31 January 2010

Ornette Coleman's Original Quartet - Live in Reggio Emilia '90

In 1990 the city of Reggio Emilia in Italy held a three-days "Portrait
of the Artist" featuring the Coleman's "Original Quartet" with Don
Cherry, Charlie Haden and Billy Higgins. The festival also presented
performances of his "Prime Time" and the symphonic "Skies Of
Titles as listed by radio announcer.

Rec. live at "Teatro Municipale Valli", Reggio Emilia, Italy,
on April 24, 1990 (mono radio broadcast)

Ornette Coleman,alto saxophone
Don Cherry,trumpet
Charlie Haden,bass
Billy Higgins,drums

01. Telescope (04:54)
02. Him And Her (08:30)
03. Buckminster Fuller (07:38)
04. Magic (08:36)
05. Dancing Flower (06:35)
06. If You Could See My Eyes (09:36)
07. Spelling The Alphabet (07:53)
08. Word For Bird (08:22)
09. Latin Genetics (12:26)
10. Singing In The Shower (10:06)
11. Lonely Woman (12:27)
12. The Sphinx (05:32)

Total Time 1:42:44

29 January 2010

Dave Holland - Live in Rome '81 [New Links]

Continue this solo series with another master bass
player (here also on cello), taped by our friend "Ilario".

Rec. live at "Murales", Rome, Italy, on April 1, 1981
(mics recording)

Dave Holland,cello,bass

1. Cello (15:26)
2. Bass (11:10)

Total Time 26:37

27 January 2010

Derek Bailey - Live in Pisa '79

Some more notes from Derek's musical bag.

Rec. live in Pisa, Italy, on June 28, 1979
(mics recording)

Derek Bailey,guitar

1. Four Improvisations (27:07)

26 January 2010

Wes Brown - Live in Florence '79

When this solo performance was recorded, W.Brown was
the bassist in the wonderful Wadada Leo Smith's Ensemble.
Nowadays he is a regular member of the Royal Hartigan
Quartet, the Fred Ho's Afro-Asian Ensemble and the
Monkey Orchestra.

Rec. live in Florence, Italy, on July 3, 1979
(mics recording)

Wes Brown,bass,African flute,piano

1. Bass #1 (7:10)
2. Bass #2 (6:30)
3. Flute #1 (4:19)
4. Flute #2 (3:46)
5. Piano (6:28)
6. Bass #3 (6:01)
7. Flute #3 (5:19)

Total Time 39:36

25 January 2010

Kent Carter - Live in Pisa '79

Well known for his long-lasting work in S.Lacy's groups
until 1982, here K.Carter can be listened in a rare solo
performance where his magistral technique is evident
from the first to the final note.

Rec. live in Pisa, Italy, on June 29, 1979
(mics recording)

Kent Carter,bass

1. Improvisation #1 (20:28)
2. Improvisation #2 (04:45)
3. Improvisation #3 (01:50)

Total Time 27:04

24 January 2010

Dudu Pukwana - Sounds Zila

Some more dance music coming up here, this time Dudu Pukwana's 80s band, Zila. This was the first of three lps on his and Barbara Pukwana's own label, Jika, and there was a final record, a cd out in 1990. A live recording from the 100 Club in London in 1981, here's the band in a festive mood, some riveting up-tempo numbers, some smoochers and a little traditional South African music adapted for the band. This is Dudu taking his band in a more explicit danceable direction, perhaps not as interesting as his 70s recordings with Spear from the jazz point of view, but as with the Francois Tusques' Intercommunal Free Dance Music Orchestra, attempting to strike a sort of balance between the head and the feet, which is a good combination, particularly for a live performance. Party music, in other words.

Not a top copy, this one - a bit of crackle and some nasty scratches here and there, but it's what I found, so it's what we'll have to make do with for now.

