31 March 2008

Famoudou Don Moye "Sun Percussion volume one" (1975, AECO 001) FLAC

A Chicago musicians series would not be complete without at least one record from the Art Ensemble, so here is the first LP on the group's own AECO label. It seems that this imprint was used first as a mean of publishing the first album-lenght solo works by the group's members, Don Moye opening the series with the present percussion LP, followed by Joseph Jarman's "Sunbound" (AECO 002) and Malachi Favors' "The Natural and the Spiritual" (AECO 003). Roscoe Mitchell had also issued his "Solo Saxophone Concerts" on Sackville the year before the beginning of the series. Could somebody who has heard the four albums comment and tell us if there is or not a significant relationship between them ?


Please note that the Jarman title is still available in .mp3 at Nothing Is :

And that the AECO label is also still in activity and has reissued some of the LPs on CD, in addition to the new recordings done along the years :

Muhal Richard Abrams- spiral live at montreux 1978 arista novus lp 3007 flac and lame

Muhal Richard Abrahms has long been a favourite of mine, the founder of the AACM as well as the fabled experimental band which spawned the likes of the art ensemble of Chicago and brought to light so many great, beloved talents.

What can one say, reviews of this album have not always been kind.
Although often acknowledged as a great composer/bandleader I feel abrahms is unjustly undervalued as an improvising pianist.
I like this album a lot.
This has never had even a whiff of reissue as far as I know .
But then again both the arista and novus holdings of contemporary ‘post free’ jazz languish un reissued in obscurity, including essential braxton, lacy, abrahms, threadgill records.
no lavish mosaic box sets with immaculate annotated booklets for this motley crew

Spiral- live at montreux July 22 1978 arista novus 3007 lp

Side one- d song, string song.
Side two- voice song

Muhal Richard Abrahms- piano, gongs and cymbals

30 March 2008

The Revolutionary Ensemble "The People's Republic" (1975, Horizon SP-708)

To complement Sotise's post of "Manhattan Cycles", here's another one of the five Revolutionary Ensemble records. Note that the other Revolutionary Ensemble 1975 record originally issued on the group's own RE: label as "The Psyche" has been recently transfered to CD format by Mutable Music.

If interested, don't forget to take a look at the documentation post for a link to an audio interview with Leroy Jenkins & Marilyn Crispell also containing music. The post has also been updated with scans of William Parker, Trevor Watts & Peter Kowald interviews.

Short on time again so please excuse the lenght of my post !


Alan Silva, Marshall Allen, William Parker - Vision Festival 2000

Here is another great concert that appeared on dime recently (thanks jeffgmorris). The music covers a wide gamut of emotions, and the interplay between Alan Silva and Marshall Allen - who is absolutely red hot - is particularly effective. Very good sound quality.

Vision Festival, New York City
23rd May, 2000

Alan Silva (p, synth)
Marshall Allen (ts, fl)
William Parker (b)

It would be great to get comments and responses to the music from the many people who download from this blog!

Leo Smith, Roscoe Mitchell, Joseph Jarman- live at the hot house ,chicago june 15 2000 ,lame 320kbs

while we are focusing on the aacm for a bit, heres a superb concert by leo smith , roscoe Mitchell, and joeseph jarman.

This is luminous,and beautifully recorded .
Many thanks to the original dime taper/seeder of this show.
.. its magnificent.
Unfortunately no flacs from me for this one.

