31 March 2010

Dean-Trovesi Double Quartet - Freedom in Jazz (MJCD 1142)

To celebrate the historical recording "Free Jazz" by Ornette Coleman's
Double Quartet the Italian magazine Musica Jazz co-produced with
National Radio III Channel a special project: a double quartet, jointly
led by G.Trovesi and E.Dean, was recorded live in Rome (exactly forty
years after the historical recording) in a tribute to the Free Jazz manifesto.
The CD was covermounted with the magazine July 2001 issue.

Recorded live & mixed at "Sala B del Centro di Produzione Radiofonia
di via Asiago", Rome, Italy, on December 21-22, 2000

Elton Dean,alto sax & saxello
Gianluigi Trovesi,alto sax & clarinet
Jim Dvorak,pocket trumpet
Massimo Greco,trumpet
Paul Rogers,bass
Marco Micheli,bass
Mark Sanders,drums
Fulvio Maras,percussion

1. In Time...No Time...Ad Lib [G.Trovesi] (26:28)
2. Boundaries / Basho (32:04)
2a Boundaries [E.Dean] (20:00)
2b Basho [E.Dean] (12:04)
3. Baghèt / Itzaroma (08:35)
3a Baghèt [G.Trovesi] (04:00)
3b Itzaroma [E.Dean] (04:35)

Total Time 1:07:08

Abdullah Ibrahim-(featuring,D.Cherry, J.Tchicai, B.Phillips,G.Barbieri)3-8-1968 Hamburg- Mono SBD

For those who have requested and are enjoying the wealth of fabulous South African music posts lately, here's another Epic Show from Hamburg .
Not Much provenance on this one, which purports to be a soundboard, beautiful music though.
And Certainly some of Ibrahim's most challenging music!
There seems to be no information about this concert online anywhere , its not even mentioned in Kassman's list of unofficial D.Cherry recordings.
"Hamba Khale" and the "aloe and the wild rose" also appeared on the Barbieri, Ibrahim collaboration 'confluence' ( freedom lp 28-467-9-u)from the same year, the reccuring tracks are almost precisely the same length's as the lp versions and coincidentally also in Mono.
Jabulani is a Beautiful John Tchicai, tune which first officially appeared on Roswell Rudd's self titled lp (AM 6114) and was frequently performed in concert by the original New York Art Quartet.
Heres a link to Ibrahim's Website for biographical info, and a line on his many available recordings.
Abdullah Ibrahim 3-8-1968 Hamburg, Germany

Source: Sound Board ?

Abdullah Ibrahim- piano
don cherry-tpt
John Tchicai- reeds
GatoBarbieri- reeds
Barre Phillips- bass
Makaya Ntshoko- drums.

01. Hamba Kahle 2:4002.
Announcement 0:4403.
The Aloe and the Wild Rose 14:1204.
Announcement 0:3505.
Portrait of a Bushman (omit Tchicai & Barbieri) 7:3606.
Announcement 0:2607.
Jabulani 6:4808.
Title 9:5609.
Title 10:55
Total time 69:25
Thanks to who ever recorded this , and to BlueNote 2005 ,who shared it on Dime-A-Dozen

30 March 2010

Steve Lacy & Mal Waldron - Live in Basel '85

From the depth of "Ilario's archive", one of
the greatest and classic Duo of all the eighties.

Rec. live in Basel, Switzerland, on April 19, 1985
(mics recording)

Steve Lacy,soprano saxophone
Mal Waldron,piano

1. Let's Call This [T.Monk] (07:00)
2. Blinks [S.Lacy] (09:42)
3. A Flower Is A Lovesome Thing [B.Strayhorn] (08:53)
4. Unknown (11:54)
5. Snake Out [M.Waldron] (21:30)
6. Epistrophy [T.Monk] (07:10)

Total Time 1:06:11

25 March 2010

Billy Bang Sextet - Live in Moers '80

This time i want to exagerrate : two Ali on drums!

