15 October 2017


Wadada Leo Smith, trumpet, percussion
Marion Brown, alto saxophone, percussion
Thomas Stoewsand, cello, flute(s)
Manfred Eicher, double bass
Fred Braceful, drums, percussion

1. unknown title  28:36
2. unknown title (fade-out_incomplete) 17:00

Recorded on December 18, 1970 at Club Laboratorium, Esslingen, Germany.

Recorded by Süddeutscher Rundfunk and (first) broadcast on SDR-2 "Leo Smith-Marion Brown Gruppe in Esslingen" on February 12, 1971.


Ernst Grgo Nebhuth said...

The folder has one file for the music. I've included a "cue" file which opens the two tracks for burning or direct listening.


francisco santos said...


armando said...

Thanks a lot!

daniel said...

thanks a lot Ernst..
I can't wait to listen to it..

have a nice week

James Manion said...

Thank you Ernst, couldn't resist only the second time I've seen Manfred Eicher
playing his instrument. The other being Bob Degen Trio ‎– Celebrations, also
found here.

rev.b said...

Jaw dropping, thank you.

correct silence said...

yes James is right, are there others recordings with Manfred? Thank you Ernst for responding to my request. I have spent my evening trying to remaster it and if the result is good I can post it, will listen to the re-work in few days. By the way the music is great, in direct relation with the superbe duo Brown/Smith

Solomon said...

Thank you!

Ernst Grgo Nebhuth said...

To my knowledge there was no other recording with Manfred Eicher. At least not officially (although somewhere in the back of my mind....?...).
But I know from Joe Viera (see f.e. https://theboogiemanwillgetya.blogspot.de/search?q=joe+viera ) that he and Eicher did some playing and recording.
Alas - Joe Viera told me that Manfred Eicher isn't interested in releasing these 1960's recordings. And Viera won't and can't do it without Eicher's approval.

Ernst Grgo Nebhuth said...

Ah - memory is a tricky thing.
During the ECM exhibition at Munich's "Haus der Kunst" some years ago they screened a movie where one could actually see the group with Brown, Smith, Braceful etc. and Eicher. The location wasn't Esslingen but Munich (if memory serves me right).
Someone told he might be able to give me a copy of this video.
Maybe I recall which friend it was..........

James Manion said...

Thanks for all the info Ernst, it would be neat to get an audio rip of the video.

Ernst Grgo Nebhuth said...

Some more info about this group / movie.
The film - entitled 'See the Music', was realised by a German director called Theodor Kotulla.
According information culled from the ECM website the documentary was thought to be lost. But for the above mentioned ECM exhibition it was restored and screened for the first time in 25 years.
And I've found an excerpt from the exhibition's catalogue. An interview by Steve Lake with Manfred Eicher about the early years of ECM. Eicher also mentions his then still active involvement in playing. With Joe Viera he had a trio playing Free Jazz. I assume the drummer could have been Fred Barceful.
Recommended reading:

Already mailed my friend. He will ask (again) for a copy of the movie. It might be possible to get it - but I'm not too confident about it. We'll see.

James Manion said...

Thank you Ernst, Great article I bought that First Avenue album with Denney Goodhew
when it was released and let a friend borrow it who has since passed away.
Do you have it by any chance I would love to hear it again.

Ernst Grgo Nebhuth said...

James - unfortunately I never heard the ECM LP of First Avenue. Would like to give it a try.
Maybe some good soul reads our exchange and steps in.

correct silence said...

For those who are interested I have tried to remaster the concert kindly shared by Ernst. Be aware that a remastering from a source that is not perfect is always a difficult affair. For exemple after listening again to the re-work I find that there are much trebles sometimes on the trumpet of Smith but it was the price to pay to make the sound of the alto more audible and also to rediscover some percussions, don't hesitate to leave some comments and feed back

James Manion said...

Ernst, First Avenue has been posted at DSOB in comments!

daniel said...

I had listened to this session just now and it's really amazing!!

thanks a lot for the post, Ernst.
and thanks for the remaster Correct Silence.. I'm gonna check this for sure!

bhowani bhowani said...

Thank you, Ernst !

jeff said...

Pretty sure I got this one here and not over at ubu...... Am revisiting this performance this morning. Excellent recording. Just wanted leave a thanks for Ernst, Ubu, original dime poster... and of course, the original taper!!!
Phenomenal that these recordings exist!!!

Luc Mosley said...

Thank you