27 February 2013


Philippe Maté, alto saxophone
Jef Gilson, ondioline, electric piano, organ, bass clarinet
Bruno Di Gioia, cor anglais, flute, percussion
Didier Levallet, double bass
Jean-Claude Pourtier, drums
Pierre Moret, electric piano, organ
Maurice Bouhana, flute, drums
Elie Dos Reis, percussion

A. L'Œil 22:15

B. Vision 24:00

Recorded at Foyer Montorgueil, Paris, 4 February 1972.

Palm Records - PALM 7, released 1973.

Vinyl Rip


Elton Dean and his old mucker Roswell Rudd joined by the amazing Mujician, the day before recording the very fine Bladik (Cuneiform, Rune 92).  This is the second set from a great night at the Vortex, London.  Some way through the set the group was joined by a second trombonist, the wonderful Annie Whitehead, who Roswell was very taken with.

Elton Dean,  alto sax, saxello
Roswell Rudd,  trombone
Paul Dunmall,  tenor sax
Keith Tippett,  piano
Paul Rogers,  bass
Tony Levin,  drums

joined by Annie Whitehead,  trombone

1. Set 2    64:57

Vortex, London.   27th October 1996

26 February 2013


Some more Maarten Altena - for all those who couldn't get it before at LPH.


Maarten Altena, double bass
Maus Sauer, oboe, alto oboe
Paul Termos, alto saxophone
Wolter Wierbos, trombone

Side A:

1. Rondedans (Termos) (2’45”)
2. Hop (Altena) (7’08”)
3. 1984 (Altena) (4’50”)
4. Koud Zout (Emmer) (5’29”)

Side B

1. Zwei Walzer (Altena) [1a. Waltz zwei (4’25”); 1b Waltz mit Geräusch (8’24”)]
2. Twee portretten (Termos) [2a. Gemacramatiseerd portret (1’17”); 2b. Portret met Emo Verkerk (3’13”)]
3. Giacom Okaas (Altena) (4’17”)

Recorded July 5-7 and December 16, 1984 at Bach Hall, Amsterdam.

CLAXON 85.15



Kevin Ayers 1944 - 2013

Kevin Ayers has passed away at the age of 68 in the village of Montolieu in the Languedoc-Rossilon region, Southwest France. This village is these days known as a writers and artists' retreat and is one of the book towns of France. To judge from the picture below, it looks to be a excellent location for a quiet and pleasant life with lots of good food and good wine. Here he spent most of his time from the 90s onwards apart from occasional gigs and the recording and release of the "Unfairground" in 2007 with the help of many of the old alumni. The rock life and the muzic bizness never squared well with Kevin Years and nor did England as he preferred to spend his days in reasonable proximity to the Mediterranean.

 What sticks with me from the early days was that strange concoction known as the Whole World. They did not last for long and they did not leave many footprints. The only full album was "Shooting at the Moon" and some stayed on for "Whatevershebringswesing" which together with "Joy of a Toy" were the most proggish and the most unpreditable and slightly eccentric records he made. A BBC double cd came out with recordings for various radio programmes 1970-76, extending well beyond the Whole World period. The Whole World are rambunctious in a luvverly way as couod be expected. A gig in the Netherlands with a guest appearance by Bridget StJohn has been posted here The band mixed songs with extended musical freak outs which did not go well with all fans, but it's all truly great.

 However, some videos have cropped up, adding to the documentation we have of that period. The two first ones were made for French TV during a tour in 1970 and the final one is slightly later, made for the Old Grey Whistle Test in 1972, though, as Kevin Ayers admits,  doing it in a studio with no live audience leaves out the ambiance a live gig with proper audience rapport thrives on.

So here is

Kevin Ayers - guitar, bass, vocals
Lol Coxhill - reeds
Mike Oldfield - guitar, bass
David Bedford - keyboards and accordion on May I
Mick Fincher - drums

First, some improvisations, a brief rendition of "Clarence in Wonderland", then into "Why are We Sleeping", reciting the lyrics in French, and finally, "May I" with a fine solo from Lol.