Basic facts:

Dudu Pukwana - Sounds Zila (Jika ZL1, 1981)

A Side
Zila (Dudu Pukwana)
Uyini (Dudu Pukwana)
Chandeliers & Mirrors (Harry Beckett)

B Side
Suite Sweet Nowami (Dudu Pukwana)
Thula Sana (traditional arranged by Dudu Pukwana)
B My Dear (Dudu Pukwana)
Dudu Layi Layi (Dudu Pukwana)


Dudu Pukwana - alto, soprano saxes, leader
Harry Beckett - trumpet, flugelhorn
Dave Defries - trumpet, flugelhorn
Errol Clarke - piano
Mark Wood - guitar
Eric Richardson - bass
Churchill Jolobe - drums
Smiley de Jones - congas
Peggy Phango - vocals

Special guests

George Lee - tenor sax, flute
Pinise Saul - vocals
Sonia Matabane - backing vocals
Linda Conco - backing vocals
Tiny Conco - backing vocals
Peter Segono - trumpet
Phil Kember - trombone
Ernest Mothle - bass

Produced by Dudu and Barbara Pukwana
Recorded live at the 100 Club, London, 16th January 1981
Liner notes by Val Wilmer

Suite Sweet Nowami was composed and performed with the support of a Jazz Bursary from the Arts Council of Great Britain

Enjoy! More Zila available from your blogger if you want it!

22 January 2010

Roscoe Mitchell's Cards For Orchestra Project - Live in S.Anna Arresi '09

I admit that about R.Mitchell i'm very impartial : any of his
compositions/performances deserve a careful listening, even
this kind of "chamber music".

Rec. live at Piazza del Nuraghe, Sant'Anna Arresi, Italy,
on August 30, 2009 (radio broadcast)

Roscoe Mitchell,composer/conductor
David Boykin,tenor saxophone
Greg Ward,alto saxophone
Robert Griffin,trumpet
Nicole Mitchell,flute,vocal
Mankwe Ndosi,vocal
Tomeka Reid,cello
Renee Baker,violin
Myra Melford,piano
Josh Abrams,bass
Marcus Evans,drums

1. Quintet N°1 For Eleven (26:069
2. Cards For Orchestra (14:17)
3. Quintet N°9 For Eleven

Total Time 59:37

20 January 2010

Pharoah Sanders Quartet - Live in La Spezia '79

The music of this set goes from free to mainstream
(mainly maistream) maintainig always a fine level
of intensity and poetry, mostly on the two ballads.

Rec. live in La Spezia, Italy, on July 7, 1979
(mics recording)

Pharoah Sanders,tenor saxophone,vocal
Waheem Young,piano
Steve Neil,bass
Greg Bandy,drums

1. You've Got To Have Freedom [Sanders] (27:43)
2. Soul Eyes [Waldron] (11:25)
3. The Creator Has A Master Plan [Sanders/Thomas] (10:36)
4. Body And Soul [Green/Heyman/Sour/Eaton] (18:53)
5. You've Got To Have Freedom (Reprise) [Sanders] (05:04)
6. On A Misty Night (Encore) [Dameron] (14:07)

Total Time 1:27:50

18 January 2010

Michel Pilz/Buschi Niebergall/Paul Lovens Trio - Live in Imola '78

Few days ago (01/09) it was the twentieth anniversary of
Niebergall's death : this post is dedicated to the memory of
one of the first and most influential European free jazz player.

Rec. live at "Rocca Sforzesca", Imola, Italy, on July 13, 1978
(mics recording)

Michel Pilz,bass clarinet
Buschi Niebergall,bass
Paul Lovens,drums

1. Track #1 (22:24)
2. Track #2 (13:36)
3. Track #3 (04:39)

Total Time 40:40

16 January 2010

Cecil Taylor and Tony Oxley - Live in Prato '04

A classic Duo : one of the longer-lasting working relationship in
all Taylor's career, this performance (very well recorded) comes
from "Ilario" collection.

Rec. live at "Teatro Metastasio", Prato (Florence), Italy
on February 23, 2004 (mix recording)

Cecil Taylor,piano
Tony Oxley,percussions

1. Improvisation #1 (1:01:03)
2. Improvisation #2 (04:55)
3. Improvisation #3 (06:19)
4. Improvisation #4 (24:26)
5. Improvisation #5 (01:57)

Total Time 1:38:41

15 January 2010

Betty Carter Quartet - Live in Milan '79

I know that a lot of people here love Betty Carter, so i'm happy
to share another my recording of the Great singer.