Rec. live at the "9th Moers Festival", Moers, Germany,
on May 24, 1980 (mics recording)

Billy Bang,violin
Lawrence "Butch" Morris,cornet
Curtis Clark,piano
Wilber Morris,bass
Muhammad Ali & Rashid Ali,drums

1. Track #1 (16:13)
2. Track #2 (18:22)
3. Track #3 (11:37)
4. Track #4 [inc.] (14:33)

Total Time 1:00:46

22 March 2010

Afro Algonquin - Live in Moers '80

Probably much people don't know the Rozie brothers
although they have been active in creative music till
our days. For istance reedist Lee (now Mixashawn)
is a member of the great Dave Douglas' project
"Don Cherry's Symphony For Improvisers".
BTW an opportunity for listening, one more time,
to the late Rashied Ali.
The picture above is the LP's cover the trio recorded
in studio, few days later, for Moers Music (clearly OOP).

Rec. live at the "9th Moers Festival", Moers, Germany,
on May 24, 1980 (mics recording)

"Mixashawn" Lee Rozie,tenor & soprano saxophones
Edward “Rick” Rozie,bass
Rashied Ali,drums

1. Afro Algonquin/Connecticut (17:15)
2. Dog Soldier (36:12)
3. Unknown Encore (09:28)

Total Time 1:02:56

21 March 2010

Atté - Sondela (feat. Dudu Pukwana)

One thing can lead to another. The last Dudu Pukwana post was based on a request and as a token of appreciation for our response Robert from the UK offered this blog yet another Pukwana-related recording. This one is a genuine obscurity and not even featured in Wallofsound's extensive discography. Well, actually it is, but you have to plow down to the comments section to spot it, to comments 7 - 9.

This was out on an Irish folk label, Calagh Records. The core is a South African vocal quartet which does a mix of traditional songs and newer tunes composed by Pukwana and fellow Blue Notes member Mongezi Feza. For accompaniment, Dudu has brought along his regular crew and solos alongside Atté on several of the tunes. Others are finely rendered accapella versions. Listeners well-known with African songs and the Blue Notes may easily recognise "Malaika" and the title tune, composed by Mongezi Feza. Altogether, a delightful album.

For details on each tune, please consult the scans of the back sleeve in the files attached to this post in the comments section.

The tunes:

01 Suganga
02 Malaika
03 Suliram
04 Nomeva
05 Sithi Gwaza
06 Sondela
07 Ngomso
08 Soon One Morning
09 Siphamandla
10 Saduva

Atté are:

Sonia Bonolo Lekhela,
Lindiwe Thonko Conco,
Tiny Neliswa Conco,
Mphiwa Yengwa


Dudu Pukwana (keyboards, alto sax),
Churchill Jolobe (drums, percussion),
Ernest Mothle (bass),
Sello Josh Makhene (congos),
Frank Roberts (keyboards).

Produced by John Wood, Rec in March 1977 for Claddagh Records.

Robert has reportedly more aces up his sleeve, so we're only too anxious to find out what may come next.

20 March 2010

Myra Melford & Marty Ehrlich - Live in Genoa '06

"Playing as a duo since 2000, Marty Ehrlich and Myra Melford have
been proving for some years what a number of jazz musicians are just
beginning to appreciate; given the right understanding and approach,
less can be more. The paired down effect of just their two instruments
playing off each other leaves room for the listener's imagination to fill
in all the spaces they have so artfully placed into context."

Rec. live at "Teatro Gustavo Modena", Genoa, Italy,
on November 24, 2006 (mix recording)

Myra Melford,piano
Marty Ehrlich,reeds,flute

1. Be Melting Snow [M.Melford] (08:18)
2. Through The Same Gate [M.Melford] (09:07)
3. Images Of Time [A.Hill] (07:24)
4. March Fantastique [M.Ehlrich] (10:16)
5. A Generation Comes And Another Goes [M.Melford] (06:52)
6. Up Do [R.Holcomb] (05:49)
7. Hymn [M.Ehlrich] (12:03)
8. Don’t You Know [O.Spann] (04:55)
9. Natural World [R.Holcomb] (06:32)

Total Time 1:11:18

17 March 2010

Grande Elenco Musicisti - Live in Lovere '78

The Grande Elenco Musicisti was a large ensemble born from
the great passion that T.Vittorini (arranger, composer, member
of I Virtuosi Di Cave, Mario Schiano's collaborator)
always had towards the Big-Band's sound.
To the time of this recording Vittorini was 23, as more or less,
the other members of the band.

