27 April 2010

Fred Anderson Trio - Live in Pisa '09

A Venerable Old Master...

Rec. live at "Cinema Lumiére", Pisa, Italy, on November 1,
2009 (radio broadcast)

Fred Anderson,tenor sax
Junius Paul,bass
Avreeayl Ra,drums

01. Track #1 (35:21)

24 April 2010

Don Pullen - Live in Castiglione del Lago '76

A brief recording made during the 1976 edition of
"Umbria Jazz", the day after Don played with Sam
Rivers in Villalago (Black Africa! Villalago - Horo Records).

Rec. live at "Umbria Jazz '76", Castiglione del Lago (Perugia),
Italy, on July 23, 1976 (radio broadcast)

Don Pullen,piano

1. Richard's Tune (10:04)
2. Joycie Girl (09:36)
3. Suite (Sweet) Malcom (09:18)
4. Big Alice (08:50)

Total Time 37:49

All compositions by D.Pullen

22 April 2010

John Surman Trio - Live in Altena

Here's an item I've been hunting for quite a while and finally managed to get on a cd-r, sourced from the LP above. This is the Trio, which made two albums for Dawn records during their comparatively short life span, this one which was only out in small quantities, I believe, and a fourth one, which I'll come back to later. Any guesses?

The Trio was probably John Surman's freest moment, and after this burst, went quiet and released "Westering Home", radically removed from the Trio, and drawing upon musical memories during his childhood in the southwest in England. His lyrical side has been much more to the fore in later releases than in this explosive, no holds barred frenzy of reed overdrive. This is not to deny that there are not quieter moments on this fine recording.

To me this is one of the highlights of John Surman's prodigious output, if not the highlight. We've posted the Trio before as well as the SOS project with Mike Osborne and Alan Skidmore. Do look up Michel Portal's "Alors" which has Surman dueting with Portal and the ret of the Trio. In the top rank of European free jazz, no questions asked. Barre Phillips and Stu Martin provide the tightly knit environment of three-fold impro. It's a bit of a misnomer to call this album John Surman Trio as the group pretty much was leaderless, though one may guess it was for marketing purposes.

Five pieces on this album, though they run very much together. Three of the pieces were first featured on the first Trio album, so listening to this one and the first Trio, I suspect it runs something like this:

Side A:
Billy the Kid (Martin)
Tallness (Surman)
Dee Tune (Surman)
Side B:
In Between (Surman)
Spikenard (Phillips)

John Surman (bs,ss, cl)
Barre Phillips (bs)
Stu Martin (ds)

Recorded on 10.1.1970 in Altena, Westfalen.

19 April 2010

David S. Ware Quartet - Live in Sant’Anna Arresi '04 (New Flac Links)

I think that the David S. Ware Quartet (one of the greatest groups in
the last twenty years) is a bit underrated on IS, so here is the Quartet
performing live the famous "Freedom Suite" composed by Sonny Rollins.

Rec. live at "Piazza del Nuraghe", Sant’Anna Arresi (Cagliari),
Italy, on September 1, 2004 (radio broadcast)

David S. Ware,tenor sax
Matthew Shipp,piano
William Parker,bass
Guillermo E. Brown,drums

1. Freedom Suite Part I (21:02)
2. Freedom Suite Part II (16:47)
3. Freedom Suite Part III (16:48)
4. Freedom Suite Part IV (11:54)

Total Time 1:06:33

16 April 2010

Roscoe Mitchell Quartet - Live in Tivoli '09

Old Bottle, Good Wine...

Rec. live at "Chiostro di Villa d'Este", Tivoli (Rome),
Italy, on June 28, 2009 (radio broadscast)

Roscoe Mitchell,alto & soprano sax,flute
Hugh Ragin,trumpet,flugelhorn,cornet
Harrison Bankhead,bass
Tani Tabbal,drums

1. Track #1 (1:08:12)

12 April 2010

Chico Freeman Quartet - Live in Milan '79

Probably one of the best groups led by C.Freeman in the first part
of his career. (great rhythm section)

Rec. live at "Capolinea", Milan, Italy, on June 7, 1979
(mics recording)

Chico Freeman,tenor & soprano sax,bass clarinet,flute
Jay Hoggard,vibraphone
Rick Rozie,bass
Famoudou Don Moye,drums

1. No Time Left (35:02)
2. Uhmla (09:51)
3. Jay Hoggard Solo (08:21)
4. Rick Rozie Solo (06:57)
5. Don Moye Solo (09:31)
6. Look Up (22:36)
7. Illas (18:10)

Total Time 1:51:21

All compositions by C.Freeman

9 April 2010

Archie Shepp Quartet - Live in Brescia '79

Great Shepp with a poor rhythm section, as too often

Rec. live at "Chiostro del Teatro Comunale Santa Chiara",
Brescia, Italy, on July 4, 1979 (mix recording)