Rec. live at "Teatro Ciak", Milan, Italy, on October 29, 1979
(mics recording)

Betty Carter,vocal
John Hicks,piano
Curtis Lundy,bass
Kenny Washington,drums

01. Trio Intro (15:40)
02. I Could Write A Book (03:24)
03. I'll Buy You A Star (01:51)
04. Caribbean Sun (04:19)
05. I Think I Got It Now (03:34)
06. Tight (03:11)
07. Every Time We Say Goodbye ( 04:16)
08. Fake (03:55)
09. The Trolley Song (03:07)
10. I Was Telling Him About You (06:42)
11. Medley : Just Friends/I Should Care/Star Eyes (06:26)
12. Unknown (03:58)
13. Every Things I Have Is Yours (06:40)
14. My Favorite Things (03:48)
15. Open The Door (05:25)
16. Sounds [Inc.] (04:16)

Total Time 1:20:38

13 January 2010

Francois Tusques Intercommunal Free Dance Music Orchestra Vol.4 - Jo Maka

Francois Tusques Intercommunal Free Dance Music Orchestra Vol.4 - Jo Maka
(Vendemiaire VD33124 Ad 37)

Hommage à Jo Maka

Following up the last post, here is vol.4 of the Intercommunal Free Dance Music Orchestra, led by pianist Francois Tusques. As with the former, this is an opportunity for Tusques to reflect the wider musical landscape beyond the Western horizon of jazz, though the root feeling is in jazz, as seen from their rendition of the Mingus classic "Fable of Faubus". On top of that, inspiration is from North Africa and all the way down the continent, from Latin America and the Caribbean and from French history with reminescences of the Paris commune. And at the end of the second track, there's a snip of a well-known tune which one unfortunately doesn't get to hear very often these days. I do think I hear touches of the South African Blue Notes on this record, though it may be wishful thinking on my part.

All in all, a very enjoyable record and if anyone knows of more, please say so in the comments, though these things are becoming hard to get. I will certainly keep an eye out for more.

Les facts:

1. Vive la commune (F.T.)
A. Winkler (tb), S.Kassap (tenor), F. Tusques (piano), J.J. Avenel (bass)
Recorded at Dunois 28 September 1981

2. Poses ton fardeau and remets la machine en route (F.T.)
A. Winkler (tb), Jo Maka and Sylvain Kassap (alto), Jacques Thollot (drums), Kilikus (darbuka), F.Tusques (piano)
Recorded at Dunois 29 October 1980

3. 7 rue des Precheurs (F.T.)
A. Winkler (tb), S. Kassap (tenor), B. Vitet (bugle), J.J. Avenel (bass), Kilikus, S.Atera and Carlos Andreou (percussion), F. Tusques (piano)
Recorded at Dunois 29 June 1981

4. Fable of Faubus (Charlie Mingus)
Same as on track 2 minus Kilikus

5. Mazir
A.Winkler (tb), Jo Maka (soprano), Michel Marre (tp), Sam Ateba and Kilikus (percussion), F.Tusques (piano)
Recorded at "Moulin" in Prades Le Lez in 1977

This disc is dedicated to Jo Maka (and do listen to the very fine solo on "Mazir).

12 January 2010

Mario Schiano : Partenza Di Pulcinella Per La Luna (1974)

I've found, among my old tapes, this exhilarating OOP disc
by the late Mario Schiano : just digitalized and ready to share.

Rec. at RCA Studios, Rome, Italy, on May 20/21/22/24, 1974
[RCA TPL1 1117 series "Vista" n.7 (LP)]

Mario Schiano,alto sax,vocal (2,5,6),piano (6,8),elettric piano (12),organ (5)
Tommaso Vittorini,tenor sax (1,3,5,10,12,14,15),soprano sax (7,13), piano (2,4,9),elettric piano (7),organ (14)
Gianni Basso,tenor sax (5,9,11)
Gaetano Delfini,trumpet (1,7,15)
Puccio Sboto,piano (1,15),melodica (12),vibraphone (7,10,13,14)
Bruno Tommaso,bass (-4,6,8,9)
Alessio Urso,bass (9,10,14)
Gege' Munari,drums (-4,6)
Donatina De Carolis,vocal (10,14)
Toni Cosenza,reciting voice (14)

