29 October 2017


 Heres something that has been requested repeatedly in the comments on Lacy posts ( especially by brent/ 1001)
One of Lacy’s finest from the period, with masters like Togashi and Yoshizawa on board it couldn’t be otherwise.
This is unaccountably rare , ive only ever seen the one copy.

This was posted for the first time in January 2008 by Sotise from a cassette he got from a friend.
I've hitchhiked the post - here's a reup in flac from another rip...

1. Stalks (Lacy) 10:35
2. Moon (Lacy) 9:24
3. Japanese Duck (Lacy) 6:40
4. The Wane (Lacy) 6:46
5- Bone (Lacy) 4:47

Recorded at Nippon Columbia 1st Studio, Tokyo, June 7, 1975

Steve Lacy: soprano saxophone
Masahiko Togashi: percussion
Motoharu Yoshizawa: bass

1975 - Columbia (Japan), YQ-7507-N (LP)

26 October 2017


Boy Raaymakers, trumpet, bugle
Peter Van der Locht, alto saxophone
Robert Scholer, bass
Noel McGhee, drums
Burton Greene, piano (Side B)

Side A. 29 Augustus 1970  (20:43)

Side B. 4 September 1970  (18:13)


25 October 2017

The Jazz Doctors- intensive care 1983, FLAC, lame

Here's an update of a post originally published back in 2008, for two reasons basically. First, there was a request for a repost, and secondly, it provides an opportunity to commemorate John Jack, who was the proprietor of the Cadillac label which released this record back in 1983.

An obituary can be found here:


The rest of the post is as it was.

The Jazz Doctors - 'Intensive Care'
The Jazz Doctors: -
Frank Lowe - saxophone
Billy Bang - violin
Dennis Charles - drums
Raphael Garrett - bass

I think they only made one record (as The Jazz Doctors), although I have 2 live tapes and there might be more ?...?

Intensive Care was made for John Jack's Cadillac Records in the UK in the second half of 1983.
Anecdotally, only a few weeks after Bang & Dennis Charles had a punch-up on the bandstand in Germany, resulting in Charles losing a tooth..

The tunes on this are written by Frank Lowe (x2)
Butch Morris
Rashied Ali
Billy Bang
Jackie McLean
Ornette Coleman

I've always loved the 2nd side - but now that I listen to it again, the 1st side's not too bad either<

Worth adding is that the Cadillac label is well worth a visit, at http://www.cadillacjazz.co.uk/

The Ogun label is there too, Cadillac releases include some original vinyl pressings still available (as detailed by Wallofsound elsewhere)as well as CDs on both Cadillac and other distributed labels.

David Murray, Mike Osborne, Joe Harriott, Louis Moholo, Elton Dean, Chris McGregor etc etc etc

John & Hazel have been supporting this music for longer than many of us have been walking the planet. I'd urge support for them, and the acquisition of some great music in the process.

sermon endeth here - enjoy the Jazz Doctors."

20 October 2017

Hamid Drake / Pasquale Mirra - Live In Italy 2013

One of the many collaborations between Hamid Drake and european musicians. This time Drake plays with Italian vibist Pasquale Mirra who have recorded more in various projects than under is own leadership. You can find him on Butch Morris Conduction® / Induction. (Rai Trade) It doesn’t mean that Mirra is an avant garde player. In fact this set is more inside and relaxed than outside and complicated. Original tracks and covers are in the program.

01/ Togo, 02/ Brown Rice, 03/ Afro-Blue, 04/ Piacevoli Pensieri, 05/ Mirra Solo, 06/ Water, 07/ Ishmael, 08/ Encore.

Hamid Drake : Drums
Pasquale Mirra : Vibraphone

Recorded September 13, 2013 In Olbia Italy.

19 October 2017

LOU GARE compilation 1965-1985

Sadly, Lou Gare left us on 6th October 2017.  He was a true gentleman.

Years ago he was kind enough to send me this cassette covering the years between 1965 and 1985.

He was a woefully under-recorded saxophonist and consequently didn't receive the recognition he deserved.  Although, in his humility, I suspect he didn't mind that too much.

A2. 1965.  EARLY AMM   8:07
A3. 1970.  AMM   7:44
A4. 1973.  AMM DUO   8:35
A5. 1978.  AMM WITH STRINGS   8:06
A6. 1978.  WEBIT   7:30

B1. 1980.  THE EXETER FREE JAZZ DUO   4:34
B2. 1983.  SOLO BY RIVER EXE   6:59
B3. 1985.  'GOD BLESS THE CHILD'   5:39
B4. 1985   TRIO AT DARTINGTON   28:26

Cassette compiled by Lou Gare

ps. Lovely stuff from a couple of years ago

18 October 2017


1. Trio Improvisation 1
2. Trio Improvisation 2
3. Duo Improvisation
4. Trio Improvisation 3

Kaoru Abe, alto saxophone, harmonica (1, 2)
Mototeru Takagi, tenor saxophone, alto saxophone (1-3)
Toshinori Kondo, trumpet (1-3)
Derek Bailey, guitar (4)
Motoharu Yoshizawa, bass (4)
Toshi Tsuchitori, drums (4)

Recorded at Polydor 1st Studio, Tokyo, 19th April, '78.