Do try to seek out those videos on Youtube where he recollects his childhood in Malaysia and says he has no intention of returning as it's not possible to retrieve the past. What once was cannot be recreated except within the imagination which is the domain of the artist.

Malaysia of today is a far cry from the Malaysia of the 50s in its pre-independent guise of British Malaya, I would think. Malaysia of today has a unreflective fascination for modernity in all its manifestations (Cyberjaya, anyone?), except for the values that came with it.

Oh, and my moniker kinabalu is a town and a mountain in Sabah province on the island of Borneo (though Penang remains my fave spot in the peninsular part of the country).

He died in his sleep.

25 February 2013


A real rarity requested recently. Fairly experimental session, with Stu Martin playing mostly percussive and alien-like synthesizer sounds and lines. Similar in feel to Dean / Gallivan / Wheeler - "The Cheque Is In The Mail" from 1977 on Ogun. Informative review of "Face Fish" and other recordings by Tomasz Stańko can be found on great Polish Jazz blog. Good sounding 256 kbps mp3 rip available yet - any upgrade is welcome.

Tomasz Stańko / Stu Martin / Janusz Stefański - Fish Face (PSJ 1974)

Tomasz Stańko - trumpet
Stu Martin - drums, ECM synthi
Janusz Stefański - drums

1. Fish Face  18.18
2. Fat Belly Ellie  6.49
3. Mike Spike  12.34

Recorded in August 1973

Polskie nagrania / PSJ Record Club Z-SXL 0562, 1974

Limited edition of 200 LPs only for members of PSJ (Polish Jazz Association) record club.

24 February 2013



Allan Botschinsky, trumpet
Manfred Schoof, trumpet
Steve Galloway, trombone
Ernst-Ludwig Petrowsky, alto saxophone, clarinet
Gerd Dudek, tenor & soprano saxophone, flute
Rob van den Broeck, piano
Ali Haurand, bass
Tony Oxley, drums
Uschi Brüning, vocals (track 1)

1. Skizzen              09:26    
2. Horizons             13:11    
3. Folkmusic Nr.     08:11    
4. Duets             06:32    
5. Ente-ta-ning     08:40    
6. Late Morning     04:58    
7. Stycznosc             02:43    
8. Razzle-Dazzle     06:17

Recorded 29th August 1987 at International Jazz Festival, Viersen, Germany.


Note: was also released as LP Konnex ST 5015.


23 February 2013

ZBiGNiEW NAMYSŁOWSKi - Lola (Decca 1964)

One for onxidlib - first leader date by then 24 years old Namyslowski and his Polish quartet, and probably also first jazz record with musicians from east Europe, released by western company. From currently unavailable cd reissue. Enjoy.

Zbigniew Namysłowski Modern Jazz Quartet - Lola (Decca 1964)

1. Piekna Lola, kwiat polnocy / Beautiful Lola, Flower Of The North (Namysłowski)  6:37
2. Leszek i Ludwig / Leszek and Ludwig (Gulgowski)  3:36
3. Piatawka / In 5/4 Time (Namysłowski)  8:00
4. Blues Shmues (Namysłowski)  3:50
5. Rozpacz / Despair (Namysłowski)  7:19
6. Tkotkonitkotko (Namysłowski)  4:44
7. Wozny - Najwazniejszy / The Caretaker - The Most Important Man (Gulgowski)  3:54
8. Ol' Man River (Kern, Hammerstein)  6:45

Zbigniew Namysłowski - alto sax
Włodzimierz Gulgowski - piano
Tadeusz Wojcik - bass
Czesław Bartkowski - drums

Recorded August 1964 at Decca Studios, London

GOWI CDG 30 / 1996

21 February 2013


Here's a present from our favourite clown, MR BOZO

Elton Dean, alto sax and saxello
Mark Charig, cornet
Peter Kowald, bass
Tony Oxley, drums 

1. Improvisation  40:40

Pied Bull, London. 15th August 1981

20 February 2013


Here's Some more quality hallucinatory Zaniness, to compliment the already posted cheerful insanity here  &  here ......Superior quality Aud , of a show at Soundscape by Bergisch-Brandenburgisches Quartett, on what i may well mistakenly believe was their only US tour.
A Fabulous concert by a truly great band!!

