31:03
2) 13:37 n.c.

12 April 2020


A1. Daily Dance
A2. Living With The Crocidiles
A3. Time Overlaps Itself

B1. Soul And Universe
B2. Hit And Run
B3. Truth Is A Pathless Land
B4. Teenage Emergency

Bob Thompson, drums, percussion
Doug Snyder, electric guitar

Recorded in October 1972

LP Rip

10 April 2020

HiSAO ANABUKi TRiO - Japanese Melancholy (2oo3)

This is unreleased session of Japanese drummer with Czech sidemen, recorded in Prague.

HiSAO ANABUKi TRiO - Japanese Melancholy (2oo3)

EMiL ViKLiCKÝ - piano
FRANTiŠEK UHLíŘ - double bass
HiSAO ANABUKi - drums

1. Hisao's Tune 1
2. Hisao's Tune 2
3. Bayalička (Viklický)
4. Hisao's Tune 3
5. Franta's Bossa (Uhlíř)
6. Hisao's Tune 4
7. Aspen Leaf (Viklický)
8. Hisao's Tune 5
9. Wine, Oh Wine (Viklický)
10. Hearts (Uhlíř)
11. Improvisation

Recorded July 23-24, 2003 at Czech Radio Studio B, Prague


A. Side One or Side Two

B. Side One or Side Two

Tom Lewis, bass, melodica
Milo Fine, drums, cello, theremin, voice, tape
Rick Barbeau, guitar, cello, theremin, percussion, voice
Joe Smith, tenor saxophone, clarinet, slide whistle, voice
Dwight Marriott, trombone, flute, voice
Gary Knox, trombone, voice

Marvin Granger, radio announcement

Live session broadcast over Minnesota's KSJN Radio on July 22, 1972.

Shih Shih Wu Ai ‎– SSWA 1

LP Rip

6 April 2020

Ustad Vilayat Khan - Live In Montréal June 30, 1978

Ustad Vilayat Khan was probably the most talented sitar player of the 20th century. If Ravi Shankar was the most popular out of India, Vilayat's style was surely more impressive. His ability to make the sitar sounding like a voice have no equal. In indian classical music the voice is the reference, as said the famous benkar Ustad zia Mohiuddin Dagar:
-"voice is king, instruments is minister".
The sitar of Ustad Vilayat Khan was often reaching the level of the king, it is particularly true in this massive concert.
Ustad Vilayat Khan have recorded many albums but it is on stage that he is incredibly great. Despite an important discography most of his albums are studio recordings, he didn't like very much to be recorded live.
Last but not least, he refused almost all the distinctions that the various musical academy in India offered to him, considering that those institutions were not able to appreciate his music. For a while he also refused to play for the all India radio.

01 Raga Marwa, alap/jor/jala & composition
02 Raga Bageshree alap/jor/jala & composition
03 Raga Bhairavi alap/jor/jala & composition
04 Raga Miyan Ki Malhar (incomplete)

-Ustad Vilayat Khan: Sitar
-Avtar Singh tablas

A Second sitar player can be heard on both ragas Bageshree and Bhairavi, it is probably his son Shujaat Husain Khan who had eighteen at this time and who was already his disciple.

Recorded on June 30, 1978 in Montréal except Raga Miyan Ki Malhar recorded in Chicago in 1980

Reform Art Orchestra meets Subway Art - Wiener U-Bahn-Kunst

this is not my rip, it is as I got it, a mp3 160 kbs, better than nothing
here are the two CDs that go with a book and a DVD

2011 – Wiener Linien (Austria) (book/DVD/ART Records CD AR 20101-CD AR 20102)

(Track titles are the names of the visual artists followed by the specific work[s] referenced by the music and featured in the book. Track participants are listed by initials, following the principal, to use Fritz Novotny’s term, “improcomposer”.)

CD 1

01 Ken Lum »Pi« (π) U1-Karlsplatz, Westpassage U1–U2–U4 — Paul Fields (pf/jg/sm/fn/tz) 6,45 Min.

02 Eleonor & Ernst Friedrich »Unisono Di Colori« U1-Karlsplatz, Ostpassage U1-U2-U4 — Karl Wilhelm Krbavac (pf/kvk/jg) 4,17 Min.

03 Peter Kogler »Ohne Titel« U1-Karlsplatz, Zwischengeschoß Zugang zu U1 und U2 — Karl Vößner (me/mf/sm/pas/kv) 4,39 Min.

04 Susanne Zemrosser »… einen traum träumen …« U1-Praterstern, Verbindungspassage zur U2 — Sepp Mitterbauer (pf/jg/sm/fn/tz) 6,45 Min.

05 Rudi Wach »Der lauf der Geschöpfe« U2-Museumsquartier, Bahnsteig und Passage — Fritz Novotny (pf/jg/sm/fn/tz) 7,04 Min.

06 Cécilie Nordegg & Jonathan Berkh »Jahreszeiten« U2-Lüftungsbauwerk Schmerlingsplatz — Valerie Göschl (sa/me/pf/jg/vg/nh/kwk/gjl/al/sm/fn/hes) 4,50 Min.

