27 February 2016


Here's the first (except this one...) in a series of recordings Erich Kleinschuster made with guests during his time for the ORF (Austrian broadcast).
Only a handful of these recordings were ever released in Austria only. And the two double CDs were OOP very soon.

Joe Henderson, tenor saxophone
Robert Politzer, trumpet
Erich Kleinschuster, trombone
Hans Salomon, tenor saxophone, bass clarinet
Fritz Pauer, piano, electric piano
Rudolf Hansen, bass
Erich Bachträgl, drums

1. Chelsea Bridge (B. Strayhorn)     4:45
Solos: Salomon (ts), Henderson

2. The Kicker (J. Henderson)     4:56
Solos: Kleinschuster, Salomon (ts), Politzer, Henderson

3. The Inner Urge (J. Henderson)     5:14
Solos: Hansen, Pauer, Henderson

4. Recorda Me (J. Henderson)     6:33
Solos: Henderson, Pauer, Hansen

5. Serenity (J. Henderson)     4:54
Solos: Pauer, Henderson

6. Mamacita (J. Henderson)     5:45
Solos: Salomon (ts), Politzer, Pauer

Recorded: October 13, 1968 at Austrophon Studios, Vienna.

25 February 2016


Yosuke Yamashita, piano
Kazunori Takeda, tenor saxophone
Shota Koyama, drums
Eiichi Hayashi, alto saxophone

01. part 1 (30:15)
02. part 2a-drums solo (11:43)
03. part 2b (18:42)

Recorded live in Kobe on December 19, 1982.

(scheduled/planned for ENJA Records but never surfaced - cassette rip)

24 February 2016

Charles Austin, Roy Babbington, Joe Gallivan - Home from Home

Charles Austin Roy Babbington Joe Gallivan - Home from Home
Ogun OG 522 (1979)

Due to a request from Miloš, here is a trio recording from 1977, released on the Ogun label in 1979. This is a set of quiet, emphathetic sketches, most of them fairly short, at least by jazz standards. Chamber jazz might be a word to describe what we hear on this record. Not the stuff to leap at you, but to grow insidiousaly after repeated listenings. Quite a fine little gem, in my humble opinion. Nice flute playing with an oriental touch, sinuous electric bass to the fore and there is even a synth creeping in on several tracks.

Charles Austin and Joe Gallivan have cooperated a lot over the years and both are active up to the present date. Austin is a resident of New Orleans and devoting more time to teaching than to playing in later years. Gallivan played with several stalwarts on the UK jazz scene while living in the UK for some years in the 70s, but also made a memorable album with Larry Young, well worth seeking out. Babbington was associated with the Canterbury scene in the 70s, playing in one version of Soft Machine, but also with Elton Dean and Keith Tippett and later with Barbara Thompson.

Side One

Oriental Fantasy
Piecing It Together
Soft Day
Percussive Moments
Whistle Two-thirty-eight
Two On A Train

Side Two

Soul One
Catch Me If You Can
Winter Solace
Finding Speed
On Top Of the World
Zero Is The Hour

Charles Austin    Flutes Oboe Saxophones
Roy Babbington    Bass Bass Guitar
Joe Gallivan    Drums Synthesizer Percussion

21 February 2016

Tony Bianco . John Edwards . Paul Dunmall BLOOD PULSE (unreleased studio recording)

PAUL DUNMALL - tenor and soprano saxophones

1. Pulse 1   25:03
2. Pulse 2   07:46
3. Pulse 3   17:50
4. Pulse 4   09:05

Unreleased studio recording.

Recorded 26th March 2007

20 February 2016

Tim Berne's Decay Birdland Radio Jazz Festival 19. November 2015 mp2

Donnerstag, 11.02.2016
23:05 bis 00:00 Uhr
 Bildquelle: Tim Berne

Die Schönheit der rauen Schale: Saxophonist Tim Berne mit seiner Band Decay beim 5. Birdland Radio Jazz Festival. Mit Michael Formanek, Bass, Ryan Ferreira, Gitarre, und Ches Smith, Schlagzeug. Aufnahme vom 19. November 2015 im Jazzclub Birdland in Neuburg an der Donau.