Bergisch-Brandenburgisches Quartett, Soundscape, NYC , October 7, 1981.

Aud>Cass(1 or 2 gen)>Peak>Xact>Flac

Rudiger Carl:  Clarinet, Reeds, Accordion, Vocals
Hans Reichel:  Guitar, Violin
Sven-Ake Johansson;  Accordion, Drums, Vocals
Ernst-Ludwig Petrowsky:  Harmonica, Reeds

Thanks and appreciation to the Taper/ Traders/Seeders


19 February 2013


A venerable-looking line-up for this LP





Here's a small thank you for Kinabalu's fantastic series of posts of the Intercommunal Free Dance Music Orchestra. This is François Tusques in a piano-vocal duo with Catalan singer, Serge Utgé-Royo, performing songs and music in evocation of the Paris Commune. Like some of the IFDMO LPs, this was also released on Le Temps Des Cerises. The label name derived from the famous song by Jean-Baptiste Clément and Antoine Renard, dedicated to the fallen in the overthrow of the Commune during the Semaine Sanglante. The  other pictured artists originally wrote, adapted or performed the music in the solo piano suite. 

A1.  Sur Le Temps Des Cerises
A2.  Histoire Du Mouvement Ouvrier
- Elle N’Est Pas Morte
- Les Canuts
- La Semaine Sanglante
- La Butte Rouge
- Le Temps Des Cerises
A3.  Sur La Commune – Suivi De “La Canaille”

B1.  Tout Le Sang Du Monde
B2.  Nous Gagnerons Ensemble Si Vous Les Soutenez
B3.  Chanson De La Néogravure
B4.  La Valse De Darboy

François Tusques, piano, vocals

Serge Utgé-Royo, vocals

Recorded on 17 November 1975.

Le Temps Des Cerises – 005.

Vinyl Rip

18 February 2013

Irene Schweizer - Rüdiger Carl Quartet,Zürich 17-11-81 FM

Here's something i've been listening to rather a lot over the past few days in the throes of a Schweizer, Carl Jag... a wonderful Swiss broadcast in gorgeous sound by an otherwise un officially recorded quartet of old Cronies.

Schweizer and Carl having recorded frequently together in Mid to late 70's, for FMP,Hat Hut,and Ogun
picked this up on Dime some years ago, thanks to the Original Taper/sharer(s)
Beautiful Stuff!


Irene Schweizer - Rüdiger Carl Quartet
November 17, 1981
Zürich, Switzerland

radio broadcast

Irene Schweizer (p)
Rüdiger Carl (ts, acc)
Johnny Dyani (b)
Han Bennink (d, ss, megaphone)

01. unknown title - 7:19
02. unknown title - 13:05
03. unknown title - 10:25
04. unknown title - 15:57

total time = 46:47

lots of great Schweizer here
the sublime, Tuned boots (Schweizer,Carl,Moholo) on FMP can be purchased here

17 February 2013

Harry Miller at the BBC 1976-77

There was a request from blogger chum and contributor Miloo 2 to have some of the recordings that Harry Miller made for the BBC up and running again. These were initially uploaded by Ubu on his now dormant blog Ubu Roi here.

However, the first two tracks listed in the blog post have been released on "Full Steam Ahead" on the Reel Recordings label and have consequently been omitted here. Closer examination has revealed that the third track posted is also on the Reel cd, a superb version of "Family Affair" which was also the title tune of the one and only Isipingo lp released in their lifetime, out on the Ogun label, which he founded in 1973 and is now run by his widow Hazel Miller.

I've decided to keep it in here to ensure the narrative radio flow, but also as an enticement for all of you to go get the cd while it's still out there. The only difference from what I can hear is that this recording retains a bit of applause at the beginning and at the end. There is a small discrepancy in that the blog post reports Stan Tracey as being the pianist on the 1976 tracks while the cd says it's Keith Tippett. I'm inclined to go with the latter, so the info file has been corrected.

Finally, there are a couple of 1977 tracks with a different line-up which to my knowledge has not been released in these versions. "Orange Grove" and "Traumatic Experience" appeared on the "In Conference" lp on Ogun which was not with the Isipingo group.

