30 January 2016

Barbara Thompson with the Medici Quartet and the BBC Singers Queen Elizabeth Hall London England 17th November 1995 FLAC FM

Source: BBC Radio 3 FM > Denon TU-400L tuner > VHS > VHS LP > Archos Gmini 120 > Audition > FLAC
Recorded off air and transferred by PsyKies

Set One / Disc 1 [40:47]

WEILL - songs arranged for saxophone & string quartet

01. Speak Low (arr, John Dankworth) [6:20]
02. Surabaya Johnny (arr, Geoffrey Bergen) [6:08]
03. Zuhalterballade (arr, Barry Guy) [8:24]
04. It Never Was You (arr, Richard Rodney Bennett) [6:31]
05. September Song (arr, Mike Westbrook) [6:46]
06. Theme And Variations On Mack The Knife (arr, Barbara Thompson) [6:38]

Set Two / Disc 2 [53:38]

LOVE SONGS IN AGE - music for the poetry of Philip Larkin

01. The Horns Of The Morning [8:28]
02. Ugly Sister [5:34]
03. The Dance [7:30]
04. Love Songs In Age [8:16]
05. Like The Train's Beat [7:57]
06. This Is The First Thing [3:23]
07. Poor Sidney Bechet [12:30]

Barbara Thompson - saxophones
Pete Lemer - piano
Paul Westwood - bass
Simone Rebello - drums

Paul Robertson - violin
Cathy Thompson - violin
Ivo Jan von Derver - viola
Anthony Lewis - cello

Conducted by Bo Holgren
Penny Vickers, Judith Bingham - soloists

Recorded by me off air direct from the original live broadcast to a Panasonic Hi-Fi VHS video recorder in SP audio only mode. Sometime in the mid to late 1990's I misguidedly transferred all my radio recordings to VHS LP audio mode. This combined with the age of the tapes has resulted in some evident distortion throughout.

19th November 2010

29 January 2016

Garrett List - Fire & Ice (Lovely Music 1982)

Byard Lancaster - Alto Saxophone, Soprano Saxophone, Flute, Piccolo Flute
Ronald Shannon Jackson -   Drums, Percussion, Hand-drum
Garrett List - Trombone, Piano, Vocals 
Youseff Yancy -  Trumpet, Flugelhorn, Theremin, Electronics
Genie Sherman - Vocals 

A1 - Fire And Ice   3:20
    words: Robert Frost, music: Garrett List        
A2 - Dialogue Of The Angels   3:23
    words and music: Ronald Shannon Jackson        
A3 - Now And How   3:08
    words and music: Garrett List         
A4 - Passion Of Miles   5:55
    music: Youseff Yancy         
A5 - Rib Crib    3:18
    music: Byard Lancaster         
B1 - Fly Hollywood   4:10
    words: Ed Friedman, music: Garrett List        
B2 - Oleo/Tune-Up   3:42
    music: Eddie Cleanhead Vinson, Sonny Rollins. arranged by Byard Lancaster, Garrett List.    
B3 - My Mother's Belly   3:30
   words: Blaise Cendrars, music: Garrett List       
B4 - You Are More Beautiful Then The Sky And The Sea   6:36
    words: Blaise Cendrars, music: Garrett List   
B5 - Sweetness   4:07    
    words and music: Byard Lancaster

recorded between 1972 and 1979
Lovely Music 1982, LP

D A M trio - Oporto, London 11 May 1985

PAUL DUNMALL - tenor saxophone

1. 30:32
2. 31:07

Live at the Oporto, London.  11th May 1985

Paul has given me a box of old cassettes.
The music was longer than this C60, but what a ferocious gig!  Great. Enjoy.