01. E' Sempre Primavera [M.Schiano] (0:23)
02. Matrice Due [T.Vittorini] (1:27)
03. Mais Notre Mai Continue [M.Schiano] (7:35)
04. All'Alba Di Un Altro Di' [T.Vittorini] (0:32)
05. You're My Last Bus [Schiano-Vittorini] (2:18)
06. Lord, Our Daily Bread Is Too Expansive : Let Us Know Why [M.Schiano] (0:26)
07. Stando Cosi' Le Cose [T.Vittorini] (3:13)
08. Matrice Uno [M.Schiano] (0:28)
09. Featuring [T.Vittorini] (4:59)
10. Diecimila Amori Proibiti [M.Schiano] (3:55)
11. E-Scala-Tion [M.Schiano] (3:30)
12. Descubrimiento Del Quarto, Quinto Y Sexto Mundo [M.Schiano] (2:25)
13. Moon Line : No Trespassing [M.Schiano] (5:23)
14. Lontano E Vicino [M.Schiano]/E' Sempre Primavera [M.Schiano] (4:03)

Total Time 40:43

10 January 2010

Jimmy Lyons Quartet - Live in Rome '80

Jimmy Lyons led this quartet, with his wife Karen, for ten years
until the untimely death (1986), even so the official recordings
are very limited : i hope you'll enjoy this addition.
(Recorded by "Ilario")

Rec. live in Rome, Italy, on September 25, 1980
(mics recording)

Jimmy Lyons,alto saxophone
Karen Borca,bassoon
Jay Oliver,bass
Paul Murphy,drums

1. Track #1 (19:52)
2. Track #2 (22:55)
3. Track #3 (13:43)
4. Track #4 (29:39)

Total Time 1:26:10

8 January 2010

Sam Rivers Quartet - Live in Nervi '78

The improvisation's title, "Una Giornata A Genova", was suggested by
the same Rivers just before the concert. The sequence, in this case,
is : soprano-piano-flute-tenor with Holland playing for long the cello.

Rec. live in Nervi (Genoa), Italy, on July 22, 1978
(mix recording)

Sam Rivers,tenor & soprano sax,piano,flute
Joe Daley,tuba,baritone horn
Dave Holland,bass,cello
Bobby Battle,drums

1. A Day In Genoa Suite (1:17:59)

Francois Tusques - L'intercommunal free dance music orchestra - Volume 1

Here's some more Francois Tusques - though quite different from what we have posted before here. Both Free Jazz and Le Nouveau Jazz were early European excursions into the new thing, though firmly jazz-based. Tusques, moreover, guested on a couple of Sunny Murray's albums, a self-titled one and Big Chief and finally, was the leader of his own Intercommunal Music. All of these three were meeting points between American visitors, some of whom were eventually to settle down in Europe, and European players, mostly French. The last, intercommunal, album might hint at some sort of similarity with this posting, but in reality, this Intercommunal group is quite different.

This was a typical 70s brand of "tiersmondisme", a connecting up with musical idioms beyond jazz and beyond the North-American - European nexus, first and foremost African - Caribbean popular styles. This was a "world music" type fusion project, before there was a word for it and it gives an initial signal of what was to be a new musical direction for Tusques - a deliberate attempt to go popular and not to become semi-permanently anchored within a closeted avant-gardish framework. There are interesting parallels with Michel Portal here who would always leave a little space for his bandoneon. This is music for the feet and the body as much as for the head and listening to this, the musicians are having a ball and the audience is lapping it up. This is a live recording, what may be called an audience recording, so don't expect too much high fidelity. What it lacks in sonics, it compensates in atmospherics.

Basic facts:

1. On n'est pas chez les colonels.
2. Intercommunal blues
3. Nazir
4. Kan-ha-diskan we shall overcome
5. African rythm-n-ology

Francois Tusques - piano
Jo Maka - sax
Guem - percussion
Michel Marre - baryton horn
Adolphe winkler - trombone

Recorded at Moulin de Prades, Le Lez, on 28 May 1971.

