26 October 2021

Mark Weaver'S UFO Ensemble - Phenomenology

 Plutonium CD

Bill Clark - trumpet, flugelhorn
Christian Pincock - valve trombone
Mark Weaver - tuba, compositions
Jason Aspeslet - drums
Carlin Venaglia - drums (track 7)

01 - Pheripheral vision
02 - Out of sight
03 - The conqueror worm
04 - The swallows
05 - A close shave
06 - Tapestry with arabesque figures
07 - The incomparable ferd
08 - Visions of ligea

1-5 recorded live at the Kosmos, Albuquerque, 13.02.2010
6-8 recorded live at the Outpost Performance Space, Albuquerque, 2.04.2010
7 recorded live at the Kosmos, Albuquerque, 6.04.2011

25 October 2021

Cosmic Rebop Society (Plutonium 2013, DVD)

 I found this in my collection and I don't remember where I got it, probably from Mark Weaver. My memory is not the same as it was.
The strange thing is that I cannot find any reference in the web, also plutonium records page has disappeared.
The other musicians looks as well unknown, but the music is really worth, the images also.
I added the audio extraction, directly from DVD, while the movie is a mp4.

Plutonium records 2013
plu 002, DVD

Jim Hamm - tenor sax, trumpet
Mark Weaver - tuba, trombone, dijeridu
Mike Balistreri - bass, percussion
Jake and Max - drums, percussion

live video painting by Bee at Blue Dragon Coffe House, Albuquerque, 3.1.2003

24 October 2021

RELAXACE :: Morning Prayer (2oo2)

Czech trio focused on music for relaxation. There is a lot of improvisation throughout.

RELAXACE :: Morning Prayer (Anne Records 2oo2)

1. Improvisation Part One
2. Connection
3. Om
4. Morning Prayer
5. Improvisation Part Two
6. Path Is Goal
7. Morning Prayer Long
8. Stillness

JiŘí MAZÁNEK - acoustic guitar, tanpura, vocal
KAREL BABULJAK - Indian harmonium, zither, vocal
VLASTiSLAV MATOUŠEK - tablas, Slovak bass whistle, bells, gong, vocal

Recorded April 1990 at Bubosound, Prague