25 January 2016

PETER EVANS QUINTET : Three For Alice Registrato at Bimhuis, Amsterdam, on thursday 2.October.2014 FM FLAC

Peter Evans, trumpet
Sam Pluta, electronics and voice
Ron Stabinsky, pianoforte
Tom Blancarte, bass
Jim Black, drums and electronics  

here is an intergalactic suite by evans, partially composed and partially imrovised, all dedicated to Alice Coltrane: it's in alleged three parts, but it's all a matter of personal opinions where these three parts could start and finish, as it all sounds the same for 50 and more minutes... Mostly other people do the killing and Zebulon trio are where this guy comes from
Also included in this folder as track00 a short introduction with bio notes and commentaries - this intro runs for 3'08", you can skip downloading it if you don't understand ITALIAN. THIS RECORDING WAS KINDLY PROVIDED BY DIMER ALIFIB

(00-radio introduction)
Three For Alice suite:
01- I, Intergalactic  [11.43]
02- bass solo  [5.02]
03- II, Elemental  [12.34]
04- drums solo  [2.37]
05- III, 12 Earthly Branches, part I  [12.13]
06- III, 12 Earthly Branches, part II  [12.03]
07- bands intros  [0.41]
08- radio outro  [0.35]

running time : 56'53" (excluding radio intros)
WITH radio intro and outro it would be 60'36"
FM radio broadcast by "Battiti dal Vivo", Radio3 RAI [third channell of Italian national radio], on sunday 6 December 2015, 24:10 hours [CET].

AKAI Quartz Synthesizer Tuner AT-52 > TotalRecorder 8.4 (Build 4990) SE via Creative Sound Blaster soundcard > 44.100khz/16bit wav > edited with Sound Forge 8.0b (Build 53) > compressed with Trader's Little Helper 2.70 (build 172) > level 8 single flac file > mailed to survivor69 > tracksplitting with Audacity 2.0 > flacs > webtorrenting
folder size: 411mb
firstly upped by survivor69 on Dimeadozen.org, 15-December-2015 (dimeupload #1452)

DEK - Didi Kern, Elisabeth Harnik, Ken Vandermark The Sugar Maple Milwaukee, WI July 17, 2016 AUD FLAC

1. intro by Vandermark
2. Unknown Title #1
3. Unknown Title #2
4. Unknown Title #3


5. Unknown Title #4
6. spoken outro
7. Unknown Title #5

Sound quality slightly better on second set.

Ken Vandermark - tenor sax, baritone sax, clarinet, bass clarinet
Elisabeth Harnik - piano
Didi Kern - drums, percussion, small instruments, vocalisation

Aud - Core Binaurals - Zoom H2(16/44.1) - Sound Studio - Xact, flac level 8

Support the artists; buy the official releases.

"DEK- featuring Didi Kern (drums), Elisabeth Harnik (piano), and Ken Vandermark (reeds)- is a trio that creates music which displays the impact that improvisation, new composition, and the genres of rock, funk, and afrobeat have on each other. First established in September of 2014, the group has worked together on a regular basis in Europe, and will release their first album on the Trost label in 2016; a year which will feature performances by the band in New York City during Vandermark's Stone residency during January, in Milwaukee as part of the Option Milwaukee series, and during an extensive tour of Europe in October."

17 January 2016

Saalfelden Jazz Festival : Mostly Other People Do The Killing Congress Zentrum, Saalfelden, Austria 29.August.2015 FLAC FM

Jon Irabagon, saxophones
Ron Stabinsky, pianoforte
Moppa Elliot, bass
Kevin Shea, drums

tracks are mostly from latest album "Mauch Chunk", with the new lineup featuring Stabinsky in place of trumpeter Peter Evans, quality and sound do not change from modern jazz group MOPDTK by pennsylvania bassist Moppa, but formula does change a bit, as we have here a stronger idea of "track" rather than improv

