6 January 2016


A1. Blood
A2. Albert's Love Theme
A3. El Cordobes
A4. Only Sweetly
A5. Seven

B1. Mister Joy
B2. Ramblin'
B3. Kid Dynamite
B4. Nothing Ever Was, Anyway
B5. Pig Foot

Paul Bley, piano
Mark Levinson, bass
Barry Altschul, drums

Recorded in Baarn, Holland on September 21 and October 4, 1966

Repress on Fontana, Japan - SFON-7098

LP Rip

Thanks Paul


Nick said...




kingpossum said...

Much thanks for the post, Nick. I love piano trios but I've not developed an ear for Bley, so thanks for the chance to give him a go with this one.

Anonymous said...

sad sad news!

francisco santos said...

BIG THX !...

john said...

Thanks, early Bley is desert island disc stuff for me. Several of his early albums have the same tunes but the versions are all fascinating. Bizzarrely, while checking in the newspaper about the sad news of his death, I saw Pierre Boulez also died, today...... PB / PB, two giants of 20 century music.

Boubleyzo said...

What? ! Boulez,too? 2too much, just a double blow to music.

Anonymous said...

Paul Bley Trio with Gary Peacock and Barry Altschul live in Tokyo 07-29-1976 in FLAC. R.I.P. Paul Bley.


john said...

Thanks anonymous, glad to have this.

Bippy said...

Hi, Anonymous. Is this a different concert from "Japan Suite?"

In any case, what a loss Bley's passing is. One of the
greatest and most underappreciated innovators
of improvised music. And a brilliant commentator
on the music's development.

Anonymous said...

so depressed at the news Paul is gone - he had a great run but much of his work remains buried especially his electronic stuff - if anyone has the Paul Bley Synthesizer show please post - never on CD - also any other rarer stuff - would be amazing if we could all send him off by listening to more of his work...

Anonymous said...

Paul Bley - Japan Suite was recorded on 07-25-1976.

softnucleus said...

R.I.P. dear Paul.
Many thanks Nick and many thanks Anonymous for the Tokyo concert.

Here is Paul Bley solo and trio live in Udine, Italy 06-29-2001 in FLAC, my audience recording:

Anonymous said...

A very welcome upgrade of this classic Bley. All of his 60s and 70s albums have a special place
for me and I always return with great pleasure to his music. Thank you Sir, requiescat in pace.



Andy said...

Nels Cline - Some thoughts on Paul Bley

Nick said...

Thanks for the link Andy.

john said...

Thanks for the more recent concert softnucleus.

Andy said...

..yes, thankyou softnucleus...someone must know who the guitarist is??

sotise said...

Here's another live show.... thanks to the seeder/taper
Malmo, Sweden

23 May 1997

Paul Bley - piano
George Mraz - bass
Al Foster - drums

01. Track01(Thelonious Monk) 8:56
02. Track02 8:06
03. Track03 4:23
04. Track04 9:18
05. Track05 8:20
06. Track06 9:39
07. Track07 9:28

Total Time: 58:13

FM>?>Trade CD>EAC>FLAC>Vuze>Dimeadozen


wcpaeb said...

Sad indeed, he was a true original.
He left us with a lot of great music.

A few years ago I posted a video of a solo piano performance of his in France from 1973. Alrac (Carla)


sotise, from the Malmo, Sweden 97 show you gave a link for
track 1 is Monk's Dream
track 5 is just a bass solo
track 6 is Latin Genetics

onxidlib said...

Thank you, Nick

Bippy said...

Thanks to everyone for these Bley recordings.
I can never get enough of his music. The
contributions are all wonderful but I'm
now really digging the Malmo show.

I hear the tunes on the Malmo date as:

Track 1: Monk's Dream
Track 2: I Can't Get Started
(recorded by Bley as "Started")
Track 3: Confirmation (piano solo)
Track 4: Sweet and Lovely
(recorded by Bley as "Only Lovely")
Track 5: Bass Solo leading into-is it "Latin Genetics"?
May be Bley's reharmonization of the tune but
doesn't quite sound like it to me
Track 6: My Old Flame

Thanks to all, again. Always hoping for
more, especially from his 60's-70's really
"out" period.

bho wani said...

A big thanks, amigos, to everyone for all these gems !

-Otto- said...

Thanks, Nick!

rowgatien said...

Very nice! Thank you. And being late has some perks.