This was out on a small French label, Vendemiaire (with the logo "Disques d'expression sociale") as Volume 1. I'm planning to post Volume 4 next, but if anyone has or knows anything about Vols. 2 and 3, I would definitely be interested in posting them here on this blog.

5 January 2010

The Joe Harriott Quintet - Abstract

We had a request for this a while back, and from what I can see, it's becoming hard to find. The cd reissue of this record, that is. I don't have the cd, so this will take us back to the early 60s lp version of this one, out on the Capitol label in the US. Hope folks don't mind the original sound of this record, though it may not be up the sonic standard of remastered cds.

What to say about "Abstract"? Well, it's a classic (alongside the earlier Free Form), though not truly recognised as such, but we will fly the Harriott flag on this blog, and do our bit towards better recognition. We've posted several Hariott records in the past, all very out of print, and should Free Form suffer the same fate, we'll put up that one, too.

A brief description of what this music is about, can be found in the attached liner notes on the back of the sleeve, with track by track annotations from the man himself. (Just click on the picture and it will blow up to a legible size.) As the man says, don't expect all of this music to swing, it isn't meant to. But it is exciting and to these ears, still fresh, though not as revelatory as it might have been back in the days of be bop hegemony.

1. Subject
2. Subject
3. Oleo
4. Modal
5. Tonal
6. Pictures
7. Idioms
8. Compound

Joe Harriott - alto sax
Shake Keane - trumpet
Pat Smythe - piano
Coleridge Goode - bass
Bobby Orr - drums (1-4)
Phil Seamen - drums (5 - 8)
Frank Holder - bongos (5,8)

1-4 recorded May 10, 1962, in London; 5-8 November 22, 1961, in London.
Cover painting: Yvonne Miranda

Charles Mingus Quintet - The Last Tour In Italy (1977) [NEW MP3 LINKS]

Today (January 5th) is the 31th anniversary of Mingus' death :
this post wants to be a tribute to the memory of one of the
Greatest in all the jazz history.

The photo above was taken in La Spezia (July 9,1977) while the
band was playing the "Cumbia & Jazz Fusion" suite.

[1,2,8,9] Rec. live in Aosta, Italy, on July 7, 1977
(mix recording)
[3,4,7,12] Rec. live in Orta (NO), Italy, on July 8, 1977
(mix recording)
[5,6,10,11] Rec. live in La Spezia, Italy, on July 9, 1977
(mics recording)

Charles Mingus,bass
Ricky Ford,tenor saxophone
Jack Walrath,trumpet
Bob Neloms,piano
Dannie Richmond,drums

01. For Harry Carney (18:33)
02. Remember Rockefeller At Attica (12:30)
03. Cumbia & Jazz Fusion (25:19)
04. Nooddin’ Ya Head Blues (07:17)
05. Three Or Four Shades Of Blues (10:02)
06. Goodbye Pork Pie Hat (10:11)
07. Cherokee (01:06)
08. Goodbye Pork Pie Hat [Alt. Take] (09:52)
09. Three Or Four Shades Of Blues [Alt. Take Inc.] (06:38)
10. For Harry Carney [Alt. Take] (16:14)
11. Cumbia & Jazz Fusion [Alt. Take Inc.] (09:01)
12. Remember Rockefeller At Attica [Alt. Take] (08:36)

Total Time 2:15:23

2 January 2010

Max Roach & Anthony Braxton - Live in Alassio '78 (World Première)

Just finished the recording of "Birth And Rebirth" for Black Saint,
the "special duo" was projected on the Alassio Festival's stage for
his first live performance : an encounter between Giants!

Rec. live at "Belvedere S.Croce", Alassio, Italy,
on September 8, 1978 (mics recording)

Max Roach,drums
Anthony Braxton,alto,soprano & sopranino saxophones,clarinet

1. Max Intro (02:33)
2. Duo #1 (47:33)
3. Anthony Solo (04:58)
4. Max Solo (06:21)
5. Duo #2 (22:52)

Total Time 1:24:16