Moderation und Auswahl: Roland Spiegel

"The magnificient seven" (Tim Berne)
"Ola’s mood" (Tim Berne)
"How hip is the ocean" (Tim Berne)
"Fantastic 5"(Tim Berne)


thanks to Rienhardt.....

17 February 2016

The Instant Composers Pool Orchestra au festival JazzOnze+ 2015 mp2

Rear murmurs
Beetje Zenuwachtig
6 of wasps
Lachende Dwerg
Rollo V [= 5]
Where the sunflowers grow
Rambling rake
Young horizon
Blue chopsticks
Last call for alcohol

Guus Janssen (p) - Ab Baars (cl, anches) - Tobias Delius (cl, anches) - Michael Moore (cl,
anches) - Thomas Heberer (tp) - Mary Oliver (vln, viola, voc) - Tristan Honsinger (cello, voc) -
Ernst Glerum (b) - Han Bennink (dm, voc)

Bird Calls: Das Rudresh Mahanthappa Quintet 8. November 2015 im Wien Porgy & Bess mp2

Bird Calls #1
On The DL
Bird Calls #2
Bird Calls #3
Talin Is Thinking
Bird Calls #4
Man, Thanks For Coming

Rudresh Mahanthappa, Altsaxofon
Adam O'Farrill, Trompete
Joshua White, Klavier
Francois Moutin, Kontrabass
Dan Weiss, Schlagzeug

All thanks and praise to Reinhardt.

12 February 2016


Recorded in Sant'Anna Arresi, Piazza del Nuraghe, 2015/09/04

FF_01.flac Italian talking
Recorded in Sant'Anna Arresi, Piazza del Nuraghe, 2015/09/04
Nublu Orchestra Conduction n.1. The Long Goodbye  
sassofono Ilhan Ersahin
tromba Graham Haynes
chitarra Doug Wieselman
sax contralto Jonathon Haffner
basso Michael Kiaer
chitarra Brandon Ross
batteria, direzione  Kenny Wollesen

FF_03.flac Italian talking
Recorded in Sant'Anna Arresi, Piazza del Nuraghe, 2015/09/05
  Nublu Orchestra Conduction n.2. Tribute to Butch Morris

sassofono Ilhan Ersahin
tromba Graham Haynes
chitarra Doug Wieselman
sax contralto Jonathon Haffner
basso Michael Kiaer
chitarra Brandon Ross
atteria Hamid Drake
batteria, direzione  Kenny Wollesen
FF_05.flac encore
FF_06.flac Italian talking

All thanks to giojazz over at DIME

11 February 2016

DUNMALL . GUY . LEVIN - The Sun, 1988

PAUL DUNMALL - tenor saxophone
BARRY GUY - bass
TONY LEVIN - drums

1. Sun 1   44:32
2. Sun 2   38:52

Recorded by Stu.  The Sun, Clapham, London.  9th March 1988

Have that!

Nublu Orchestra Conduction ~ Sant'Anna Arresi ~ 4th & 5th September 2015

Following the live broadcast of the Large Ensemble on 3rd September, RAI3 have now broadcast the following two nights from the Sant'Anna Arresi festival, with two long-form and episodic, but most importantly sensational concerts by the Nublu Orchestra Conduction. Just great to hear music of this quality on the radio. Enjoy!

Nublu Orchestra “Conduction n.1. The Long Goodbye”          
saxophone Ilhan Ersahin
trumpet Graham Haynes
guitar Doug Wieselman
alto sax Jonathon Haffner
bass Michael Kiaer 
guitar Brandon Ross 
drums, direction  Kenny Wollesen 

Sant'Anna Arresi, Piazza del Nuraghe, 4th September 2015

Nublu Orchestra “Conduction n.2. Tribute to Butch Morris”
saxophone Ilhan Ersahin
trumpet Graham Haynes
guitar Doug Wieselman
alto sax Jonathon Haffner
bass Michael Kiaer 
guitar Brandon Ross 
drums Hamid Drake
drums, direction  Kenny Wollesen 