Wadada Leo Smith
Hot House, Chicago, IL
June 15, 2000

Disc 1-Track 1 52:30

Disc 2-Track 1 36:52 ,Track 2 11:09
Wadada Leo Smith - trumpet
Roscoe Mitchell - reeds
Joseph Jarman - reeds
each disc has been uploaded seperately , and is individually downloadable( not a split archive)
thanks to boromir… for uploading part 1 of this stunning concert
Those residing in australia may be interested to know that leo is touring nsw and Victoria.
(playing a few gigs)
the dates and venues are
Apirl 25 Wadada Leo Smith in Workshop at Wollongong, AustraliaApril 26 Wadada Leo Smith’s 6 at SIMA Sydney, AustraliaApril 27 Wadada Leo Smith’s 6 at Bennett’s Lane, Melbourne Australia

The sima show in Sydney takes place at the Seymour centre, and is a paltry 25 bucks.
check out-leo smiths website
aacm pages

29 March 2008

Fred Anderson Reunion Band - Live Chicago Jazz Festival 1994 (FM broadcast)

Chicago Jazz Festival
September 4, 1994
Fred Anderson [ts]
Kidd Jordan [ts]
George Lewis [trb]
Bill Brimfeld [tpt]
Doug Ewart [reeds]
Harrison Bankhead [b]
Hamid Drake [d]
Source: FM Broadcast
Total Time 46:15

Fred brought together his 70s band, together with guest, fellow veteran tenorist, Kidd Jordan for the festival. I'll let the music speak for itself. The band was really smoking that night. This is the best Fred Anderson recording I've ever heard.
Thanks to billien for seeding. Link in comments.

the Revolutionary Ensemble- manhattan cycles 1972 (india navigation lp 1023) lame and flac

heres an old favourite , and a tasty follow up to recent Braxton postings.
I don’t think this has been reissued on cd , it was reissued on innercity in 1978,.
Sadly very few of their albums are available at present.

This is one long continuous piece recorded live in concert on December 31st 1972 (the record cover does not specify where.

This even features an early example of the turntable as instrument, billie holiday’s low moan being clearly audible , though seeming to emerge out of a fog..and becoming less and less audible as the piece progresses.
This was the first release on India navigation.. and it’s a beauty.

Hope you enjoy it.
Flacs will be added , later tonight or tomorrow if they are required.

Manhattan cycles – India nav lp 1023

1 piece manhattan cycles- composed by leo smith
side a) 23’
side b) 18’
leroy jenkins, sirone, jerome cooper
truncated lp cover scans included


23 March 2008

Iskrastra - Bath Festival 1998

Here is a stunning concert from the 1998 Bath Festival, recorded from the BBC broadcast, featuring Paul Rutherford's Iskrastra. The music is astounding, moving effortlessly from relatively conventional 'big band' figures to extended free improvisation. The comments from the players are also very interesting.

Paul Dunmall, Simon Picard, Evan Parker, Trevor Watts, Elton Dean, Pete McPhail (reeds)
Henry Lowther, Jim Dvorak (tpt)
Rob Paton, Martin Lawrence, Richard Fox (fr horn)
Dave Amiss, Alan Tomlinson, Dave Powell (tbn)
Howard Riley, Keith Tippett (p)
Marcio Mattos, Paul Rogers (b)
Louis Moholo (dr)

There is a very interesting interview with Paul Rutherford here which talks briefly about this ensemble, here;


Anthony Braxton Twelvetet - September 2005

Here is a great concert of Ghost Trance Music from September 2005. It's unlike anything in the Iridium set; the music is more fragile, and the slight thinness in the recording serves to accentuate that.

Anthony Braxton Twelvetet
Crowell Concert Hall, Wesleyan University
Middletown, CT
17th September 2005

First set - Composition 349 (+186+254)

Second set - Composition 338 (+205+287)

Anthony Braxton - reeds
Taylor Ho Bynum - trumpets
Andrew Raffo Dewar - reeds
Elizabeth Panzer - harp
Jessica Pavone - violin
Reut Regev - trombone
Jane Rigler - flutes
Jay Rozen - tuba, melodica
Sara Schoenbeck - bassoon
Aaron Siegel - percussion, drums
Carl Testa - contrabass, bass clarinet
Libby Van Cleve - oboe

I found this on dime - it was originally recorded by allsoundz.

