31 July 2019

Fanakalo Francois Buttet avec Joe Malinga - Ogun

Plainisphare, PL 1267-55

François Buttet : Xylophone, Trombone, Piano
Joe Malinga : Saxophone Alto
Fabio Cattaneo : Steel Drums, Clavier
Linda Giacometti : Euphonium
Daniel Genton : Percussion, Congas
Olivier Grosclaude : Saxophone Alto
Claire Huguenin : Saxophone Alto
Paul Jörg : Flûte
Corinne Juillerat : Saxophone Ténor
Jean-Philippe Larpin : Drums
Popol Lavanchy : Contrebasse
Diego Marion : Saxophone Ténor
Bernard Metraux : Euphonium, Tuba
Nikita Pfister : Accordéon, Hackbrett
John Trevor : Guitare
Serge Wintsch : Flugelhorn, Trompette
+ Background Vocals

1 - Exú    
2 - Sister    
3 - To Charlie    
4 - Pra Linda    
5 - Ogun    
6 - Janaina    
7 - Nolivé    

17 July 2019


Here's a Swedish TV documentary about Don Cherry. Filmed for the most part in the US and on the island Cherry was living with his family during the 1970s.

With Rashied Ali, James Blood Ulmer, Nana Vasconcelos, Denis Charles, Huss Charles a.o.
Especially the music by Cherry, Ali and Ulmer is great IMO. Sadly it seems there's no other recorded evidence of this trio.

 Produced and directed by Urban Lasson

13 July 2019


Denis Baggi, soprano & tenor saxophone
Michele Von Ritter, tenor saxophone
Urs Voerkel, piano
Bob Egloff, bass
Herbert Hartmann, drums, percussion

A1. Bella Ciao 9:10
A2. Do-Desch-Ka-Den 10:28
B1. Haze's Dance 18:14
B2. Angela 6:52

Recorded in Zürich, Switzerland on July 16, 1972

Arise Records ARRE 1001 S

(vinyl rip)

12 July 2019

Joshua Abrams & Natural Information Society - Live In Sant Anna Arresi - August 24, 2013

This concert is part of a tour that came after the recording of "represencing", the second lp that Abrams and crew published on Eremite.
Joshua Abrams: bass & gumbri
Lisa Alvarado: harmonium
Chad Taylor: drums
The program consist of original tunes + covers from Sun Ra, Don Cherry and Johnny Dyani, interesting isn't it?
Recorded live in Sant Anna Arresi on August 24, 2013
All the records of Joshua Abrams are available here:

9 July 2019


Here is one more recording with Bobby Few on vocals and piano.

Bobby Few, piano, vocal
Raymond Ndoumbe, electric bass
Noel McGhie, drums

01. I Don't Want To Cry Over You     6:10
02. Mister Kidnap Man     4:30
03. Few's Boogie     1:43
04. Joy     2:14
05. I'd Tell The World     1:43
06. Gospel     5:25
07. Dance All Night     6:27
08. Take Me     3:34
09. I Can't Get Along With You     3:36
10. Girls Are Fun     3:04
11. Latin Quarter     2:46
12. China     3:48

Written by and words by Bobby Few

 Recorded in Montreuil, France at Studio Cargo.
Released on Disques Adès in 1991.

Bobby Few - Let It Rain - Self Produced 2002

01 Let it rain
02 Gina
03 Something there
04 Stop pimping the kids
05 Take me
06 Part of your world
07 Let it rain (part 2)
Harry Swift: bass on 1, 2, 7
Raymond Doumbe: bass on 3, 5, 6
Bob Demeo: drums on 1
Jean Claude Montredon: Drums on 2
Noël McGhie: drums on 3, 5, 6
Jon Handelsman: tenor sax on 1, 2
Rasul Siddik: trumpet on 1, 2
Bobby Few: piano & vocals
Recorded in January 2002. cd self produced BF01

4 July 2019

Theo Jörgensmann Quartet - Ta Eko Mo (z.o.o. 1997)

z.o.o., 29-1
CD, 1997

Theo Jörgensmann - Clarinet
Christian Ramond - Double Bass
Klaus Kugel - Drums, Percussion
Christopher Dell - Vibraphone

1 - Ta Eko Mo    
2 - Tsenga    
3 - Der Ruf    
4 - Seezeit    
5 - Couleurs En Mouvement    

recorded & mixed at dioton studio, krefeld 1997

1 July 2019

Sam Rivers Trio - live in Foggia 30 April 1980

This is a repost of sorts of a file posted way back on this blog. In the comments section to the original post, Rick Lopez made the very valid point that Sam's scat singing towards the end didn't sound, shall we say, entirely authentic. So I ran it through Audacity to see if anything could be done about it. I made two versions, one with 15 percent speed reduction and one with 20 percent. Listening back, the 20 percent sounded a bit soggy, so I decided to stick with the 15 percent. In other words, this runs at about 85 percent of the original speed. I can't say if I have hit the nail right on the head, but at least it comes off more plausible, and in any case, your ears are the best judge. One more technical note, this was originally posted as a high grade mp3 and is reposted in the flac format to prevent further lossiness.

What we have here is a live concert in Foggia, Italy, on 30 April 1980 with Sam Rivers on multiple instruments and vocals, Dave Holland on bass and Steve Ellington on drums. As for the gig, it's marvellous, really a stayer, one to come back to. Sam Rivers starts out on tenor, switches to soprano, continues on flute interspersed with a bit of vocalising towards the end. In all, the piece runs for 78:28, so one consequence of lowering the speed is you get at least ten minutes extra of Sam and the gang. Can't be bad, eh?

Happy Canada Day

During those last years Nick have posted many great music from Canada. Check his post of the artists jazz band, C.C.M.C, the records from the music gallery editions or the french side of the avant garde like Yves Bouliane etc. You will find many goodies. I thought that this year it could be my turn to celebrate the Canada day to thank him and to continue the series with this cd that features probably one of the guiding light of the Canadian avant garde: Michael Snow.

Visual artist but also musician who plays piano and synthesiser, Snow is an important name in electro acoustic music. he is one of the founding members of CCMC and beside his avant garde playing he have a vaste knowledge of the jazz that you can easily notice if you listen carefully his solo where he can bring some reminiscence of the tradition in an avant garde environment.

Jack Vorvis is less famous, he have been briefly member of CCMC and you can hear him on the excellent « decisive moments, hot real-time electro-acoustic collective composition », unfortunately his discography is very small.

Jack Vorvis & Michael Snow - black and white - 1994

1 Rotation
2 High Handed (Groovin HIgh)
3 Trax
4 Blues In The Clocktower
5 2 Chords For 2 Players
6 Snake Raffle Cajole
7 Space - Time
8 Titsnass
9 Free By Me - Bop
10 Percs
11 Inside Out
12 I Found
13 Easy Livin

Jack Vorvis: drums
Michael Snow: piano

track & light recordings tlr01 cd rip