Rec. live in Lovere, Italy, on July 2, 1978
(mics recording)

Michelangelo Piazza/Alberto Corvini,trumpet
Danilo Terenzi,bass trombone
Giancarlo Maurino,baritone & tenor sax
Eugenio Colombo,baritone sax,flute
Alberto Mariani,tenor,baritone & soprano sax
Maurizio Giammarco,tenor & soprano sax,flute
Tommaso Vittorini,alto & soprano sax,conductor,arranger
Michele Iannacone,percussions,vibraphone
Antonello Salis,piano
Marzio Zoffoli,guitar
Enzo Pietropaoli,bass & electric bass
Roberto Gatto,drums

01. Summer Treat [T.Vittorini] (05:04)
02. Intro to G Pleasure (02:02)
03. G Pleasure [M.Giammarco] (07:38)
04. Intro to Hidaqua (0:51)
05. Hidaqua [E.Colombo] (07:46)
06. Intro to Fiabe Urbane (01:06)
07. Fiabe Urbane [T.Vittorini] (18:32)
08. Intro to Ultimi Giorni Di Solfeggio (0:12)
09. Ultimi Giorni Di Solfeggio [T.Vittorini] (06:19)
10. Intro to Falegname Per Amore (0:48)
11. Falegname Per Amore [T.Vittorini] (18:36)
12. Intro to First House (0:29)
13. First House [M.Melis] (11:05)

Total Time 1:20:34

16 March 2010

Baden Baden-Free Jazz Meeting ,Dec 1971-Dudu Pukwana,C.Mcgregor,B.Phillips, T.Rypdal, B.Greene,M.Pilz, H.Joos, M.Falay.A.Skidmore

Here's ,an Incredible document of several
concerts recorded over a few days in Dec 1971.

Got this from an online acquaintance recently , who Sourced it from soul seek , Unfortunately all i have is an Mp3 Version ... we would certainly welcome a loss less share of this.. if anyone who has it is willing to oblige.

This set sort of ties in with the numerous,quality South African selections on offer here recently...

Not much point talking about the performers themselves ,since most have already been introduced here and elsewhere.
As far as i Know The free jazz meetings in Baden Baden ,were inaugurated in the mid 60'S by Critic Joachim E. Berendt.. and are still an occasional feature of the live scene...

Herbert Joos may be unfamiliar , he's probably best Known as a mainstay of the Vienna Art Orchestra , though back in the 70's , he made a few interesting solo albums ,and even recorded in trio format for FMP.

Fans of GUO, Alan Silva's Celestial Orchestra, Francois Tusques inter communal music and other Sonic LOVE fests will Find plenty to enjoy! .. a gamut ranging from 'Afro Rock,' Qwela Tinged pieces through to freebop, psychedelicious 'Bitches Brew 'style rock vamps... great percussion jams,and best of all ferocious Free improv over long droning horn ostinati ... this has it all!

Among the highlights featuring Some of the most electryfying performances in this set, for me are the trio-to quintet pieces featuring Terje Rypdal in completely free mode..taking it beyond Hendrix and even early Sonny Sharrocks fiercest sonic abstractions.
Splendid stuff which clearly presages the material on Rypdal's Great album 'What comes after' ECM 1031, a few of which pieces are present in skeletal form.

There's also a magnificent sprawling version of Barre Phillips, just 8.. (disc-2) which some may remember from the unique, Japo LP 'For all it is'( Japo, 60 003) recorded in March of the same year.

