28 February 2021

Alex Coke - New Visions

 no much known, he has many collaborations with Willem Breuker Kollektief, Tina Marsh Opportunity Orchestra, and some albums as a leader; also some wonderful, to me, albums with Steven Feld and the Ghana connection on voxlox label.

Cola Rodriguez - Bass
Rock Savage - Drums
Alex Coke - Flute, Saxophone
Booka Michel - Percussion
James Wagner Rich Harney - Piano
Randy Zimmerman - Trombone
Tina Marsh - Vocals

A1 - By The River (Thinking of 0) 4:34
composed by Tina Marsh
A2 - Flexible Sunset           4:50
composed by Alex Coke
A3 - REM - 136           2:56
composed by Alex Coke
A4 - Djinn (improvisation)     5:18
A5 - Lenny          3:25
composed by Alex Coke
B1 - The Prank          5:22
composed by Rock Savage
B2 - Radio Eyes (e.d.)      8:10        
composed by Alex Coke
B3 - Casey Jones           5:26
composed by Edward Newton
B4 - Sayonara (improvisation)     2:12

Recorded November 1981 at Lone Star Studio

re records ‎– RE001

14 February 2021


Resurrected post with a high defintion vinyl rip.
Here's the original write up:
Horo Number 3 from I Forgot Clifford. I had 5 Max Roach discs on Clifford, and 2 of them were in the top ten (this one and Confirmation). This may be a bit surprising since much of the blog had free jazz. Max transcended generations having bopped with Bird and later played with Braxton, Cecil Taylor, Shepp, hip hoppers, MBoom, etc. I have posted this one because it is very rare and contains a lot of music. As noted previously, Billy Harper is great on this disc. If you are new to Max's drums, listen to the dialogue he sets up between snare and bass drum. The last of this breed may be Roy Haynes. 

Billy Harper, tenor saxophone
Cecil Bridgewater, trumpet
Reggie Workman, double bass
Max Roach, drums

1. The Matyr  32:41
2. Six Bits Blues 34:23

Recorded at Mama Dog Studio July 27, 1977 in Rome.

Horo Records HDP 9-10

(high definition vinyl rip)

  in flac with pictures from the web


Thanks to Pablo for the rip and the idea of reposting it in the first place.

12 February 2021

Reform Art Unit - Open Window Suite, 1986-1989

 granit record 2018

Part 1: 16 may 1986, Wien
Sepp Mitterbauer - percussion, trumpet
Fritz Novotny - percussion
Nikolaos Polimenakos - piano
Walter Schiefer - percussion

Part 2: 29 june 1986, Aigen/Enns
Gerhard Fritsch - tenor sax
Richard Isaiah - trombone
Siegi Lemmerer - hackbrett
Sandro Miori - tenor sax
Fritz Novotny - clarinet, soprano sax
Christian Salfellner - drums
Reinhard Ziegerhofer - double bass

Part 3: 6 march 1987, Linz
Paul Fields - keyboard, violin
Gerhard Fritsch - tenor sax
Fritz Novotny - khene, flute, soprano sax
Christian Salfellner - drums
Reinhard Ziegerhofer - double bass

Part 4:18 january 1989, Wien
Paul Fields - violin
Fritz Novotny - clarinet, soprano sax
Walter Schiefer - drums
Reinhard Ziegerhofer - double bass

Part 5: 17 september 1989, Wien
Paul Fields - violin
Fritz Novotny - glockenspiel, flute, clarinet
Sebastian Piekarek - flute
Walter Schiefer - drums
Reinhard Ziegerhofer - double bass
Rolf Schwendter - poetry

Part 6: 28 december 1989, Wien
Leena Conquest - vocal
Bleda Elibal - double bass
Paul Fields - violin
Fritz Novotny - flute, khene
Sebastian Piekarek - flute
Christian Salfellner - drums
Levent Tarhan - santur
Reinhard Ziegerhofer - double bass

7 February 2021

Reform Art Unit with Milo Fine

 not my rip, is a mp3 from a musician

Fritz Novotny: reeds, percussion
Sepp Mitterbauer: trumpet
Paul Fields: piano, violin
Milo Fine: drums, clarinet, piano

Suite Milo       59:35

Recorded at Soundfields Studio, Vienna, Austria; November 29, 1996

1999, Granit (Austria) gr.96002/rau 1025

5 February 2021



Here we have a contribution by inamorata (another one will follow)

Jormin - Gustafsson - Jormin
December 11, 1997
Umea, Sweden

Anders Jormin, bass
Mats Gustafsson, saxes and clarinet (?) [fluteophone??]
Christian Jormin, drums

01 Broadcast intro  0:53
02 What reason could I give? (Ornette Coleman)  7:42
03 Korpo II (Gustafsson)  11:30
04 Apus Apus (Jormin/Gustafsson/Jormin)  11:47
05 Unidentified  18:19
06 Unidentified  8:24
07 Broadcast outro  0:19

TT 58:54

inamorata second remaster version

This comes from a Swedish radio broadcast of a great live performance of music from the “Opus Apus” CD (LJ Records LJCD 5212, 1996). I picked it up on dimeadozen.org in 2012 and posted a remastered version there in 2016. In December 2020 I made a new version which, I think, sounds quite nice given the difficult source material. For information on the editing and remastering see the info file.

This is improvised music and I find it difficult to identify compositions. Except for trach 02, I’m not sure if I got it right (and if my guess concerning the Swedish outro is right the announcer disagrees with my identification of track 03).

The Opus Apus CD may still be available at the JL Records website (http://www.lj-records.se/). At any rate, a digital download can be purchased at Gustafsson’s Bandcamp site (https://matsgustafsson.bandcamp.com/album/opus-apus). Highly recommended!


2 February 2021

Upcoming Release XXI

 Here are two incredible releases from the label Blank Forms Editions scheduled in mid June, both appears to be some essential records for fans of Don Cherry.

First is one of the earliest incarnation of the organic music theatre, a live recorded in France in 1972, with Nana, Moki, Christer Bothèn and french saxophonist Doudou Gouirand, the sound seems perfect.

The second double cd is titled « Summer House Session » and it is one of the many jam sessions that Don Cherry organised when he was in Sweden. Here also the sound is incredible and the sound samples reveals a fantastic music. Those two releases foreshadows a very cool summer :)