18 March 2008

Billy Bang, Dennis Charles - 'Bangception'

Serviceton has very kindly upped a great Billy Bang recording, and also supplied some further backgound to Bang, (many thanks, serviceton):-

most of Billy Bang's back catalogue is still in print - including his great 80s records on Soul Note (stuff arcturus is referring to above), and the String Trio of New York albums on Black Saint (recommended).There are 2 albums more recently issued that reflect on his Vietnam experience, feat. Threadgill, Butch Morris, F Lowe etc - these are really worthwhile too. (+ other titles avail. that I haven't heard)

This one, is a duo with Dennis Charles - 'Banception'. Relased early 80s on Hatart, and reissued in the late 90's on CD. Although some shops seem to have copies of the CD, the Hat website shows it as Out Of Print.These files ripped from vinyl though, not CD. The LP had an amazing dull brown cover, which I've included a scan of, for those that dig 'dull'The music is far from it.

mp3 at 320kbps


13 March 2008

Noah Howard "Space Dimension" (1970, America 30 AM 6108) FLAC

Not much time at the moment so I'll just upload an old rip already on my hard drive (but don't worry it does not mean this is second rate music !). Should complement nicely the other Noah Howard posted recently by Sotise. It is also one of the America titles which have not been reissued on CD a few years ago by Universal.

I think this one has been uploaded already on Church Number 9 or another site in mp3 so I provided only .flac files this time, in .rar archives for everyone who had problems with the .zips.

For those who might have missed it, Mr. Howard's "Black Arc" LP with its masterful A-side has been reissued by Bo'Weavil Recordings.

To conclude, be sure to check the documentation post (here), which has been updated with extensive interviews of Derek Bailey, David S. Ware, William Parker, John Tchicai as well as some others. Contributions are still welcomed !

11 March 2008

rolf kuhn septet- going to the rainbow, aka "creaction" 1970 , flac and lame vbr

Heres a fusion record I really like, a stunner.
Not much can be faulted here and tony oxley really stokes that engine room in a way he never would now, his playing here is similar to that on the classic extrapolation by john mcglaughlin from a year or so before .
At times corea and Joachim kuhn do tend to dominate somewhat, neither are particularly known for subtle understatement.

A lot of this is obviously influenced by bitches brew era miles.. with a little bit of a unique European free flavour,.
An exiting stew.
Oxleys one of my favourite musicians, and im planning to reup both incus 8 and febuary papers as well as a couple of other fusion albums from roughly this same time.

Id love to hear peter warren’s bass is from the same year if anyone has that , an early enja release also featuring corea and surman.
this is ripped from the 1978 acanta lp reissue.
Rolf Kuhn (cl) Alan Skidmore (ts) John Surman (bars, ss, el-p) Joachim Kuhn (p, org) Chick Corea (el-p) Peter Warren (b) Tony Oxley (d)
Koln, West Germany, December 14 & 15, 1970

Roundhouse Rock
BASF [G] CRC 008

Sad Ballade


Going To The Rainbow

Racing It Down
Rolf Kuhn - Going To The Rainbow (BASF [G] CRC 008)v
Chick corea , rolf kuhn, Joachim kuhn- creaction – acanta lp 1978 cc23.097

Billy Bang's The Fire Within - Live NYC 1985

Billy Bang is not an artist who got onto my radar until recently when I heard him featured on a David Murray recording, so I don't know an awful lot about the history of his career.

What I do know is that "Billy Bang" is a nickname that stuck, and conveniently enabled the guy to label his albums with names like "Big Bang Theory" and "Bang On".

I guess there haven't been too many jazz violinists around, particularly in latter years, but Billy has a very nice tone, and he can really swing. This concert has some great numbers in it. The marimba (not an instrument you hear that often) makes an interesting accompanyment to Bang's violin, and there's some great work from Parker.

This is a very exiting concert with some great soloing, much appreciated by a vociferous audience.