1- Mehoopany
2- Mauch Chunk is Jim Thorpe
3- West Bolivar
4- Obelisk
5- Townville
6- Elliott Mills
7-radio outro 0.36

running time : 59'17" (including radio outro)
FM radio broadcast by "Battiti dal Vivo", Radio3 RAI [third channell of Italian national radio], on sunday 10 January 2016, 24:15 hours [CET].
Lineage (FM > Hard Disc > web):
aiwa XT-003Z tuner > Audacity 1.3.5 Beta  via  Fujitsu Siemens Crystal WDM soundcard > 44100hz/16bit .aup > 44100hz/16bit flac's (level 8) > webtorrenting
firstly upped by survivor69 on Dimeadozen.org, 11-January-2016 (dimeupload #1464)

MUJICIAN TRIO - Rare Music Club, 20 Nov 1992 Sets 2&3

PAUL DUNMALL - tenor and soprano saxophones
TONY LEVIN - drums

Set 2  37:20
Set 3  13:28

Rare Music Club, Bristol  20th November 1992

O yes!  A rarer rare rarity than any rare record.  I thought I'd posted all the best stuff but.....let's just say I like this a lot - supply your own superlatives. Enjoy.

16 January 2016

Irène Schweizer ~ Joey Baron Duo / Festival Unerhört Zürich ~ 27th October 2015

Interesting piano / drum duo with Irène Schweizer and Joey Baron at the 2015 Zürich Unerhört Festival. Schweizer reaches deep into jazz piano tradition for a sequence of energetic improvisations - quite different from the abstraction of a Taylor / Oxley meeting, for example.

11 January 2016

Kenny Werner / Benjamin Koppel 30. INNtöne Festival 2015 mp2

WDR 3 Konzert der Woche weniger anzeigen
Mit Karsten Mützelfeldt

30. INNtöne Festival 2015

Kenny Werner / Benjamin Koppel
Aufnahmen aus Diersbach, Österreich

WDR 3 Konzert der Woche - 29.08.2015: 30. INNtöne Festival 2015
Die Scheune eines Biobauernhofes wird zur Konzerthalle, hochklassiger Jazz in würziger Landluft. Ein Konzert der Woche auf WDR 3 mit Höhepunkten vom oberösterreichischen INNtöne-Festival.

Kenny Werner ist ohne Wenn und Aber einer der weltbesten Jazzpianisten. In Diersbach trat er in Dialog mit dem Saxophonisten Benjamin Koppel, dem vielleicht umtriebigsten Musiker der dänischen Szene - und die pflegt traditionell beste Beziehungen zu den Größen des US-Jazz.

Kenny Werner/Benjamin Koppel
Kenny Werner – p, Benjamin Koppel – ts

Die Musikstücke der Sendung
WDR 3 Konzert, 29.08.2015 (PDF-Download: 24,3 KB)
Moderation: Karsten Mützelfeldt
Redaktion: Bernd Hoffmann

9 January 2016

The master without a baton: Pierre Boulez 1925 - 2016

Sadly, Pierre Boulez died earlier this week. Here is a performance of 'Le marteau sans maître', one of the seminal works from the white heat of European music in the 1950s;

Pierre Boulez: "Le marteau sans maitre" for alto voice, alto flute, guitar, viola, vibraphone, xylorimba and  percussion

Donatienne Michel-Dansac (alto voice)
Members of the SWR Symphony Orchestra Baden-Baden and Freiburg
Conducted by François-Xavier Roth 

Baden-Baden; 18th January, 2015

Des yeux purs dans les bois
Cherchent en pleurant la tête habitable

Der Konzertmitschnitt: Matthew Shipp solo beim Jazzfestival Saalfelden 2015.