Grab it, enjoy.. and consider buying some of the performers discs .... Early Rypdal for example is on the whole pretty special.
Kudos to whomever taped this ... !

va - Baden Baden Free Jazz Meeting 1971
recorded in Baden-Baden, Südwestfunk Studios
(Dec 1971, bootleg)

Herbert Joos, Marc Charig, Maffay Falay - trumpet, flugehorn
Malcolm Griffiths, Nick Evans - trombone
Elton Dean - soprano sax,sss, saxello ,Alan Skidmore - soprano sax, tenor sax Dudu Pukwana - alto sax, saxello
Karlheinz Wiberny - alto sax, Michel Pilz - bass clarinet
Terje Rypdal - guitar Chris McGregor, Burton Greene - electric-piano, piano
Barre Phillips, Adelhard Roidinger, Roy Babbington, Ron Mathewson - bass
Stu Martin, Alan Jackson - drums ,Okay Temiz - percussion

-Disk 1:
1 Titel [Unknown personnel] 11:59 2 Titel [Unknown personnel] 19:44 3 The Serpent's Kindly Eye (ChMcG,comp) [rehearsal] [Joos, Charig, Falay, Griffiths, Evans, Dean, Skidmore, Pukwana, Wiberny, Pilz, Rypdal, McGregor, Greene, Phillips, Roidinger, Babbington, Matthewson, Martin, Jackson, Temiz] 22:21 4 Announcement 1:54 5* The Serpent's Kindly Eye (ChMcG,comp) (incomplete) 12:46

-Disk 2
:6 Announcement 0:10 7 Marco (DP,comp) [Charig, Pukwana, McGregor, Matthewson, Jackson] 13:52 8 Announcement 0:13 9 Announcement 0:30 10 Just 8 (BPh,comp) [Phillips, Babbington, Martin (L); Matthewson, Roidinger, Temiz (R)] 10:26 11 Announcement 1:5912 Preshrev Yavos (OT,comp) [Falay, Pukwana, Babbington, Temiz] 10:3013 Announcement 1:01 14 Wiberny's Piece (KHW,comp) [Charig, Griffiths, Wiberny, Pilz, Greene, Roidinger, Martin] (incomplete) 5:16 15 Announcement 0:23 16 Unknown Title 22:25

-Disk 3:17 Announcement 1:58 18 From Love to Hate (HJ,comp) [Charig, Griffiths, Wiberny, Pilz, Greene, Roidinger, Martin] 10:3819 Announcement 1:53 20 Room for Everybody (BG,comp) [Part 1] [Charig, Griffiths, Wiberny, Pilz, Greene, Roidinger, Martin] 8:3121 Room for Everybody (BG,comp) [Part 2] 17:58 22 Room for Everybody (BG,comp) [Part 3] 7:18 23 Announcement 1:5924 The Serpent's Kindly Eye (ChMcG,comp) [Joos, Charig, Falay, Griffiths, Evans, Dean, Skidmore, Pukwana, Wiberny, Pilz, Rypdal, McGregor, Greene, Phillips, Roidinger, Babbington, Matthewson, Martin, Jackson, Temiz] 14:37 25 Announcement 0:33

-Disk 4:26 Announcement 2:04 27 Come On (BPh,comp) [Griffiths, Skidmore, Rypdal, Phillips, Roidinger, Martin] 10:25 28 Announcement 2:34 29 Hypnosis (TR,comp) [Joos, Charig, Griffiths, Evans, Dean, Skidmore, Wiberny, Pilz, Rypdal, Phillips, Roidinger, Babbington, Matthewson, Martin] 17:59 30 Announcement 0:52 31 Your Eyes Are Full of Tears (TR,comp) [Rypdal solo] 7:21 32 Announcement 1:24 33 Turn the Lights Off (RR,comp) [Rypdal, Phillips, Martin] 12:1534 Announcement 0:06 35 Introduction [from stage] 0:19 36* Titel [Rypdal, Phillips, Roidinger, Martin] 19:55

-Disk 5:37 Titel [Rypdal, Phillips, Roidinger, Martin] 17:49 38 Titel [Rypdal, Phillips, Roidinger, Martin] 14:46 39 Titel [Rypdal, Phillips, Roidinger, Martin] 8:0340 Titel [Rypdal, Phillips, Roidinger, Martin] 16:5141 Titel [Rypdal, Phillips, Roidinger, Martin]

