26 January 2019


A rather unknown part of the early days of European Free Jazz, undeservedly!
- OOP as LP but also on CD.

Patrick De Groote, trumpet, flugelhorn
Nolle Neels, tenor saxophone
Ronald Lecourt, vibes
Jasper Van't Hof, piano
Paul Van Gysegem, bass
Pierre Courbois, drums

1. Nummer 86 Is Een Kerrygerecht   08:23
2. Voor Anouk                      08:36
3. Frans En Zijn Muze              04:52
4. Aorta                           18:24

Track 1 - 3 recorded at the University of Ghent, Belgium on March 15, 1971.
Track 4 recorded at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Ghent, Belgium on January 21, 1971.

FUTURA GER 27 (same number for LP and CD - this rip from the CD [OOP]).

25 January 2019

Steve Miller Trio - Meets Elton Dean (2008)

Gilles Torrent Jazztet - Terre Engloutie (Plainisphare 1986)

Deborah - vocals
Gilles Torrent -  sax
Francois Lindemann - piano
Thierry Augsburger - bass
Marc Erbetta - drums   

A1. Terre Engloutie
A2. Compensation
A3. Intermede n.1
B1. Attente
B2. Inspiration

compositions by Gilles Torrent
recorded 6-7 june 1985

Plainisphare, PL 1267-22
vinyl rip

23 January 2019

Joe Rigby - Praise - Homeboy Music 2007

-India (J.Coltrane)
-Earth flower

Joe Rigby: tenor & soprano sax
Ted Daniel: trumpet
Ken Filiano: bass
Lou Grassi: drums

recordings coming from rehearsal done in Brooklyn in 2007
cdr published by homeboy music, no reference

Almost at the same time the french label « improvising Being » published a superbe cd of the Joe Rigby Quartet, now the label have stopped but perhaps the owner of the label still has some copies, if you are interested you can try to get in touch here
be aware that I’m not talking about the cdr presented here but about another session that I recommend
Regarding Homeboy music, it was a tiny label who published less than 5 titles, including the full session of Norman Howard & Joe Phillips originally recorded for esp but not issued at the time, lately ESP reissued it partially on cd

16 January 2019


A short but sweet broadcast -

Don Cherry, cornet, bamboo flute
Steve Lacy, soprano saxophone
Karl Berger, vibes, piano
Kent Carter, double bass
Jaques Thollot, drums

1. Tune In 6:01
2. A New Folk 12:23
3. Bird Suite 7:13
4. Going Home 4:14

Recorded at Grosser Saal des Volkbildungsheims, Frankfurt on March 24, 1968 (or maybe on March 23)
Recorded at the 10th Deutsches Jazzfestival Frankfurt by Hessischer Rundfunk.

11 January 2019

Love Cry Want - Love Cry Want - 1972

1 Peace (For Dakota And Jason)
2 Tomorrow, Today Will Be Yesterday
3 The Great Medicine Dance
4 Angels Wing
5 Ancient Place
6 Love Cry

Jimmy Molneiri: drums & percussions
Joe Gallivan: Drums, Steel Guitar, Synthesizer (Moog), Percussion
Larry Young: Hammond organ
Nicholas: Synthesizer (Prototype Guitar Synthesizer), Electronics (Ring Modulator), Tape (Wind, Rain, Thunder, Lightning, Water, Hi-tension Wires, Wailing Dervish)

Recorded in June 1972, Lafayette Park, Washington DC.

this rip from the cd newjazz.com njc 001

There is a recent band under the name Love Cry Want with Joe Gallivan but the music is very different, you can check it here:


10 January 2019


Here we have a short and a longer Radio Jazz Group Stuttgart recording from 1978 respectively 1981.

Günter Christmann, trombone
Michel Pilz, bass clarinet
Heinz Sauer, tenor saxophone
Gerd Dudek, tenor saxophone
Wolfgang Dauner, piano
Buschi Niebergall, bass
Uwe Schmitt, drums

01. Zartgenössische Musik (Christmann)  11:43
02. Creset (Niebergall)  8:06

Recorded 1978 in Stuttgart.


Leo Smith, trumpet, flugelhorn, wood-flutes
Peter Kowald, bass
Günter 'Baby' Sommer, drums, percussion
Wolfgang Dauner, piano

01. Ein Stück Über Dem Boden (Kowald)  6:09
02. In The Garden Of The Soundless Winds (Smith)  19:21
03. Hilferuf Einer Schnecke (Sommer)  10:39

Recorded 1981 in Stuttgart.

9 January 2019

Φλώρος Φλωρίδης (Floros Floridis) - st (Improvisation Series 1980)

A1 - Alto             0:59
A2 - Soprano I, II, III         14:43
A3 - Μπαντούρα - Alto     4:03
B1 - Clarinette I, II         9:45
B2 - Clarinette - Flute         9:12

Floros Floridis - Alto Sax (tracks: A1, A3), Bandura (tracks: A3), Clarinet (tracks: B1, B2), Flute (tracks: B2), Soprano Sax (tracks: A2)

Recorded at Nikos Papazoglou's studio in Thessaloniki on September 23th and 24th 1980

Improvisation Series 4, Improvisation Series ‎– C 905
Released 1980