Billy Bang's The Fire Within
December 30 1985

Billy Bang Violin
Ahmed Abdullah Trumpet (2nd set only)
Thurman Barker Marimba
William Parker Bass
Zen Matsura Drums

Approximate setlist

1. Intro
2. Going Through/Echo Vamp
3. The New Seers
4. Music For The Love Of It
5. The Glow Of Awareness
6. The Mold Of Man

tracks 1-3 are the complete first settracks 5,6 are the incomplete 2nd set

Thanks to punkjazz for seeding. Flac and MP3 links in comments. Enjoy.

9 March 2008

Anthony Braxton - Marilyn Crispell - London 1993

There was a mention of this in the comments section and an apparent interest to have it posted, so here goes ...
Recorded live at Bloomsbury Theatre, Inaugural London Jazz Festival, London, May 22, 1993, this is a duo of Braxton on a variety of reeds and Crispell on piano. Crispell was in the 80s Braxton Quartet, but has since made a number of recordings under her own name, putting her in the top league of female pianists, of which there aren't too many.
I'm not famiiar with the individual tracks here, but perhaps the Braxton expertise may help out ...
This appears to be off a radio programme, but I have no information about which one and when. Most likely the BBC.
Posted on BigO and downloaded from there, including cover art. They do serve up the goodies, now and then (but you gotta be quick to catch 'em!)

ICP 10-TET - Tetterettet (1977)

There was a request for this one, so another dip into the archives.
This is a tentet recording from 1977, out on the ICP's own label, and comprising a, shall we say, star-studded bunch of continental free jazzers. Not your usual 40-minute blow-out, but a genre-bending exercise in burlesquerie, circus, old-style waltz, march tunes and what not. Not unlike what the Willem Breuker Kollektief would get up to (with which this troupe is strongly connected). Altogether jolly delightful, I'd say.
Line - up:
Misha Mengelberg, piano;
John Tchicai, alto and soprano saxophones;
Gilius Van Bergeyk, alto saxophone, oboe;
Peter Bennink, alto and sopranino saxophones;
Peter Brötzmann, alto, tenor and baritone saxophones;
Bert Koppelaar, trombone;
Tristan Honsinger, cello;
Michel Waisvisz, crackle box;
Alan Silva, bass;
Han Bennink, drums, bass clarinet.
Tetterettet V + VI (04.53)
Tetterettet IX (04.36)
Tetterettet XII (01.03)
Tetterettet XIV (07.24)
TetterettetXV (06.41)
Alexander's marschbefehl (07.10)
Rumboon (03.34)
Kwik kwek kwak (03.17)
Valse trouvée (02.37)
Ludwig's blue note (04.57)
Dank (01.17)
Recorded on 14-17 September 1977 at Uithoorn, Amsterdam and Utrecht.
The record was posted on the Swami Hermeticus Solus blog which appears to have folded and as a contiguous side one and two. Anybody is free to split the sides into separate tracks, if one should so wish, but I'm reposting it as it was.
Enjoy! (I did)

8 March 2008

Spontaneous Music Ensemble - Unreleased early recordings

There was a request for this one, necessitating another dip into the mp3 archives. We do pride ourselves on providing a good and rapid service around here, don't we?
This is a good collection of five tracks, partly studio, partly live.
These are excerts from the early phases of SME which would go on in a variety in formats, sometimes down to a duo with John Stevens and Trevor Watts (which also ran their fusion-oriented bands in the 70s - Away and Amalgam - to be documented in due course).
Info on the individual tracks:
Juicy (from the unreleased Cul-de-Sac soundtrack)(K. Komeda/2:14/completed track)Kenny Wheeler (tp), Paul Rutherford (tb), Trevor Watts (as/breathing**), Jeff Clyne (b), John Stevens (d/perc). Rec. by Eddie Kramer, prob. at Olympic Sound Studios, London, April 1966. The Ensemble was apparently commissioned via Eddie Kramer to record compositions by Krzysztof Komeda for the soundtrack of Roman Polanski’s 1966 film Cul-de-Sac, an offbeat black-comedy set on the island of Lindisfarne.