Out-takes from the Derek Bailey - Duo and Trio Improvisations sessions. Promo, not for sale.

Kitty Records ‎– BCC-1018

CD Rip

15 October 2017


Wadada Leo Smith, trumpet, percussion
Marion Brown, alto saxophone, percussion
Thomas Stoewsand, cello, flute(s)
Manfred Eicher, double bass
Fred Braceful, drums, percussion

1. unknown title  28:36
2. unknown title (fade-out_incomplete) 17:00

Recorded on December 18, 1970 at Club Laboratorium, Esslingen, Germany.

Recorded by Süddeutscher Rundfunk and (first) broadcast on SDR-2 "Leo Smith-Marion Brown Gruppe in Esslingen" on February 12, 1971.

11 October 2017

ART ENSEMBLE OF CHiCAGO - Urban Magic (1997)

This quartet concert (without Joseph Jarman) from 1997 was released with Italian Musica Jazz magazine in 3/2003 and also on AECO Records (AECO 0014, different cover, without date).

Art Ensemble of Chicago - Urban Magic (Musica Jazz 2003) 

1. Urban Magic (13:05)
2. Mama Wants You (10:30)
3. Dancer (3:32)
4. Chant (12:40)
5. Villa Tiamo (3:15)
6. Horn Web (6:05)
7. Odwalla (3:56)
8. Strawberry Mango (5:22)

Recorded on June 4, 1997 in Laroche-sur-Yon, France. 

Lester Bowie - trumpet, flugelhorn 
Roscoe Mitchell - saxes, flute, bamboo flute, piccolo, percussion 
Malachi Favors - bass, percussion
Famoudou Don Moye - drums, congas, gong, percussion 

TT 58:27

{Musica Jazz MJCD 1150, Italy 2003} 


Found a cassette in my collection.....

Han Bennink, drums, percussion, etc.

1. improvisation 1 (27:29)
2. improvisation 2 (12:36)

Recorded on February 8, 1994 at the department-store Ludwig Beck at the center of Munich, Germany.

The concert was scheduled as the duo of Myra Melford and Han Bennink.
Myra Melford got sick and so Han Bennink played a solo set.

9 October 2017


still not reissued..

Maarten Altena, double bass & cello
Maurice Horsthuis, viola

A1. Grand Duo (14:54)
A2. Fantasie Nr. 1 (04:27)
B1. Fantasie Nr. 2 (01:15)
B2. Fantasie Nr. 3 (00:56)
B3. Fantasie Nr. 4 (06:39)
B4. Fantasie Nr. 5 (07:04)
B5. Fantasie Nr. 6 (02:23)
B6. Fantasie Nr. 7 (01:41)
B7. Fantasie Nr. 8 (01:22)

A1 recorded at the Shaffy Theatre, Amsterdam, on 9th February, 1980.
All other selections recorded at De IJsbreker, Amsterdam, on 22nd April, 1981.

CLAXON 82.9  (vinyl)

8 October 2017

Niels Viggo Bentzon & The Contemporary Jazz Quartet ‎– Third Stream Music (1965)

I would like to alert our followers.
There a Kickstarter campaign about reissueing this elusive LP.
The Contemporary Jazz Quintet should be famous enough for their collaboration with Sunny Murray on the album "Action". (available on CD through SteepleChase).

I've joined the party some minutes ago...about 1800 DKK are missing for a start.

Here's the link to the website:


5 October 2017


Side A:

Friedhelm Schönfeld Trio
Fiedhelm Schönfeld, alto & tenor saxophone, clarinet
Klaus Koch, bass
Günter Sommer, drums

A. Trio-Dimensionen 19:11

Side B:

Hubert Katzenbeier Quintett
Hubert Katzenbeier, trombone
Konrad Körner, flute, tenor saxophone
Manfred Schramm, piano
Hans Schätzke, bass
Wolfgang Winkler, drums

B1. Quartett  5:13
B2. Ballade  4:11
B3. Blues-Fasching  10:49

Recorded October/November 1972, AMIGA-Studio Berlin.

Amiga 855307  (vinyl rip)

2 October 2017

Karl Berger - From Now On - 1966

Obviously this lp have never been posted here and even never requested… Strange.
ESP have never reissued it and seems not to reissue it in the future… Strange too!
Here we have tracks that are played non stop to create a sort of suite à la « complete communion ». No need to say something about the quality of the music.

Side a
-Turn Around

Side b
-Blue Early Bird
-Like That
-From Now On

Alto Saxophone: Carlos Ward
Bass: Henry Grimes
Drums: Ed Blackwell
Vibraphone: Karl Berger

Recorded December 1966

vinyl rip