4 July 2022


Excellent music by Ekkehard Jost and his comrades. "Palestrinas Reise nach Cadiz" is one of my favourite tunes from him which he has recorded at least twice. Another version and other clichè-free music can be found here. http://www.jazzhausmusik.de/pages/catalog_by_id.php?label_id=11 I would like to recommend three CDs: "Deep" with - among others - Tony Oxley and "Some Other Tapes" with different line-ups (including the second version of "Palestrinas Reise nach Cadiz"). And "Wintertango" with his working group. 


Herbert Hellhund, tp, flh, zither
Dirk Huelst, ts, roll shuter
Ekkehard Jost, bs, bass-sax, zither, perc
Georg Wolf, b
Joe Bonica, dr, perc

1. Mobibobi 06:56
2. Lonely Langgöns 07:01
3. Kleine Serenade für HeHe 04:38
4. Tangenten 12 & 13 06:39
5. Stieselkick & Dat Walzerle 04:34
6. Palestrinas Reise nach Cadiz 05:56
7. Omega Jive 04:21
8. Saint Malo 04:46
9. Haste Gesagt 06:21

 Recorded at Amman Boutz Studio, Giessen, Germany; on September 11th - 14th, 1983. (all pieces by E.Jost except tr.8 by H.Hellhund) View VS 0028/Jazz series