Springboard (and radio announcement)(Stevens/3:29)Kenny Wheeler (tp/fh), Paul Rutherford (tb), Evan Parker (ss/ts), Trevor Watts (as/fl/oboe), Derek Bailey (g), Barry Guy (b), John Stevens (d). Rec. live by BBC Radio at the Paris cinema, London, Mon March 20, 1967; tr: BBC Radio Light Programme The Jazz Scene (Jazz Club slot), March 26, 1967.
Willow Trio - Part 2(extract 8:03)Evan Parker (ss), Barre Phillips (b), John Stevens (perc). Rec. by Eddie Kramer at Olympic Sound Studios, London, October 6, 1967. Willow Trio sessions.
Double Trio - Part 1Evan Parker (ss), Trevor Watts (as), Dave Holland (b), Peter Kowald (b), Rashied Ali (d/perc), John Stevens (d/perc). Rec. by Eddie Kramer at Olympic Sound Studios, London, March 10, 1968. Unreleased studio session.
Originally posted by "not really", and reposted by BigO, from where this came.
The radio announcer I would guess is Humphrey Lyttelton (back on the BBC Light Programme in 1967 - before it came Radio 2).

noah howard- ole (chiaroscuro lp-2016) 1979, flac, lame vbr

Noah howard, One of the great musicians of that second wave of new jazz from the 60’s..Was born in new Orleans in 1943.
Apparently he was inspired to play by hearing paul gonsalves, monster solo on diminuendo and crescendo in blue from Ellington’s great Newport 58 concert.
In the mid sixties after a stint in san Francisco he moved to new york , playing with sunny murray , frank wright ,archie shepp ,sun ra and the aeoc, howard was also documenting his work prolifically , and it was at that time that he started his altsax label ,the catalogue of which is still sporadically in circulation.

In 69-70 ,he went to Europe where being surprised by the level of respect accorded the new jazz , he was to return and settle in 1973.
Howards got an intense and personal sound, though I guess after the critical success of classics like the black arc, live at the village vanguard and at Judson hall people thought they had him pigeon holed and lost sight of him after he( confounded expectations and) moved on into other more subdued and or eclectic areas.

This is a record I quite love now though initially I was pretty disappointed having heard , the esp albums and the black arc first, to be fair I didn’t much like the black arc at the time either.
Anyway this is a great band.
Personnel is as follows
Noah howard –alto sax
Takashi kako- pno
Kent carter- db, oliver Johnson- dr on ole (only)
Muhammad ali- dr ( on the rest)

Track list
Side- a
2)kanpai- 9’’
side b
1)creole girl- 11’
2) new arrival- 6’’
3)lift every voice and sing- 4’

there aren’t too many references to this on the net, sadly I cant find a professional review or intact cover.

Check out howards homepage, which also previews new releases on his altsax label, provides info on tours and new projects and some sample mp3’s

Michael Finnissy - English Country Tunes

Here is Michael Finnissy's English Country Tunes, a piece for solo piano played by the composer and recorded in London in September 2006. About 3/4 of an hour of a torrent of music (and silence), preceded by a short interview with Finnissy.
A very good article explaining some of the aspects of this music can be found here;

6 March 2008

instant composers pool- hilversum radio broadcasts 1967-8, lame 320

Here are a couple of important broadcasts recently seeded on dime.

The music is stunning , but because the music was transefered from 2nd generation cassettes, I’ve decided to post these at 320.

Flacs aren’t going to improve the tape quality .
There remains a lot of hiss .
although once you screen it out its no longer a problem.

Mischa mengelberg and the instant composers pool need no introduction, being pioneers of what might now be called musical postmodernism by some.

These are very odd juxtapositions of all out total free improvisation, over subtle and distinctive minimal compositions that are very reminiscent of louiss andrierssen ,mengelbergs’s contemporary and friend.

I don’t know who seeded these , but thanks be to him or her , preserving such a magnificent early glimpse of the icp’s music.