15 March 2010

George Lewis & Richard Teitelbaum - Live in Verona '79

Previously, in that 1979, Mr.Teitelbaum was in tour with the George
Lewis Ensemble : here is the first part of the April 28 evening
(another concert took place on April 30 with the whole Ensemble).
The second part of the evening (A.Davis & D.Ewart) here

Rec. live at "Sala Della Guardia", Verona, Italy, on April 28, 1979
(mics recording)

George Lewis,trombone,synth
Richard Teitelbaum,synth

1. Teitelbaum Solo (28:38)
2. Lewis Solo (35:19)
3. Lewis & Teitelbaum Duo (27:29)

Total Time 1:31:28

14 March 2010

Anthony Braxton -trio- Berlin Philharmonie,1/11/1979

Here's Another Magnificent , concert by the Trio, of Braxton, Tietelbaum and Anderson..
in truly superb Fm broadcast quality .

this Originates from Dime-A-Dozen , thanks to Francis, and the original Taper, seeders, traders.
Enjoy ..
and Buy some Braxton ,thereby keeping this music alive!

Anthony Braxton Trio
Philharmonie, Berlin, Germany
November 1, 1979

Disc 1

Track 1 48:03


Anthony Braxton as,ts,sopranino,cl
Ray Anderson tb
Richard Teitelbaum synth


13 March 2010

Anthony Braxton Trio - Live in Rome '79

Finely recorded by "Ilario" this is the only document i know by this
short lived trio (no official recordings). Teitelbaum, who came from
the academic world (he studied, among others, under L.Nono,
G.Petrassi, K.Stockhausen, G.Ligeti) in those years had many
collaborations with the AACM people (besides Braxton, L.Jenkins or
G.Lewis), while R.Anderson had just replaced G.Lewis in various
Braxton's groups. Not an "easy" music.

Rec. live at "Centro Jazz St.Louis", Rome, Italy,
on November 17, 1979 (mix recording)

Anthony Braxton,alto saxophone
Ray Anderson,trombone
Richard Teitelbaum,Moog-synth,piano

1. Track #1 (47:28)
2. Track #2 [inc.] (48:47)

Total Time 1:36:15

11 March 2010

Jim Hall & Joe Lovano Grand Slam - Live in Nervi '96

"Grand Slam" was a
particular project led
by J.Hall and J.Lovano
during the second half
of the nineties that left
only one official recording :
"Live at the Regattabar"
for Telarc.
This is the first version
of the group, in a second
time George Mraz and
Lewis Nash took the place
of Scott Colley and Yoron

Rec. live in Nervi, Italy, on July 31, 1996
(mix recording)

Joe Lovano,tenor saxophone
Jim Hall,guitar
Scott Colley,bass
Yoron Israel,drums

1. With A Song In My Heart [L.Hart/R.Rodgers] (16:31)
2. Slam [J.Hall] (15:24)
3. All Across The City [J.Hall] (09:13)
4. The Dawn Of Time [J.Lovano] (10:20)
5. Down From Antigua [J.Hall] (12:25)
6. Blackwell’s Message [J.Lovano] (15:23)
7. In A Sentimental Mood [D.Ellington] (12:08)

Total Time 1:31:31

Dudu Pukwana and the Spears 1969

There was a request for this one in the comments section of an earlier Dudu Pukwana posting, so we are only too happy to respond. This one was out on the Quality label in 1969, but info on the time and location of recording and the members of the Spears are lacking on the actual record (see reproduction of the back sleeve), so any fill-in information would be welcome.

Chronologically, I think we're talking about the latter part of the sixties, which might indicate it was recorded in Europe, most likely London. Stylistically, it falls in with the Gwigwi Mrwebi Band, steeped in the township dance music of the time, which came out on an album in the mid-60s and recently rereleased on vinyl. An essential item for any South African collection. This one has little of the experimentation that characterised the Chris McGregor group and the "Very Urgent" record from the late 60s.

