6 January 2016

SCOTT / STiVíN / DAŠEK - Rozhovory (Supraphon 1981)

For all lovers of Rudolf Dašek, Jiří Stivín (both previously worked in duo named System Tandem) and veteran American clarinetist and saxophonist Tony Scott, who frequently visited Czechoslovakia during 70's and 80's. Moody and introspective trios were recorded in 1978, but not released until 1981. Rip is still a bit crunchy, although I repaired a huge number of clicks.

SCOTT / STiVíN / DAŠEK - Rozhovory / Interviews (Supraphon 1981)

01. Rozhovor úvodní / Interview Inroductory  3.55
02. Rozhovor jen tak / Interview ad hoc  7.40
03. Rozhovor o jazzu / Interview about Jazz  6.00
04. Rozhovor o kráse / Interview about Beauty  4.50

05. Rozhovor v tandemu / Interview in Tandem  6.30
06. Rozhovor v klidu / Interview in Peace  4.30
07. Rozhovor v blues / Interview in Blues  8.50
08. Rozhovor v kavárně / Interview in Café  3.10

Composed and improvised by

TONY SCOTT - clarinet, tenor sax, piano, voice
JiŘí STiVíN - flute, tenor sax, voice

Recorded in May 1978 at MaSti studio, Prague

Supraphon 1115 2890 (vinyl rip)


Miloš Latislav said...

flac @ ulozto.net

Andy said...

Lovely. Thank you Milos!

corvimax said...

very glad to meet this post, thank you

softnucleus said...

Fantastic! Thanks a lot Miloš.
How are you?
Hodně zdraví v novém roce!

Giuliano Panzironi said...

wow...Tony Scott

James Manion said...

Thank you Milos, would it be possible to get a seperate file for trak 8?
I can't get trak 8 to respond in existing file. Sorry
to bother you but it would be ashame if not complete.

Miloš Latislav said...

James, track 8 here http://www.ulozto.net/xvT5J7bq/08-rozhovor-v-kavarne-flac

James Manion said...

Thanks Milos, I can't get that working either. What a bummer traks 1-7 were fine I don't understand why 8 is a problem. Could you give me trak 8 as an mp3 or I will have to forget about it sorry to be such a pain.

Miloš Latislav said...

What kind of problem do you have with it, James? Does anybody else experience problem with track 8? I will post it mp3 anyway then.

Miloš Latislav said...

Might it be the Czech diacritics, which caused problem? Here it is in wav without diacritics - http://www.ulozto.net/xpkrujxv/08-rozhovor-v-kavarne-wav#_ga=1.268443825.1508232680.1443873168

James Manion said...

Milos, the wav worked thank you and sorry for the extra bother.

brian said...

could someone repost this!

brian said...

sorry i have found it... just under conversation (english name)

Miloš Latislav said...

You lucky, Brian. It will be possibly soon(?) available in flac here -- https://www.qobuz.com/de-de/search?q=jiří+stivín+jazz&i=boutique or here --https://www.7digital.com/search/release?q=jiří%20stivín&f=20%2C19%2C12%2C16%2C17%2C9%2C2 ... then I should delete the link, but just in case flac DL from Supraphon will be adequately wrapped :)