The info, is as follows ( it is also contained in the files)

1967-06-19 / MENGELBERG
19.6.1967 – Hilversum, V.A.R.A. studio 5
Manfred Schoof cnt; Willem Breuker cl; Theo Loevendie bcl; Gilius van Bergeyk ob; Misha Mengelberg p; Maarten van Regteren Altena b; Han Bennink d.
1. JUMP ITALIANO (Misha Mengelberg) – 5:34
Length: 1t/5'43"
Source:rb/VARA, Radio Hilversum 2, 1967
Lineage: FM>2 gen.tape>HD/wav>flac

1967-11-23 / MENGELBERG
23.11.1967 – Hilversum, V.A.R.A. studio 5
Nedly Elstak tp; Theo Loevendie bcl; Willem Breuker bcl; Erik van Lier btb; Misha Mengelberg p; Maarten van Regteren Altena b; Han Bennink d.
2. DE LAATSTE STUNDE (Theo Loevendie) – 13:10
Length: 1t/13'32"
Source:rb/VARA, Radio Hilversum 2, 1967
Lineage: FM>2 gen.tape>HD/wav>flac

1967-12-18 / MENGELBERG
18.12.1967 – Amsterdam, Lurelei-Theater (live)
John Tchicai as; Willem Breuker bcl; Misha Mengelberg p; Maarten van Regteren Altena b; Han Bennink d/vib.
3. COOL EYES (John Tchicai) – 9:46 [Trio, WB & MM out]
4. DIE BERGE SCHÜTZEN DIE HEIMAT (Misha Mengelberg) – 13:50
Length: 2t/24'15" (incl. radio announcements and applause)
Source: rb/AVRO(?), Radio Hilversum 1967/68


1968-02-22 / MENGELBERG
22.2.1968 – Baarn (NL)
Peter Brötzmann ts; Willem Breuker bcl; Lodewyk de Boer viola; Misha Mengelberg p; Han Bennink d.
5. DEDICATION TO PIETER SMEERPUTS (Misha Mengelberg) – 12:08
Length: 1t/12'08
Source: rb/VARA(?) (NL), Radio Hilversum 2, 1968
Lineage: FM>2 gen.tape>HD/wav>flac

1968-05-00a / MENGELBERG
May 1968 – Hilversum, V.A.R.A. studio
John Tchicai & Willem Breuker as; Misha Mengelberg p; Maarten van Regteren Altena b; Han Bennink d.
6. SCANDINAVIAN DISCOVERIES (John Tchicai) – 15:44
Length: 1t/15'44"
Source: rb/VARA (NL), Radio Hilversum, broadcasting date 10.5.1968
Lineage: FM>2 gen.tape>HD/wav>flac

1968-05-00b / MENGELBERG
May 1968 – Hilversum, V.A.R.A. studio
Evan Parker ts; Willem Breuker bcl; Misha Mengelberg p; Han Bennink d.
7. I.C.P.69 (Misha Mengelberg) – 14:00
Length: 1t/14'
Source: rb/VARA (NL), Radio Hilversum, broadcasting date 10.5.1968

the seeder also provides links to further information about the concerts /and broadcasts
these are contained in the file.

heres a link to the icp website

also an amusing interview with mischa mengelberg from paris transatlantic online mag.

amazing stuff !!

3 March 2008

tony scott- golden moments, and i'll remember - live at the showplace ,n.y.c aug 1959, flac and lame ( muse lp's 5230, and 5227)

Inspired by the response to the jimmy guiffre posts below.
Here are a couple of prized lp’s by tony scott another pioneering maverick clarinetist.
Scott was a musical nomad and amateur musicologist , who travelled the world playing music with people of different musical traditions.

This is an electrifying concert , and was as I understand his very last gig in the us, before leaving for south east Asia . and further travels in Africa, India and Europe.

