28 February 2021

Alex Coke - New Visions

 no much known, he has many collaborations with Willem Breuker Kollektief, Tina Marsh Opportunity Orchestra, and some albums as a leader; also some wonderful, to me, albums with Steven Feld and the Ghana connection on voxlox label.

Cola Rodriguez - Bass
Rock Savage - Drums
Alex Coke - Flute, Saxophone
Booka Michel - Percussion
James Wagner Rich Harney - Piano
Randy Zimmerman - Trombone
Tina Marsh - Vocals

A1 - By The River (Thinking of 0) 4:34
composed by Tina Marsh
A2 - Flexible Sunset           4:50
composed by Alex Coke
A3 - REM - 136           2:56
composed by Alex Coke
A4 - Djinn (improvisation)     5:18
A5 - Lenny          3:25
composed by Alex Coke
B1 - The Prank          5:22
composed by Rock Savage
B2 - Radio Eyes (e.d.)      8:10        
composed by Alex Coke
B3 - Casey Jones           5:26
composed by Edward Newton
B4 - Sayonara (improvisation)     2:12

Recorded November 1981 at Lone Star Studio

re records ‎– RE001


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Clifford Allen said...

Nice one, and for the vinyl hunters, still a very affordable obscurity.

Alex is a Texan and we shared time in Austin when I lived there from 2005-2012. He has spent a lot of his career in the Netherlands, and might be better known there in fact.


Saw him many times with a variety of groups, including sitting in with the ICP Orchestra on a couple of their visits to town under the auspices of Epistrophy Arts. Alex is a wonderful human being as well as being a hell of a musician (and an underrated one at that). Hopefully he chimes in here to talk a bit about his history and the record.

doghouse said...

Thanks for sharing - much appreciated

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Many thanks

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Really appreciate this! Thank-you.

armando said...

Thanks for sharing, corvimax!...and Clifford Allen for the memories.

correct silence said...

If you dont already know this album, you may be interested by it:
I don't know where it is possible to find it but it might be your taste.

corvimax said...

correct silence, I have that album
it looks out of print now, since is no more in voxlox catalogue for sell
I think is ok to post it here

correct silence said...

In fact I'm not personally searching for this album. It is my interest in the music of Ni Noy Nortey that drove me to this record. I don't know if you know this african musician but if you don't know him I recommend two recordings with the late David Panton
and this superbe live at café Oto