10 February 2016

Dreamtime live at the Red Rose, London, 2001

Here's another one of "psykies'" offerings, recorded by BBC Radio 3's "Jazz on Three" in 2001. Dreamtime was originally a trio, dating back to the early 1980s. From their web site:

Dreamtime began in London in 1982 when Nick Evans, Gary Curson and Jim Le Baigue met in a friend's basement in order to 'work out'. The raw intensity of the trio's improvisations, together with the haunting themes borne out of the interaction between the three musicians' differing styles demanded that a working band be formed and the trio became a quintet with the addition of trumpet player Jim Dvorak and bass player Roberto Bellatalla. As a quintet Dreamtime recorded the album Bunny Up in 1983 for Affinity Records. The quintet maintained a weekly residency at a London club and rapidly expanded its repertoire before augmenting to a sextet with the addition of pianist Keith Tippett. 

Few bands confound the stereotyped expectations aroused by the words 'free improvisation' as thoroughly as Dreamtime. Most radically, they utilise structure to a far greater extent than might be expected from musicians with their track records; they also draw freely on an extraordinary diversity of traditions, from Tibetan and Native American chants to African and Chinese music. But, perhaps most importantly, they surprise those who expect improvised music to be sternly esoteric and inaccessible by imbuing everything they play with a highly affecting brand of fierce joy—Chris Parker, The Times

 I can only subscribe to what's said above. They also have a cd out, Zed Fish, and from what I can gather, is still an ongoing proposition. They played the Vortex in August 2014 with a slightly different line-up from what you can hear here.  By the way, a visit to London is not complete unless you have checked into the Vortex or Cafe Oto, which is within walking distance, both in the Dalston area of East London. I can vouch for the place, friendly hosts, nice clientele and some fine locally made beer. The Red Rose in Finsbury Park is, alas, no more.

Les facts:

01. Careful Driver [7:56]
02. Traumatic Experience [9:05]
03. Loopin’ [6:38]
04. Trunk Call [7:00]
05. And So Tibet [6:15]
06. Zen Fish [4:49]
07. Pygmy Strut [7:17]
08. Call The Devil [9:23]

Jim Dvorak - trumpet
Nick Evans - trombone
Gary Curson - saxophone
Keith Tippett - piano
Roberto Bellatalla - bass
Jim Le Baigue - drums

Introduction is by Jez Nelson. On a small note, there is another rendition here of "Traumatic Experience", a Harry Miller tune, which you can also hear played by the Dedication Orchestra, posted here a little while ago.

As always, enjoy!



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Thanks a lot kinabalu, Dreamtime is a very strong group and I adore their music!!!

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Thanks kinabalu! One of my very favourite britjazz groups. Even George Haslam, Slam Productions owner, once said to me that Dreamtime's Zen Fish is probably best album he ever released.

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Thanks for this very fine music. Very well recorded with excellent balance among and between all the instruments.

At times the music reminds me of Eric Dolphy era Charles Mingus. Great stuff! (both this recording and Mingus :))