15. November 2015

Komponist/Komponistin: Matthew Shipp / Jerome D.Kern / Matthew Shipp / Lawrence - Cross / Matthew Shipp / Matt Dennis
Titel: Simple System (Matthew Shipp) / Yesterdays (Jerome D.Kern) / Hole Town (Matthew Shipp) / Tenderly (Lawrence - Cross) / Gamma-Ray (Matthew Shipp) / Angel Eyes (Matt Dennis)
Solist/Solistin: Matthew Shipp, Klavier
Länge: 49:40 min
Label: Manus

Komponist/Komponistin: Matthew Shipp
Titel: Patmos
Solist/Solistin: Matthew Shipp, Klavier
Länge: 03:15 min
Label: Manus

Graham Haynes Solo Sound beyond Sound + Large Ensemble special guest William Parker Homage to Butch Morrisgiovedì 3 settembre 2015 21.00 Locandina IL FESTIVAL DEI FESTIVAL mp2 unedited

Graham Haynes Solo  Sound beyond Sound

tromba, elettronica Graham Haynes


Large Ensemble special guest William Parker   Homage to Butch Morris

Large Ensemble

sassofono Evan Parker
piano Alexander Hawkins
tromba Peter Evans
contrabbasso John Edwards
contrabbasso William Parker
percussioni Hamid Drake
batteria Paul Lytton
contrabbasso Barry Guy
computer Walter Prati
trombone Giancarlo Schiaffini
pianoforte, elettronica Pat Thomas
sassofono Caroline Kraabel
vibrafono Orphy Robinson
computer Sam Pluta
violoncello Hannah Marshall


8 January 2016

The Dedication Orchestra live in Crawley, UK, 1992

We have received a bundle of files from "psykies", initially uploaded to the Dime torrent site. They have in common that they were all recorded from radio, specifically jazz broadcasts on BBC Radio 3, from the late 1980s to the beginning of the 2000s. We plan to post these recordings in the time to come.

Starting from the top, as it were, this is the Dedication Orchestra from a concert at the Outside In Festival, The Hawth Centre, Crawley, England on September 5 1992. The Dedication Orhestra is a huge ensemble conceived as a tribute to the South Africans that made up the Blue Notes and the Brotherhood of Breath, expats coming to Europe in the mid-60s after realising that an interracial band was impossible to combine with living in apartheid South Africa.

No, we are not going to hear the cd pictured above, but we are going to hear what's on the cd. The concert is an exact replica of the tracks on the cd, played in the same sequence, too. The post came with no track listings, but after comparing the concert with the studio-recorded cd, what we hear is as follows:

1. Traumatic experience/Ithi Gqi
2. B my dear
3. Dancing Damon
4. Hug pine
5. Andromeda
6. Manje
7. Sonja/Introduction to you ain't gonna know me/You ain't gonna know me 'cause you think you know me
8. Woza/Traumatic experience (reprise)

Track separation differs a little from the cd, because some pieces run together.

Cast of characters:

Kenny Wheeler - trumpet, fluglehorn
Jim Dvorak - trumpet, fluglehorn
Lance Kelly - trumpet, fluglehorn
Claude Deppa - trumpet, fluglehorn
Radu Malfatti - trombone
Dave Amis - trombone
Paul Rutherford - trombone
Malcolm Griffiths - trombone
Dave Powell - tuba
Lol Coxhill - saxophone
Elton Dean - saxophone
Ray Warleigh - saxophone
Alan Skidmore - saxophone
Evan Parker - saxophone
Chris Biscoe - saxophone
Neil Metcalfe - flute
Django Bates - tenor horn
Keith Tippett - piano
Paul Rogers - bass
Louis Moholo - drums
Phil Minton - vocals
Francine Luce - vocals
Julie Tippetts - vocals


James Blood Ulmer martedì 5 gennaio 2016 20.30 Locandina IL CARTELLONE SAALFELDEN JAZZ FESTIVAL mp2

James Blood Ulmer Band

chitarra, voce James Blood Ulmer

chitarra Ronny Drayton

sax tenore David Murray

sax contralto Oliver Lake

sax baritono Hamiet Bluiett

basso elettrico Calvin Jones

batteria G. Calvin Weston

batteria Aubrey Dayle

Registrato a Saalfelden, il 30 agosto 2015

6 January 2016

SCOTT / STiVíN / DAŠEK - Rozhovory (Supraphon 1981)

For all lovers of Rudolf Dašek, Jiří Stivín (both previously worked in duo named System Tandem) and veteran American clarinetist and saxophonist Tony Scott, who frequently visited Czechoslovakia during 70's and 80's. Moody and introspective trios were recorded in 1978, but not released until 1981. Rip is still a bit crunchy, although I repaired a huge number of clicks.