07 Ingeborg Strobl »Ein Garten (Zum Beispiel)« U2-Taborstraße, Zugang Novaragasse — Nigar Hasib (sa/mf/nh/hh/kwk/al) 5,46 Min.

08 Werner Feiersinger »Nepomuk« U2-Stadlau, Ausgang Kaisermühlenstraße — Marco Eneidi (me/pf/mf/jg/kwk/sm/pas/kv) 4,10 Min.

09 Steinbrenner & Dempf »Amazonau« U2-Schottenring, Ausgang (Kunstprojekt Amazonau in Arbeit) — Monika Stadler (jg/ycyl/wm/sm/fn/ms) 5,18 Min.

10 Pedro Cabrita Reis »Außenflächen« U2-Donaumarina (Kunstprojekt Außenflächen in Arbeit) — Walter Malli (jg/ycyl/wm/sm/fn) 5,59 Min.

11 Christian Jankowski »Sinnsprüche« U2-Donauspital (Kunstprojekt Sinnsprüche in Arbeit) — Yedda Chun Yu Lin (jg/ycyl/wm/sm/fn/ms) 5,52 Min.

CD 2

01 Margot Pilz »U-turn« U3-Ottakring, Ausgang Thaliastraße — Sepp Mitterbauer (me/jg/vg/hh/kwk/gjl/al/sm/fn/hes) 4:33

02 Grafitti »Styls And Characters« U3-Ottakring, Stützmauer in der Paltaufgasse –Hans Heisz (me/mf/hh.kwk/al/hes) 4:48

03 Georg Salner »U-BauAlphabet« U3-Hütteldorfer Straße — Peter A.Schmid (me/mf/sm/pas/kv) 3:58

04  Michael Schneider »übertragung« U3-Johnstraße, Ausgang Meislmarkt — Hans Echnaton Schano (me/mf/sm/hes/pas/kv) 5:34

05 Nam Jun Paik »Tele-Archeologie« U3-Schweglerstraße, Ausgang Märzstraße — Johannes Groysbeck (pf/jg/sm/fn) 5:13

06 Adolf Frohner »Circa 55 Schritte Durch Europa« U3-Westbahnhof, Verbindungspassage U3–U6 — Gerhard Josef Langer (sa/vg/nh/kwk/gjl/al/sm/fn/hes/pas/kv) 6:18

07 Anton Lehmden »Das Werden Der Natur« U3-Volkstheater, Bahnsteighalle — Johannes Groysbeck (me/jg/sm/fn/hes/pas/kv) 5:16

08 Michael Hedwig »Bewegungen der Seelen« U3-Stubentor, Ausgang Stubenring — Milo Fine (me/mf/sm/pas/kv) 4:31

09 Oswald Oberhuber »Permanent-Graffiti« U3-Verbindungspassage zur U4 — Sepp Mitterbauer (pf/jg/kwk/sm/fn) 6:03

10 Kurt Hofstetter »Planet der Pendler mit den Drei Zeitmonden« U3-Landstraße, Bahnsteigbereich — Tom Zlabinger (pf/jg/sm/fn/tz) 6:00

11 Peter Atanasov »Stadteinwärts und Stadtauswärts« U3-Erdberg, Stationsausgänge — Shamal Amin (sa/mf/nh/kwk/al) 4:29

12 Mona Hahn & Ilse Haider »Belle etage« U3-Enkplatz, Ausgang Gottschalkgasse — Attila Lörinszky (sa/mf/nh/hh/kwk/gjl/al) 4:34

13 Erich Steininger »Spiegelbilder« U3-Enkplatz, Ausgang Simmeringer Hauptstraße — Paul Fields (pf/jg/kwk/fn) 4:15

14 Gottfried Kumpf »Froschkönig« U3-Simmering, Vorplatz — Fritz Novotny (jg/ycyl/sm/fn/ms) 5:10

Collective personnel  —
Shamal Amin: voice
Marco Eneidi: alto saxophone, voice
Paul Fields: violin
Milo Fine: clarinet, drums, piano
Valie Göschl: voice
Johannes Groysbeck: double bass, electric bass guitar, groysophon
Nigar Hasib: vocal
Hans Heisz: drums, percussion
Karl Wilhelm Krbavac: viola da gamba, piano
Gerhard Josef Langer: poetry
Yedda Chun Yu Lin: piano
Attila lörinszky: double bass, piano
Walter Malli: percussion, soprano saxophone
Sepp Mitterbauer: trumpet
Fritz Novotny: soprano saxophone, flutes, percussion, voice
Hans Echnaton Schano: poetry
Peter A. Schmid: bass clarinet, tarogato
Monika Stadler: harp
Karl Vößner: English horn, oboe
Tom Zlabinger: double bass

Recorded in Vienna, Austria; May 21, 2009 and September 3, 2010

2 CD set for the book 'Wiener U-Bahn-Kunst'