The facts, scanty as they may be:

Side A

1. Pezulu (Way Up)
2. Thulula (Fill It Up)
3. Kuthwasi Hlobo (Spring)
4. Half Moon
5. Yima Mjalo (Stick around)

Side B

1. Kwa Thula (Thula's Place)
2. Joe's Jika (Joe's Groove)
3. Nobomwu (Red Head)
4. Qonqoza (Knock)
5. Pho La (Cool It!)

This was up on another blog, but has apparently disappeared. So, therefore, I thought it fit to put it here as it ties nicely in with other recent Dudu Pukwana posts.

9 March 2010

Dudu Pukwana - Zila '86

Here is the third of the Zila records on the Jika label and it's a studio recording, in contrast to the two earlier ones. Perhaps because of that, it sounds more polished and arranged than the others. To these ears, also a more deliberate attempt to cross over in order to reach the mainstream, to appeal to the dance club scene and to the emergent audience for so-called world music. In any event, it's an eminently danceable and well-groomed set of tunes, and I'm particulary happy to encounter yet another version of the Dudu classic "Mra", here neatly intertwined with another tune. I think we must be up to about half a dozen versions by now and everyone's a pure delight!

The crew is very much the same as on the former posted here, except that Harry Beckett is unfortunately absent from the proceedings. Pinise Saul is in full force and so are Lucky Ranku, Churchill Jolobe, Ernest Mothle and others of the regular crew. And Django Bates is on piano and synthesizer throughout the disc.

Basic info:

Dudu Pukwana - Zila '86
Jika ZL3

Side A

1. Madodana (The Young Ones) (Dudu Pukwana)
2. Hamba (Go away) (Victor Ndlaziwana)
3a. Mra (Dudu Pukwana)
3b. Khali (Columbus Ngukana)
4. Harare '86 (Dudu Pukwana)

Side B

1a. Nonceba /Merciful) (Dudu Pukwana)
1b. Nonmpongo (Ace) (Allen Kwela/Dudu Pukwana)
2. Let's Get Together (Mervyn Africa)
3. August One (Ntulukazi) (Adam Glaser/Dudu Pukwana)

Zila personnel all tracks

Dudu Pukwana Alto & soprano saxophones, Arranger
Pinise Saul Vocals & Cabassa
Lucky Ranku Electric guitar
Churchill Jolobe Drums
Fats Ramobo Mogoboya Congas


Django Bates synthesizer on A1 A2 A3 B1b/B2, piano on B1 B2, tenor horn on A3 B3
Mervyn Africa Piano on Side A/B2, Vocal on B2
Adam Glasser synthesizer on A4/B3
Eric Richards Electric Bass on A1/A4/Side B
Ernest Mothle Electric Bass on A1/A4 Side B
Roberto Pla Timbales on A1/A3/B2
Josh Makhene Backing Vocals on Side A/B1/B2

Rrecorded January 1986 at Wave Studios, London
Engineered by Martin Giles
Produced by Dudu & Barbara Pukwana
Phoography and sleeve design by Jak Kilby
Cover illustration by Nathan Dambuza Mdledle

So get those feet tapping and other body parts shaking! Party time!

8 March 2010

Dudu Pukwana and Zila - Live in Bracknell & Willisau

More Dudu Pukwana coming up. I have already posted the first record with Zila and the third will soon be up. On this record, he can draw on veteran Harry Beckett as well as then up-and-coming Django Bates. In my opinion, this one is better than the first, giving both Pukwana and Beckett the chance to stretch out on the fetured pieces, not unrelated to their being performed at jazz festivals in the UK and Switzerland. As I said before, possibly not as interesting from the pure jazz point of view as the 70s combo Spear, but these pieces swing pretty hard, enhanced by the vocal presence of Pinise Saul.