Both of the aforementioned lps were reissued as part of the Harry Miller Collection, a 4 cd box set which is unfortunately out of print. Hopefully it will be reissued to keep Harry Miller's music in circulation. We're doing our little bit here. In any case, do get both the Reel and Cuneiform Isipingo releases. You won't regret it!

Harry Miller Isipingo - 1976

Marc Charig - trumpet
Malcolm Griffiths - trombone
Mike Osborne - alto sax
Keith Tippett - piano
Harry Miller - bass
Louis Moholo - drums

1. Family Affair (9:58)
2. Peter Clayton (0:38)
3. Where Now Then? (9:53)

Harry Miller Quintet - 1977

Trevor Watts - alto & soprano sax
Alan Wakeman - tenor & soprano sax
Berni Holland - guitar
Harry Miller - bass
Louis Moholo - drums

4. Orange Grove (9:22)
5. Charles Fox (0:41)
6. A Traumatic Experience (17:20)
7. Charles Fox outro (0:30)

#1-3: BBC broadcast early 1976
#4-7: Jazz in Britain broadcast 24-12-1977(?)

I've edited the track sequencing so that the radio announcements by Peter Clayton and Charles Fox are inserted at the right points.


From the liner notes -

This album features improvisations by Kazutoki Umezu, one of Japan's leading saxophonists, and the three foremost shamans of the Republic of Korea.

In a shamanistic ceremony of the type known in the Korean language as kut, the proceedings are enhanced by the boisterous singing and dancing of the participants.

The range of techniques which a shaman brings to bear on his or her performing art includes the concept of free meter, that is to say the foundation on which the art of free jazz rests.

Kazutoki Umezu, alto sax, soprano sax, bass clarinet
Kim Suk-Chul, hojok (1, 4)
Kim Yong-Taek (1)
Kim Tong-Yol (1)
Kim Jong-Hi, changgo (1)
Kim Jong-Guk (1)
Park Byong-Chon,  vocal and changgo (2)
Lee Tae-Baek (2)
Kim Dae-Re, vocal (3)
Park Byong-Won, changgo (3)
Kim Gi-Bong (3)
Tetsu Saitoh, bass (3)

1. Ton-Dok-Kun (18:10)
2. Son-Nim-Kut (10:46)
3. Che-Sok-Kut (16:57)
4. Pen-No-Re (11:11)

Recorded in Korea: Pusan, on December 5, 1991 (1, 4); Seoul, on May 22, 1992 (2); Chindo, on May 17, 1992 (3).

Released on Zen / JVC - VICG-8027 in 1992.

CD Rip

16 February 2013



Ted Curson, trumpet, pocket trumpet
Booker Ervin, tenor saxophone
Jimmy Woode, bass
Edgar Bateman, drums

1. Roy's Boys                    14:21
2. You Don't Know What Love Is   06:10
3. Cinq QUartre                  07:45
4. Musis Scarum                  08:15
5. The Leopard                   08:03
6. Latino                        10:36

All compositions by Ted Curson except track 2 > D.Raye/De Paul.

Recorded on May 13, 1966 in Baarn, Netherlands.




Soprano Saxophone – Steve Lacy

1-1 Shuffle Boil 19:43
  1-1a Eronel
  1-1b Evidence
  1-1c Pannonica
1-2 Who Knows?  3:35
1-3 The Crust    5:11
1-4 Blues For Aida  5:32
1-5 Cette Fois 3:08
1-6 The Mantle 5:47
1-7 Prospectus 4:02

2-1 Moms 6:20
2-2 Art         6:59
2-3 The Rent         5:56
2-4 Revenue         6:13
2-5 Retreat         6:30
2-6 Deadline         7:16

2-7 Trinkle Tinkle 4:14

Recorded live at the Egg Farm, Saitama, on 10 September 1995.

Egg Farm EF-004-1/2

15 February 2013


Two of the greats of Japanese free improvisation. This was recorded during the same period as Overhang Party (Alm Records, still available on CD) and Overhang Party / Senzei (Qbico), unfortunately during the last year of Abe's life. Sabu is still very much with us and making some great music. This duo recording was only released as a bonus CD to Abe's solo box set. 