Archie Shepp,tenor & soprano sax,vocal
Siegfried Kessler,piano
Gon Mizuhashi,bass
Clifford Jarvis,drums

1. Mama Rose [A.Shepp] (53:41)
2. Lookin' For Someone To Love [C.Massey]/
U-Jamaa [A.Shepp] (24:44)

Total Time 1:18:25

7 April 2010

Dudu Pukwana - Zila - Cosmics Chapter 90

Coming to the final instalment in this series of Dudu Pukwana and Zila posts, this sees the band live at the Battersea Arts Centre in 1989 and it may possibly even be the last known recording of Dudu Pukwana, who died in 1990. Being a live recording, it's looser, more informal, more relaxed even than the Zila 86 studio recording we posted here last, and quite possibly for that reason, I happen to like it better. But judge for yourself. And we get to hear yet another version of "Mra", here interspersed with "Khali". There can never be too many versions of "Mra" in my humble opinion. Some of other tunes may also be known from earlier Zila and Blue Notes records.

Basic facts:


DUDU PUKWANA alto and soprano saxophone
PINISE SAUL vocals and cabassa

1. MRA-KHALI (D.Pukwana/K.Ngcukana)
2. HAMBA (GO AWAY) (V.Ndlazilwana)
3. BIG APPLE (D.Pukwana)
4. COSMICS (D.Pukwana)
5. A BLUES FOR NICK (D.Pukwana)
6. ZWELITSHA (D.Pukwana)

Recorded at Battersea Arts Centre, London, 2.11.89 by TONY ROBINSON

We're not quite through with Dudu yet, so hang in there!

6 April 2010

Chris McGregor's Brotherhood Of Breath - Live in Moers '81

Taped by "Ilario" this is the same BoB that recorded (few days before)
the album "Yes Please" for In and Out, and, as you'll note, even the
pieces' list is almost the same : a mix of old and new compositions.

Rec. live at "The 10th Moers Festival", Moers, Germany, on June 7, 1981
(mics recording)

Chris McGregor,piano,conductor
Harry Becket/Mark Charig/David Defries/Peter Segone,trumpet
Ray Anderson/Nick Evans/Radu Malfatti,trombone
Andre Goudbeek/Bruce Grant/Francois Jeanneau/Louis Sclavis/John Tchicai,reeds
Didier Levallet/Ernest Mothle,bass
Caroline Collins,cello
Brian Abrahams/Jean-Claude Montredon,drums

1. Sonia [M.Feza] (06:00)
2. Yes, Please [R.Malfatti] (14:23)
3. Duku [D.Purkwana] (10:25)
4. Maxime [C.McGregor] (09:06)
5. Untitled Original (10:24)
6. Andromeda [C.McGregor] (10:17)

Total Time 1:00:38

4 April 2010

Orchestra Mozart directed by Claudio Abbado - Rome 2010

An Easter egg sent from "Ilario"

Live broadcast recorded at "Sala Santa Cecilia", Auditorium
Parco della Musica, Rome, on March 28, 2010

Orchestra Mozart
Claudio Abbado,conductor
Giuliano Carmignola,violin

Sinfonia n.4 in la maggiore op.90 'Italiana' (Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy)
01 Allegro vivace (10:48)
02 Andante con moto (6:08)
03 Con moto moderato (6:14)
04 Saltarello. Presto (5:56)

Concerto in sol maggiore per violino e orchestra K.216 (Wolfang Amadeus Mozart)
05 Allegro (8:33)
06 Adagio (6:56)
07 Rondò (Allegro) (6:27)

encore: Concerto in si bemolle maggiore per violino e orchestra K.207 (Wolfang Amadeus Mozart)
08 Presto (5:57)

Sinfonia in do maggiore K.551 'Jupiter' (Wolfang Amadeus Mozart)
09 Allegro vivace (11:22)
10 Andante cantabile (10:18)
11 Minuetto (Allegretto) (4:28)
12 Molto allegro (12:16)

encore: Egmont op.84 (Ludwig van Beethoven)
13 Overture (8:38)

Total Time 1:44:08

1 April 2010

John Carter Quintet - Live in Rome '79

The same quintet recorded (the day before) "Variations on Selected
Themes for Jazz Quintet" (Moers Music CD2084).

Rec. live in Rome, Italy, on August 16, 1979
(mics recording)

John Carter,clarinet
Bobby Bradford,trumpet
James Newton,flute
Bob Stewart,tuba
Phillip Wilson,drums

1. B.L.'s Delight (22:45)
2. Carter's Intro (01:27)
3. Petals (07:57)
4. Woodman's Hall Blues (14:22)
5. Abstractions For Three Lovers (12:13)
6. Circle (13:38)
7. Encounter (07:11)

Total Time 1:20:35