31 March 2016

Charles Mingus Sextet in Oslo 1964

The Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation (NRK) is in the process of digitising its huge archive of programmes dating back several decades. Among the items to be uncovered is this gem which should be of huge interest to jazz enthusiasts.

It is the Charles Mingus Sextet recorded at the University hall at the University of Oslo on 12 April 1964. A very classic Mingus line-up on this date:

Charles MINGUS, bass,
Eric DOLPHY, alto sax,
Clifford JORDAN, tenor sax,
Johnny COLES, trumpet,
Jaki BYARD, piano
Dannie RICHMOND, drums

The tunes:

1. Goodbye, Eric Dolphy, hurry back
2. Orange was the Colour of her Dress, then Blue Silk
3. Ow/Parkeriana
4. Take the A train

Altogether close to one hour of music and it is a particular delight to see Eric Dolphy in action!

More items to come from this archive as I find them!

27 March 2016


JIM DVORAK - trumpets


PAUL DUNMALL - saxophones

PAT THOMAS - piano

STEVE DONE - guitar

TIM WELLS - bass


Set 1
1. 17:25
2. 47:14

Set 2
1. 35:28

Duke of Wellington, Dalston, London.  26th January 1990

Happy Easter Bernd

23 March 2016

Nickelsdorfer Konfrontationen 2015 Duo Paul Lovens/ DJ Illvibe und Globe Unity Orchestra Bells & Builders mp2

Solist/Solistin: Paul Lovens /Schlagzeug
Solist/Solistin: DJ Illvibe /Turntables
Länge: 17:05 min


19 March 2016

Henri Texier Sky Dancers March 4th 2016 Maison de la Culture, Amiens, France FM FLAC

Line-up :

SŽebastien Texier, alto saxophone
Nguyen Le, guitar
Francois Corneloup, baryton saxophone
Armel Dupas, piano
Henri Texier, bass
Louis Moutin, drums

Set list :

01- Mapuche
02- Clouds warriors
03- HT talks
04- He was just shining (tribute to Paul Motian)
05- HT talks
06- Mic Mac
07- Hopi
08- HT talks
09 Dakota Mab (cut)
10- Interview

83 minutes

Source : France Musique / Marantz FM tuner / RH-09R / Audacity / Xact

5 March 2016


1. Kettou (Duel)
2. Midnight Sun Is The Color Of Green

Jazz Suite: Okuni Of Izumo

3. Chapter One
4. Chapter Two
5. Chapter Three

Hideto Kanai, bass
Jun Saito, drums
Shin Okabe, Japanese drums, percussion, vocals
Takayuki Kato, guitar
Hiroshi Tamura, piano, keyboards
Yoko Sumiya, piano, keyboards, vocals
Sachi Hayasaka, soprano and alto saxophone
Mikinori Fujiwara, tenor and baritone saxophone
Masamiki Takano, tenor saxophone, flute
Haruki Sato, trombone
Tetsuji Yoshida, trumpet

Recorded live at the water stage of Matsue Suigo-sai on 5 August 1989.

Three Blind Mice ‎– TBM CD 1885

CD Rip

2 March 2016

TORINO JAZZ FESTIVAL 2015 David Murray & Lydian Sound Orchestra - Omaggio a Duke Ellington e Billy Strayhorn recorded at Teatro Carignano, Torino, Italy, on monday 1 June 2015 FLAC FM

David Murray, tenor saxophone
- Lydian Sound Orchestra, conducted and arranged by Riccardo Brazzale
Robert Bonisolo, soprano and tenor saxophones
Mattia Cigalini, alto saxophone
Rossano Emili, baritone sax and clarinets
Gianluca Carollo, trumpet and flugelhorn
Roberto Rossi, trombone
Dario Duso, tuba
Paolo Birro, pianoforte
Marc Abrams, bass
Mauro Beggio, drums

this would be better credited the other way round, meaning Lydian Sound Orchestra WITH David Murray, but that is how got officially billed, so... it is anyhow saxophone giant Murray paying tribute to the Duke Ellington & Billy Strayhorn partnership, and it's somehow predictable and occasionally brilliant... arrangements are more or less divided among Murray and orchestra leader Brazzale, and one track dedicated to deceased Marco Tamburini was also included in this programme.  Also included in this folder as track00 a LONG introduction in ITALIAN with bio notes and commentaries - this intro runs for 10'42, you can skip downloading it if you don't understand italian.