Sant'Anna Arresi, Piazza del Nuraghe, 5th September 2015

10 February 2016

Dreamtime live at the Red Rose, London, 2001

Here's another one of "psykies'" offerings, recorded by BBC Radio 3's "Jazz on Three" in 2001. Dreamtime was originally a trio, dating back to the early 1980s. From their web site:

Dreamtime began in London in 1982 when Nick Evans, Gary Curson and Jim Le Baigue met in a friend's basement in order to 'work out'. The raw intensity of the trio's improvisations, together with the haunting themes borne out of the interaction between the three musicians' differing styles demanded that a working band be formed and the trio became a quintet with the addition of trumpet player Jim Dvorak and bass player Roberto Bellatalla. As a quintet Dreamtime recorded the album Bunny Up in 1983 for Affinity Records. The quintet maintained a weekly residency at a London club and rapidly expanded its repertoire before augmenting to a sextet with the addition of pianist Keith Tippett. 

Few bands confound the stereotyped expectations aroused by the words 'free improvisation' as thoroughly as Dreamtime. Most radically, they utilise structure to a far greater extent than might be expected from musicians with their track records; they also draw freely on an extraordinary diversity of traditions, from Tibetan and Native American chants to African and Chinese music. But, perhaps most importantly, they surprise those who expect improvised music to be sternly esoteric and inaccessible by imbuing everything they play with a highly affecting brand of fierce joy—Chris Parker, The Times

 I can only subscribe to what's said above. They also have a cd out, Zed Fish, and from what I can gather, is still an ongoing proposition. They played the Vortex in August 2014 with a slightly different line-up from what you can hear here.  By the way, a visit to London is not complete unless you have checked into the Vortex or Cafe Oto, which is within walking distance, both in the Dalston area of East London. I can vouch for the place, friendly hosts, nice clientele and some fine locally made beer. The Red Rose in Finsbury Park is, alas, no more.

Les facts:

01. Careful Driver [7:56]
02. Traumatic Experience [9:05]
03. Loopin’ [6:38]
04. Trunk Call [7:00]
05. And So Tibet [6:15]
06. Zen Fish [4:49]
07. Pygmy Strut [7:17]
08. Call The Devil [9:23]

Jim Dvorak - trumpet
Nick Evans - trombone
Gary Curson - saxophone
Keith Tippett - piano
Roberto Bellatalla - bass
Jim Le Baigue - drums

Introduction is by Jez Nelson. On a small note, there is another rendition here of "Traumatic Experience", a Harry Miller tune, which you can also hear played by the Dedication Orchestra, posted here a little while ago.

As always, enjoy!


8 February 2016

DUNMALL . GUY . LEVIN - Black Cat Club, 1988

PAUL DUNMALL - tenor and baritone saxophones
BARRY GUY - bass
TONY LEVIN - drums

1. 24:32
2. 18:39
3. 11.17

Black Cat Club at the Rose and Crown, Stoke Newington Church Street, London.  May 1988

Thanks to unkown recorder.

Mary Halvorsen Quintet 45. Deutsches Jazzfestival Frankfurt 2014, hr-Sendesaal Frankfurt, Oktober 2014 mp2

Mary Halvorson Quintet
Mary Halvorson, g
Jonathan Finlayson, tp
Jon Irabagon, saxes
John Hebert, b
Ches Smith, dr

7 February 2016


A. Part I - Integration (Non-Racial)

B. Part II - The Human Element

C. Part III - Emergence

D. Part IV - Evolution

Derek Bailey, guitar
Evan Parker, soprano saxophone
Darryl Runswick, bass
Frank Ricotti, marimba
Claire Deniz, cello
Graham Lyons, bassoon
Brian Dee, organ
Kenny Wheeler, flugelhorn
Basil Kirchin, tapes

Columbia ‎– SCX 6463 and Island Records - HELP 18

LP Rip

2 February 2016


ELTON DEAN - saxello and alto saxophone
PAUL DUNMALL - tenor saxophone
SYLVAIN KASSAP - soprano and baritone saxophone
TONY MARSH - drums

1. Fast 1 & 2   34:58
2. Riffiffi   22:12
3. Three for Louis   33:42

Les Instant Chavires, Paris.  15 May 1993

Especially for softnucleus.