1. Duo Improvisation 27:23, 25 November 1977

2. Duo Improvisation 26:14, 26 March 1978

Kaoru Abe, alto saxophone

Yoshisaburo (Sabu) Toyozumi, drums

Recorded live at Gaya, Hatsudai, Tokyo.

CD rip, DIW Records, DIWS-2.

14 February 2013


Hey Miloo, I hadn’t even  bothered to transfer this from cassette to disc because the piano and bass are rather on the quiet side (a bad side-effect of sitting at the front and missing out on the PA).  However, listening to it now it’s not so bad.  Paul Dunmall plays awesomely but lays out on the lovely Dean tune ‘First in the wagon’ where we can hear Elton play as beautifully as only Elton can (or could, I should say).  How sad it is that he has left us, and of course the same with the irreplaceable Tony Levin.  These people came and played for us and opened our minds and our hearts.  So here is a bit more of their legacy to enjoy.

Anyone who has not heard this group on ‘Silent Knowledge’ (Cuneiform 83) should certainly buy the cd to hear them in their full glory.  Also, Elton made a really super duo album with the stupendous Sophia Domancich called ‘Avant ‘ (Hux 063) which should not be missed.

Elton Dean, alto sax, saxello
Paul Dunmall, tenor sax
Sophia Domancich, piano
Paul Rogers, bass
Tony Levin, drums

1. Gualchos (Dean)  37:38
2. Improvisation 1 27:32
3. First in the wagon (Dean) 13:48
4. Improvisation 2 11:00

TT.  90 mins 

Vortex, London.  28th May 1995

Live cassette recording.
(Piano and bass a bit quiet)

Buy 'Silent Knowledge'(Cuneiform, Rune`83) by this group.

Photo by Andrew Putler 

12 February 2013


This is the first LP from this 4 LP set with three Coleman classics. Apart from some tape wobble in the first  minute, it's a decent sounding audience recording.

A1. Lonely Woman

A2. Falling Stars

B.   Clergyman's Dreams

Ornette Coleman, alto saxophone, trumpet, violin
David Izenson, bass
Charles Moffett, drums

Live in Copenhagen, Denmark, 7 April 1966

Vinyl rip from In Concert – Lonely Woman Trio ’66 – Quartet ’74, Bat 1

10 February 2013


This duo set is from a tour with Masahiko Togashi and Jean-Jacques Avenel. It would be great to hear any recordings from the quartet dates!

1.   Monk's Dream 10:49
2.   I'll Keep Loving You 10:43
3.   Epistrophy 7:15
4.   Blinks 9:18
5.   Evidence 5:43
6.   Blues For Aida 7:43
7.   Snake Out 14:20
8.   Let's Call This 6:14

Mal Waldron, piano
Steve Lacy, soprano saxophone

Recorded live at Space Who, Saitama, on 1 November 1992.

Egg Farm – EF-006, released 2004.

CD Rip

8 February 2013

Masahiko Satoh- Solo Piano Vol3, Multi Spheroid 1976

Masahiko Satoh's third Solo Lp ,from the Jan 76 sequence
Dense,  Torrential,exhilarating, with added colour and a transformative layer via EMS synthesiser!
still out of print and as far as i know, never reissued.

SATOH Masahiko
Denon Jazz/Nippon Columbia YX-7556-ND (LP)
January 14, 1976;
Live at Nichi-Futsu Kaikan, Tokyo
SATOH Masahiko (p, syn, ring modulater, comp, producer)

Satoh's Discography
Satohs Label

ps-Zippy Share Links added 10-2-

7 February 2013

ELTON DEAN - 2 Quartets: London 1992 + 1997

It took me a while, but finally here are two amazing cassette recordings courtesy of Andy, posted previously in Contributions section. Earlier one from 1992 can be seen as alternative version of Elton Dean / Howard Riley Quartet, a regular team of 90's, also posted here in the meantime by Andy himself. Riley & Dean photo comes from the booklet of their duo album "One To One" (Slam Productions 1999) and was taken by George Haslam.

ELTON DEAN - alto sax & saxello
HOWARD RiLEY - piano
TONY LEViN - drums

1. improvisation  - 55:50 + appl.