SCOTT / STiVíN / DAŠEK - Rozhovory / Interviews (Supraphon 1981)

01. Rozhovor úvodní / Interview Inroductory  3.55
02. Rozhovor jen tak / Interview ad hoc  7.40
03. Rozhovor o jazzu / Interview about Jazz  6.00
04. Rozhovor o kráse / Interview about Beauty  4.50

05. Rozhovor v tandemu / Interview in Tandem  6.30
06. Rozhovor v klidu / Interview in Peace  4.30
07. Rozhovor v blues / Interview in Blues  8.50
08. Rozhovor v kavárně / Interview in Café  3.10

Composed and improvised by

TONY SCOTT - clarinet, tenor sax, piano, voice
JiŘí STiVíN - flute, tenor sax, voice

Recorded in May 1978 at MaSti studio, Prague

Supraphon 1115 2890 (vinyl rip)


A1. Blood
A2. Albert's Love Theme
A3. El Cordobes
A4. Only Sweetly
A5. Seven

B1. Mister Joy
B2. Ramblin'
B3. Kid Dynamite
B4. Nothing Ever Was, Anyway
B5. Pig Foot

Paul Bley, piano
Mark Levinson, bass
Barry Altschul, drums

Recorded in Baarn, Holland on September 21 and October 4, 1966

Repress on Fontana, Japan - SFON-7098

LP Rip

Thanks Paul

3 January 2016

PAUL DUNMALL & TONY LEVIN - Vortex 21.1.95

PAUL DUNMALL - tenor saxophone
TONY LEVIN - drums

1. First piece  32:07
2. Second piece  10:13

Vortex, London. 21st January 1995

I just found one of my cassette recordings which I hadn't digitised. There is a big exclamation mark on the cover!  Watch out!  This is tremendous stuff!  Enjoy!

1 January 2016


A burst of summer for mid-winter. Happy 2016.

A.  Stella By Starlight
Terumasa Hino Quintet + 1

B1. Dark Horse
Nobuo Hara and His Sharps & Flats

B2. Isotope
Kosuke Mine Quintet

C1. The Wind
Masahiko Sato Trio + 1

C2. One Finger Snap
Shungo Sawada Quintet

D1. Freedom Jazz Dance
George Otsuka Trio + 1

D2. Mokujiki
Yosuke Yamashita Trio

Terumasa Hino Quintet +1

Terumasa Hino, trumpet
Motohiko Hino, drums
Kunimitsu Inaba, bass
Hiromasa Suzuki, electric piano
Takeru Muraoka, saxophone
Albert Mangelsdorff, trombone

Kosuke Mine Quintet

Kosuke Mine, saxophone
Hideo Ichikawa, piano
Hiroshi Murakami, drums
Takashi Mizuhashi, bass
Takashi Imai, trombone

Masahiko Sato Trio +1

Masahiko Sato, piano
Yasuo Arakawa, bass
Masahiko Ozu, drums
Hisahide Kato, soprano saxophone

Shungo Sawada Quintet

Shungo Sawada, guitar
Hideyuki Kikuchi, saxophone
Yoū Tokyuma, piano
Hironori Takitani, bass
Takahiro Suzuki, drums

George Otsuka Trio +1

George Otsuka, drums
Masaoki Terakawa, bass
Hideo Ichikawa, piano
Kiyoshi Sugimoto, guitar

Yosuke Yamashita Trio

Yosuke Yamashita, piano
Seiichi Nakamura, saxophone
Takeo Moriyama, drums

Recorded live on 28-29 August 1970 at Hibiya Park, Tokyo. Released November 1970.

Canyon Records ‎– CAJ-1002, 1003

LP Rip