24 October 2021

RELAXACE :: Morning Prayer (2oo2)

Czech trio focused on music for relaxation. There is a lot of improvisation throughout.

RELAXACE :: Morning Prayer (Anne Records 2oo2)

1. Improvisation Part One
2. Connection
3. Om
4. Morning Prayer
5. Improvisation Part Two
6. Path Is Goal
7. Morning Prayer Long
8. Stillness

JiŘí MAZÁNEK - acoustic guitar, tanpura, vocal
KAREL BABULJAK - Indian harmonium, zither, vocal
VLASTiSLAV MATOUŠEK - tablas, Slovak bass whistle, bells, gong, vocal

Recorded April 1990 at Bubosound, Prague



miloo2 said...

FLAC https://ulozto.net/file/qC3RYyvmsJky/relaxace-morning-prayer-anne-records-2002-7z

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