Born in 1921, as a young man Scott who was (I think of Sicilian parentage) wound up making friends with and playing on 52nd street with everyone from Ben Webster, and Coleman Hawkins to Charlie parker and dizzy Gillespie, he’d studied as a youth with serial composer Stephan wolpe .

This concert is remarkable for its looseness , freedom and the raw expressive intensity of Scott's own very ecstatic delivery.
At times on the tracks ill remember April and walkin' there are dervish like wails , Scott drawing on middle eastern modal patterns.
Later of course he made some amazing early examples of what would these days be called world music fusion .

I’m no great fan of bill Evans (though I like him…who doesn’t at some level) his playing here is angular ,funky and the attack much more staccato than on his own classic records.
Scott recorded this himself and leased or sold the rights to muse in 1982, so the balance is far from perfect.
I love this concert!!

I think that golden moments( the 1st of these 2 discs ) may have been posted at orgy in rhythm about a year or so ago , this is the complete show.

Ill try to get some mp3’s up soon.

Tony Scott Quartet
Tony Scott (cl -1/4,6/9) Bill Evans (p) Jimmy Garrison (b) Pete LaRoca (d)
"The Showplace", NYC, August 1 & 9, 1959
Muse MR 5230
I Can't Get Started
Free And Easy Blues
My Melancholy Baby
Like Someone In Love
Stella By Starlight
Muse MR 5266
I'll Remember April
A Night In Tunisia
Garrison's Raiders
* Tony Scott - Golden Moments (Muse MR 5230)* Tony Scott - I'll Remember (Muse MR 5266)

cecil taylor- Reggio Emilia oct 13 2007 (hi fi version) flac + taylor -oxley duet live in modena 11 oct 2007 ,lame 320

heres a broadcast of taylors quartet featuring anthony braxton.
obtained by serviceton, who says....
"To recap: it's Cecil Taylor, Anthony Braxton, William Parker and Tony Oxley - Reggio Emilia -31st October 2007.Radio Broadcast The sound is great.
Hope some of you guys enjoy this.I am, still.
( note , any problems unpacking these rars should be solved by renaming them, for example part 1 = 1, the archive name is probably too long!)
and tantris (who earlier posted the aud of the above)
brings us a great cecil taylor and tony oxley duet, beautiful in every respect!!
"- here is the radio recording of the Cecil Taylor / Tony Oxley duo concert from 11th October, 2007, at the Teatro Comunale in Modena;MP3@320
I think it's excellent - interested in your views."

1 March 2008

Reunion of the Jimmy Giuffre Trio - Live Montreal 1991 FM Broadcast

Following the interest in the 1961 Giuffre Trio, I thought it might be appropriatre to bring this one out for an airing.

Jimmy Giuffre/ Paul Bley/ Steve Swallow

Theatre Du Nouveau Monde
Festival International de Jazz de Montreal
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
July 07/1991

Jimmy Giuffre - clarinet
Paul Bley - piano
Steve Swallow - electric bass

1. announcer stage intros (1:43)
2. Sensing (13:56)
3. S.Swallow-solo (1:56)
4. J.Guiffre-solo (2:26)
5. P.Bley-solo (8:08)
6. Turns (8:22)
7. ? (10:28)
8. I Can't Get Started (6:40)
Total Time: 53:42
CBC-CBOF fm "Jazz Sur le Vif" live-to-air '07/07/91

Thirty years on from their groundbreaking trio of the early sixties, this session seems much less iconoclastic and more melodic. Swallow, now playing guitar-like electric bass, gives the band a different dimension. There's a lovely version of the standard "I can't get started" - the sort of thing you wouldn't expect in the 1961 performances. It strikes me as three guys who've done it all and just want to enjoy playing together with old friends.

I don't know what the motivation for reforming was, or why they didn't carry it on for much longer. In fact information on the net about this trio is a bit sparse. It'll be interesting to hear if anyone can shed any light on it.

This was broadcast on a French-Canadian radio station, sound quality is excellent. Thanks to "nocturne" for seeding.
MP3 and flac links in comments.