Dudu Pukwana and Zila - Live in Bracknell and Willisau featuring Pinise Saul

Side A

1.Hug Pine (Bambelela) - Dudu Pukwana
2.Mahlomole (Lament) - Thebe Lipere
3.Lafente (Ntabemi - In The Mountains) - Dudu Pukwana
4.Baqanga Bay - Dudu Pukwana
5.Freely - Django Bates

Side B

1.Funk Them to Eriko - Johnny Dyani/Dudu Pukwana
2.Ziyekeleni (Let Them Be) - Mervyn Africa/Dudu Pukwana
3.The Big (Pine)Apple - Hugh Masakela
4.Zama Khwalo (Try Again) - Dudu Pukwana


Dudu Pukwana - Leader, alto/soprano saxophones, whistles
Harry Beckett - Trumpet/flugelhorn
Django Bates - keyboards
Eric Richards - Electric bass
Paul Gamblin - guitar
Churchill Jolobe - Drums
Thebe Lipere - Congas, percussion, African chanting

A1,A4,B1,B4 recorded live at 1983 Bracknell Jazz Festival, England, by Tim Summerhayes

A2,A3,A5,B2,B3 recorded live at 1983 Willisau Jazz Festival, Switzerland, by Peter Pfister

Don Byron's New Gospel Quintet - Live in Hamburg '09

"Fantastic gig! Anytime [Byron] does a new project he always explores
subject very deeply. He's not just a jazz musician doing gospel - he
somebody who is really engaging with the subject matter as well,
to absorb what's in those lyrics by Thomas A. Dorsey, these very
songs about his relationship with God and just human
relationships as well
and that really comes across in the gig.
It is a very moving experience listening to it."

Rec. live at "Rolf Liebermann Studio", Hamburg, Germany,
on May 14, 2009 (radio broadcast)

Don Byron,clarinet,tenor saxophone,vocal
DK Dyson,vocal
Frank Wilkins,piano
Brad Jones,bass
Pheeroan AkLaff,drums

1. Boogie Woogie Bossanova [E.Harris] (10:47)
2. Hide Me In Thy Bosom [Rev.T.A.Dorsey] (09:29)
3. It's My Desire [Rev.T.A.Dorsey] (13:54)
4. Precious Lord [Rev.T.A.Dorsey] (12:27)
5. On Time God [D.Peoples] (10:56)
6. Precious Memories [R.C.Wright] (16:19)

Total Time 1:13:53

4 March 2010

Max Roach Quartet - Live in Frankfurt '79

A great set with the Max Roach's Quartet at his best.

Rec. live at "Sinkkasten", Frankfurt, Germany,
on April 24, 1979 (mics recording)

Odean Pope,tenor saxophone
Cecil Bridgewater,trumpet
Calvin Hill,bass
Max Roach,drums

1. Lonesome Lover [M.Roach] (15:04)
2. Mr. Hi Hat (Papa Joe) [M.Roach] (02:42)
3. 'Round Midnight [T.Monk] (14:37)
4. In A Sentimental Mood [D.Ellington] (08:12)
5. Effie [S.Cowell] (12:43)

Total Time 53:21

2 March 2010

E. Rava & M.Mengelberg Octet + RAI B.B. - Live in Rome '80

Ninth event/concert for the series "I Concerti di Un Certo Discorso".
A very long concert divided into two set : each set in a folder.

here the complete list of all concerts.

Rec. live at "Teatro dell'Opera", Rome, Italy, on May 19, 1980
(radio broadcast)

Enrico Rava,trumpet
Ray Anderson,trombone
Renato Geremia,violin,tenor saxophone
Eugenio Colombo,alto saxophone,flute
Larry Fishkind,tuba
Misha Mengelberg,piano
Giovanni Tommaso,bass
Han Bennink,drums,reeds
RAI B.B. :
Nino Culasso/Doriano Beltrame/Cicci Santucci/Oscar
Valdambrini,tp - Giancarlo Beccattini/Marco Pellacani/
Gennaro Baldino/Dino Piana,tb - Gianni Oddi/Baldo
Maestri/Sal Genovese/Beppe Carrieri/Carlo Metallo,reeds
- Pino Rucher,gt - Carlo Zoffoli,vib

1. Fragments Suite [E.Rava] (1:16:59)
2. Eight Reflections Of The Crocodile Silopo [M.Mengelberg] (1:07:40)

Total Time 2:24:39