13 March 2008

Noah Howard "Space Dimension" (1970, America 30 AM 6108) FLAC

Not much time at the moment so I'll just upload an old rip already on my hard drive (but don't worry it does not mean this is second rate music !). Should complement nicely the other Noah Howard posted recently by Sotise. It is also one of the America titles which have not been reissued on CD a few years ago by Universal.

I think this one has been uploaded already on Church Number 9 or another site in mp3 so I provided only .flac files this time, in .rar archives for everyone who had problems with the .zips.

For those who might have missed it, Mr. Howard's "Black Arc" LP with its masterful A-side has been reissued by Bo'Weavil Recordings.

To conclude, be sure to check the documentation post (here), which has been updated with extensive interviews of Derek Bailey, David S. Ware, William Parker, John Tchicai as well as some others. Contributions are still welcomed !


nad3170 said...

Noah Howard "Space Dimension" FLAC :


Anonymous said...

Let's say something which should be said. Frank Wright, Bobby Few and Muhammad Ali are on this record. (As is Art Taylor). Enough said!

sotise said...

thanks pierre
good to have this again... i once owned this.

on the subject of america lp's that universal/ verve didnt reissue.
i dont suppose you have mal waldrons freest album ever .. a great one called " whirling dirvish" with if i remember correctly kent carter , and noel mcghie, it was released on america and has never been reissued.

thanks again for this

bayviewsax-lostsoul.blogspot.com said...

Love the Noah Howard stuff. Also loved Church #9 till it was shut out. He had great taste and great information; unfortunately, I'm only a part-time blogger, so I didn't make the cut for "invited members" and don't know how to rectify that... which makes me sad. :(

Nonetheless, Noah Howard has to be near the top of the list of guys that deserve a far better fate than they've been relegated to. Thanks for posting this.

nad3170 said...

You got me very interested Sotise as I have never heard of this record and am in a heavy Mal Waldron period at the moment. The other America title with Steve Lacy is also great (and still available I believe), it is incredible what short repetitive piano phrases can do in a free context.
The Five Spot sessions with Dolphy also, and the Free at Last record (doing a fixation on "Rock My Soul" at the moment) ... great music!

I did some research about Whirling Dervish and it appears that it has been reissued by Universal France, but not in the "Free America" series like the other titles. Don't know why but anyway, it looks promising. Thanks for the tip, I'll probably get a copy soon (you can find it at amazon.com or dustygroove.com).


serviceton said...

pierre, you are right - this *does*
"complement nicely the other Noah Howard posted recently by Sotise"

Many thanks !

jazzme said...

If anyone is interested I am posting OOP cds on follyfortoseewhat , I left the links for the hard to find Ken Vandermark Caffeine cd in the Billy Bang Comment section ,they are individual links as I still have to figure out how to make one file of them . These are great posts you guys put up , really enjoying this , hope you enjoy some of mine jazzme

1009 said...

as requested, noah howard's *live at the village vanguard*, featuring frank lowe if i'm not mistaken:


rip courtesy atanase, church #9.

1009 said...

(mp3 @ 192)

serviceton said...

Many thanks, 1009, for "Live at the Village Vanguard".
If it helps anyone, personnel for this recording is

Noah Howard - alto
Frank Lowe -tenor & bells
Robert Bruno - piano
Earl Freeman - electric bass
Jumastan - conga drums and timbali
Rashied Ali - drums
22nd August, 1972

david_grundy said...

'Space Dimension' is available at 'The Brewing Luminous' blog (http://thebrewingluminous.blogspot.com/2007/05/noah-howard-space-dimension.html) - I downloaded it from there a while ago. Absolutely fantastic album - haven't heard it for a few months, but, if memory serves, I think they cover some of the same material from 'Church Number Nine' and 'Black Ark'. Stunning, really stunning, whatever the case. Deserves a re-issue.

Anonymous said...

Could you please reupload part three? File no longer available.

ooftü said...

Just downloaded the Church Number 'Ten' re-up, cheers!
Is it possible to re-up this LP? One of my favorites from this team, the rip I have is shit anyways.

kinabalu said...

New links:



ooftü said...

thank you Kinabalu!

Rev. bIGhIG said...

Now here's one that deserves a re-up, what with the demise of Rapidshare and all. Any help?

kinabalu said...

Both links are working. Just tested them. Mega is the faster one (approx. 1.5 mb per sec.).

Rev. bIGhIG said...

Thanks, man.
I'd missed seeing the new links, only tuned into the old ones. My bad.
Great to have anything, like someone said, with the great Frank Wright on it, too.

Javier Roz said...

Thanks kinabalu. Great album and great re-up!

akaboshi14 said...

Could you re-up this?

kinabalu said...

New link:


The file is still there, except that you now need a decryption key to access it, which only I can provide.

akaboshi14 said...