Rumours, London, 28 February 1992  (Riley on a very ropy old piano)

Second and more 'feverish' piece from 1997 is by one-off grouping - a rare opportunity to hear Elton with Veryan Weston, and suprisingly (as I found when adding tags) also first IS post including this prodigious British pianist and improviser. Thank you for being there and being here, Andy!

ELTON DEAN - saxello
TONY LEViN - drums

1. improvisation  - 17:50 + appl.

Vortex, London, 23 February, 1997


I missed the start to this radio broadcast of the Finnish band The Poppoo but I often come back to this recording as it has a real feel-good factor.  I was at a low point in my life at the time and maybe its cheering me up has left a fondness for it.  Anyway that's from my personal perspective, but I hope if you bother that some cheeriness will rub off on you too.

Jukka Perko,  sax
Severi Pyysalo,  vibes, keyboards
Ville Huolman,  bass
Teppo Makynen,  drums

1.  Unknown title
2.  Ain't no sunshine
3.  Tango catastrophique
4.  Dancing Queen

BBC Radio 3.  Jazz on 3.  1999

6 February 2013

Burton Greene-Alan Silva-Sunny Murray-Firmanence 1979

Here's another superb piano trio, the beautiful Firmanence , on the Elusive, Fore (Rare tone,Music library) label , an independent Italian label , that briefly flourished    between 1980 and 1982, with a handful of releases ranging from Bill Dixon's Considerations , posted here a few years ago , to Scelsi string quartets, and a couple of albums by Alvin Curran.

A reunion of old friends , all Had previously played and performed together in the mid to late 60's,
its a subtle, restrained largely spacious , session consisting of one free improvisation, 3 tunes by Greene ,and one by Silva..
 All in all , a spirited generous record by three venerable free jazz,21st Century Masters!
still out of print , and sadly unlikely to be reissued , who knows ?one can only hope for a deluxe complete edition!

Fore (2), (Rare Tone Music library) published 1980, recorded 1979
A1 Introduction-Encounter 
 Composed By – Silva*, Greene*, Murray*  
A2 Firmanence 
 Composed By – Greene*  
A3 Sunny Monk 
 Composed By – Greene*
B1 Any Resemblance Between A Double Aquarian Mother And Planet Earth Is Purely Coincidental 
 Composed By – Silva*
B2 Mints Are Fo(u)r Moon People 
 Composed By – Greene*

Burton Greene -Piano, Piano ,Prepared, Percussion, Voice 
Alan Silva -Bass, Vibraphone, Percussion, Voice  
Sunny Murray -Drums, Percussion 

BTW , all three  are still vigorously productive , and have numerous Cds and Lp's currently In print
some recommendations , here , here, and here
please support them!


5 February 2013


Masayoshi Urabe, alto and soprano saxophone

1. Alto Saxophone Solo 52:35
2. Soprano Saxophone Solo 17:03


Track 1, recorded on May 20, 2001 at Swan Niigata, Japan.

 Track 2, recorded on May 18, 2001 at Kaeigura, Aizuwakamatsu, Japan.

Released by Tiliqua Records – Tiliqua 01, 2002

CD Rip

3 February 2013

AKi TAKASE & JANA KOUBKOVÁ - Jazzperanto (Supraphon 1988)

This one-time collaboration of German-based Japanese pianist with Czech singer and improviser Jana Koubková was recorded during one of numerous visits of Aki Takase in the Czech Republic. Like many other international jazz meetings which was held in Prague during the 70's and 80's, it still remains unreleased on CD.

Jana Koubková & Aki Takase - Jazzperanto (Supraphon 1988)

01. Donna Lee (Charlie Parker) (4:45)
02. Dream Of The Long-legged Uncle (Aki Takase) (7:00)
03. Return Of Swallows To Enshu Country (Kazumi Watanabe, Aki Takase) (4:25)
04. Jazzperanto (Jana Koubková) (6:30)
05. Pig-head / Amanojaku (Aki Takase) (4:12)
06. Perdido (Juan Tizol, Duke Ellington) (3:50)
07. Dance For Two Fingers (Jana Koubková) (4:55)
08. Down Dance (Ichiko Hashimoto) (5:40)

Aki Takase : piano, vocals
Jana Koubková : vocals
Alan Vitouš : drums & percussion (3 & 8 only)

Recorded at the Supraphon studio Hrnčíře, April 6-10, 1987

Supraphon 11 0067-1 (LP) / 1988


A little more of twelve sets played over three successive nights on 27-29 May 1992 at the Badenscher Hof, Berlin.