(00-radio introduction by Pino Saulo)
01- the Mooche
02- Caravan
03- Sophisticated Lady
04- band intros
05- un Capanno di Montagna in Mezzo al Mare [Riccardo Brazzale]
06- Murray's entrance
07- Chelsea Bridge  [arranged by David Murray]
08- Wig Wise  [arranged by David Murray]
09- Mood Indigo
10- intros
11- Take the A Train  [arranged by Roberto Rossi]
12- Half the Fun
13- Circle of Fourths
14- intros
15- the Star Crossed Lovers
16- Blue Pepper  [arranged by David Murray]
17- In a Mellow Tone
18- radio outro

running time : 99'40" (excluding radio intros)
WITH radio intro and outro it would be 111'08"

FM radio broadcast by "Il Cartellone - Radio Tre Suite Jazz", Radio 3 RAI [third channell of Italian national radio], on tuesday 16 February 2016, 20:35 hours [CET].

FIRE ORCHESTRA EXIT! 21.07.2013 a Jazzgalerie, Nickelsdorf, Burgenland + LARRY OCHS/DONALD ROBINSON registrato il 19.07.2014 a Jazzgalerie, Nickelsdorf, Burgenland mp2

Mariam Wallentin, voce
Sofia Jernberg, voce
Anna Högberg, sassofono contralto
Mats Gustafsson, sassofono tenore, live electronics
Martin Küchen, sassofono baritono
Goran Kajfes, tromba
Niklas Barnö, tromba
Mats Äleklint, trombone
Per Ake Holmlander, tuba, cimbasso
Christer Bothén, clarinetto basso, doussn'gouni
Andreas 'Ass' Söderström, chitarra acustica, chitarra
David Stackenäs, guitar
Chino Shuichi, piano, electronics
Joel Grip, double bass
Raymond Strid, drums
Andreas Werliin, drums
Mikael Werliin, sound engineering
Mats Gustafsson


Larry Ochs, sassofono tenore, sassofono soprano
Donald Robinson, batteria

- Suspicion Near Noon
- Breakout
- The Others Dream
- Song 2
- Red Tail


Graz: Royal Garden Jazz Club | JIM ROTONDI - AXEL MAYER QUINTETT: Die beiden Trompeter JIM ROTONDI und AXEL MAYER sind aus der Grazer Musikszene nicht mehr wegzudenken. So ist es ganz selbstverständlich, dass sie seit Jahren immer wieder in verschiedensten Formationen im Grazer Royal Garden Jazzclub zu Gast sind. Nun stehen sie wieder einmal gemeinsam auf der Bušhne und haben sich fušr ihre musikalische Conference mit WERNER RADZIK am Klavier, MORTEN RAMSBØL am Bass und MANFRED JOSEL an den Drums eine hervorragende Rhythmusgruppe ins Boot geholt. Wir freuen uns auf einen Abend hochenergetischer Musik mit ganz vieeel Jaaaaaaazz! Be there!

1 March 2016

ELTON DEAN'S NINESENSE - Basel, Theaterwerkstatt Stadttheater, 24 Juni 1979

This comes from DIME and I have it for several years. I know some of you have it too. Ninesense are septet here, without Alan Skidmore and Harry Beckett, thus plenty of space for others' soloing. Sound is pretty good, although I was fancy to do a remastering during the years... Strong bass, very clear piano. I was not able to do full playlist, even with the help of some of you. It was also released as bootleg named "Feel", but I never saw it actually, except cover pic on the web.

ELTON DEAN'S NINESENSE - Basel, Theaterwerkstatt Stadttheater, 24 Juni 1979

Elton Dean - alto sax & saxello
Marc Charig - cornet
Nick Evans - trombone
Radu Malfatti - trombone
Keith Tippett - piano
Harry Miller - bass
Louis Moholo - drums

CD1 (A) (55:11)

01 Boundaries (Oasis ?) {29:27}
02 unknown (tape flip) {18:15}
03 (continuing) unknown {7:29}

CD2 (B) (71:04)

01 Nicrotto? > cca {18.30} Macks > {37.11}
02 unknown > {14.40} improv > {15.50} Seven For Lee > {26.11} Bounce {33.53}

Radio recording from Radio DRS II "Jazz auf der Buehne"

Thanks to original uploader.