Rüdiger Carl, tenor saxophone, clarinet
Alexander von Schlippenbach, piano
Jay Oliver, bass
Sven-Åke Johansson, drums

1-9. Caravan 2:22

1-10. All The Things You Are 5:36

1-11. Five O'Clock Whistle 3:45

1-12. The Song Is You 4:13

1-13. Body And Soul 5:00

1-14. Softly As In A Morning Sunrise 4:45

1-15. Deep Purple 4:46

1-16. Love Me Or Leave Me 4:33

1-17. But Not For Me 3:42

Edition Atelier Graz 2003

2 February 2013


Finally I came up with Milo's request. 
Not exactly Jazz yet a singular creative achievement in music.


Jiří Stivín, flute, alto flute, recorders, crumhorns, renaissance ranket, transverse folk pipe, fuyara, ocarina, syrinx, alto saxophone, bass clarinet, voice, the Bressan baroque recorder
Pierre Favre, drums, gongs, crotals, bells, beans, water tom-toms
Pavel Kühn, vocals

Tajemný Výlet I / Mysterious Excursion I

A1. Promena První / Metamorphosis One                     06:51    
A2. Skalní Kone / Cliff Horses                             02:56
A3. Starý Pramen / Ancient Wellspring                     00:55    
A4. Zvuk Rosy / Sound Of Dew                             02:53    
A5. Kamínek / Pebble                                     00:44    
A6. Koreny / Roots                                     02:14    
A7. Sladké Drívko / Sweet Stick                     02:45    
A8. Znamení / Sign                                     00:31    
A9. Barvy Temnot / Colours Of Darkness                     02:38
Tajemný Výlet II / Mysterious Excursion II

B1. Myší Pohádka / The Mouse Tale                     00:45    
B2. Tanec Pod Zvonem / Dance Under The Bell             04:39    
B3. Nocní Lety / Nightly Flights                     02:04    
B4. Bludicka / Will-O'-The-Wisp                     02:31    
B5. Hadi A Štíri / Snakes And Scorpions                     01:18    
B6. Dech A Jeho Stíny / The Breath And Its Shadows      04:18    
B7. Promena Druhá / Metamorphosis Two                     08:12
Výlet Za Svetlem / Excursion In Search Of Light

C1. Jeskyne / The Cave                                     07:27    
C2. Závoj Hmoty / Veil Of Matter                     03:58    
C3. Vyjasnení / Enlightment                             10:35
Výlet Mezi Lidi / Excursion Among People

D1. Lidove / In Folk Style                             04:22    
D2. Povídal, Že Jim Hrál / So What, Said He And Played     06:43    
D3. Dosti Radosti / The Joys Are Over                     05:38    
D4. Skorápky Vodních Dutin / Water Cavity Shells     03:34    
D5. Promena Tretí / Metamorphosis Three             01:02    

Recorded November 1979 at concerts in the Theatre of Music, Reduta Hall and the Domovina Studio, Prague.

SUPRAPHON 1115 3381-82

1 February 2013

MUJICIAN TRIO. Rare Music Club 14 Aug 1992

Well, it's certainly good to be giving these old recordings an airing.  When bassist Paul Rogers moved to France, Mujician played several gigs as a trio at Keith Tippett's Rare Music Club held at the Malaap Club in Bristol.  Here is a particularly fine session with Paul Dunmall playing C-melody and baritone saxophones.
Great spontaneous music with awesomeness and real beauty.

Keith Tippett,  piano
Tony Levin,  drums
Paul Dunmall,  C-melody and baritone saxophones

Track 1.  30:56
Track 2.  40:59

Rare Music Club at the Malaap Club, Bristol.  14 August 1992

Live cassette recording.